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Vape Pens

$47.99$99.99 2 reviews

O Penvape FIY Kit  Load your own oil into this fill it yourself pen! With convenient features that make it easy to fill empty cartridges, store your kit contents, and keep track of your O.penVAPE...

$34.95 2 reviews

KandyPens Slim Kit Features Design  Its slim design only reaching 4 inches in length is the perfect portable vaporizer for on the go for those who like E-liquids and oils. The top and lower sections...

$56.00$69.99 4 reviews

KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer Pen Designed in the USA, the KandyPens Galaxy Vaporizer Pen features a deep, wickless quartz crystal chamber and an elevated airflow system. The temperature-controlled battery, dual quartz rods and titanium coil make...

$58.99$99.99 2 reviews

Magneto Concentrate Vaporizer FEATURES For Concentrates Multi-Layered Ceramic Atomizer Magnetic Connections No Threading Built-In Concentrate Container Built-In Loading Tool Leak-Proof Coil Caps 1100mAh Battery   ABOUT THE YOCAN MAGNETO The Yocan Magneto is an all-in-one...

$49.95 1 review

G Pen Vaporizer The G Pen from GrencoScience is a convenient, effective, and discreet vaporizer for solid concentrates. Easy loading and simple operation makes the G Pen one of the most user-friendly portable vaporizers available....


Yocan Evolve-D Plus Dry Herb Vaporizer The Evolve D Plus is the newest dry herb vaporizer from Yocan.  It builds on the success of the Evolve D and brings some useful new features.  It is...

20% Off
$34.95 1 review

Kandypens Feather Ultra Portable Compact Vaporizer The Feather Black Vaporizer is specifically designed for Nic Salts. It is designed to be compact and portable, so it is pocket friendly. The Feather Black Vaporizer Stands at 80mm tall and 8mm wide....

$68.99$89.99 1 review

Dr. Dabber Ghost Vaporizer The Dr. D Ghost Vaporizer is a high-quality portable unit that is perfect for vaporizing your favorite aromatherapy oils. It features a titanium atomizer that is among the most efficient in...

23% Off
$34.95 1 review

Grizzly Honey Dab Pen   The Honey Dab Pen is one of the newest additions to the Lifted family and boy oh boy, have we been blown away! For all the concentrate connoisseurs out there, the Honey Dab Pen is the next big thing for you! Instantly heating up...

$89.99 2 reviews

Puffco Plus Vaporizer / Puffco+ In the Plus, Puffco has created one of the most compact and portable vaporizer pens on the market. Designed specifically for oils, waxes, and concentrates; the Puffco Plus Vaporizer has...


KandyPens K-Stick Supreme Developed and designed in the USA this slim portable vaporizer is perfect for on the go everyday users. It is perfect for any low budget vapor who just wants a cheap and...


KandyPens Ice Cream Man Vaporizer Delivering exceptional vapor quality from the dual quartz atomizer, this small portable vaporizer is just what you need for an everyday vaporizer. You get the option of 9 different colors...


Atmos DHK Advanced Vaporizer Small and discreet but packing a serious amount of power the Atmos DHX Advanced kit is a perfect purchase for any vaper that loves to enjoy their concentrates whilst on the...


LINX Hypnos Zero Vaporizer The Hypnos Zero Vaporizer by Linx Vapor is an extremely compact concentrate vaporizer pen that comes with four preset temperature settings backed up by an incredible amount of power.The Hypnos Zero...


Dr. Dabber - Aurora Vaporizer Pen The Dr. Dabber Aurora is an award-winning vaporizer designed for vaporizing concentrates whilst on the move and if there’s one thing Dr. Dabber know how to design well, it’s vape...


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Best Vape Pens 2020

When it comes to pen-style vaporizers, many either contain a coil or full oven, some even have both. The only real difference is what your material comes in contact with. Coils, on one hand, heat your goods faster, but involve a lengthier loading process, and may be slightly harsher on the throat. Ovens, on the other hand tend to give a cleaner and smoother taste, but will take longer to heat up. Ultimately, both styles have their benefits and it all really comes down to personal preference.

Clean and Compact

One of the main benefits of pen vaporizers is their low maintenance - they can be taken apart very easily and have much fewer parts to clean. In fact, 9 out of 10 pen vaporizers just require removing the interior cartridge and giving it a quick scrub!

They also tend to be much more compact and discrete than other dried product vapes. Averaging around 4" long, they should easily fit into any pocket.

Top Brands

One of our top pen brands, and one of the most well-known across the world, are KandyPens. This brand has blown up in popularity recently thanks to a reputation for quality devices and support from celebs like DJ Khaled and A$AP Rocky. The Galaxy Pen received out-of-this-world reviews when it was first launched thanks to true convection technology and two swappable ceramic ovens.

Another bestseller is the Linx Hypnos Zero, a pen that's set an industry standard for battery length. It's a sturdy piece made with durable steel, and has a wickless ceramic oven so your material doesn't go anywhere it doesn't need to. Ultimately making it as pure as possible!

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