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Jane West 3" Taster Onesie

American cannabis activist Jane West has collaborated with the master designers at Grav Labs to create a beautiful collection of glassware that is sure to stand out in even the most extravagant of glass collections. The striking cobalt blue borosilicate glass is sure to catch the eye of any smoking connoisseur.

Jane West Taster Features

  • Discreet 3" design
  • Cobalt Borosilicate Glass
  • 12 mm thick glass
  • Easy to clean

Using the Taster Onesie

We've all been there when you want a quick taste of your dried products but it's just not the time or place to do so. Now you can get that quick hit without having to sacrifice time or discretion. Just tamp the tapered end into your ground dried product to until you have the desired amount added. Once packed, but not too firmly, place the mouthpiece to your lips, light the opposite end and draw slowly on the taster. The pinch at the far end will prevent any unwanted dried products and ash from being pulled through, no screens required.

Cleaning the taster takes a matter of minutes with the use of pipe cleaners and isopropyl alcohol.


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