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Posted on Feb 21, 2017


There are two kinds of vaporizers ruling the lush and abundant pastures of the vaporizing world- conduction and convection. Conduction was the  method which blazed a trail across the vaporizing landscape for decades. A pioneer of  a method which set the standard for vaporizing excellence.  But with advent of convection technology we have a new type of heating method which is taking the vaporizer world by storm. Convection is rapidly becoming the essential way for vaping enthusiasts to vape their precious herbs. Convection technology seems to have lit a fire that wont be put out for many a generation. But like everything in life there's a fine line between success and disaster and both methods have their own pros and cons. Depending on the circumstances both conduction and convection can lead to combustion, and other problems, and in this blog I will attempt to educate you minions on what's what.


Conduction is the method which the vast majority of vape pens use. What happens in this method is that your herbs are situated directly on top of a heating element or coil and when this element comes into contact with your materials they're vaporized.  One of the negatives when it comes to this method is that you can only vape the materials directly on top of the coil. Another negative about his method is that your herbs can be heated unevenly and this may lead to a very inconsistent vaping experience. This method can also be very prone to combustion issues and this most certainly will be something that you'll want to avoid. There is nothing worse than wasted herb, and so, you'll want to avoid combustion like the plague.



The Pax 3 is one of the best conduction vaporizers on the planet.  What separates the Pax 3 from the rest of the riff raff is that this machine has a consistency of draw that will leave you gobsmacked.  And not only does this little beauty give you consistency it gives you an ability to vaporize multiple materials with an equal level of efficiency. Another massive plus in favour of the Pax is that it seems to avoid many of the combustion issues that would be more commonly associated with many of the cheaper conduction vapes out there. If you're looking for a top quality vape well then you cant look further than the Pax3- truly a king amongst the vaping world.




Just like its namesake, the Black Mamba Snake, this vaporizer packs a considerable amount of venom, but in a good way! The Black Mamba is a small conduction vaporizer that has the capacity to hit the spot time and time again. The device is super portable and you could easily slip it into your pocket or take it anywhere else with you. For the price range that it offers the Black Mamba is one of the gems of the vaporizing world delivering consistently powerful hits. When it comes to high quality conduction vaporizers, and at a good price range, the Black Mamba is one of the machines that stands out.


Convection is the type of technology that is incorporated into most desktops and portables. There are two types of convection vaporizers- fan assisted, and inhalation vortex.  Fan assisted convection is where hot air blows into your herbs and this results in a delicious vapour travelling down a mouthpiece and into your lungs. The other type is where air is only circulated around when you inhale and this results in a vapour being formed and then transferred into your body. Both methods are very consistent and should produce some very consistent and mouth-watering draws. Many people feel that convection is the superior method, and in my opinion it is, as the vapes that you'll receive will have that little bit of extra magic.



The Mighty Vaporizer by the legendry Storz and Bickel is one of the best portable vaporizers on planet earth. What really makes the Mighty stand out from the crowd is that it utilizes both conduction and convection technology. Yes, you read that right, the Mighty has both conduction and convection! How this machine operates is that it uses conduction to heat your herbs and then when you take a draw it utilizes convection to draw the vapours into your lungs. The Mighty Vaporizer will be sure to provide you with the total vaping experience of your dreams.





An outstanding convection vaporizer is the Firefly 2. This is one of the most alluring vapes you can get your hands . The device provides an irresistible and complete vaping experience. The vaporizer  itself is very neat and handy and packs some serious power when it comes to delivering vaping bliss right into your DNA. The machine is designed in a striking array of colours including, red, grey, and black which makes it stand out from the crowd.  The Firefly  utilizes the very best convection technology that the world has to offer. If you want to get your hands on a top vaporizer you cant go too far wrong with the Firefly 2.


Both conduction and convection technologies have their moments and both can offer users some truly marvellous vaping moments. Conduction was the method which led the way for a many a year- flying the flag for the vaping fraternity throughout the globe. But then came convection which took the  vaping industry to the next level. No longer had users to contend with nasty combustion issues on a regular basis- this has become like a thing of the past. And whilst convection is the superior method combustion has its moments too.  The moment when everything really changed was when both methods where combined into one. Whoever came up with this fantastic idea we salute you! Whilst conduction on its own can lead to certain issues, the fact that many vapes are now utilizing both conduction and convection is a massive breakthrough for vaping enthusiasts. Nowadays, you can have the best of both worlds and this can only be a positive thing for people who vape. In finishing, I have to say, that the future looks very very bright for vaping aficionados far and wide. 


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Posted on Feb 20, 2017

The Haze Square and the Pax 3 are two of the most sublime Vaporizers ever to hit the marketplace.  Both of these vapes  are pushing the boundaries in terms of vaporizer excellence.  The Pax 3 delivers some of the most surreal, delicious, and extraordinary vapes known to man or beast.  This really is a vaporizer that not only will surprise you with its overall level of performance, but it will actually leave you flabbergasted at its quality.  Trust me, with this little baby you'll be on your back in ecstasy. Once you've tried the Pax 3 you'll come away pinching yourself wondering whether the experience really happened. 

And just when you thought vapes couldn't get any better  along comes the Haze Square Vaporizer that supply's users with the ultimate package in vaporizing bliss.  What really sets the Haze Square apart is its superior overall functionality.  This is a vaporizer that can vape oils, concentrates, and nearly any other herbal substance known to man with an equal level of efficiency. Many of the units out there are only good with one herbal substance, but this most certainly isn't the case with the Haze Square which provides some delicious buzzes with all sorts of materials.

So this gets to the crux of the matter, which vaporizer is better?  I must say that the task at hand is a very difficult task, because how can you determine which is better between two creations of such genius? This contest is a bit like two elite runners coming up against each other in the Olympic Games. On one hand, we have the  Pax 3 vaporizer which  is at the forefront of a vaporizing revolution, and the other hand, we have the Haze Square Vaporizer which packs a punch of phenomenal  power.  But in this blog I will analyse each vape in minute detail, and hopefully, I'll be able to come up with the answer. Ok folks, so settle up, get the popcorn out and prepare to witness an historic clash between two vaporizing greats.  




If you've ever had the pleasure of trying the Haze Dual Vaporizer you'll be well aware of the quality vaporizers that Haze produce.  The Haze Dual was revolutionary because of the dual chamber which allows users to vape both oils and waxes with an equal level of proficiency.  The Haze Square has all of the qualities of its predecessor only better.  What really sets the Haze Square apart from the competition is the devices 4 chamber ceramic heating system which allows you to vape oils, herbs, or waxes. With the Haze Square you wont be receiving any ordinary vape, but you'll be receiving an extraordinary vape that will remain etched into your memory for eternity.



Like I've already mentioned the 4 chamber rotating system is what separates the Haze Square from the competition.  The plate rotates so you can change from one canister to the next in a matter of seconds. So with this feature you'll be able to change from dry herbs, to concentrates, to waxes with the simple click of a button. With the Haze Square you can have device packed up with four separate materials and you can be sampling them all in one session.  Another handy benefit about this feature is that not one second will be wasted attempting to reload your chamber. The Haze Square really is a rapid fire vaporizer that delivers instantaneous bliss into your body.


The Haze Square is designed in a very fashionable way.  The machine exudes a sense of style, charisma, and  class. For all of the technological advances inherent in the vape the device is small, convenient, and slick.  Unlike some of the other vapes out there which are bulky the Haze certainly isn't one of these devices. The aluminium alloy design ensures that once you have the Haze Square in your hand it will feel like pure quality and will balance well.  You can store your mouthpiece inside the Haze when not in use and this will help you avoid any nasty breakages when you're storing it in your pocket.  The machine has a power button at the front, and also has temperature settings at the top of the device which will allow you to adjust the temp to whatever level you desire. The temperature system is designed with high grade technological advances which ensures that your herbs are never combusted. A very handy feature is the micro USB charger which fits in perfectly with the powerful battery system. The system itself comes equipped with 2600mAH battery which is very very powerful. What this battery facilitates is up to 3 hours of non stop vaping. You can have the spare battery loaded up and ready to insert once the original runs out and off vaping you'll go again. So for any of you beasts out there who like to 24/7 vaping the Haze Square can facilitate this.


When I first got my hands on the Haze Square I not only was impressed with its overall performance I was simply astounded. The 4 barrel chamber system reminds me of an automatic weapon delivering high velocity buzzes with the click of a button.  This rapid fire system truly is a sight to behold, and ultimately, it will leave you salivating with the thoughts of your next hit. And not only does the chamber system deliver these buzzes it hits the target every time. No matter what ammunition you put inside the Haze Square this little baby seems to hit the bulls eye again and again. 





The Holy Grail of vaping is to get your hands on a vaporizer that is small, discreet, and efficient and with the Pax 3,  Pax Labs have accomplished the impossible. The original Pax took the herbal industry by storm many moods ago with a vaporizer that took vaping to the next level, but with the Pax3  we have reached a whole new level altogether. The very first thing you'll notice about the Pax 3 is the beautiful finish to the device. The unit comes in colours ranging from gold, blue, black, and sliver, and each colour exudes a sense of style and charisma.  Compared to the original Pax, this vaporizer comes equipped with a whole host of handy extra features. The ability to vape concentrates  is one of these extra features. The vapes that you'll receive truly will be a sight to behold- delicious, nutritious,  and utterly memorable.



The Pax 3 has a very rapid start-up time and will be ready for action in under 15 seconds.  If you're an impatient herbal enthusiast, this rapid heat up system will be like a godsend. You'll know that the Pax is ready for vaping when the lights flash at the front of the device. These flashing lights are almost like the vaporizer is commanding you to take a toke from it, whispering in your ear to get that wholesome goodness into your body. The battery is pretty powerful and has long duration capacity. The Pax operates using conduction technology which acts to heat up your materials when they come into contact with the heating element.   The majority of people seem to believe that convection is the better method, but the Pax 3 has me reconsidering this. The Pax 3 just seems to hit the mark time and time again.


What can we say about the design of the Pax 3?-  this really is a vaporizer that puts the Q in the word Quality. Many vapes out there in the marketplace are bulky and heavy, but this isn't the case with the Pax3 which is the ultimate portable vape! The Pax3 fits very easily into your hand and no matter where you are you'll find that you'll be able to slip the device into your pocket. There really is nothing worse than you getting your hands on a so called portable vaporizer that is like carrying around a builders block in your pocket.  Some of the other portables out there in the marketplace would remind me of the mobile phones from the 60's and 70's, huge ridiculous looking models, but with the advent of the Pax3 these issues are a thing of the past. Whilst the vaporizer does come in many different colours the gold colour was the one that caught my eye.  The gold colour signifying wealth, opulence, and dominance.  Don't get me wrong, whilst the rest of the colours are real classy, for me, the gold colour was the one that done it.  As far as design goes the Pax 3 has to be the most stylish vape in the world.


There are sometimes in life when you coming away scratching your head and wondering whether something really happened and this is the case with the Pax3. This is an extraordinary  vaporizer with tremendous capacity to hit home time and time again. Not only does the Pax get the job done- the device looks like something you'd see strutting down the Catwalk in Milan. One could nearly imagine  the Pax 3 becoming an essential item for any model taking a photoshoot or embarking on a modelling career. Simply put, its a smoking hot vaporizer!!
Every last crevice and hole in the device exudes charisma and class. But this isn't a case of style over substance this is a case of style matching substance to create a vaporizer straight from the heavens. The first few pulls that I took from the Pax where as memorable as my first baby being born- truly life changing. A moment that will forever be etched into my mind for eternity and beyond.  Pax Labs we salute you, we salute your ingenuity, and we salute your genius in bringing us the Pax 3 Vaporizer.  



So who's going to emerge victorious in the battle between these two vaping heavyweights? Even after spending much time in analysing each device I'm finding it very hard to pick a winner. Each device has something to offer that the other doesn't,  and each device has the ability to give users some of the greatest moments of their lives. The four chamber  heating system in the Haze truly is a revolutionary piece of equipment. Wherever you are and whatever materials you're vaping the Haze Square will be there to accommodate you. Its remarkable that this little beauty of a vaporizer has the ability to vaporize all of your materials with the same level of remarkable efficiency. The Haze Square not only has raised the benchmark, but has blown away all previous benchmarks.
Similarly, when you start to analyse the Pax3 you begin to run out of compliments and high praise.  Everything about the Pax3 Vaporizer will have you coming away with a huge smile on your face. The style of the vaporizer, the extra quality vapes, and the overall performance will leave you gobsmacked.  Not only does the vaporizer perform with admirable quality- it looks superb! Everything about the Pax3 smells of class, professionalism,  and accomplishment. This the type of the machine that you'd be showing off to your friends with a smug look on your face. This most certainly is a vaporizer for the high end intelligent individual. Of course, some people like to settle for second best, and all power to them, but if you're looking for an elite level vape the Pax 3 is the machine you'll need in your hands.

So who have I chosen as the winner in this titanic struggle between the two vaping giants? After much soul searching, much deliberation, much internal struggle  I had to come an agonizing decision. I had to score this race as a draw-  a dead heat. Now, call me a coward all you want, but I just couldn't knock down either vaporizer.It simply would have been unfair to single out one vape above the other. Both vaporizers  come jammed packed full of quality and extra goodies. Both vapes produces the goods, and in this race, both vapes will cross the line together as champions of the vaping world.
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Posted on Feb 16, 2017

In one corner we have a plant that grows naturally straight  from gods green earth, and in the other corner we have a Big Mac Meal, Fries, and Coke- synthetic junk food fired together with all the care of rubbish being thrown into a dumpster.  If you left the Big Mac Meal out in the open air for one year it would look the exact same as it did the first moment you saw it. With fast food the natural laws of science don't  seem to apply. Fast food is pumped full of chemicals and preservatives  to produce a frankenstein dish that even a blue bottle wouldn't touch. Herbal on the other hand derives from the hemp seed- which is a nutritional  powerhouse packed full of omega 3's magnesium, proteins, and dozens of other micronutrients. Even before the  herbal plant is born what you're getting is a nutritional overload into your system.  In warmer climates the hemp seed grows naturally into a plant wherever there is water and clay. Some people like to grow and cultivate the plant in specially designed houses. Once fully formed the plant produces buds, and this is the place where the magic truly happens.  When ignited these buds produce a feeling of exhilaration, relaxation, and calmness in users. The buds themselves are packed full of wholesome goodies such as THC and CBD which can help in a whole host of medical conditions. The  natural benefits are enhanced even further if the herb is put inside vaporizers which virtually eliminates  all carcinogenics.  It has been scientifically  proven that owning a vaporizer will lead to massive health gains. But in spite of all of the benefits that the plant gives to users, the herb is restricted, but at the same time, the consumption of fast food is rampant? In this blog we have a clash between two opponents that are unequal in size and stature- a mismatch. A matchup that is unequal, but bizarrely in spite of one side taking a proverbial beating, we have the referee raising the wrong victory hand time and time again.   



Wherever you're going in life you'll always come across a fast food outlet. Every street corner and every highway seems to be full to the brim with people selling fast food. Admittedly, not all of these fast food outlets are bad, and some do provide a much needed service. But when it comes to some of the bigger chains this is where the industrial scale production of food takes place on a mammoth level. And when food is produced on such a scale this is when the "food" is pumped full of masses of chemicals, sugar, and other nasty preservatives.   


Scientist's have been on record for stating that the sugar inside junk foods are as addictive as many of the major narcotics  on the streets. Renowned Neuroscientist, Joseph Schroder, from Connecticut College, did a test whereby it was discovered that sugar was more addictive than hard narcotics. In the test lab animals where given the option of sugar for a reward or an illegal poison, and each time the animals sided with the narcotic. Further evidence of the dangers of sugar is provided by Dr Serge Ahmed, from the University of Bordeaux France, who discovered that when it comes to the pleasure centres in the brain that sugar is every bit as addictive as the hardest illegal substances on the market.


Any dangers? Well there do I start? The question I should be asking is whether fast food has any benefits considering the many illnesses that these type of foods lead to. Its incredible to think that fast food lovers are gorging on their daily sugar hit like some junkie down a back alley. Except in this case, the junkie wont be wasting away into nothingness, but will be getting bigger and bigger and more obese by the second. It's even more remarkable that its entirely legal to pump food full of such nefarious substances that lead to so many health problems.



Herbal has been gracing the earth since time began- populating the planet with its fresh invigorating smell . During the Egyptian times  it was even said that the Pharos where a lover of the plant- rolling up joints on top of the Pyramids of  Giza.  As far back as historical records go there has always been references to this magnificent green plant. The herb comes jammed packed full of health benefits with the substance said to relief the symptoms of Parkinson's, Seizure's, Chronic Pain, and many more conditions. The herb is even, when taken in moderation, said to relief  anxiety. This relief is said to be particularly prevalent when people take the CBD compound that is found within the herb.


There is a growing body of evidence which seems to suggest that if you use a vaporizer with your herbs that you'll receive massive health gains. Once you start using vaporizers the benefits of herbal will be magnified tenfold. What vapes do is they remove toxins from your herbs resulting in a cleaner healthier experience.  The difference with vaping and igniting your plants is that the vaporizer, through a filtration process,  ensures that you'll only receive the best elements from your plants. There are so many benefits associated with vaping your herbs that it would be impossible to list them all here. But yet, in spite of the advantages of using herbal in many countries the plant is still prohibited, and this, in my view, is a tragedy of epic proportions.


The only real danger I could point out about this mercurial plant is that people should take their time when using it at first. You should always get to know the ins and out. Once you take your time with the herb it will reward you handsomely. Newbies should  only take a few small puffs when beginning as it can take a little while to get to know your limits. But once you do get to know your limits you'll find that the world will be your oyster.


Ok, so the big question is who has won the contest? First of all, I'd like to say that this will not be a rigged contest where an unjust fighter has his hand raised aloft in the ring. The result of this duel isn't even close. The result is a vicious knockout of historic proportions. Of course, there is only one winner and that is the herbal plant! There is simply no comparison when putting these two separate entities into the ring against each other. Your herbs are packed to the rafter with many benefits that can change your life. On the other hand, what benefits does a Big Mac bestow? Gets people fat? Gives them a whole host of health conditions such as heart disease, obesity, cancer, etc? Of course, some ignorant people believe that eating fast food from McDonalds and other fast food outlets is healthier than taking herbal.  But these are the very same people who have become so addicted to junk food that they can barely walk down the street. If anything, Its junk food that  should be banned, and not your herbal!
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Posted on Feb 15, 2017

Vaporizers are the must have health accessory of the century.  Herbal enthusiasts are beginning to switch in their droves from using traditional methods such as: joints, blunts, and bongs, to using vaporizers because they are a far smarter and healthier way to enjoy your herbs.  Not only are recreational users of the herb switching to vapes, but people who suffer from serious health conditions are being advised by medical health professionals to start utilizing vaporizers.

People have been left astounded by the overall improvements to their health once they started using this cutting edge technology. But the benefits don't stop with health, there are many many other reasons to get your hands on one of these devices.  For the younger generation owning a good quality vaporizer is almost akin to having a smartphone- a must have! With many users loudly shouting about the superior tasting herbs and the superior overall functionality. There is one thing that you can say with certainty, and it is this- that vaping looks cool and is cool.  When you compare vaping to someone rolling up a dirty joint with ashes scattering all over the floor, to someone using a PAX3 or a Firefly, there simply is no comparison.

Not only does the vaporizer look better, it is better for you! The health benefits are many and varied with studies showing that users of vapes experience a significant reduction in the amount of toxins entering into their bloodstream.  These findings have been backed up by many other studies which show how vaporizers benefit vital organs. In this blog, I'll show you why  vaping is not only good for your health, but great for your health.



One of the major beneficiaries  of using vaporizers is your lungs. Believe me, your lungs will thank you for vaping instead of smoking. Studies have shown that herbs  contain the exact same amount of cancer causing chemicals as cigarette smoke. But many of the negative aspects of herbs are eliminated once you start vaping.  A major study in Helsinki, which sampled over 100 herbal users, found that once people switched to using vaporizers they experienced a reduction of 78.5% in carcinogenics entering into their bloodstreams.  The benefits to users are almost immediate with people breathing easier and getting fitter all round. Another study by Marilyn Huestis, of the US National Institute on Drug Abuse, found that vaping led to massive overall health gains.  The Health gains experienced where particularly prevalent when it came to peoples lungs with the air sacs being capable of far greater H20 intake.  


Adam Winstock, a drug expert  from Kings College London, has previously been on record for stating that  vaporizers are far safer than smoking your herbs.  And when you add in tobacco to your joint the gains made by vaping are quite enormous. There are many different types of herbal that you can vaporize: plants, oils, concentrates, and the one common  denominator between them all  is that they're all far safer to use than rolling up a joint.  In 2011, a study was commissioned on substance abuse where over 37,000 people took part, and one of the recommendations of this study was that herbal users should use vaporizers. Not only was it suggested that people should use vaporizers, but  that utilizing Vapes was number 1 in their list of recommendations.





An added benefit of using vaporizers is that they are way more cost effective and will result in massive savings for users. The reason for this is because it only takes a very small amount of concentrate to get you really buzzed. The extra strong levels of THC that are in vape oils and concentrates results in an almost immediate buzz.  But like with many things that benefit us you have to be cautious about overuse. When using hash oil I would advise users to take only a few small puffs and  wait and see what the effects are. There is nothing worse than overdosing on your herbs resulting in you experiencing  a nasty time because you have too much THC floating around in your system. I repeat, for newbies , take your time and take only a few small puffs and then wait until you see what the effects are. The problem with hash oil and concentrates is that many users may feel that they can puff away like they would with a joint, but this isn't the case.  Your plants are going to be way less potent than concentrates and  this is something you're going to need to be aware of. Whilst it definitely  is great that you'll get more bang for your buck with concentrates - you'll just need to be aware of the difference. For diehards this isn't going to present too much of an issue, because these people will already know their limits, but for the new kids on the blocks you should take your time.



Vaporizers use two different modes to heat up your herbs- convection and conduction.  What both of these methods do is they heat up your herbs just below the point of combustion and this results in a very nutritious vape entering your body. Conduction is the older form of heating your herbs and this method uses a heated element to vaporize your herbs. I've found this this method can lead to an increased chance of combustion, and this is something you most certainly will want to try and avoid. Convection on the other hand uses hot air to vaporize your herbs, and from my experience, this method leads to a far more consistent and pleasurable time. Many devices out there exclusively vaporize oils, and others specialize in the plants, what you'll have do is find the machine that suits your own personal needs. What you'll need to do is to get your hands on a good quality vaporizer that will avoid many of the combustion issues that can be encountered with cheaper models. 


For people who want to get serious about their health they need to stop rolling up joints and start vaping.  Joints are old, outdated, and a thing of the past. They remind me of prehistoric man banging rocks together to try and produce a few sparks for a fire- ancient history.  Using vaporizers is the smart way to go.  These devices are not only taking the herbal world by storm, they're taking over the herbal world in a coup d'état of historic proportions.  So get out there, buy your vaporizer, and start looking after yourself for a change. Start taking care of your health by giving your body the tools that it needs to not only survive but to thrive.  


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Posted on Feb 15, 2017

The Haze Square is a superb vaporizer that has taken vaping to an entire new level of sublime excellence. This device is everything you ever dreamed and hoped for in a vaporizer. Not only does the Haze Square have all of the best features from the Haze V3 it manages to add a whole host of outstanding extra features that will blow you away. The Haze Square has it all- a four can rotating plate that can vaporize all kinds of herbs, a small and convenient design, a rapid heat up time, and smooth delicious flavours that mark this vape out as being one of a kind. Believe me, this is a portable vape that is at the cutting edge of a vaporizing revolution.  The Haze has managed to improve upon nearly every  vaping technological advance to deliver a product that is a champion amongst vapes.


haze square

What separates the Haze Square from the rest of the competition is that it manages to vaporize herbs, concentrates, and oils with an equal level of efficiency. The Haze Square comes with an excellent ceramic heating chamber and rotating plate which, incredibly, can fit in 4 cans of herbs or oils at the same time. The fact that the Vaporizer can fit in all of these different herbs at the same time marks it out as a revolutionary device.  The rotating plate also has the ability to switch between canisters, and so, this allows you to shift between herbs and concentrates in a matter of seconds. In order to change the canisters all you'll have to is click the button at the side and you'll be away sampling another version of your plants. Another benefit of the 4 canister system is that you'll not have to be continually reloading your herbs and messing around with your vape. This system ensures that you'll experience the maximum level of efficiency and enjoyment from your vaporizer. Many vape pens and pen vaporizers are a let down when it comes to ease of use, but this isn't an issue you encounter with the Haze. Every aspect of this herb vape is dedicate to ease of use and ease of transfer of herbal in your lungs.  With the Haze Square, all objects that where previously in the way of your buzz have been removed to the deliver you the must effective vaporizer possible.


The design of the Haze is very small and convenient and should suit all users. The outside of the vape is made from top quality aluminium  and is very smooth to touch.  Once you have the Haze in your hand it will feel and look like pure quality. When not in use, the mouthpiece can be stored inside the Haze and this will prevent any unwanted accidents.  A silicon gasket creates an airtight seal which prevents any vapes leaking out. At the front of the Haze Square is a power button that you'll use to activate the device. The temperature settings are located at the top of the unit. A micro chip USB ensures that you'll always have easy access to charging facilities. Additionally, the handy portable design of the  Haze allows users to vape wherever they are. Overall, the Haze Square is designed in a very sleek, elegant, and fashionable way that will be sure to make it stand out from the competition.  


The Haze performs brilliantly with almost instant heat up times. The rapid heat up system ensures that you'll be receiving vapes in less than 6 seconds. A vibration system will alert you once your vape has hit the correct temperature. With this vaporizer not one second of vaping time will be wasted in your pursuit of some herbal bliss. A smart system will also notify you when your chamber needs a refill, and so, you'll never be found short of herbs to vaporize.   The scientifically designed air path results in a toxin free deliver of vapes into your body. As far as portable vapes go, the taste from the Haze Square is quite exceptional with superb delicious vapes entering into your bloodstream.  The Square, unlike some other vapes, seems to avoid combusting your herbs. The overall  performance of the Haze Square is quite astonishing delivering you the ultimate experience in vaporizer excellence.


Haze Square

Unlike with some other vapes you wont come away disappointed because of combustion which very rarely happens with the Square. The reason for this is because the Haze Square was designed by a team of elite Nasa Scientists who worked around the clock to avoid such issues.   Every moment of their day was dedicated to ensuring that your vapes are up the standards of the Haze quality control team. The technological advances ensures that this vaporizer virtually eliminates all of the combustion issues associated with other portable vapes.  What this results in is many hours uninterrupted vaping bliss that not only will meet your expectations, but will blow away your expectations. No longer will you have to ensure combustion as dirty toxins unexpectedly penetrate your lungs as you're vaping.  Once you get your hands on a Haze Square these unfortunate combustion issues will become like a thing of the past. Believe me, with the Haze Square, you'll come away smiling with the quality that will be at your fingertips.  


So the big question is will the release date of the Haze Square be worth it? Yes, yes, and yes again. I promise you, if there is one vaporizer that you need to get your hands on then the Haze Square is the one. In nearly every area the Haze manages to out perform many other portable vaporizers.  And unlike other vapes that are limited in terms of performance and functionality the Haze excels in all areas. The fact that you can vaporize all materials with the click of a button marks this vape out as being superior. The 4 can rotating chamber system truly is a sight to behold and performs superbly well. This isn't a one trick pony device, but is an all terrain machine that is taking vaping to the next level.  Most vapes of an older generation are commonly associated with people problems of combustion and reliability but this isn't the case when it comes to using the Haze Square. What you'll receive when your purchase this piece of merchandise is guaranteed reliability and guaranteed deliver of your herbs. The Haze Square is set to become the ultimate must have vaporizer of the century.
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Posted on Feb 14, 2017




The Firefly 2 and the Crafty are two superb pieces of vaporizing merchandise. Both are excellently crafted and provide users with a reliable and consistent vaporizing experience.  Each unit fits into the hand like a glove resulting in some true vaping nirvana. Whilst the Crafty is a slightly bigger vaporizer- it still is quite neat and tidy for the size of it.  The thing that makes the Crafty stand out is the sublime vapes that it delivers.  On the other hand, the Firefly 2, is a portable vaporizer that somehow manages to match the overall efficiency of a desktop.

With the Firefly 2 you're getting your hands on a vaporizer that is an elite level device in the vaporizing world. The Firefly 2 is a brother of the original Firefly which became an iconic piece of equipment- a must have for any herbal diehard. Somehow the Firefly 2 has managed to surpass the greatness of the original. This vape truly is a unit original in conception and performance.  

In this blog, I will attempt to analyse the pros and cons of each device, and ultimately, I will try to determine which is the superior vape. Obviously, the task I have set myself is going to be extremely difficult when you take into account the outstanding overall performance of each portable. But in spite of all of the difficulties, I will try my best to find out which vaporizer reigns supreme amongst the Kingdom of Vapes.



When the original Firefly came out everyone was blown away by its performance, but with the Firefly 2 this performance has been raised to a whole new level.  The older model had a pretty rapid heat up time, but the Firefly 2 is even quicker heating up in under 5 seconds.  The Firefly 2 is a device which is quicker, lighter, and more efficient than most of the other portable devices out there in the marketplace. What separates the Firefly 2 from the competition is the premium, on demand vapes that you'll receive. With this unit there'll be no more waiting around for a few minutes until your ready for your herbs- you'll have on demand access to herbal bliss in a matter of seconds.



The Firefly 2 is crafted using magnesium alloy and this results in the device being far lighter and more portable than many others vapes. The Firefly also comes with two extra batteries which ensure that you'll always have a ready supply of power to fit into your machine.  What really impresses me about the Firefly is the 6 different temperature settings that you can adjust depending on what substance you're vaping.  Another reason why the Firefly 2 is so effective is that the vape utilizes convection technology that only heats up your herbs when you're hitting it. What this feature results in is zero wastage, and the maximum level of productivity from your herbs. Aesthetically, The Firefly 2 also looks superb with the fiery glow inside offering a comforting homely experience.



The Crafty is a portable convection vaporizer that produces some of the highest quality vapes in the world. The look, feel, and design, of the Crafty exudes a sense of class and charisma. One of the reasons why the Crafty is so popular is its simplicity, but with simplicity comes real performance- and this is what you get with the Crafty. The unit manages to pack a decent amount of herbs which results in none stop uninterrupted vaping heaven. The last thing anyone wants is being forced into continually packing your vape, but this isn't the case when it comes to the Crafty.


The Crafty comes equipped with two separate temperature settings which you can change from any temp ranging from 104 to 410F. The machine usually takes just under two minutes to heat up fully, which isn't the fastest out of the blocks, but its more than worth the wait.  Once the device is heated up it vibrates and lets you know that's its ready for action.  I've found that the draws from the Crafty are long, consistent, and incredibly delicious. Unlike other vaporizers, which can produce a real harsh vape, the Crafty manages to produce delicious tasting vapes again and again.   The Crafty also comes with a strong battery which can last for nearly an hour of continuous use, and so, you and your herbs will never be interrupted in mid flow.  



The Crafty and the Firefly 2 are not only excellent vaporizers they're mind-blowing vaporizers that will take your experience to the next level.  The days of you having to use some ancient vaporizer that combusted your herbs and gave you a second rate experience are over.  What you get when you purchase a Crafty or a Firefly 2 is a vape of superior quality and superior service. The rapid heat up system of the Firefly 2 is a tremendous invention and this is what makes the vaporizer stand out in the vaping world. 

Ok, so the big question that we'll need to answer is- which one is the best? For me, I'd have to side with the Firefly 2 Vaporizer because of its overall size, weight, and efficiency.  Now, that's not to criticize the Crafty which is a tremendous invention in its own right, its just that the Firefly 2 manages to pip the Crafty to the victory post. 
What won it for me was the Firefly 2's ability to provide you with your own little bit of vaping heaven, but without sacrificing discretion. With the Firefly 2 you can take this vape out into the supermarket, in a nightclub, or wherever, and it would still look very cool and professional looking.

On the other hand, I found that the Crafty whilst being an incredible machine that it was just a little too bulky.  Now, I'm not criticizing the Crafty, all I'm saying is that it's bigger than the Firefly 2 and less concealable.  For some people this bigger size may suit them perfectly- with the bulkier vape giving off the aura of dominance and control.  But on this occasion there is only going to be one winner and it has to be the Firefly 2 Vaporizer.


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Posted on Feb 14, 2017


The Firefly 2 and the Mighty are two of the most astonishing vaporizers ever to hit the marketplace.  Both of these vaporizers have pushed the boundaries of vaporizer technology to previously unreachable heights. Many herbal aficionados have been parroting on about how vapes can never match the quality of a good old joint, but with the Firefly 2 and the Mighty this is a thing of the past.

The Firefly 2, for example, is a very powerful vaporizer that has the power to lift you out of it. The device is very easy to use, portable, discreet,  and it can easily be hidden away in your pocket.  Another added benefit of the Firefly is that its very easy to use. To operate the Firefly 2 all you have to do is load the bowl up, press the button, and off inhaling you'll go.

Similarly, the Mighty Vaporizer is a super machine that performs superbly well.  Make no mistake about it, when it comes to vaporizers the Mighty is set to take on legendary proportions.  What makes the Mighty so special is that it combines both conduction and convection technology to deliver some of the most outstanding vapes ever witnessed. The machine comes in a very durable box style that exudes a sense of strength and durability. In order to operate the unit all you have to do is, load the machine, and use the two button system at the very top of the vaporizer.

Which is the better vaporizer? Well this is the one hundred million dollar question. Both have many great qualities that separate them from some of the more mundane competition. In this blog, I'll attempt to get to the bottom of both vaporizers in order to find out which one is the best.  But I'll have to warn you in advance that this task could be like picking the best between a Michelangelo and a Da Vinci painting, an impossible task!


Firefly 2

The first time I got my hands on the Firefly 2 Vaporizer I pulled it out of the wrapping and charged it in around 45 minutes. Once the vape was finished charging I loaded the bowl with some herbs and started inhaling.  What I discovered was that the Firefly has the capacity to deliver some really superb vapes. What separates the Firefly from some of the competition is the smoothness and consistency of the aromas that enter into your lungs. Another thing that stood out was the Firefly 2's almost instant heat up technology which is incorporated into the device.  What really makes the Firefly 2 stand out is the devices simplicity. Unlike other vapes you wont have to be a brain scientist to operate this unit. All you have to do is charge your vaporizer, load your bowl, and off vaping you'll  go.


The Firefly 2 is  a convection vaporizer. This technology ensures that your herbs are heated at an even temperature and that none of the herbs are wasted. How convection works is that hot air is blown into the chamber and this results in your plants being vaporized at the perfect level.  One piece of advice I would give you is that you should never try and overstock your chamber with herbs as this can lead to you taking too strong a hit. The last thing you want is your buzz to be too strong resulting in a less than pleasurable experience.  The thing about convection technology is that it can deliver you a very potent buzz, so, you should get to know what temperature suits you best when vaping. But with Firefly's multiple level temperature system, staying within the safe boundaries should be too much of an issue.



The Mighty Vaporizer, made my the legendary Storz and Bickel,  is a portable vape of outstanding quality. The Mighty uses convection technology  and comes with a powerful battery life which ensures non stop vaping bliss. This is a vaporizer that is very simple and easy to use and can deliver consistency of vapes. Unlike other vapes out there you wont be left wondering what type of buzz you'll receive, with the Mighty you know what you're going to be getting- pure quality! The Mighty is a larger vape than some of the other portables out there in the marketplace, but with size comes quality  and durability. What the Mighty exhibits is a sense of power and superb craftsmanship. This certainly isn't a vaporizer that will break apart after a few bangs! The machine is simple to use- with a load mechanism that will have you vaping in a matter of seconds.


The mighty manages to use both conduction and convection heating, and so, you'll have the best of the both worlds. How the system operates is that it uses conduction to preheat your herbs and then the convection kicks in to vaporize your plants or concentrates at the perfect level.  The Mighty also features an excellent LED screen which gives users easy access to the vaporizers control system. The precise temperature control system ensures that you'll be capable of changing the temperature in a matter of seconds. This device usually takes about 1minutes and 45secounds to heat up properly, and whilst this is a bit long, it will be more than worth the wait when you sample your herbs. 


Both the Mighty and the Firefly 2 are truly superb pieces of vaporizing craftsmanship. Both have the capacity to deliver you some awe inspiring herbal nirvana. Each vape has tremendous functionality and super overall performance capabilities.  Not only do both of these vaporizers excel when it comes to vaping they will surpass all of your expectations. So which is the better vaporizer? I just cant separate the two, so on this occasion, I'll have to call it a draw. There is no other way then to give a judgment of equal marks to both devices.  Ok, you may call this cowardly because I haven't put my neck on the line and picked one vaporizer above the other, but to do so, quite frankly, would have been a great injustice. Both of these devices will come up to the finish line with their hands aloft in the air. Both the Mighty and the Firefly 2 are victorious champions of a new era of vaporizer heaven.


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Posted on Feb 10, 2017


Vaporizers and Coffee are the ultimate  marriage of orgasmic self indulgent bliss. These two entities  are just meant to go together, a match made in heaven! Why is this the case you may ask? For many many reasons, but one of the reasons is because studies have shown that coffee allows users of vaporizers to use less herbal, but to maintain their level of high for longer periods of time. What this results in is increased savings and more money in the wallet of herbal users, and who doesn't want their wallet stacked full of extra cash? Another reason why using the two together has become so popular is because there is nothing more enjoyable than having a hot drink flow down your throat as you enjoy your herbs. That moment when your herbs begin to hit home and then you take a sip of coffee to wash down and enhance your high truly is a moment of magic.  Its almost as if you're adding a buzz on top of a buzz- the coffee is like the cherry on top of a beautiful cake of herbal nirvana. You thought your buzz couldn't get any better? Well then wait until you add that little touch of caffeine magic.


In this era the best way to receive your herbs is via vaporizers.  What vaporizers provide is a cleaner, more nutritious, and more cost effective manner in which to receive your precious herbs.  Vapes manage to eliminate nearly all of the harmful chemical by-products commonly associated with traditional methods of herbal smoking. For example, when you roll up a joint you have to contend with inhaling vast amounts of tar and other carcinogenics, but with vaping many of these issues are avoided.  Vaping also allows you an increased level of control over what type of high you're getting. With a vaporizer you can turn the temperature control up or down and receive either a very strong hit or a more mellow buzz whatever your wish may be. Once you've found the perfect buzz  what you should do next is to get the coffee out.  The caffeine acts to mellow out the power of the herbs resulting in you feeling totally relaxed, but at the same time high in energy. Once you combine the two substances you may find yourself amazed at the range of emotions that you'll be experiencing- relaxed, creative, adventurous.



To answer this question you'll have to take into consideration where you'll intend to do your vaping. For example, if you're going to be on the move you should get yourself a good quality portable vaporizer that will allow you to vape your herbs discreetly, whether on the bus, train, or in the office. The beauty about portable vaporizers is that you can puff away with your herbal whilst everyone else will be oblivious to what you're taking.  Imagine sitting on a nice relaxing train journey puffing away on your portable vaporizer and then sipping away on some fresh steaming coffee at the same time- pure orgasmic bliss.
On the other hand if you intend to take your herbal when you're at home you should get your hands on a good quality desktop vaporizer. Desktop vaporizers allow you better overall control over your herbs, and when you're intending to vape at home there is nothing better than to kick back and enjoy the best of what herbs and caffeine can offer you. Whilst most portable vaporizers are very very good you can't beat the overall package that a desktop vaporizer will give you. A desktop will allow you complete control over your buzz right down to the last centimetre and when you combine  this control with some high grade coffee you're going to be in for some very special moments.


The future of vaporizers looks very bright with new innovations and new ideas emerging on a daily basis. What will this mean for the marriage of vapes and coffee? There has been a lot of talk going around the herbal industry that there will be more herbal products infused with caffeine and so you'll be able to vape both substances at the exact same time. And whilst this development certainly is welcome its one that I would be cautious about at first. The thing with infusing your herbal with caffeine is that  it might not be as pleasurable an experience as taking the two substances separately. Nowadays, when you take a puff from your vape you can wait a moment and then take a sip or two of your coffee, and then you can stop when you feel you've reached the maximum pleasure. You can also take more puffs from vape and less sips of your coffee, but with the herbal infused caffeine this level of control will be gone.  You'll be compelled into taking both substances at the exact same time, and for me, I feel that this will downgrade the overall experience. Its almost as if the two substances will be slopped in together without much thought. Now, I'm not saying anything here with any real certainty because at the end of the day the jury is still out and whether the caffeine infused herbal will work. But I do suspect that the experience wont be the same as taking a few draws from your vaporizers and then a few sips from a nice steaming cup of coffee. 


The combined future of vaporizers and coffee looks very bright with both entities set to dominate their respective landscapes for years to come.  Vaporizers are the must have herbal device of the century- showing up traditional methods of combustion for what they are- old and decrepit.  Similarly, Coffee is an essential liquid to have in your possession no matter where you are, and with some high grade coffee beans flooding the market we can only expect more superb coffee to be passing between our lips.  And when you combine both coffee and vaporizers you truly have one of the most magnificent partnerships of all time.
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Posted on Feb 10, 2017


Is vaporizing better than smoking your herbal? this is the big question that everyone wants to know.  As someone who has spent many a year using both methods I can honestly say that both methods have their moments.  I can remember the day when I 'd go around to my mates house and we'd roll up joints all day long and get off out heads- these where special moments. But like everything in life things evolve, things change for the better, and technology improves to offer you a superior service to what you might have previously been accustomed to. For me, vaporizers offer an experience that is without comparison. With vaporizers you'll have a level of control over your herbal that smoking simply could not afford you. Nowadays I can take out my Pax3 or my Mighty Vaporizer and I can control the temperature, I can control the buzz, I can decide how many vapours I want to take.

Owning a vaporizer affords you so many fantastic options that you'd nearly need to write a novel if you where attempting to summarize all of the benefits. Many of the options I've mentioned above simply aren't available with smoking, which, quite frankly, can be a hit and miss. If you take a pull from a joint you really don't know what you're going to get, but with owning a vaporizer many of these grey areas, and don't knows, are eliminated. But this is not to completely denigrate  smoking your herbs which can have their moments, but for me, its just that vaporizers offer a better overall experience. In this blog I'll attempt to summarize the benefits of both vaporizers and joints and why one is better than the other.


There is no comparison, vaporizing your herbs is far far better for your health than smoking them.  The reasons for this are multiple and varied, but one of the main reasons is because combusting your herbs leads to a whole host of carcinogenics entering into your lungs and bloodstream. Tobacco has been shown to be one of the most harmful products in the world leading to cancer and a whole host of other nasty diseases. But if you purchase a good quality vaporizer many of these issues can be avoided.
Vaporizing rather than combusting your herbs heats them up just enough so that they are vaporized, and this method has been proven to be way healthier than  smoking. Vaporizers ensure that your body will receive the minimum amount of toxins and the maximum amount of benefit from substances such as THC and CDB. Another reason why vaporizers are superior is because they virtually eliminate many of the nasty smells commonly associated with smoking. When you have visitors coming around to your house there is nothing worse than people walking into a dirty house which stinks from herbal and tobacco smoke- with vaporizers this issue  has become a thing of the past. 


The main benefit of vaporization is that your plants are never burned. Your plants wont actually produce smoke- they'll produce a vapour which will have an outstanding taste to it.  With vaporizers you wont experience any of the harsh rancid like draws that you sometimes receive from joints. One point of caution I would have is that some of the lesser quality vaporizers can result in draws falling in quality the more draws you take.  But to overcome this all you have to do is make sure you are investing in a good quality vape that will get the job done.  From my experience, I've discovered that if you vaporize oils your flavours will go through the roof- with some truly exceptional buzzes to be received. But because oils are extra potent you'll need to be aware that it will take far less of them to get you buzzing.  


This is a closer one to call than many would think with both methods offering pros and cons in their favour. First of all, some vaporizers may be far more difficult to use than others depending on the brand that you purchase. The problem with many of the older and cheaper vapes is that there is a lot involved in taking them apart, cleaning, and other issues. Also with some vapes it may take a while to get to know how use them.  But with some of the more modern vaporizers such as the Firefly 2, the Pax3, and the Mighty, many of these issues can be avoided. For pure functionality and use in a public arena I'd always side with a portable vaporizer as they look far more professional and sleek looking than smoking a joint.

Vaporizers also allow you a whole host of features that a joint never could or would, such as: Temperature control, flavour settings, USB access, and remote control manoeuvrability. On the other hand rolling a joint, for many people, only takes a few seconds and then they'll be happily puffing away. But the problem is many people don't know how to roll properly.  At the end of the day, rolling a joint can be a chore too with a loose joint falling over the place and the ashes falling onto the floor making a dirty mess. When you have a vaporizer these issues are usually avoided. But in finishing I have to say that as far as ease of use goes, it a very close run thing where I'll score it a draw.


There simply is no comparison, with vaporizers being better than smoking in nearly every way. Owning a vaporizer will be cleaner, healthier, and it will result in a more happy you.  Vaporizers are also more discreet and offer users the better overall package.  Once you start using vapes you'll no longer have to endure disgusting odours permeating every corner of your house. You'll no longer have to contend with vast amounts of toxins into your bloodstream making you sick, tired, and feeling lethargic. In finishing all I can say that you should get your finger out purchase a vaporizer and find out for yourself what all the fuss is about.


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Posted on Feb 10, 2017


Purchasing a Vaporizer is the one of essential things that every herbal enthusiast must do. But there is no point in purchasing any old vaporizer as these devices come in all different shapes and sizes and many vary in quality. Wading your way through this field of vapes can sometimes be a difficult task with many vapes out there failing to live up to their billing. An essential thing for any newbie to do is to gather as much information as possible about various vaporizers and then try and get the one that will suit their own personal needs.

Why are vaporizers the must have device of the century? Because vaporizers produce a stunningly beautiful vape that delivers the perfect buzz. Vapes manage to accomplish this by heating up your herbs just enough to release a delicious vapour and all without combusting your herbs. The fact that your herbs aren't combusted ensures that your vaping experience will be healthier and carcinogenic free.  Unfortunately, with such a splendid technology entering the marketplace many unscrupulous dealers have begun selling vaporizers that are very poor quality.  The big question is how can you know the difference between the gems and the turds? The good news Is I've done all the work for you, because in this blog I've compiled a whole treasure trove of information that will to shine a light on the vaporizer industry.   



A crucial area that you'll need to know about when purchasing a vaporizer is temperature control.  Very high temperatures can combust your herbal  and this is something you'll want to avoid like the plague.  A massive issue you'll need to be aware of is that different kinds of herbal have different boiling points. Just because one kind of plant vaporizers at a particular temperature this does not mean that every other plant will do the same. You should be aware that most vapes heat in the temperature range of 356f-392f and not all vaporizers allow you to adjust the temperature settings. If you don't have a temperature control system this will usually result in a less than satisfactory experience. Without the control your herbal experience may become something of a hit and a miss and this is something you'll want to avoid. Additionally, oils, waxes, and herbs all heat at different levels and this is another reason why you'll need to get your hands on a vaporizer that has a good temperature control setting. 


The next area that you'll need to know is what type of heating system your vaporizer is using- is it convection or conduction?  Having a good quality heating system is a vital part to enjoying your vaporizer experience as both heating systems vary greatly in how they vaporizer your herbs. With convection heating the hot blade never touches your herbs. What happens with convection is that your herbs are melted down by hot air that blows through the chamber which results in some superb vapes being produced.  
In comparison, conduction heats up your plants by directly touching them with the heating element. This method is far more popular, because its cheaper, but conduction simply is no match for convection. The reason why conduction isn't as good is because it has tendency to combust your herbs, and when this happens things can get very nasty.  Overall, when investing in a vaporizer always go with convection technology as its better in everyway. Yes, you'll be paying more money, but when you factor that your herbs wont combust it will be a worthwhile investment.



The age old question, should I get a portable or a desktop vaporizer? For pure convenience levels portable vaporizers are the way to go. Portables allow you a discreet  and flavourful vape no matter where you are. You can use a portable In a nightclub, a cinema, at your grandmothers, or wherever you so choose. But the one drawback about portables is that many of them offer users a limited experience. With many portables you can adjust the settings and the majority of portables use conduction heating which isn't good. 
In contrast, desktop vaporizers, whilst they are bulky and you cant take them on the move they do offer users a far better all round experience. With a desktop vaporizer you can adjust the settings right down to the last millimetre. You can change the temperature, you can change the flavours, you can adjust the strength of your buzz. There simply is no comparison  between portable and desktops when it comes to the quality of the vape that you'll receive, with the desktop reigning supreme. But another drawback with desktops is that they can be very pricey, but if you want the best vapes you'll have to pay that little bit extra.




This is a hugely important question because some vaporizers perform better depending on what type of herbal you put into them. The majority of vaporizers accommodate either flowers or concentrates. There are some vaporizers that do accommodate both substances, but you'll need to be very careful purchasing one of these as they can all vary greatly in terms of quality. If you're a flower diehard I would definitely recommend that you purchase vaporizer that is dedicated to your flowers.
For people more inclined to smoke concentrates you could purchase a vaporizer that has multi functionality in terms of what herbs it can utilize. The huge difference is that with concentrates you're going to be getting a far stronger buzz. For people new to concentrates I always recommend that you take your time and don't overdraw on them as this can result in some nasty experiences. When using concentrates only take a few small puffs and then wait a few minutes to see what type of reaction you're getting, because you wont want to be off your head and not able to enjoy your herbs.  



You should always try and settle on budget before you jump in and start buying yourself a vape. Why? This is because many of the higher quality vaporizer can be pretty expensive and purchasing a vaporizer for a few hundred dollars is a big move.  Don't get me wrong you wont need to take out a mortgage to purchase a new vaporizer you'll just need to be aware of the various prices that will be floating around in the marketplace.  There are many super vapes out there that are very reasonably priced that will work just as well as some of their pricier counterparts.



When buying a vape there are so many factors that you need to take into consideration and to cover every last detail would take all day.What I would say is that people who intend to use their vaporizer in public should definitely side with getting a portable vaporizer. The modern portable is very convenient, user friendly, and most of all discreet. When using a portable, rather than smoking a joint, you wont look like some degenerate with barely two dimes to rub together- you'll look like a sophisticated man of the modern era.

If you're looking to take your herbal in a more relaxed setting, rather than out in the public, perhaps you should side with buying a desktop vaporizer as desktops afford you a better overall experience. The level of control  with a desktop is superb, and when you couple this with the sublime standard of the vapes you know you're going to be on to a winner. Overall, I'd have to say that what suits me may not necessarily suit you. My advice is to just get out there, take a chance, and you'll should soon find some vaping nirvana right at your finger tips.


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Posted on Feb 07, 2017

Vape Pen
Loading your Vape Pen is one of the great skills that you need to master in life. Its a skill that will stand you in good stead for the future whether at home or abroad. With the advent of vaping technology we're seeing an explosion of people using vape pens and this trend is set to continue into the future. And with any new trend it becomes vitally important to know what you're at.  Because there's nothing worse than inviting your friends around to your house and offering them a few vapes, but you end up looking like a fool because you don’t know how to properly load your vape. You'll want to avoid fumbling around with your vape pen combusting into your face.But this is where we come in, and where reading this blog will help you avoid so many of the common pitfalls associated with inexperienced vaping newbies.
So for any newbie out there I'd like to say to you- fear not, the master is here, the king has arrived to dispense his advice to his loyal subjects. Tonight you will eat a sumptuous feast in the garden of vaping paradise. You will be growing fat on the loins of vaping nirvana. Never again will you look at your vape as just a vape from now on a vape will become an instrument of pure orgasmic bliss. A vaporizer that will transcend life itself. Standing as a monument of human achievement and endeavour. Ok, I’m losing the run of myself here a little bit, but one thing is for sure there’s no point in starting your vaping career without having acquired a good knowledge of how to successfully use your vape pen. You'll need to ask yourself are you serious vaping? Or do you just want to become some novice amateur who’s always making a mess of things? Do you want to become the person  who knows what he's at? If you do, well then read on. 


The very first thing you need to do is to get your hands a top of the range vape pen, because it doesn't matter how good your herbal is if your vape pen is a piece of garbage it isn't going to get the job done. There are many great priced vape pens out there in the marketplace and if you shop around you shouldn't be long finding the one that suits you.
Ok, so you’ve got your hands on a top quality vape pen and you’re all excited that you’re about to receive an excellent buzz. The first thing you’ll need to do is take a deep breath and calm down, because you don’t want to go rushing in and making a mess of things. The last thing you’ll want to do is to spill your waxes on the ground or smash up your vaporizer just because you’re too keen.  


Vape Pen

 You’ll need to get a good quality herb grinder that suits the model of your vape pen. There's no point in getting any old grinder if it doesn't fit the manufactures specifications as this will result in a poor vaping experience. Some pens may require a higher density of herb whilst other pens may need finer herbs so that they can function properly- it all depends on the individual pen.   What you should always do is follow the instructions of your vape pen and open the lid to access the weed chamber within. One of the tips I would give you is to be very gentle when loading your herbs inside. Don’t just ram the herbs in and hope that everything will work out, because it wont. Its also vitally important that there is enough room for a good air flow to get through the chamber as this will ensure a superior vaping experience.  
The big issue with dry herb pen vaporizers is that they have an unfortunate tendency to burn your herbal And if your herbal is burning this obviously isn't what you're looking for.  At the end of the day you don’t buy a vape pen to burn your herbal you buy one to vape your materials. But even though dry herb pens do have an unfortunate habit of burning you shouldn't let this put you off from purchasing one.  The reason for this combustion is because the majority of vape pens use an atomizer that presses  your herbs against a hot element and this is what leads to the burning. You may get a small number of buzzes before your herbal get too hot, but these buzzes can be excellent quality. Even though your dry herb vape pen doesn't seem to be a long term option I don’t believe that this method should be dismissed out of hand. If you’re starting out on your vaping career then vape pens offer an affordable and cost friendly way to access some much needed herbal.


Vape Pens

 In life, some things are meant to go together and this is the case when it comes to concentrates and vape pens. Concentrates and vape pens  go together like the sun and the moon- they're a natural combination. One cant survive without the other.  The first thing you should do is gather a small portion of concentrates at the end of a dab tool. Usually the amount should be roughly about 0.1g and this should be more than enough to squeeze into your vape pen.  You should put your concentrates directly on top of the coil, but you should be careful not to damage your coil with your dab tool.  If your concentrates are rock hard you might be best to try and break them put into small portions before your put them inside your vape pen. Of course you could push the harder concentrates into your vape pen, but the problem with these pens is that whilst they are very good they aren't infallible.  Once you have your waxes or concentrates into your vape pen you should 'prime the wick' which will act to melt your concentrates. Not all vape pens have this this wick system, and if you become used to it your may feel that other vape pens don't produce the same flavourful herbal consistency. 


 You’ll need to consider what type of concentrates you’re intending to load into your pen, as concentrates are not all the same. From my experience I’ve noticed that  Oil based concentrates have a tendency to vaporizer the best. A general rule of thumb is that softer concentrates will be far more efficient and productive. Whilst the harder concentrates do work, they just don’t produce the same level of production.
Another benefit of the softer materials is that they’re far easier to work with when on the move.  


 The one thing you should never do when loading your pen is use your hands as this will degrade the material and will result in an inferior vape. What you should have in your possession is a good quality dabber to collect your concentrates and place them inside your pen.  Place your concentrates close to your coil, but not too aggressively as this may cause your coil to break. Use the rim of your device to scrape away any extra concentrates which may be found on your dabber.



Vape Pen

 Once you have your concentrates inside the pen you’re only a few short seconds away from drawing a few vapes. The superior vapes will come from using slow and steady draws rather than using short sharp bursts. The majority of vape pens will have adjustable temperature control settings that you should utilize for your own benefit.  If you lower the temperature you should receive far more flavourful vapes. An increased temperature vape will result in an extra powerful kick that you should prepare yourself for. The problem with the increased potency vapes is that they may knock you for six if you aren't ready for them. One thing you should always do is to take very small draws when taking powerful herbs as this allow you to adjust to the herbs. The last thing you'll want to feel is to  take massive draws and be off your head with your herbs. Take your time and learn how much herbal suits you. Additionally, you should always ensure that your battery is fully charged as the last thing you’ll want is an empty battery interrupting your vaping pleasures.


 You should always ensure that your store your dabs in cool, clean, and secure location. I would recommend getting your hands on a smell proof container as this will ensure that your herbs are preserved in top condition. Another tool you should attempt to make use of is silicone dab mats as these are great for securing and retrieving any spilled dabs. What having the proper storage facilities will ensure that none of your herbs are ever wasted.


I have to say if you use common sense then loading your vape pen shouldn't present too much of an issue. The main thing you need to take into consideration is not to pack your vape pen too full as this will lead to a whole host of issues you’ll want to avoid. Take your time and pack in your waxes, oils, or concentrates at  a nice slow pace as this will help your avoid any unwanted accidents.
For anyone purchasing their first vape pen all I can say is bravo and well done on an excellent life choice. The fact is vape pens are becoming more and more prevalent throughout our society.  From mothers enjoying a quick vape from the comfort of their own home to fathers enjoying a vape with their mates- vaporizers have become the new must have health accessories.The benefits of using vaporizer pens is that the days of using caveman tactics of blowtorches and  nails seem to be drawing to a close. Just make sure to purchase a good quality vape pen and world truly is yours to own.

Vape Pens
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Posted on Feb 06, 2017

A Carb Cap can be an essential piece of equipment for people who use concentrates. You cant just plunge into using concentrates without have some prior knowledge on what  you'll need for a successful smoke and one of the vital pieces of equipment is having a good carb cap. The reason why carb caps are so vital is because they enhance your herbal experience to a whole new level. 

Another reason why these devices are so pivotal is because of all you an extra level of control you'll have when dabbing. In this blog I've assembled, what I feel to be a incredibly  useful information about carb caps.  I've found it necessary to explain the various temperature and other features associated with dabbing just to ensure that you have a clear picture of what we are talking about. So settle up, get the popcorn out, and prepare to be educated on what using carb caps truly means.



People who are starting of on their dabbing careers have a tendency to begin dabbing at very high temperatures. The issue that newbies fail to take into account is that it can be very hard to heat your nail sufficiently without encountering any mishaps. Basically what I'm trying to say is that you should be very cautious when starting off on your vaping career! Take your time and do things properly, gather up all of the requisite information and know what you're at.  

One issue you may encounter is that if you don't heat your nail properly your glass will break and this will result in you having to open the wallet to purchase a new piece of glass and this most certainly is something you want to try to avoid.  Another thing to be aware of is that some users swear by using an adapter between the joint and the nail and this results in an even heating of their piece. The reason for the benefits of a consistent heating are varied and plenty. For example, you don't want  to be like a loose cannon heating your nails all over the place- what you want to achieve is a consistency and balance of heating.


If you're planning on using a torch you'll need to get to know your flame, you cant just plough in and begin torching all over the place.You'll need a knowledge on the various flame strengths and what power of flame can do what. From my experience I've discovered that there are usually two different type of flames that you'll need to become acquainted with "bright blue" and "light blue.  The bright blue flame is when the initial combustion occurs, but this certainly doesn't mean that this is the hottest part of the flame!  The hottest part of the flame is at the very tip of the inner flame and if you use this part of the flame you'll reduce the chances of inhaling any nasty by-products. Another common misapprehension is that your nail needs to be red hot in order for your to use it properly, but this is simply not true. The fact is the ideal temp for vaporization to occur is around the 300-400 degree mark.  It doesn't matter if your nail is quartz, titanium, or any other substance they'll all be operating under same the heating guidelines.  


Carb Cap


Basically what a carb cap does is it creates a chamber where your concentrates are vaporized within.  Carb caps have a single hole which results in a suction within a chamber and this results in your vapour being trapped inside. A carb cap has a tendency to trap your herbs in the chamber by utilizing a vortex mechanism that can both cool and heat the air. Similarly to nails, carbs can be made using ceramic, glass, quarts or other substances. Which one is the best?  It all depends on your own personal preferences, and I've found from my experiences that all of these substances seem to work reasonably well.


Carb caps are all pretty similar in design and they nearly all feature a hollow head at the tip. A rounded end functions as the cap. The devices all come supplied with a pointed handle which, depending on the case, you may bese it as a dabber tool. Of course, many Carb caps are different, and some vary in the level of excellence that they provide. They thing you should always make sure to do is to shop around and find the carb cap that suit  your onw personal needs. Another thing you should always strive to do is to acquire as much information as possible on each piece and see what kind of reviews there are out there in the marketplace.


Carb caps are used to help people in dabbing at low temperatures. Many people have been speaking out carb caps massive benefits when it comes to getting the maximum use from their herbs.  What you'll need to ensure is that your piece operates an open air system. What I mean by this is that your product will have to rely exclusively using heat from a nail or a dish for vaporization to occur.  


If you use concentrates I would highly recommend you use Carb caps. The reason for this recommendation is varied and multiple, but overall I would recommend using them because of the enhanced flavours that you'll experience. I promise you that once you try Carb caps you'll never look back. Simply put your plant experience will have new dimensions of sublime excellence once you're utilizing carb caps. If you are reluctant to try it, I would advise you to set aside any preconceived ideas and just give the products a try. At the end of the day for a minimum of investment you may see the maximum amount of pleasure.
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Posted on Feb 06, 2017


Which is the better vaping accessory the Plastic Mouthpiece or the Glass Mouthpiece? This is an age old question that can be hard to answer. Both materials have their own merits and both have their drawbacks. Some people swear by using glass mouthpieces and others love the durability of plastic pieces. Simply put, having a good quality design to your mouthpiece is a vital component to any vaporizer. A top glass or plastic mouthpiece will add character and design to your vaporizer.  There is nothing worse than having some cheap looking mouthpiece inserted into your vape which acts to drag down the overall look of your vape. You should always attempt to vaporize your plants by looking as professional, cool, and classy as possible and if your mouthpiece doesn't  fit the overall package unfortunately, you'll end up looking like a fool. The fact is, some things in life aren't meant to go together- like red and purple, and the same goes for certain mouthpieces.

Another reason why people advocate the benefits of glass is because it doesn't react with chemicals and because it leaves no residual residue.  There is nothing worse than a filthy mouthpiece with grime and dirt all over it, but this problem, for the most part, can be avoided by using glass mouthpieces. Another vitally important thing to factor into the equation  is what type of a buzz you're seeking to achieve. When selecting a vaporizer mouthpiece you should always try and select one that fits your own needs. For example, if you like larger hits you should select wider mouthpieces, and if you're looking for gentle puff you should side with the smaller mouthpiece.  A deciding factor for many people in what mouthpiece to purchase is the general taste of the mouthpiece which certainly can vary from piece to piece.


There are many reasons what you should choose to use a plastic mouthpiece, and one of the main reasons is because of their long term durability.  Plastic mouthpieces comes in many shapes and sizes, and some suit better than others. In general, plastic mouthpieces are usually made from polycarbonate and from a softer substance called Delrin. What these substances ensure is that your mouthpiece wont shatter or break apart from some minor touch, unlike with many glass pieces!  Another reason to use plastic is because a huge portion of the population are allergic to metal and this is why they side with using plastic mouthpieces. Many people have spoken out about how they realised they where allergic when a red rash developed around their mouth, and so, they had to purchase a plastic mouthpiece. Overall, I have to say that plastic mouthpieces offer users a tremendous service that will certainly enhance your vaping experience to the next level of superlative excellence.


The reason why glass mouthpieces are so well liked is because of the fresh and flavourful herbs that they deliver into your system.  These flavourful hits ensure that users experience the full benefits that your plants can offer you. There is no point in having a top quality vaporizer, but a second rate mouthpiece which will reduce the quality of your vaping experience. When purchasing a vaporizer you should always aspire to getting the best of everything,  and a glass mouthpiece is one of the must have accessories. Additionally, your  glass will ensure that your herbs are transferred into your lungs at the fastest rate possible. Another factor in favour of the glass is that it acts to neutralize any harmful chemicals and this results in a more purified  vape or smoke. The filtration system of the glass mouthpieces sets them apart from the competition. I've also found that the majority of glass pieces are very simple to install with a simple lock and insert mechanism that secures your mouthpiece inside your piece.   


Always make sure to take your mouthpiece out every so often and clean it thoroughly.  The best way to do this is to get some rubbing alcohol, salt, and some hot water and then dunk your mouthpiece into a container with all of these substances for a period of time. When you believe that your mouthpiece has been sufficiently soaked you should take out and then rub it down with a brush  in order to get any grime out. If you feel that the mouthpiece hasn't been sufficiently cleaned you should repeat the process until you're satisfied with the result. Another reason why its vitally important to clean your  mouthpiece is because of hygiene reasons. If you're sharing your vaporizer or some other device germs can begin to gather up on your mouthpiece and you certainly don't want to be picking up any nasty colds or flus.


So the big question is which is better? I have to say that I've found both types of mouthpieces equally efficient, but If I had to side with one I'd select using the glass mouthpiece. The reason for this decision is because of the glasses capacity to deliver a smoother, crispier, and more nutritious overall vape or smoke. Plastic mouthpieces do have their merits as well, including  durability, but you just cant beat the overall taste and feel of a glass mouthpiece.  Now, I'm not trying to say that plastic mouthpieces are bad they most certainly aren't, it just that glass ones offer slightly more. At the end of the day, whilst your mouthpiece will have an impact on your overall experience it wont have anywhere near the type of impact that your herbal will have, or what quality of vaporizer you'll be using.  I'd like to describe mouthpieces are being like the Cherry on the top of the cake. A good quality mouthpiece will make the difference between a first class herbal experience and only an average herbal experience. Of course, everyone wants to obtain a superior buzz and this is what having a good quality mouthpiece will ensure you'll receive.
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Posted on Feb 02, 2017


For many herbal diehards combustion is rapidly becoming part of ancient history.  Traditional methods of smoking your plants are becoming so old and outdated that they are becoming like something from a bygone era, stone age relics from a distant past . The reason for this change is clear to be seen with vaporizers rapidly becoming the must have herbal device of the century. One suspects that in years to come the thoughts of someone rolling up a joint will be met with derision and laughter as the younger generations laugh at the primitive, prehistoric past of their parents.

But with vaporizers coming more and more prevalent in society its not just good enough to own a vaporizer, you'll have to know how to use a vaporizer.  There is no point in you having a top quality vape in your possession and you not having a clue how to operate it!  In particular, if you don't know what temperature your vaporizer should be operating at- as this is one of the crucial features that you'll need to master in order to receive the maximum enjoyment from your plants.  What newbies need to understand is that every vaporizer has their own personal settings that you'll need to adhere to so that you'll receive the maximum benefits. Another big reason why vaporizer temperature is so important is because if you don't vape your plant at the perfect rate you may be more liable to receiving toxins into your bloodstream.

The fact is there is a huge portion of people who own vaporizers because of the health benefits, and if, due to negligence on your part, you're not receiving these benefits well then this is a travesty of the highest order.  One of the pitfalls every vaping enthusiast must try to avoid is combustion, believe me combustion is the devil itself. Once your plants combust you immediately beat the whole idea of purchasing a vaporizer in the first place. In this blog I will attempt to educate you minions on which temperatures work best and which don't. I'll also attempted to guide you in the right direction towards which vaporizers work most effectively with your herbs.



There are a load of reasons why temperature is so important and none more so then for the health reasons. Set your temperature too low and you wont get the buzz that you need. Set the temperature too high and you will burn your plant into oblivion resulting in masses of dirty toxins entering your lungs.  Even the flavour of your vapes can be influenced by the temperature with some more flavourful than others. The good thing is that there have been a number of tests conducted in scientific labs which have been trying to discover what is the optimum temperature for your to receive the maximum benefits from your vapes.


Like I've already alluded to there are many different temperatures that will produce a whole host of different flavours from your vaporizer. At 320F I've discovered that you'll receive a very mellow vape that may or may not suit you. If you're looking for a delicate vape that will give you a nice mellow buzz well then this is a good temperature to start off at. What I would recommend is that if you believe your plants or concentrates are extra potent then you should try vaping them at real low temperatures as this will allow you to test the waters and discover what suits you best. Your vaporizer isn't a precise thing of science and when you factor in that your herbs can vary in strength and potency it can be hard to predict what is the perfect temperature. For example, if your herbs are well ground down into a fine material then your vaporizer may vape them at a far faster rate then it would with more coarser materials. All of these variables need to be taken into consideration when using your vaporizer.


If you're seeking to receive an extra potent high well then you should vape at temperatures as high as 365f. At this temperature your buzz will have a huge amount of extra power that will blast you off into orbit.  You'll find that your brain will be flooded with all of them lovely THC compound's.  I would caution people to only take a few puffs at this level until your mind, body, and brain becomes acquainted to the buzz. For some people who use vaporizers this is the type of buzz that they'll want and this is how far they'll want to go, but for other there is a whole new level out there.


Once you hit temperatures as high s 428f you'll find that you'll be walking on the moon and dancing on the stars, because at this temperature your high is going to be very very powerful. All of the other temperatures allow you a certain kind of buzz but at this level you'll be lying on your back. In all honesty this type of a buzz is only suited for people who want deep pain relief. Of course, you can try it out for yourself, but always be sure to only take small puffs when trying out very strong herbs.


If you use a temperature above 428f this is when combustion usually occurs. Whilst combustion can occur at lower temperatures over 428f is when its nearly inevitable  that your plants will burn. Of course you could risk trying your herbal at such high temperatures, and you may get away with it, but its not something I would recommend. Whilst your vaporizer is good it's not infallible and it does have its limits hence why you should be very cautious when vaping at extremely high temperatures.


In finishing I have say that what temp you vaporizer at all depends on your own personal needs. Some peple like that nice mellow buzz and some others like to be left lying on their back. What you should do is experiment for yourself and find out which vaporizer temperature works best for you. Just because some vaporizer temperature works for me, it doesn't necessarily mean that its going to work for you. When using a vape you should try and stay within the temperature guidelines that I've laid out above. Of course you can deviate from my suggestions, but the problem with this is you begin experiencing combustion. Overall, I feel that you should go ahead and start using that vaporizer, because that's the only real way to find out what works best. So go ahead get that vaporizer out and starting vaping until you find the perfect temperature match for you. 

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Posted on Jan 30, 2017



If you’re seeking to purchase a new vaporizer one of the first things you’ll have to consider is whether you intend to smoke dry herbs or oils. There is a huge amount of difference between the two methods, differences which could just be the deciding factor in whether your smoke is pleasurable or not. Some people like to argue that there isn't a superior choice, but In this blog, as we’ll see later on, I’d like to argue that there is a superior choice.



If you intend to smoke dry herbs you’ll need to get your hands on a vaporizer that specializes in this type of herbal. Conversely, if you intend to smoke oils you’ll need to your paws on a machine that can operate well using oils. You can get vaporizers that have multiple function capacity loaded into them, but from my experience you’re best of using a vaporizer that can utilize just one set of herbs. Although, whilst some multi function vaporizers come with lots of promises but in the end deliver very little, others do perform well. For example, in comparison to oils, dry herb can be harsher to inhale and the reason for this is because its still a plant. If you’re not used to the herbs this can lead to you coughing and spluttering resulting in you having a less than satisfactory experience. In comparison oils can have a smoother hit due to the fact that they are oils.




The major thing to factor in about oils is that they’ll have a far higher amount of THC than herbs and this will result in a stronger and faster hit. The only real issue with this is- if you take too much too soon, this can result in you overdosing and experiencing some horrible side effects. I would caution new users to take their time with oils, to start out with only a small amount and see how they effect you. I’ve known people who decided to sample a few oils, overdone it , which resulted in them experiencing nasty heart palpations and panic attacks. But don’t let the scare stories put you off because if you use oils wisely you’ll be on the receiving end of some tremendous vapes. The thing about using herbal is that herbs are generally lighter and not as potent as oils and many people find this preferable.




I’ve found dry herb vaporizers to be much easier to clean in comparison to oils. All you have to so with dry herb vaporizers is to get a cloth and wipe the unit down. The beauty about cleaning dry herb vaporizers it that you’ll so much time your hands  that you’ll be facilitated with access to non stop vaping nirvana. If you want to vape 24/7 your dry herb vaporizer will be able to accomplish this.


In comparison, oils can be far trickier with the oils having a tendency to stick to your vape like tar. When cleaning these devices you’ll need warm water, alcohol, salt, and a whole host of other tools. Whilst it can be tricky to clean oil vaporizers you shouldn't let this put you off as there are plenty of rewards to received.  


One significant plus in favour of using oils is that oils are far cheaper than using plants. Oils provide you, if used correctly, a similar experience to using herbs, but at a much better rate of value. The simple fact is, who doesn't want to have more money floating around in their wallets? And having more money in your wallet is what will occur when you purchase an oil vaporizer.





There are a whole host of different vapes that you can get your hands on. Of course, when considering which ones to buy you’ll have lots of different factors to take into the equation. The number one issue you’ll have to consider is whether you intend on purchasing a Dry Herb Vaporizer or an Oil Vaporizer. Below you’ll find a small list of vaporizers that I’ve selected as being amongst the best you can purchase anywhere in the world.





  • PAX 2


The Pax 2 is the Ferrari of portable herbal vaporizers. The buzz that you’ll receive from this little baby will be second to none. Make no mistake about it, the Pax 2 provides users with an unforgettable vaping experience that will be etched into the annals of history. In future people will speak in hushed tones of admiration as soon as a Pax2 enters the vicinity. Compared to the original, the Pax2, is an improvement in every way providing you with longer battery life resulting in sweeter and more delicious flavours. Another benefit of the Pax 2 is the products durability which eclipses much of what is out there in the marketplace. This most certainly isn't a device that will fall and break into smithereens, but is a product that will stand the test of time.     





One of the superb features of the Firefly 2 is that when you press the button and begin vaping there is no vapour coming out of the device, and for people who want vape in secret this is a tremendous asset. Another positive about this new feature is that it reduces the odour that you might otherwise have had to endure. The original Firefly was like a tornado blowing across the vaping landscape destroying everything in its path. This was a machine that not only took vaporizers to a whole new level, but it was a machine that blew away the competition. But what we have with the Firefly 2 is a vaporizer that exceeds even the greatness of the original Firefly. What separates this device from the crowd is its unique on demand heating system which delivers you non stop vapes at the click of a button. Another huge plus is that the heating system ensures that none of your herbs are ever waste. The small sleek style exudes a sense of organismic class that will have you shimmering with delight as soon as pull some herbs into your lungs.  







The Grizzly Guru is a multiple functionality vaporizer which can utilize oils, herbs, and concentrates with an equal level of proficiency. What makes the Grizzly stand out from the competition is the medical grade ceramic heating chamber which ensures a streamlining of herbs into your lungs. The Grizzly has excellent competency when its comes to utilizing your oils and will be sure to get the very best from whatever oils you place into the machine. A precision guided temperature control system ensures that you’ll have complete control over your vape at all times. The ceramic controlled atomizer results in your body receiving beautiful herbs at the click of a button.     





The Puffco plus pen is one of them vaporizers that will leave you lieing on your back in ecstasy. This is a piece of equipment that has the power to transform your vaping career into something that might previously have been unreachable. The Puffco oil pen manages to vaporizer oils, waxs, and liquids at the optimum level of productivity. One area that the Puffco Plus pen is renowned for is flavourful and nutritious vapes that it dispenses to the user. Overall, I have to say that the Puffco Plus pen is a real gem of a vape that dispenses some truly sublime vapes to owner.





In my opinion you should always side with purchasing a dry herb vaporizer. The reason for this is because dry herb vaporizers offer a more measured buzz than oil buzzes. For me the negative thing about oil vaporizers is that the high can be too intense. If you’re not prepared, or if you’re a novice, then you may end up having a nasty experience that might put you off herbal for a lifetime. The level of control that dry herb vaporizers afford users is what makes them stand out from the crowd. When using a dry herb vaporizers you’ll be afforded an extra level of pleasure and an extra level of satisfaction.















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Posted on Jan 30, 2017

Volcano Vaporizers 

Volcano Vaporizers are taking the vaping world by storm. From seasoned die-hards to newbies alike everybody wants to get their hands on a Volcano Vaporizer and could you blame them? The volcano is a device that is so distinguished that it puts many of the other machines out their in the marketplace to shame. I mean the Volcano is the type of machine that once you own one you’ll never look back. As soon as you have a volcano in your possession every other vape out there on the market place will begin to look second rate- filth to be extinguished and expunged from your life.

 Why are volcano's so popular I hear you ask? Well for the simple reason that they vape herbs, concentrates, and waxes with an equal level of sublime excellence. Believe me when I say that owning a volcano vaporizer is when you know that you’ve reached the pinnacle of self indulgence. Once you own a volcano vaporizer, relaxation and chilled out will never look the same again. You can reach the maximum level of pleasure from the comfort of your own home.  Unlike, when you use a portable, you wont have to contend with some sloppy vape down some back alley. The euphoria that you experience when using a volcano can be reached from your own living room.   

 The big question for all you folks out there is how do you operate a volcano vaporizer? Are there any cheats that you should incorporate when using this type of vape? The answer to this question is that yes there are multiple ways for you to improve your vaping experience. All you have to do is kick back and learn from the master, because the guru is there, the king has arrived to dispense his sage advice to the masses. So kick back folks and prepare yourself to be educated on one of the most astonishing vaporizers every to hit the marketplace.   



 One of the most daunting tasks for any new owner of the Volcano is having to take the vape apart. The worst thing you can do is to charge in head-first without knowing what you’re doing. When taking apart the volcano you’ll need to be have certain knowledge to ensure that when you take apart the device that things will run smoothly without you encountering many major issues. The first thing you’ll need to do is to get your supplies ready for the operation that is ahead of you and a major part of these supplies will be having salt and alcohol which will help clean the grime off your vape. Other vital devices that you’ll need will be pliers, a mouth jar, q tips, and some paper towels.

 At the very bottom of your vaporizer there is an air filter which you should inspect for any contamination or dirt. How you proceed to do this is you turn the air filter counter clockwise and grab it out. For the solid valve set, the mouthpiece and filling chamber space should be cleaned fairly regularly. To get the mouthpiece out you just pull the lip and it will be ready for cleaning. To disassemble the valve, pull the balloon out, and remove the ring.  You should always try and ensure that you know how to reassemble any parts that you’ve pulled out. The biggest tip I can give you is that the only part that will really need cleaning is the filling chamber and once you focus on the filling chamber everything else will fall into place.



The quality of the vape that you’ll receive will depend on a number of decisive factors. One of the major factors will be what type of quality your herb is and what type of consistency your herbs are at. The major factor at play here is whether your herbs are ground down too finely or not. If your herbs are too fine this will result in an inferior vape that wont allow heat to move freely through your materials. One of the major pieces of advice that id like to dispense is that you should purchase a vaporizer that is specifically designed for your own personal device. Another thing you’ll need to take into consideration is how much herb you load into the Volcano.  If you stuff your volcano full of herb this can result in an inferior vape. You should also take into account that the higher the temperature the more vapor will be released from it. Some people seem to like the extra vapes coming from their machine, but other people seem to be more inclined to go with a minimum level of vapes. The really crucial point you’ll need to take into consideration is whether your herbal is top quality. It doesn't matter how good your volcano is if you have inferior herbal, then the vapes that enter into your lungs will be inferior.  



You’ll also need to take into account that your bags will need to be changed fairly regularly. What you’ll have to do is to be able to change between the Easy Vale and the Solid Vale system. The way the Easy Valve system works is there are a number of predesignated bags and vales which you’ll insert into your vape. Most of the bags come in standard sizes and are all pretty easy to use. The other end of the coin is the Solid Valve system which is basically a make your own bag system. This system is a less expensive then the Easy Valve system, but it can be a chore trying to determine the size of the bag.     


A major issue with owning a volcano is whether you find the right temperature. The reason why this is so vitally important is that if you haven't got the correct temperature then it may impact on how delicious your vape is. What you should do is start out at a very low temperature and the work your way up until you find a temperature that suits your needs. At the end of the day the flavour will depend on what quality your herbal is. One of the outstanding aspects that comes with the Volcano is that you’ll receive superb vapes with the minimum level of herbal. Nobody likes to waste any herbal, and the fact you can utilize all of your herbal without any wastage is a huge huge plus that comes with the Volcano.



There are many good reasons why the Volcano Vaporizer reigns supreme when it comes to desktops. This is a machine that is pushing the boundaries of vaping excellence to another level altogether. We hope that with the tips and tricks that we’ve given in this blog that your vaping experience will be enhanced further.  But at the end of the day the best way to find out what works for you is to experiment and to find out for yourself. Of course, we’d love to be there to hold your hand and  guide you every step of the way, but unfortunately this isn't possible. We must delegate some responsibility and trust in you. We hope that you’ll do the right thing with your volcano and will achieve the maximum level of vaping pleasure that gods generous hand commands you to receive.   


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Posted on Jan 26, 2017



In an historic vote Ireland's parliament has recently voted to pass legislation legalizing the use of medical herbal. The vote is ground breaking because  Ireland has traditionally been a country where some of the most draconian laws in the world have been passed in relation to herbal use with sentences for possession ranging as high 15 years imprisonment in some cases.


The votes comes in the wake of a whole host of states in the USA voting to legalize the plant.  In Colorado, for example, anyone aged 21 or older is legally entitled to possess up to one ounce of the herb. In 2015, Colorado sold nearly $1 billion worth of medicinal and recreational herbal. The evidence of a whole array of health benefits seems to be growing by the day with people advocating the herbs use for many illnesses. 


But the move towards a more liberal approach in Ireland is all the more remarkable when you consider that up until relatively recently Ireland was a church controlled state which had banned contraception, homosexuality, and a whole host of other practices. The country which was formally known as ‘the land of saints and scholars’ seems to be moving towards a gigantic shift in public consensus towards various issues, and common sense seems to be prevailing in the corridors of power.


The motion was recently  tabled by the TD, Gino Kenny, and had the support of the vast majority of Ireland's politicians. Ireland’s main political party Fianna Gael decided not to oppose the bill, but some TD’d had concerns about parts of the bill which they felt was leaning towards complete legalization of the herb. Health Minister Simon Harris met with two senior proponents of the bill and outlined his concerns that sections of the bill called for complete legalization and upon hearing the Ministers concerns it was decided to amend the offending sections.  And whilst we would be critical of Mr Harris not throwing caution to the wind, and accepting complete legalization of the herb we have to say that he’s stepping in the right direction.  


Minister Harris went on to state that upon hearing clinical advice from medical experts that he felt it would be incumbent upon him to support the ground-breaking bill. The Minister also went on to touch on the fact that the evidence for the medical benefits of the herb is getting larger and larger. Throughout the world evidence is mounting that the herb can help relieve a whole host of conditions, such as cancer, epilepsy, MS, and chronic pain. Patients suffering from many of these conditions have spoken about how the drug has made their lives more tolerable.


A case that was highlighted in relation to the benefits of herbal use was Six year old Erica Cawley from Dublin. The six year old suffers from a condition known as Dravet Syndrome which causes terrible epileptic seizures. The little girl suffered more than 200 seizures a day and could not walk or talk due to her condition.  She was also unable to take anti-epilepsy medication as it put her in danger of cardiac arrest and so in desperation her family turned to trying 

Charlotte’s Web oil, which contains a low dose of THC,  and since she has began taking this oil she has seen a dramatic overall improvement in her condition.


Only yesterday the government Health Committee recommended that medicinal herbal be paid for by the Irish government. So pending approval by healthcare professionals it looks like certain kind of herbal will be made available free of charge to people who fit the medical criteria. But the issue is that the particular type of herbal must be first approved by the Health Regulatory Authority. Many campaigners who have been seeking a relaxation in the laws and this has culminated in the news that herbal looks set to be legalized for medicinal use.  


Ireland's lawmakers seem intent on following the Portuguese model where citizens caught with possession of herbal aren't subject to any stringent penalty but are let off with a slight reprimand. In June, last year, politicians from Ireland travelled to Portugal to study the effects of this more lenient approach in regards to the herb  and what they discovered was that a more relaxed approach has resulted in falling crime rates and also a whole host of other benefits.

 According to a EU's illicit substance monitoring agency overdose "passing's" in Portugal are the second lowest in the EU, and amongst the lowest in the world. In Portugal there are three overdose "passing's" for every million citizens, and these statistics vastly undercuts the rest of the EU and most of the world. Its remarkable to think that cigarettes and alcohol are causing millions of ‘passings’ throughout the globe every year, but that there is an acceptance amongst politicians that prohibiting these substances simply does not work. This fact was clearly evidenced way back in the 1920's in the USA where alcohol prohibition led to massive crime rates, and led to the birth of notorious individuals making vast profits out of  the law  The simple fact is that prohibition doesn't work, it hasn't worked, and it never will work.


Ireland’s Prime Minister, Enda Kenny, went further and stated that at a later date that he would be open to debate about the wider legalization of many other herbs. We feel that this really is a step in the right direction and the future looks more than bright for herbal enthusiasts compared to what it looked like decades ago. As touched on earlier in the blog, Ireland was previously a country which had some of the most draconian and oppressive laws in the world. Up until relatively recently the Irish state was ruled by the Catholic Church with a virtual iron fist with the Church  having a special place in the Irish constitution.  For example, in the 1950's over five thousand books where banned because the Church felt that they didn't fit the morals of which the Catholic Church was supposedly preaching. In 70's, the movie 'Monty Python' was banned because it violated the teachings of the Church, and In the 80's there was a whole host of feminist publications banned because they contained references to contraception. But the liberalization of Irelands laws are a welcome development and the fact that herbal laws are being liberalized throughout the world bodes well for the future.




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Posted on Jan 25, 2017



There is a huge treasure trove of vaporizer accessories that you can buy for your own personal device. Many of these products offer excellent value for money, and some don't,  and many function better than others.  A huge bulk of accessories might just fall into the useless category and many more would fall into the utterly vital category. What you have to do as a vaping enthusiast is to wade your vape through this sea of  accessories and find the product that is right for you. There certainly is no point in you opening your wallet and spending your hard earned cash on a piece of junk that you'll be throwing into the dustbin. I promise you, there is nothing worse than squandering your money on a piece of garbage that belongs at the top of a rubbish pile. But fear not, because this is where I come in, as I promise to guide you in the right direction when it comes to vaporizer accessories. I will be like your Sherpa showing you the path that you need to take in order to reach the pinnacle of vaporizer accessory greatness. I promise to be like your shield as I protect you from a whole host of  rubbish that may be flung at you. I will be like your knight in shining amour protecting you, shielding you, guiding you.  The main function of this blog is to ensure that you'll end up with extra cash in your wallet and extra savings. The oath that I give you, right here and right now, is that any accessory you purchase will be nearly as vital to your vaping experience as your herbal or the vaporizer itself. So come on, settle in, get the popcorn out, put the feet up, and prepare to be educated by the master on vaporizer accessories.


You aren't going to store the crown jewels at the side of the street are you? Believe me your vaporizer must be protected like a gold bar in Fort Knox. You'll need a secure place to store your precious vaporizer and this is where having a good quality case comes in. Vape pens can be fragile and the last thing that you'll need is to spend a few hundred dollars on a vaporizer and then have it smash all over the floor. A few years ago I had purchased a high end vaporizer that I really really loved! I mean this vaporizer was like a member of the family!!  But one evening I left the vaporizer sitting in the bathroom and my young son came along and flushed the vaporizer down the toilet- devastated  wasn't the words.  Believe me, the thoughts of that precious vape floating around in the sewers still makes me cry. The moral of this story is to get yourself a top quality case to store your vaporizer. If you're going to invest a lot of money in a vaporizer well then you have to be prepared to protect your investment and this is where a vaporizer case comes in.


One of the main reasons why people embark on a vaping career is because its cleaner and healthier than traditional methods of combusting your herbs, but you cant accomplish this if your vape is dirty. In life there is nothing worse then being unhygienic with dirty germs floating around the place and the same goes for vaporizers. You must try and keep your vaporizer clean and healthy looking, and this is where cleaning supplies come in. There are a whole host of tools that you can get your hands on such as brushes and cleaning solution that if used properly will help to keep your precious vape in spick and span condition. Another reason why you should always clean your vaporizer is because if you don't it may effect the overall functionality of your vaporizer. Because if your vape isn't cleaned regularly it will become more prone to breaking down, and so, this will result in you unnecessarily splashing out more cash for a replacement vaporizer.


Other vaporizer accessories that are absolutely pivotal to vaping enthusiasts  is to have extra parts for your device. Sometimes vaporizers with all of the use that they have to endure can be prone to breaking down for minor reasons and this is why you should have number of spare parts ready. When the unthinkable happens and you cant get any vapes coming from your vaporizer you'll need to have a ready made plan to fix this problem- and this is where the extra parts come in. You should always ensure that the parts that you buy meet the specifications of the vaporizer that you have in your possession. There is no point in having a whole host of spare parts that only operate on a different device. Another handy tip is to store your parts in a place where they'll be easy for you to find. There's nothing worse then your vaporizer breaking down, you gasping for a vape, and you cant find the spare parts to fix the device. So be prepared for all eventualities and have a few extra spare parts ready as they may just save you some day.


One of the must have vaporizer accessories is an extra mouthpiece or an extended mouthpiece. The reason why I find extra mouthpieces so handy is that they allow you to tinker around until you find a piece that suits your own needs. Some mouthpieces can leave an aftertaste in your mouth whilst others can leave a smooth crispy taste, it all depends. I have found that certain mouthpieces will resulting a more delicious vape than others, so this is certainly something that you'll need to take into account. The reason for the extended mouthpieces is that certain vaporizers have a tendency to heat up and the extended mouthpiece allows you to avoid any unnecessary heat.   Another reason why you should invest in an extra mouthpiece is that you can always have a clean and hygienic mouthpiece ready to insert into your vape. Sometimes after you've purchased a beautiful new vape you can have many people who want to try it out and this can result in hygiene problems with multiple germs being transferred into the mouthpiece. When you have an extra mouthpiece you can avoid these nasty germs and stay clean and healthy in the process.


If you're an enthusiast for desktop vaporizers well then one of the must have accessories for many of these devices is replacement balloon bag. If you have a number of extra balloons this will ensure that you'll always have a device that is ready and willing to dispense some much needed herb into your body. Believe me, there is noting worse than having your body crying out for some herb and your vaporizer isn't fully functional. When you have an extra bag this will eliminate this concern and will ensure that no matter where you are that there will be vapes ready to be propelled into every last cell in your body. Why do you need a replacement bag? What tends to happen is that after a period of time the balloon bag begins to weaken and so wont be able absorb the vapes that its supposed to and this results in a less than satisfactory vaping experience.  You should always ensure that the bag that you buy fits the model of device that you intend to vape your herbs with. There most certainly is no point in you purchasing a balloon that is for another machine, so, always ensure that the balloon that your purchase is in line with specifications of your vaporizer.


There are many reasons why you should get your hands on a multitude of vaporizer accessories, not least, because it makes really good sense. A car cant just operate on a wheels and engine alone, it will need a whole host of extra parts to keep it ticking along and the same goes for vaporizers.  From my experience, one of the main reasons why you should try and get your hands on vaporizer accessories is because you should always be prepared for the unthinkable- that your vaporizer might not work.  Once you have a ready made supply of vaporizer accessories you can be sure that you will always be ready to rectify any disastrous situation that may arise out of the blue.  One of the rules in life is 'fail to prepare then prepare to fail' and this saying is very true when it comes to vaporizer accessories. Another reason you should definitely invest in vaporizer accessories is because if you want enjoy your vape you'll always need extra tools at your disposal. There is nothing worse than a friend coming over, wanting to try your vape, and then him slobbering his germs all over the mouthpiece of your precious vaporizer. What you can do in this situation, is take out the spare mouth piece, insert it into the vaporizer and then enjoy your vape without having to contend with those extra germs and filth.   


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Posted on Jan 24, 2017



The huge amount of people that have begun vaporizing  and dabbing herbal is the direct result of users seeking a healthier and more cost effective way to get their buzz delivered to them. But with so many different products out there in the marketplace users should take care about which ones they decide to use. And not only should users be aware of the products that they use they should know how to use these products. There is no point in somebody getting a product and then charging in without any real forethought- such actions lead to disasters that you may come to regret. The first thing any self respecting vaping or dabbing enthusiast should do is educate themselves on the device which they plan to use. For example, there are many different kinds of dabbing devices out there, some better than others, and if you don't know what you're at when dabbing this can lead to a whole host of problems. Similarly, there is a myriad of vaporizers which all operate in different fashions, and if you don't know how to use them properly this can result in some nasty experiences. If you're buying concentrates for health reasons you must take note of the fact that the heat may adversely effect the quality of the herbal. There are so many different factors that all need to be taken into the equation when purchasing either a vaporizer or a dabbing device, and this is where this blog comes in. What this blog hopes to achieve is to clear up the grey areas, to blow away the smoke, and give you a clear example of how to use both products.  Once you have the knowledge that you need you can be safe knowing that you can enjoy your herbal at your leisure.


When attempting to weigh up the health risks of vaping and dabbing the first thing you need to consider is what heating method you intend to use. There are two main ways in which you can heat up your herbs: Conduction and convection. Both of these methods have their own pros and cons, and some produce more flavourful vapes than the other.  Conductive heating is the method that is usually used when employing the dabbing technique.  What users normally do is heat a rig nail and then proceed to place the oil on the spot where you are using the conductive heating which acts to produce the smoke. Convection heating is what is more commonly used in vaporizers.  How this technique works is it heats the air in the chamber of the vaporizer  and this acts to vaporizer your herbs or concentrates. The benefits of using the convection technology is that it ensures that all of your herbs are heated up evenly  and that the vape that you'll receive will be flavourful and consistent.  Some vaporizers do use the conduction method, but when using this method there is an increased chance of combustion and I can promise you there is nothing worse in this world than wasted herbal. Nobody likes to throw money in the trash can, buy if you don't follow proper vaporizing procedure this may well just happen. 


Dabbing has gotten bad publicity in the press because some over enthusiastic  novices have virtually exploded their houses when going for a dab. When using a very hot heating element you MUST be very cautious and take every precaution to prevent any accidents occurring. Always ensure that when going for a dab that you do so in a safe place .  Another thing about dabbing is that the THC you'll receive can sometimes be 4 times higher than what you might get from a vaporizer or joint and this can lead to difficulties.  What I would suggest is to only take a very small dab when starting off, give it time, and then see how it effects you.   I promise you, there is nothing worse then taking too much herbal having some nasty experience that will put you off the plant for a lifetime. I repeat, only take small dabs when starting out- play it safe and enjoy your herbal.


IF you're looking to use some of these devices for purely health reasons well then convection heating is the best option for you.  The reason why convection is superior to other methods is because you are not actually burning your herbs and so this will result in reduced toxins entering your bloodstream. Some studies have shown that convection reduces the amount of carcinogens in your body by as much as 87.6%- and this has resulted in healthier and happier users of herbal. Everyone knows that traditional methods of using your herbal are getting more and more outdated by the second, and with the health benefits of vaporizers set to get even more impressive we can expect a huge influx of people shifting to vaporizers.  One things that you should be aware of is that if you turn the temperature up really high this will result in a reduced quality in your vape. What you're actually doing when heating your herbal really high is that you're igniting the herbal and resulting in more carcinogenics entering your bloodstream. One of the harmful by-products that is produced when you vape at temperatures as high as 365degrees is Benzene, which has been shown to be bad for your overall health.


Both methods have their pros and cons, and sometimes one method can work better than the other. On a personal basis I'd always side with the vaporizers for the overall comfort and peace it affords users. With a vaporizer your THC levels wont be off the Richter Scale and so you shouldn't experience any nasty experiences. I also found that using a dab rig was quite a chore, and whilst some people might like getting their blow torch, nail, and dabs  out, I personally found it an irritant. The comfort level that vaporizers offer by simply kicking back, getting your vape out, and enjoying a few puffs is incomparable to dabbing.


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Posted on Jan 23, 2017


It was around about the year 2014 when vaping exploded onto the public consciousness with people loudly shouting about the health benefits of the devices.  Initially some tobacco company's, of all people, tried to state that the vapes where bad for you, but with growing evidence to the contrary, even the tobacco firms began to acknowledge that vaporizers where the future, and so, they began in investing in vaporizers by the billion.  The big issue for many new vaping enthusiasts is what vaporizer they should buy. The problem is that there are so many vaporizers out there in the marketplace that it can be very difficult to choose which one is the most suitable for you. Before buying a vape you should educate yourself on the various pros and cons of different vapes. Failure to educate yourself on which vaporizers are the best may result in you squandering a huge chunk of money on a vape that doesn't work for you. The reason I've written this blog is to try and help you avoid some of the pitfalls that many new vapers fall into. Below you will find a list of how different vaporizers operate and what vaporizing  technology you should invest in.


There are two different type of vaporizer that you can buy-portable vaporizers, and desktop vaporizers. If you're planning on using your vape when you're on the move well then a portable vaporizer is the way to go. Conversely, if you're going to be doing most of your vaping at home well then you should opt for a desktop.  The one thing about desktops is if you are planning on purchasing one then you may have to pay that extra bit of cash. And whilst desktops are expensive the buzz that you'll receive will make them worth every penny.  What I would suggest is that if you're starting out on your vaping career then you should invest in a portable unit, and then maybe some time later invest in a desktop unit.  Initially by purchasing the portable you'll become acquainted with how vaporizers operate, the extent of the buzz, and what herbal works best, and when you have acquired this knowledge you should then move up in the world and purchase an elite desktop vaporizer which could take your herbal experience to a whole new level.


A major thing for you to consider is what type of materials you use. If you find yourself using dry herbs you'll need to find a vaporizer that will be able to operate well using dry herbs, but in contrast, if you find yourself using concentrates you'll need to get your hands on a vape that does the job well using concentrates.  Whilst there are some vaporizers that can accommodate both sets of materials  sometimes these vapes don't operate at a very high quality.  From my experience its best of to purchase a vaporizer that operates well with just one set of materials. Another thing to note is that when using concentrates with a vaporizer you may only need a small amount of the materials in order to receive a very potent high. Vapes aren't like using dab rigs where you might need extra materials, with a vaporizer, you'll find that a small amount of concentrates will have the power to give you a considerable buzz.


How long is a piece of string? How much do you want to spend on a vaporizer all depends on your own personal circumstances. If you want to get your hands on a top of the range vaporizer you will have to splash the bucks out.  But people shouldnt forget that there are many high quality vaporizers out there that offer excellent value for money. I think its best for any new vaping enthusiast to set a budget and stick to that budget when buying their first vaporizer. The reason for this is because with so many vaporizers out there, and so many different prices it can get quite intimidating for any newbie. One thing you need to understand is that you wont necessarily have to break the bank in order to get your paws on the best vaporizers. Many of the most outstanding vapes out there in the marketplace are affordable, user friendly, and offer tremendous overall value.


One of the best ways to get your vaping career kick started is to get your hands on a concentrate pen. The reason why concentrate pens are so revered is because they're so cheap and affordable, and offer users excellent vapes.  Pen battery and charger units can sell for as little  as 40$ and so they offer an excellent alternative to some of the more illustrious devices out there in the marketplace.  The battery's in pens usually last a good few days, and so, you'll be ensured of many hours of interrupted vaping bliss. When using the devices all you have to do is inhale and you'll draw the vapes into your lungs using a mouthpiece.  Overall, I have to say that cartridge  pens are a fantastic option for anyone who is intending to take up vaporizers.



The Grizzly is a fantastic option for anyone new to using vape pens. The Grizzly offers an affordable and high quality vape that comes with tremendous overall functionality. This pen is designed for newbies and connoisseurs alike and will be sure to surprise you with its overall package.  A high quality voltage system ensures that your pen is always ready for action and with a ceramic chamber and quartz atomizer you know that what you'll be receiving will be pure quality.  This truly is a pen vaporizer that suits intelligent people as the overall package on offer is second to none.  


If you want to buy a high end portable vaporizer that works well with your flowers you may have to pay that little bit extra.  Prices can vary from as low as $100 right up to $350, but in spite of the variation in prices there are many excellent portables throughout the price range.  If you're more accustomed to smoking your herbal by rolling up joints etc, well then you'll probably find portables are the job for you.   When loading up your portable you'll soon discover that they are very similar to filling up a traditional bowl or pipe- all you have to do is load up your herbs into the chamber and you'll be nearly ready for action.  An important thing to take note, is that you should never load up your herbs into until the chamber is full as this will have a detrimental effect on the quality of your vaping session.


Firefly 2

The Firefly 2 is a vaporizer that is at the very peak of vaping excellence. The machine is small, light weight, and packs a tremendous punch when it comes to vaping power. The vapour that the Firefly produces is smooth and tasty and it has that consistency that all vaping enthusiasts seek.  The battery is pretty powerful and lasts for a long duration providing you with a seemingly endless stream of vapes into your lungs. Of course, the battery are removable and when charging they usually take about 40 minutes until there full recharged, and so, you wont have too long to wait until your vape is ready for action.



Most Concentrate pens are much cheaper than flower vaporizers and usually the prices range from $50 to $100.  At first, using concentrates pens can be a little intimidating as they are not as simple to user as flower pens.  But like anything as soon as you get the hang of it, using these pens will become like second nature. One of the benefits of using a concentrates pen is that  they are very simple to use when on the move. You'll find that unlike flower pens where you'll continually have to be grinding and mixing your herbs with this type of pen all you have to do is put your concentrates into the pen and you'll be off vaping.


Mighty Vaporizer


The Mighty Vaporizer is a multi functional all terrain vaporizer that comes equipped with the capacity to vape your concentrates to a superb level of excellence. Make no mistake about it, the Mighty, more than lives up to its reputation of vaping excellence and will be sure to provide you many many special memories. The reason why the Mighty packs such a powerful punch is because of the built in liquid pad which facilities the vaping of blends, herbs, and concentrates. Another reason why the Mighty stands out from the crowd is due to its combination of both combustion and convection technology which allows you to receive  some truly awesome vapes.  The machine is designed in a portable, but yet durable fashion, and it will be sure to exceed all of your expectations.    


When it comes to price range Desktop Vaporizers are  usually the most expensive.  But if you like taking your herbal from the comfort of your own home then a top quality desktop vaporizer is a great option.  You may need to pay that extra bit of cash for the machine, but if you're looking for a something that's sturdy, reliable,  and will produce delicious vapes then the desktop is the job for you. What makes desktops stand out from the rest of the field is their overall functionality which allows you to receive some truly outrageous and delicious vapes. Unlike some portables that are fragile and can break when they fall a Desktop will usually stand the test of time.



The Plenty Vaporizer is one of them machines that you'll come away from using with a smile etched from one side of your face to another.  Whilst the Plenty is priced in the high range it more than makes up for the steep price tag with its excellent overall performance. What makes the Plenty stand out is its double helix system which ensures that the air inside the device is heated at the perfect temperature.  The plenty comes equipped with a stainless steel coil which ensures that the herbal vapours that you receive are of the very highest quality. This machine allows you to reprogram in temperature number that suits whatever herbs that you're intending to vaporizer. Designed in a fashionable, but yet very professional manner the Plenty is one of them vaporizers that exceeds all expectations. If you're intending on purchasing a desktop vaporizer well then the Plenty is not only a vaporizer you should keep an eye on, the plenty is a must have vaporizer.


In finishing the one piece of advice I'd give you when buying a vaporizer is to do your research. There is no point in charging in like some gunslinger shooting all over the place in a wild west movie. What you need to do is have your target lined up and then get ready to pull the trigger when you feel that you have the correct vaporizer in your crosshairs.  The way you should go about this is throwing yourself into researching all of the options out there and then make a decision. Maybe if your friend has a vaporizer you should try out his first and see how it feels. Ask around, ask questions, and when you feel like you've got a vaporizer that will suit you needs get your wallet out and purchase from the leading vaporizer suppliers in the world Namaste. It's also imperative  that you get your hands on a good grinder, that most of all, will suit the vaporizer that you're using. There's no point in purchasing a grinder that will leave your materials very thin and dust like when your vaporizer needs herbal that has more thickness too it.  Overall,  I have to say that there are many super vaporizers out there, and if you shop around, you'll be sure to find the one that is meant for you.


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