Medicinal Use & Vaping for PTSD or Anxiety

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This topic we have seen come up often as of recent. "Is it not time that we started honoring our proud war veterans who are making the ultimate sacrifice by giving them legal access to the herbal plant?" Some believe that for too long our proud soldiers have been denied access to a plant that has the capacity to transform their lives. The big question is, how come soldiers coming back from some of the most horrific conflicts in the world are denied the chance to heal? These brave warriors have fought for our freedoms and should be given the freedom to have access to their plants.

The history of medicinal use

If one was to peer back into history you would see that herbal use has always been prevalent amongst soldiers. From the ancient Greeks to Roman Soldiers there has always been documented evidence of military personnel rolling up joints to relieve the stress from combat situations. More recently in the Vietnam War there was masses of soldiers who took up the herb to try and alleviate conditions they may have been suffering from. Other soldiers began using the herb just for pure enjoyment reasons as the plant helped them relax from the daily stresses of combat situations. Many soldiers during the Vietnam war spoke about how the herb helped them escape from the daily struggles that they found themselves in. More recently, in the Iraq war and Afghanistan war, there was widespread use of the herb. Another reason why the use of the plant is becoming more widespread is because of a growing body of medical evidence that supports its use to treat many illnesses.

What is PTSD

PTSD is one of the main conditions that can arise from stressful situations and not all people who suffer from PTSD are combat veterans. Victims of road crashes, domestic abuse, and other traumatic events can all suffer from PTSD. For people who live in a country or state that allows medical herbal use they will have easy access to a substance that can alleviate many of their harsher symptoms. People who have taken the herb have spoken about how the herb has resulted in them relaxing and experiencing significant reductions in their symptoms. The medical evidence seems to indicate that substances like CBD, which is found in the plant, can help people who are suffering from PTSD. A study recently conducted in the US came to the conclusion that the herb results in patients extinguishing many of their most traumatic memories. The same study also concluded that the plant can help induce sleep, and so, facilitate recovery in traumatized patients.

Examples of PTSD and vaping through the story of soldiers

A soldier by the name of Paul spoke to us on the condition of anonymity. Paul was serving in Afghanistan when a roadside bomb exploded resulting in the death of one of his best friends. Straight after the initial explosion a rocket propelled grenade landed only a few feet away from Paul resulting in the solider tragically losing a leg. After many months of rehabilitation Paul gradually began to make a recovery, but then just as he seemed to be on the mend he began suffering flashbacks and anxiety- all classic symptoms of PTSD. The solider went to his Doctor and the Doctor immediately put him on medication that made the PTSD worse. Paul then went back to his Doctor a second time, and this time the Doctor put him on different medication that resulted in a worsening of his symptoms.

The soldier spoke about how he struggled to get to sleep "I couldn't sleep at night and each time that I fell asleep I kept seeing that RPG coming towards me. It effected me so bad that I was walking around the place like a virtual zombie- unable to sleep function, or do many other normal things." And in his desperation Paul began to search the internet for answers and what he discovered was that the herbal plant was getting rave reviews when it comes to treating PTDS. It was only when Paul began to try the plant did his condition improve, Paul told us: "I couldn't believe the extent of the improvement that the plant made. I was sleeping better, and my symptoms where nearly all gone." Paul's story is only one of many that are being heard across the globe.

What is your conclusion on Medicinal Vaping?

What do you think? Do you think it is time for governments throughout the world to wake up and smell the proverbial coffee? Do you think governments should legalize this herb and help our brave soldiers who need the most cutting edge medical herbal. These plants have been proven to help brave warriors who're suffering from PTSD, anxiety, and many other conditions. The only thing that is standing in the way of these brave troops getting the treatment that they need is state nannyism nonsense. One would wonder if the people who are making these draconian laws would be singing from a different hymn sheet if it was their own family member who was suffering from an ailment? The only sensible solution is to legalize the herb and give troops access to this precious plant that can change their lives for the better.

At the end of the day, If soldiers fight for our freedoms on a day to day basis why shouldn't they be given the freedom to enjoy their lives? The medical evidence is widespread that from PTSD, chronic pain, to brain injury that medical herbal can help in many of these conditions. Some of the more conventional methods which are used to treat PTSD have been a miserable failure, and for this reason alone medical herbal should be used as an option. What the legislators need to consider is that combat veterans are being put into the most stressful environments imaginable, and so, these vets should be given access to the treatment that they need. The sad fact is that governments throughout the world spend billions of dollars on various failed treatments for PTSD when they have the real solution at their fingertips- the herbal plant!

We encourage all here to share their experiences thoughts and opinions on Medicinal use now that the Vaporizer is here and takes away the harm of combustion. To help us get a better idea of how the world is changing and to help those who need it share their experience.


  • Posted by Art on Mar 28, 2017

    Odd as I am first here but why not. I never felt like I had an PTSD symptoms after coming home. I felt like I handled everything quite well. The irony is not only did I come home feeling fine. I would have never taken “the herb” before anyway.

    So how did I end up here. Well when I got home my wife and kids had a bit of a problem clicking back in with me. Deep down I felt they had moved on a bit without me and I was slightly outcast. After questioning and a climatic point. The response I got from my family was that I was still in “army mode” talking to them like soliders not family . They said I needed to calm down.

    This is when I realised I could not calm down. Everytime I tried to sit and watch a film with them I got really anxious, sometimes I could sleep sometimes I could not. I realised I was always shaking my leg at tables and so on.

    I do not want to take pills to alter my mood. Factory made and something I have no idea whats in them. Also something of which long-term effects are not known. So I started to look into healthy alternatives.

    I saw people talk about weed but did not like the idea of smoking at all. Then I found vaporizers. This was mad, a way to smoke weed without hurting yourself. Well I suppose it is Vaping. So I walked around for a week thinking about this. Until I cracked.

    I bought a cheap puffit vaporizer and tried it out. Only a week later I bought an ascent. Great! it made such a difference in my life. I calmed down more, I started to talking to my family. It was funny at first as I blabbered on but they were just happy to see me… happy. Now I have a Mighty Vaporizer and would never look back.

    I am not a heavy user. Somtimes I get through a day without vaping. Most days I would just take a couple min session. I am a bit more immune to it now but know it is keeping me calm.

    So that is how I eneded up vaping. That is my story. From clean living vet with a wife and kids. To one that vapes a bit to help keep myself in check. Best bit now is that the hobby I took off in my leave of modding cars is now my career to. I had stopped it due to the anxiety so in a way I nod my head in thanks to vaping for that too.

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