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Vaporizer News Namaste USA


Posted on Jan 20, 2017



When non vapers see people using vapes and e-cigarettes many peoples reactions are negative. But this negative reaction is born out of ignorance rather than any real evidence. People who aren't acquainted with vaporizers automatically see the vapours and smoke rising and they wrongly assume that vaporizers are bad for the health. But this view is in stark contrast to  all available medical evidence which points to the direction that vaporizers are actually good for you. People using vaporizers have seen a reduction of toxins and carcinogens entering the blood stream and this has led to healthier more productive people advocating the benefits of vaporizers.  In short, peoples lives have been changed for the better.


When it comes to vaporizing the keyword is ‘misinformation’ as many of the naysayers are ignorant of the benefits to using vapes. These naysayers would be the same people who continually shout from the rooftops that your herbal is bad for you when all available evidence seems to point otherwise. Many of these ignoramuses are resistant to change, and are burying their heads in the sand when it comes to a lot of issues, including vaporizers.  


But the good news is that much of society is now becoming more educated about vapes and their wholesale benefit to the human body. Like any new device, or any new invention, initially people can be sceptical in regards to the pros and cons, but as more information comes to light people gradually become more aware of whether the device is worth it or not, and when it comes to vaporizers, they are most definitely worth it. The blog I’ve written below is designed to further educate the masses in regards to vaporizers. In this blog I will attempt to show how vaporizers operate and what technology makes them tick.


One of the main driving forces of vaporizers is the battery. A strong battery can ensure that your vaporizer will last for many vapes and will be ready for vaping when you are.  The majority of vaporizers are powered using lithium ion battery's. One of the reasons why lithium ion batterys are used is because they are rechargeable, and because they reduce cost. Other vaporizers, usually desktop ones, require that they are plugged into the wall so that they are fully operational, but the majority of vaporizers usually go with the battery technology.  There are usually two different types of battery s the manual and the automatic, and both can be used depending on your own specific needs.    




There are usually two different types of vaporizing technology that is used for your herbs: Conduction technology and Convection technology.


  • CONVECTION: Convection is where hot air is blown over your herbs to heat it up and this results in your herbs getting vaporized at the perfect consistency. Many people have spoken out about how reliable and how convection technology is compared to some of the other methods of heating your herbs. What convection ensures is that your herbs are always heated at the perfect consistency. But the one small gripe I would have with convection is that, because this method is the best the vaporizers can be very expensive to purchase. But in my opinion you shouldn't let the price-tag put you off, because if you want a superior product you shouldn't be afraid of paying top dollar to get it.


  • CONDUCTION: Conduction is the method whereby your herbs are vaporized when they come into direct contact with a heated object. Conduction was the very first method that was used in vaporizers and e-cigarettes, and this method has most definitely served its purpose, but conduction has come in for some criticism due to its uneven heating of your herbs. The main problem with conduction is that this method only heats the portion of your herbs that comes into contact with the heating element. Another issue is that if your turn up the heat too high then the rest of your herbs can have a tendency to combust.  



What happens when you take a draw is that the vapour travels down through a pipe and into a mouthpiece where you can then suck the nutritious herbs into your lungs. Of course, there are many different type of vaporizers which can vary in terms of quality and design. Some vaporizers have longer pipes that transfer your herbs and other vaporizers have shorter pipes. If you’re thinking of enjoying your herbs when moving about well then a portable vaporizer such as the Pax3 might be the one for you, but if you’re thinking of enjoying your herbs at home well then a desktop such a Volcano might be what you’re looking for.




Many researchers believe that vaporizers are an excellent way for people to improve their overall health and well being.  There has been widespread research which supports the thesis that vaporizers are far healthier than traditional methods of taking your herbs. When it comes to using medical herbal Doctors in whole host of country have begun advising patients to use vaporizers when taking their herbal. The main reason why health professionals have begun advocating using vaporizers is because of the decreased amount of toxins that will be in your bloodstream. Traditional methods such as rolling up a joint and packing it full of herbal and tobacco has been proven to be a health hazard and this is where vaporizers come in to solve this problem. Overall, vaporizers offer a fantastic alternative for herbal afficandos, an alternative that is cleaner, healthier, and better for you.




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Top Upcoming Vaporizer for 2017

Posted on Jan 18, 2017


There are going to be many upcoming vaporizers out there in the marketplace in 2017. Most of these vaporizers in 2017 will come with huge reputations, but some will  fail to live up to expectations, others will surpass all expectations.  One thing that we can be sure of in 2017 is that there will be a diverse array of vaporizers to choose from. Some will be portable, others will be desktops, and others will be for the garbage can. Many vaporizers will offer excellent value for money, others will have your bank manager scratching  his head wondering whether you have been the victim of some scam. For the newbie vaping enthusiast trying to wade your way through this minefield of vapes can be an arduous task. How can you pick the best vaporizer from such a vast array of options? Well fear not, because that's where we come in. In this blog we have picked, what we feel, to be some of the best up and coming vaporizers of 2017. And whilst much of this list will include vaporizers that you would have heard of in 2017 many on the list will not. After much discussion we felt that it would do a great disservice not to mention the vaporizer powerhouses that are set to continue their domination of the vaporizing landscape this year. Before you begin reading any further I feel duty bound to mention that the list assembled below is exclusively for traditional portable vaporizers. The list is small and tidy, and will contain some of the most legendary vaporizers ever assembled.



Firefly 2


The Firefly 2 vaporizer is one of them vaporizers that will leave users gobsmacked at its overall efficiency and productivity. I originally was only supposed to test out the Firefly 2 for one day, but because the device was that good I came up with multiple excuses as to why I needed to keep it for the week. The old Firefly did have certain issues with the battery life being short, but with the Firefly 2 these issues have well and truly been put to bed. The Firefly 2 is lighter, smaller, and has some of the most delicious tasting vapour that can be got anywhere in the world.  One of the features I enjoyed about the Firefly 2 is that the machine charges at a very rapid pace.  This rapid fire charging mechanism ensures that your vaporizer is always ready for action.  Another reason why the Firefly2 is an upcoming vaporizer for 2017 is because of the superb smartphone app which will allows you to change the temperature of the machine remotely. The vapes that you'll receive will be seismic, delivering you herbal nirvana into every last cell of your body. And whilst the Firefly 2 is pretty expensive we definitely feel its worth it due to the vaporizers overall performance.





When it comes to outstanding vaporizers, the PAX3 by Pax Labs, truly is in a class of its own. Whilst this vape is very expensive we feel its worth every penny.  The vaporizer itself is small and eminently portable, fitting conveniently fitting into your pocket for all occasions.  The unit works by loading the oven with your herbs, and then putting the lid over your herbs, and then all you have to do is give the top of the mouthpiece a gentle push and the vaporizer will be flying into action.  The Pax comes equipped with 5 separate temperature settings which you can adjust to suit your own needs. One of the really great features of the Pax is the 5th temperature setting which allows you to change the temperature remotely via 1 degree increments. The reason why this is such a great feature is because if you're a medical user it will allow you to key in the exact temp that your herbs need to be at. The smartphone app is also capable of implementing 4 other heating profiles such as: The Boost mode, Efficiency Mode, Stealth Mode, and Flavour Mode. Whilst all of these modes are necessary to enjoying your herbs they do add an additional extra that you will be sure to be impressed by.  When taking a draw from the vape all you have to do is take a nice slow draw and immediately the delicious vapes will be transferred into your lungs. The Pax3 isn't just a vaporizer to look out for in 2017, the Pax3 is the  must have vaporizer of 2017. 





The G Pen Elite is one of those pens that is set to continue their dominance of the vaporizer market in 2017. What Grenco Science have produced  is a vaporizer that is leading the charge towards superior cutting edge vaporizers. In term of technological advances the G Pen is a gigantic leap forward in terms of vaporizing excellence. The G Pen is only 3 inches in length, and this is what makes the vaporizer very simple and easy to use.  The heating chamber can hold nearly 1gram of herbs inside the chamber and this ensures that your unit is ready for vaping at the click of a button. The G Pen can heat up to 420 degrees in a matter seconds. The mouthpiece ensures that your vapours are never too hot and are at the perfect consistency. If there is one upcoming vaporizer in 2017 that is set to storm the market the G Pen Elite is that vaporizer.






After sampling the Haze V3 I decided that there was just no way that I wasn't going to include it in the list for 2017. Not to include the Haze V3 would be to do the machine such a great injustice that it would be tantamount to a miscarriage of justice historic proportions.  The Haze is another vaporizer that could be classified as a high end vaporizer, but with high end comes high quality, and this is what we achieve with the Haze.  What makes the Haze unique is its multiple functionality which allows you to vape concentrates, herbs, and e-liquids.  Most vaporizers out there are one trick pony's, but this most certainly isn't the case with the Haze V3. This unit not only allows you to vape multiple materials it allows you to vape them at the highest level of quality possible.  In 2017, the Haze V3, is a vaporizer that not only you should keep an eye on, but a vaporizer that is a necessity for any self respecting vaping enthusiast.





An upcoming vaporizer in 2017 that is more than worth mention is the Boundless CFX. This vaporizer is a brand new version of the Boundless CF and comes with a whole host of improvements. What makes the CFX stand out is its rapid heat up time which  allows the machine to be heated up in less than 20 seconds.  A temperature control system  allows you to change the temperature to whatever level suits your own specifications. This vape comes with a very strong battery which facilitates  marathon vaping sessions.  Whilst it is a conduction vaporizer the unit gives a vape that is of superior quality. If you're looking for a top vaporizer in 2017 the Boundless CFX is most definitely worth a look.


There are many outstanding upcoming  vaporizers that will hit the market in 2017 and many of these new devices are set to raise the benchmark of vaporizing excellence. The Pax3 is one of the vapes that is surely set to raise the barometer of excellence to levels that previously would have been deemed unattainable. The Pax2 was a tremendous machine, but somehow the Pax3 manages to eclipse even the Pax2's level of superlative excellence. And with the Boundless CFX, the Haze, the Firefly, and the G Pen Elite all set to continue their rise and domination of the vaping world, one thing is for sure, 2017 is going to be the year of vaporizing excellence.



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Posted on Jan 17, 2017

Somethings in life just are meant to be together and this fact is very true when it comes to vaporizers and grinders. A grinder is a vital piece of equipment for any self respecting vaping enthusiast. In fact, if you started vaping without owning a grinder it would be almost sacrilegious. Almost akin to desecrating a holy book, you just don't do it! To begin vaping without owning a grinder is like having to survive without a limb on your body- you can do it, buts its going to be very very hard.  Why are grinders such vital pieces of equipment? Because grinders can break down your herbs into finer materials that are more easily inserted into your vaporizer. Grinders facilitate the maximum use of your herbs, and they facilitate you receiving the most outstanding vape possible.  The simply fact is, if you want to maximize the use of your herb then grinders are a vital piece of equipment that you will need to have in your arsenal. Below you will find a short list of the best Grinders for vaping


When purchasing a grinder you should be aware that many different grinders have different styles. What you want to have in your best possession is the best grinder for vaping.Certain grinders produce a different level of herb mixture to others. What you need to take into the equation is what type of vaporizer you have and then try and find a grinder that is compatible with that particular vape. For example, if you are intending on purchasing a Pax, a Haze, or a G Pen Elite, you maybe would be better of purchasing a grinder that grinds your herbs down into very fine material. Conversely, if you intend to get your hands on a vaporizer such as a Volcano or a Firefly, you may be better of with buying a coarse type of a grinder. In the list below I intend to recommend a number of grinders that have served me well over the years. I have tested these grinders out for many years and I've definitely found them more durable and consistent in comparison to most models on the market.



The first grinder we're going to take a look at is  going to be the Santa Cruz Shredder.  This particular device is one of the most superbly designed grinders that you can purchase anywhere in the world. The thing that really endowed me to the Santa Cruz was that the herb never seems to stick or catch, and as soon as you tip this little baby out all of the herbs falls onto your lap. The Santa Cruz literally is a beast of a shredder that will grind your materials down to whatever specifications you desire.  I have found that the Santa Cruz is a machine that works best with convection vaporizers as it produces a thicker material that will work best with convection vaporizers. One of the reasons why coarser material works better with convection vaporizers is because the coarser material allows for increased air flow through your herbs. Of course, you could still manage to use this grinder with conduction vaporizers if you regrind the material a number of times, but in all honesty I would recommend another grinder.




The Magic Flight Grinder is a device which works very well with conduction vaporizers. The reason why the Magic works so well is because it manages to ground your herb right into very fine powder which results in your herbs being far more easily packed into your vaporizer. If you intend on purchasing the Magic Flight Vaporizer well then this vape will be a vital piece of equipment.  The classical design allows you to perch the grinder directly on top of your bowl, and to transfer material directly into the machine at your own convenience.  All you have to do to get the device working is put your herbs inside, and then twist the grinder and some finely ground herbs will be at your disposal. Definitely a grinder that more than puts it up to up to some of the more illustrious machines that are out there on the market.




The Namaste Grinder is one of the dark horse grinders that will surprise you with its superb overall functionality and efficiency.  The device is manufactured using high grade aluminium which acts to supply you with the perfect device to grind your herbs down to the right level.  This machine is perfect for both convection vaporizers and conduction as it gives a medium level grind that suits both vapes. Coming in a beautiful black colour, the device is both fashionable and sophisticated in equal measure. Definitely a grinder that is worth a look for connoisseur and beginner alike.


There are many great grinders out there for vaping and in order to get the best grinder what you need to do is shop around until you find one that suits you. Some grinders will have your herbs ground down to a fine material and other grinders will leave your materials more coarse. Obviously what suits your needs  depends on what vaporizer you're using for vaping. My main tip would be to see what the manufacture of your vaporizer recommend. Try out a few grinders, shop around, and I guarantee that you'll soon be left with a smile on your face in grinding heaven.








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Boundless CF vs CFX Comparison - What You Need to Know

Posted on Jan 17, 2017

In today's post we are going to be talking about the Boundless CFX and how it compares to the smaller and cheaper Boundless CF. Here's what you need to know if you're considering buying either unit.

Boundless CFX Vaporizer

The Boundless CFX which we've reviewed previously is a very efficient portable dry herb vaporizer that features both conduction and convection heating technology. The most comparable in size and technology to the CFX would be the world renowned Mighty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel but half the price. So we previously established that the CFX is a very high performance vaporizer that is in my opinion best value for a portable dry herb vape.

Boundless CF Vaporizer

The Boundless CF is another vaporizer, very similar the the Boundless CFX but being a little more 'bare-bones', the CF features all the basic technology that makes the CFX perform great, but without the bells and whistles you get with the CFX. The CF has a built-in Li-Ion battery with 1300 mAh capacity while the CFX being larger of course has twice the battery life versus the CFX. So the biggest difference between them is better battery life with the CFX at the cost of size, with the CF being smaller and more portable, but half the battery life. Whether you prioritize battery life over size is up to you!

Some other differences between the two units are the display and heating options. The CFX features a very high quality color screen that will give you precise temperature controls as well as battery life indicators. The CF has five LED's on the side of the unit which allow you to cycle between a variety of set temperatures in order to control your heat. So you're not going to get the color screen or digital temperature controls but honestly, the CF with the variety of set temperatures and the same heat-up time as the CFX will perform just as well as the CFX in a smaller package. one really cool feature about the CF as well is the 'stealth mode'. To enter 'stealth mode' simply hold the power button for 3 seconds which will cause all the LED's to turn off during operation making the CF more discrete than the CFX as well.

To summarize, both units are absolutely identical in terms of the convection and conduction heating, chamber size is the same and performance is the same as well. The CFX is quite a bit larger with double the battery life of the CF, while the CF is much smaller and more portable but with half the battery life. The CFX features a full digital color screen for optimum temperature controls while the CF has a series of LED's for temperature display. If you're looking for technology then the CFX is an amazing vaporizer offering the highest level of performance while the CF will match performance but with just the necessities.

Hope you found this informative! Please let us know if you have any questions and we are here to help!

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The Sticky Brick Review

Posted on Jan 16, 2017

Sticky Brick


The Sticky Brick is  a vaporizer which delivers nearly the same level of power as a desktop vape, but at far better of value.  Throughout the world this machine has received some superb feedback from vaping enthusiasts. One of the reasons why the Sticky has received such rave reviews is because its so reasonably priced, and because of the machines overall efficiency. You wont have to break the bank to get your hands on the Sticky. When you purchase a sticky you'll own a vaporizer that will come with all of the power in the world, but at the best value anywhere.To give a short review of the Sticky would be to do the machine a great disservice, and so, in this blog I've decided to give a more in-depth review of this superb vaporizer. 


The machine is mostly constructed using wood, some glass parts, and a number of metal sections that act to secure the vape. One of the things that most impressed me with the Sticky was the wood finishing, which for me, adds tremendous character to the vaporizer. With traditional vaporizers wear and tear can make the vaporizer look cheap and used, but this isn't a problem you'll encounter with the sticky. The more scratches and marks on the Sticky the stronger, the more durable, and the more impressive the vape begins to look. The Sticky Brick isn't fragile and will surely stand the test of time.

The entire vape can be disconnected into three main wood sections which are held together using extra powerful magnets. Once the parts lock in, a very loud and reassuring click signifies that your vaporizer is nearly ready for action. The glass parts are made using the highest quality glass that exudes strength and power. The replaceable glass parts are ready made and very simple and easy to insert. The glass is held in place using O-rings which acts to create an airtight seal.

If one was to criticize the Sticky Brick it would be in the area of portability. This device isn't really designed to be portable, and to be honest, you would need to have some sort of bag with you to transport it. The vaporizer seems to fit the mould of being an on demand unit rather than portable. I couldn't imagine someone walking down the street and using the Sticky Brick, this vaporizer is just a machine that should be used out of sight.




I found that you could load a sufficient amount of herbs and if you're very keen, you can load way more herbs if you ground them down very fine.  I liked to load the bowl to about half full. I found that at about half full  the air could pass more freely through the entire vaporizer resulting in a far more productive vape. You should ensure that you stir the herbs in your bowl a number of times during your session. The stirring isn't an unusual request as most vaporizers do require  you to stir your bowl, so this necessity isn't something that could be used to denigrate the Sticky Brick. Considering that you'll be using a flame the level of proficiency that this device offers is quite incredible. Even if you heat your herbs to the level of near combustion you'll still manage to extract nearly every last cannabinoid from your flowers. The Sticky Brick is pretty hard to combust even if you if you overdo using the flame.



For very little effort the Sticky Brick creates a gigantic level of vapour. From all of the people I've spoken to over the years I still haven't heard any bad reviews about the vapes you'll receive from the Sticky.  Most people are simply left flabbergasted at the sheer beauty and overall delectability of the vapes that this machine manages to produce.   Even if you take a tiny draw you'll find that the Sticky Brick will produce gargantuan amounts of vaper. Lb per Lb, the Sticky has to be one of the best devices in the world when it comes to vapour quality. Another factor in the Stickys favour is the smoothness and consistency of the vapes. For a machine that doesn't utilize water filtration technology  this vaporizer produces some of the most amazing and delicious flavours that can be found anywhere in the world. You'll usually get 6-7 draws from the Sticky and after this you'll be obliged to reload the apparatus.



One of the areas where there has been a lot of talk  about is the temperature control unit.  Of course, the Sticky, uses a torch as a source of heat, which is an unusual feature in modern vaporizers. One factor that you'll need to take into consideration is how far the flame is away from the intake tube.

In order to achieve a lighter vapour you should use a smaller flame and hold it away from the intake tube.  The Sticky Brick is  a machine which seems to have no problems producing very strong vapour, but when attempting to obtain a lighter hit this is where you may run into problems. If you're looking for a constant stream of hot thick vapour all you'll have to do is hold the torch directly above the intake. The machine will soon begin smoking up with some delicious vapers that you wont be forgetting any time soon.   There are some very handy extra features that the Sticky comes equipped with such as:  The small carb hole that you can use to clear out the device, and also a cork plug that can come in very handy indeed. 



When using one of these torches I would recommend that you use only high quality fuel. I found to my own detriment that when I used lesser quality fuel that the device didn't operate properly. Also, for some reason, the torch didn't operate to its maximum level of capacity unless I had it turned up to its maximum. Using a torch sometimes can be hit and a miss. On certain occasions the torch worked like a dream, and other times the torch just didn't operate at the level that might have been expected of it. Overall, whilst there was a number of minor issues with the torch the machine still did manage to get the job done. Of course, you could upgrade your torch to something more spectacular, but you shouldn't feel like this is a necessity as the included torch does work fine.



The Sticky Brick is one of the most outstanding vaporizers available anywhere in the world. For the price range that the Sticky goes at, the machine really is one of the most superb vapes you could get your hands on.  Out of all of vapes I've tried over the years I have to say that the Sticky Brick is one of my all time favourites.  Like everything in life, it depends on the person, and whilst the Sticky might not suit everyone it sure does produce an excellent vape.

If you have yet to buy your first vaporizer then you cannot go too far wrong with the Sticky. This vaporizer sure has an impact and will surprise you with its overall level of efficiency. The unit would be more suitable for home use than it would be as a portable unit, but if push comes to shove you'd still manage to get away with using it as a portable device.  

The beauty about the Sticky Brick is that the vaporizer can heat up almost instantly. All you have to do is put the torch to the device and it will be ready for vaping. For the price that this vaporizer is selling at, it sure does offer excellent value. The lack of temperature control may sway people away from the device, but in my opinion it shouldn't, as the overall package is truly a sight to behold. Just because the Sticky may be a little rough around the edges this shouldn't out you off. In conclusion, the Sticky Brick is a like a large gold nugget that has been unearthed from the certain of the earths crust.  




















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Best way to smoke oils | Vaping or Dabbing

Posted on Jan 16, 2017


Everybody likes to try new things in life and smoking or dabbing concentrates and oils is one of them new things.  If done correctly you could have a marvellous time, but if don't do it the right way smoking oils can literally set the catch amongst the pigeons. Most people who decide that they want to try concentrates are simply looking for a more powerful experience compared to what they would traditionally be accustomed with. The big problem is, for first timers, you may overdo it and have a nasty experience that you wont forget any time soon. But if you are educated about the techniques to use you may avoid some of the pitfalls


One of the most effective ways to consume your oils via the method known as dabbing.  What this means is you vaporize your oils or concentrates on a hot surface, and then proceed to inhale them through a device called an 'Oil Rig'. The oil rig is essentially a specialized pipe that facilities the whole dabbing process.  People from an older generation, or dare I say it hippies,  would be more familiar with the term 'knife hit' which basically is the same method as dabbing.  A dabber needs to use a butane torch, and I do realise that for first time dabbers that this can be quite intimidating, but once you play it safe, and get the hang of the torch you shouldn't encounter many issues. Once you have your torch ready you need to heat up the nail where your concentrates are placed, and this allows them to dab their materials onto the heated surface. 
In a perfect world the temperature should be between 550 and 750 degrees. An important point to note is that the higher the temperature the more vaporization will be caused, but conversely, the lower the temperature the less vapours you'll receive.  Of course the cost of Dab Rigs can vary anything from 50$ right up to a few thousand dollars for the most elite high end dabs. Dabs have become extremely popular over this last number of years due to the enhanced extraction methods. With some machines providing elite level extraction this has led to an explosion of herbal concentrates across the marketplace. People are beginning to acknowledge that dabbing is a method which enables users to extract the maximum levels of THC from their materials and because of this many users find this method as being superior to other more commonly known ways of taking advantage of their herbal.


The reason why vaping concentrates and oils is so popular is because of the portability of the units. Vaporizers allow you a discreet experience that you'll be able to enjoy in the comfort of your own home or even out in public.  The majority of vaporizers utilize lithium ion battery's which can be replaced at any time. The one button activation system on many of the vaporizers makes them very  user friendly  
Another factor in favour of vaping concentrates is that you wont have any dirty smells following you around.  The smoke from the vape pens doesn't linger in the air, and so, this is another huge mark in the favour vaping.  And in comparison to rolling up a joint you wont have to contend with taking 10 to 15 minutes to have a joint rolled, with vaping all you have to do is put a single dab into your pen and you'll be vaping those delicious aromas into you in a matter of seconds.
Advanced temperature control mechanisms ensure that your concentrates are always ready for action, and at a temperature that suits your own personal needs. Nowadays, wax pens are very powerful and reliable and provide a level of discretion and portability that you never hope to obtain with a Dab Rig.  
The thing that I really love about using pens for your concentrates is that these pens allow you more overall control over your material- its not like a dab rig where you could be on the receiving end of a hit that would blast you off into orbit, but with vaping you have a level of control that previously might have been unattainable.  With vaporizing as soon as you the concentrates are in the machine it is you that is the boss, you that is in control, and you that can adjust the level of your buzz to suit your own specific needs. Overall, vaping is fantastic way for concentrate aficionados and newbies alike to enjoy their product.


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What is ABV | Already Been Vaped or something Else

Posted on Jan 10, 2017

Hi guys, thanks for checking out our post today where we’re going to be talking about ABV or ‘Already Been Vaped’ weed. It’s crazy to think that hundreds of years ago, when people combusted their herbs, that the ashes would not only smell bad and also had no use! What the heck am I talking about? ABV man! When you use a vaporizer, the left over material, called ABV still contains a LOT of special ingredients! There are several ways to make the most of your ABV that we’re going to talk about, but how cool is it that vaporizers are already way more efficient than combustion but on top if it, that you can use your expended material again!


We commonly get asked by vaporizer newbies how to know when the bowl is done. Some people will say that it will smell or taste like popcorn, but the simplest way is to see the change in the color of your herbs towards the end of your session. The most efficient vaporizers will extract your THC and CBD evenly and the end result should be a light to dark brown material heated consistently through.  The herbs will get dried up and change color throughout your session. So make sure to save your ABV instead of dumping it in the rubbish bin as there are many ways in which it can be used afterwards, here are a few – Eat it, sprinkle it on food, bake it, extract it. Lets dive in to each of these below!


What’s pretty cool is that since you’re vaporizing your buds at temperatures around say 375-395F, you are actually also decarbing your weed (also known as Decarboxylation) at the same time! So what does that mean? Basically, anyone who is familiar with cooking weed will know that you need to decarb first. Mostly you would use your oven at a low temp which activates the THC in your marijuana. THC-A which is the molecule present in raw plant material is converted to the activated THC version when heated in a vaporizer (or combusted when smoking). Since your ABV has already been heated to temperatures high enough to decarb, that means its already activated. So if you can stomach it, you can literally eat it, add it to a little peanut butter on toast or sprinkle it in a salad. Opportunities are endless here! You can use ABV directly in whatever foods you like as its already activated and will do its job. Like I said, there is a LOT of residual medicine in there that you should take advantage of!


If you’re a little more adventurous, your ABV can also be used in an extraction (or wash) to get the remaining THC molecules out. This would be a similar process to how you would make oil and with ABV the easiest way would be to use an isopropyl alcohol extraction (look it up online) but essentially you use a high proof alcohol that will soak the material and extract all the cannabinoids.  Then you burn off all the remaining alcohol (being careful about the fumes) and are left with a thick tar-textured oil. Now I will say that you cannot expect this oil to taste any good in comparision with real extractions like wax and shatter, but it will be very potent!


So as you can see, your ABV is very valuable. It may not be good to re-use in a vaporizer but there is a lot of left-over goodness to be had. Save your ABV and put it to good use! Hope you found this informative and if you have any questions please contact us!


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Vape Recipes | Can You Mix What You Vape?

Posted on Jan 10, 2017

Hey guys, thanks for checking out today's post! We're going to be talking about mixing up your herbs! This is going to be an interesting topic to discuss as vaporizers can be used of course with various aromatherapy products like Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Lavender etc. as well as your special buds. Let talk about combining the materials together and see what we come up with. When I was thinking about it, over the years I've seen people that like to mix tobacco with their weed. This is common in a lot of places but I was never a huge fan of the tobacco mixing in there. Since starting to use vaporizers, there is a lot more nuances in the flavor that you simply do not get when smoking. If you've never tried a vaporizer before, you will be blown away by the flavor and how good it tastes. You know the smell when you open up a bag? Well it will really taste just like that. When you're burning you're losing all the Terpenes that make up the unique flavor of that strain. Anyways back on topic, what I'm getting at is that a vaporizer will really give you the true flavor of your materials, whether its marijuana or lemon balm. 

You can mix your materials together though. There is a lot of research out there on the health benefits of various aromatherapy herbs for all types of ailments. Thankfully we sell them all here ant Namaste Vapes and you can order them right along with your dry herb vaporizer. What you want to consider is the vaporization temperature of the herbs you're using. For example some herbs  will not require as high of a temperature as weed to vaporize so be careful not to overheat the mixture and keep it at a low temp!

What I actually find a little more interesting is the idea of mixing other types of materials like wax and oil in with your herbs! For example you can pack a bowl on the Might full with pollen that you collect from your grinder. That goes straight in the bowl and its very cool to watch as it condenses and vaporizes. You can pack pollen in with your herbs together in to the bowl to get an extra potent punch when hitting your vape! Waxes and oils are a little trickier thought due to their consistency and will often need a stainless steel (liquid pad) to contain the oil so it heats evenly. You can crumble up a little shatter an load it in to your vape and get great results, tried, tested and true!

There are so many interesting ways that you can use a vaporizer and we have yet to discover them all! You can checkout our selection of organic aromatherapy products on or send in any questions or tips over for us to check out! 
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Posted on Jan 09, 2017

Picking the best vaporizer can sometimes be a very difficult task. With your vaping options so vast and so expansive how do you pick real quality out from such a vast bunch? One of the things that I've discovered is that its vitally important to conduct intensive research when intending to purchase a vaporizer.  Over this past number of years I've tested hundreds of vapes  and I've discovered some to be of better quality than others. Some vapes promise you the sun, the moon, and the stars, but end up delivering dirt, whilst over vaporizers not only live up to their billing they exceed all expectations. One thing you must be aware of is that not every vaporizer should cost an arm and a leg- there are some outstanding bargains available at outstanding value.  Some of the best devices I've ever had the pleasure of using have been vapes that have been in the mid level prices range. Just because a vaporizer costs 400 or 500 doesn't necessarily mean that this vaporizer will be of superior quality to lower costing vapes. In this blog I have assembled a list of 5 excellent vapes that are all available at exceptional value.



The Boundless CF vaporizer is a superb vaporizer that offers tremendous value.  The vape features an extra large heating chamber that has a ceramic chamber encompassed inside of it. This device performs just as well with small loads and large loads and produces efficient and direct vapes. The machine has a precision extraction mechanism which ensures that your flavours are both consistent  and flavourful.
Conduction and Convection technologies are combined to produce a cutting edge vaporizer which heats your herbs at an even pace. The CF Vaporizer is designed in a sleek and professional fashion allowing you to fit the device into your pocket at a moments notice. To get your vape up and running all you have to do is twist the top section into place and you'll nearly be ready for action. All it takes is roughly 20 seconds until you have the CF up and running and ready.  The oven that the CF is equipped with is quite large and will be able to accommodate more herbs than your standard vaporizer.
The CF is a conduction unit, but not any old conduction unit as the CF manages to avoid combustion that other vapes are notorious for.  The flavours from this machine are totally out of this world, and in my opinion, one of the reasons for this is due to the air path system which is isolated from the rest of the device.  What worked for me was to start my sessions on a low temperature and then to slowly ramp the temperature up to the next level. I found that this strategy resulted in some really delicious vapes that had some sublime flavours inherent.  Another benefit of this strategy is that it allows you to become acquainted with your vaporizer- you'll be facilitated with the time to get to know your device. A two year warranty is indicative of the makers confidence in the machine and if you purchase a CF Boundless Vaporizer you'll definitely be impressed with the product.



The G Pen Elite is a vaporizer that will impress you by its design, overall aesthetic appearance, and most of all by the outstanding results that it produces. One of the initial features that stands out with the G Pen is the superb LED display, and the adjustable temperature mechanism.  The temperature gauge is easy and simple to use  and will provide you direct access to how the Pen is functioning.  This machine has the capacity to heat up in nearly 20 seconds and become a fully functional vape. Once the vaporizer heats up it can reach temperatures as high as 400 degrees. The quick fire heating mechanism makes the G Pen stand out compared its rivals which sometimes can take a lot longer to heat up. The short vapour pathway makes sure that your vapes have a certain level of warmth which adds a nice flavourful taste to your vapes.
The G Pen Elite is not only a competitive  vaporizer, but a vaporizer that may be leading the pack towards a revolution in the vaping industry.
The Vapor quality from a G Pen is really outstanding.  This device delivers a superb and consistent vape which has a tendency to hit nearly every cell in your body. You cant but help being impressed with the beautiful texture and flavours that come from the G Pen Elite. Another thing that the G Pen manages to avoid is combustion, which can become an issue with other vaporizers out there on the market  Some people have commented on the fact that the vapours do have a tendency to be a little bit warmer than what you might be accustomed  to, but this is a very small gripe.  Some people may be put off by the warmer vape, but like I've already alluded to I found the extra heat added to the overall flavour.




The Grizzly Guru is a vaporizer that is set to scale new heights when it comes to vaping excellence.  The Grizzly is one of the first vaporizers in the world to combine multiple functionality when it comes to various herbs and substances.  The system that the Guru uses facilitates the vaporizing of  liquids, waxs, herbs, and the system not only allows you to vaporize them, but allows you to receive outstanding vapes. This machine  encompasses a ceramic heating chamber that works like a dream. A vapour pathway system allows for an easy transfer of herbs into your lungs. Precision guided temperature control allows you clear knowledge of how your vape is performing and allows you to adjust the apparatus to whatever you want.
  One of the real revolutionary elements of the Guru is the technology that allows it to connect to 510 atomizers.  This new technology facilitates a total vaping experience allowing you to vape, with equal efficiency, waxes, oils, liquids, and concentrates.  Unlike other vaporizers that seem to only have the capacity to work with one substance the Gurus multiple functionality is what makes it stand out from the crowd.  The stainless steel system ensures that the vaporizer is reliable and does what its supposed to do. One thing you will be guaranteed of is a strong and durable vaporizer. Unlike other machines, this apparatus wont smash into pieces as soon as comes into contact with any kind of hard surface. In simple terms, the Guru exhibits strength, power, and dynamism.
The Guru manages to combine all of the best functions from other vaporizers and incorporates them all into one device. Other devices may be good at operating one system, but with the Guru you have a machine that excels at everything. The multiple functionality is what makes the Guru superior to much of the competition out there on the market. Overall, the Guru is a vape that will supply you with some excellent vaping times.



The Sticky Brick is a portable vaporizer that utilizes convection technology to provide you on demand vaping access. This  instant heat and instant vaporizer access makes this device stand out from the crowd. Unlike other vaporizers you wont have to sit around for an eternity until you're given the chance to vape, from now on, no more time will be wasted when intending to vape your precious herbs.
The vaporizer has a very classy design that makes it stand out from its more mundane competitors. The vaporizer comes in a very elegant and classy form and which ensures an instant performance hit.  This particular vape is  handmade out of wood and crafted with a supreme level of perfection.The wood ensures that the vape has longevity and will stand the test of time. This isn't a vaporizer that you'll drop onto the ground and it will smash into pieces. Unlike some of the devices out there made from more synthetic materials  this vaporizer is durable, strong, and has the power to last.
Borosilicate glass ensures that your flavours are consistent and pure and come without any unwanted carcinogenics. The vape only weighs in a 13 ounces and so is light and portable. A draw stem of 7inches provides the perfect machinery in which to draw your vapes into your lungs.  
When operating this piece of machinery you need to heat the brick up using a torch lighter, which from experience shouldn't provide many issues. If you want to control the vapor intensity you should move the torch nearer or closer to the opening and adjust accordingly. When taking a vape the consistent flavours that enter your lungs are a sight to behold.  I found that the Sticky Brick was very easy, very simple, and very handy to use.  Unlike other machines out there, you wont need a degree in astro physics to operate this one.   Overall, the Sticky Brick is a very underestimated vaporizer that will dispense some delightful vaping experiences to any lucky owner. 



The Pax 2 is one of them vaporizers that seems to have taken vaporizing to whole new level.  The Pax is a very simple and easy to use unit that will provide a lifetime of enjoyable vapes. You will be blown away with the consistency of the crispness of the vapors that will enter into your lungs. The exalted magnificence of the Pax 2 makes it stand amongst the vaping greats of planet universe.  When operating the device there are a few things that you should take note of. The fact that this device uses conduction technology makes it very important that when you are packing your herbs in that you pack them in nice and tight. Once your herbs are packed in nice and tight this will ensure that  you'll have an extremely accessible vaping experience without any restrictions in place. 
When you load the Pax  2 all you have to do is put the magnetic lid back and then turn the vaporizer over . In order to get this unit heated up and ready to go, all you have to do is click the mouthpiece and the LED display will glow signalling that the device is getting ready for action.  Once this LED display comes on its almost as if the vaporizer is commanding you to vape.  If you want to change the temperatures hold down the same button that you started the device with and then you can adjust  the temperature to suit your own needs. The adjustability of the device makes sure that the machine can be honed and changed to suit your own personal needs.  This is one of the magnificent features of the Pax 2- the manner in which you can adjust the apparatus for your own particular desires. 
When you have the lowest setting the screen will glow yellow, and then with the higher temperatures the screen will glow orange or red.  All of these features add to the  overall functionality and option laden capabilities of the  vaporizer. One thing you can be assured of when you own a Pax 2 is a vape that will provide you with copious amounts of options. From my experience its best to use long slow draws if you want to get the best results from your vaping experience. Short and sharp draws can work, but if you want your vaping experience to be one of  supreme quality you should try and incorporate the long slow draws into your experience.  In finishing, I have to say that the Pax2 is a real gem of a vaporizer that will provide you with an excellent vaping time that wont forget anytime soon. 



All of these vaporizers offer any person a world class vaping experience. Every last one of these vaporizers provide sublime vapes that will take your vaping adventures to an entirely new level of excellence. The additional benefit of these vaporizers is that  you can purchase the best without having to break the bank. You can enjoy the best vapes at the very best rates.  One thing you can be assure of is that with each and every piece of merchandise you will have the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable experience of vaping nirvana. What these vaporizers prove is that just because something costs far more it doesn't necessarily translate into a superior product. When it comes to vaping you can pay over the odds and still not receive the same level of quality that you would when buying a Pax2  or many of the other machines mentioned in this blog.   


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The Sticky Brick v The Magic Flight Launch Box

Posted on Jan 07, 2017



The Sticky Brick packs all of the power of a desktop vape, but without the need to hooked up to a power source on the wall. Throughout the vaping community the Sticky Brick has received lots of recommendations with people commenting on the machines superb overall functionality. This machine is priced at a reasonable rate, and so, you wont have to break the bank In order to get your hands on some top quality vaping merchandise. There are many different facets to cover when it comes to reviewing the Sticky Brick, and like all of our reviews we intend to cover every angle so that you get all of the information that you need about the product.
The Sticky Brick is constructed mostly from wood, glass, and also includes some metal parts to ensure product durability. From my own personal point of view, I have to say that I love the vapes that are constructed out of wood due to their overall durability. The wood finish exudes strength and proficiency and when you use the Sticky Brick it certainly wont disappoint in this regard. In comparison to plastic or metal, where wear and tear makes the device looks used, the opposite is the case when it comes wood as the wear and tear adds a sense of character to the device. Make no mistake about it the Sticky Brick is a device that will stand the test of time.
The vape comes apart in 3 separate wood pieces which are held to together with extra strong magnets. When the magnets snapped into place and joined the device up, I found it very satisfying as it gave me a real sense of security and belief in the product. The glass parts are made of very thick and strong glass and comes with a replaceable unit in case the original unit gets damaged. The vape doesn't excel when it comes to portability and the device isn't really pocketable, but as long as you are aware of this fact it shouldn't become an issue. If you do need to transport the Sticky all you’ll have to do is put it inside a bag and off you’ll go. Personally, I found that this machine worked best when used as an on demand home unit.


The Sticky Brick has a large bowl for your herbs, but that certainly does not mean that you have to fill it to the brim in order to operate it effectively. I liked to load the bowl to about half its capacity, rather than having too little or too much. I found that it was vital that you stirred the bowl a number of times during a session, but this is usually the case when it comes to convection, and overall stirring shouldn't provide any real issues. With the Sticky Brick you have the capacity to achieve tremendous overall efficiency. You can heat your herbs up to a level that facilitates you extracting every last drop of herbs. The torch that is included In the machine creates a nice sized flame without overdoing things.


The Sticky Brick has a tendency to produce an incredible amount of vapour at very little effort. It’s very easy to achieve excellent vapes that will live long in the memory. Most people who have tried the device have been shocked at the massive draw that you get from very little effort. The vapour itself will be very smooth and crisp and will inevitability result in many happy faces. You can expect the flavours to be wholesome and nutritious. The mouthpiece is longer than a standard mouthpiece, but does facilitate the perfect transfer of vapes into your lungs. You’re first 4 or 5 draws is when the machine seems to reach maximum potency and after this you may need to consider refilling.


The Magic Flight Launch Box is one of the best value portable vapes available anywhere on the market. The machine itself is unique in that its small, made of wood, doesn't look like your standard vaporizer. But main thing that the MFLB is renowned for is the outstanding vapour quality. The device comes supplied with a large chamber that holds a massive amount of product and so keeps you vaping for longer than you would normally be. The wood finish adds real character to the vaporizer and makes it stand out from the crowd.  The Magic Flight truly is a vaporizer that matches its name and gives the user a magic overall experience.
At first glance the Magic Box doesnt seem like much as it comes in a very basic shape, but looks can be very deceiving as what the Magic lacks in the looks department it more than makes up for in terms of overall quality. But in spite of the simple design the Magic is actually quite a sophisticated piece of machinery which manages to incorporate lots of cutting edge technology into the vaporizer. The vaporizer has a plastic tube attached which allows you easy access to whatever draws you require. The Magic Box is a piece of merchandise which doesn't get too hung up on aesthetics, but focuses more on overall functionality. Overall, it would be safe to say that this vaporizer is a case of substance over style.  


Like most things in life it can take a little while to get used any new product and the same thing goes for using the Magic Flight Box. When using this machine you should ensure that your herbs are ground up nice and small this will ensure that they are heated evenly and effectively. Additionally, when you take a drag you should try and attempt to take a nice slow drag as this will ensure a more efficient transfer of herbs into your lungs. I have discovered that if you drag on the Magic like you might on other vaporizers then it simply will not work as well- remember nice slow drags and you’ll find yourself getting some rich rewards. Another very handy feature of the Magic is that is runs with replaceable battery so wont have to worry about charging the machine regularly- just make sure that you have a regular supply of battery's and you’ll be smiling.  
Another thing to watch out for is that the temperature sometimes can be difficult to control. From experiences I’ve discovered that you have to develop a feel for the vaporizer over time. It may take a while to find out what’s the perfect temperature, but when you do find out you’ll be richly rewarded.  The temperature issue is a small gripe to have as overall the vaporizer offers tremendous value with excellent proficiency. It certainly is a no frills vaporizer but that's how the makers have designed this little beauty. One of the benefits of the Magic is that its very easy to tell how much herb you have left as all you’ll have to do is look in through the clear plastic screen on the device.


 Of course there are other vaporizers out there that will cost far more than the Magic Flight and may offer some extra features, but the fact is the Magic offers excellent overall value for money when it comes to vaping quality. If you’re starting out on your vaping career well then what better way to get started then to get a high quality vaporizer like the Magic and at superb value.  The vapour that you'll receive will be smooth, easy, and will have a real consistent taste that will be sure to impress.  The Magic Flight vapours will be flavourful and will have that herbal nutritional element that all vapers aspire to. The device is pretty simple and easy to use, and shouldn't present many problems to newcomers and vaping aficionados alike. Perhaps if you are used to more high tech vapes you may have certain issues with the Magic, but I cant envisage anybody been disappointed with such a superb piece of craftsmanship.  In conclusion the Magic Flight is one of them vaporizers that will provide you with an excellent flavourful vaping experience.


Both the Sticky Brick and the Magic Flight Box are superb vaporizers which will surprise you with their overall functionality. Both vapes are crafted and designed using wood and both provide tremendous durability and production.  If you purchase one of these devices you'll be left astonished at the sheer value for money that will be at your finger tips. To be perfectly honest I find it a very difficult task to try and choose between either of these vaporizers and to pick one would be a disservice to the other. In saying all of that, if I had to pick one I would side with the Sticky Brick due to its overall look. I found that the longer you use the  Sticky Brick the more and more classy the device looks. Each scrape and mark adds to the machine and makes it look like something you'd see in an antique shop. This is one of the unseen benefits of  buying a wooden vaporizer over a metallic one, as with age the machine seems to take on a different dimension, and looks classier by the day.  In finishing I have to say that both the Sticky Brick and the Magic Flight Box are too excellent vaporizers that will be sure to provide you a lifetime of vaporizing love.



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The Puffco Plus Oil Pen

Posted on Jan 06, 2017


The Puffco Plus Oil Pen, is one of them machines that will blow you away with the overall service that the pen will provide. Advances in vaping technology seem to have reached the zenith of excellence with this pen. The Puffco plus, incorporates into the pen all of the latest technological  advances to produce a machine of stunning quality. The vapours that you’ll have the pleasure of receiving will be flavourful, delicious, and most of all consistent so that they suit your own personal vaping needs.   Many vape pens have received a bad press due to the overall functionality and productivity of the devices, but make no mistake about it, there are some truly outstanding vape pens to be picked from amongst the rubble. Unlike many vaporizers which  promise the sun, the moon, and the stars and then deliver nothing the Puffco isn't one of these vaporizers.  The Puffco is a vaporizer which does exactly what it says it will. The Puffco Plus oil pen is one of these outstanding vapes and is a device that will astonish you with the overall service it will provide vaping enthusiasts. 


The Puffco Plus includes a mouthpiece which has a ceramic insert which acts to enhance your overall vaping experience. A dart is loaded inside the vaping chamber, and this helps to keep your device functioning at optimum capacity. The system ensures that hot air swirls over the oil resulting in a smoother more consistent vape. The enhanced air flow system contributes to an even heating of your herbs and results in optimum flavours entering your lungs. The device is digitally enhanced and the Sesh Mode allows you to click on a button and receive 12 seconds of continuous vaporization. The three temperature setting technology allows for a more personalized experience that you can fine tune to suit your own specific needs. T he machine includes LED indicators which provide you with ready made access to details and information about the device.  The overall taste of the Puffco Pen is a thing to behold and will be sure to keep you coming back for more and more.The device has a sleek and professional look and will suits vapers from all walks of life. This pen would fit into any environment from the professional setting in a board room, to the more relaxed setting of a bar of a club, the Puffco really is an all terrain piece of merchandise. One of the excellent features of Puffco Plus is the embedded heating element in the ceramic bowl which ensures that your oils never touch the ceramic. This new technology ensures that your vaping experience will be smooth and easy and without any unwanted interruptions.    



The Puffco is pretty easy to clean when you compare it other vaporizers out there on the market.  The machine comes supplied with a number of cotton swaps that are ideal for cleaning the machine.  One of the thing you should try to ensure that you do when you begin cleaning is to ensure that you warm the chamber using the sesh mode, and after this you should attempt to remove by-products from the chamber on the dart inside the pen. You should use the cotton swab to clean all around the pins located on the battery and also on the chamber. You should also avoid using alcohol on the chamber as this may negatively impact upon the device.  Unlike many vaporizers out there on the market cleaning the Puffco isn't a massive job, you wont need a PHD in Astro Physics to clean this vape.



The Puffco offers an outstanding vape which will leave you smiling for days upon end.  This piece of merchandise can vape oils, wax's, and liquids with an equal level of proficiency. What you're receiving when you purchase a Puffco is receiving an all terrain pen that works in vaping a whole host of product resulting in excellent results.      The flavours you'll receive from a Puffco will be smooth, crisp, and will have that nutritional element  that all vaping aficionados aspire to obtain.  The vapes have a tendency to flow into every cell of your body  resulting in a relaxing and tranquil experience. In conclusion the Puffco Pen is a beautiful vaporizer that will definitely provide you with some excellent  vapes. 



Overall the Puffco Pen is one of them devices that you cant but help be impressed with. The technological advances of vaping have all come to the fore to produce a pen of astonishing class, productivity, and overall vaping flavour.  This machine offers excellent value,  and excellent overall functionality when you compare it to some of the more prestigious pens out there on the market. You may pay way more money for certain devices, but these pens may lack the productivity that you'll receive from the Puffco. Just because another vaporizer might cost way more money doesn't necessarily equate to better value. The Puffco is one of those pens that seems to buck the trend and will provide you with superb vapes at superb value.  In conclusion, the machine exudes class and strength and will be sure to provide you with many many vaping experiences to last you a lifetime. The Puffco Pen truly is a diamond that is to be picked from a sea garbage.


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Quit Smoking and Start Vaping

Posted on Jan 04, 2017



Ok, so you want to quit smoking and start vaping instead. You are sick to the eyeballs of trying useless nicotine patches that don’t seem to work. The nicotine inhalers that you use are just plain uncomfortable and never seem to give you the hit that you deserve.  You have decided that enough is enough and that you’re going to take the plunge and start using vaporizers to try and kick the habit for good. If you have decided all of this, well the good news is that vaporizers really can help you stop smoking ,and not only that, vaporizers can lead to a healthier more productive you.  Once you have made the momentous decision to start vaping you’ll soon discover that a whole host of benefits lie in wait for you, not least that you’ll no longer smell like a stinking ashtray.





As anyone who has ever tried to quit smoking knows its not an easy thing to do. There are them incessant cravings, the longing for a cigarette, the need to be holding something in your hand. There are so many different facets to the addiction of cigarettes that its no wonder why its such a difficult habit to kick.  The main thing to consider is how you are going to wean yourself off the cigarettes, and the best way to do this is usually on a gradual basis. If you start to ween yourself off on a gradual basis you’ll find that the physical symptoms of addiction wont be quite as pronounced, and so, this will result in an easier transition to a no smoking you.  





You should spend some time on trying to source a high quality vaporizer that will suit your needs. One of the things you should be considering is how durable the vaporizer is and how much nicotine the device can hold. Once you have picked a vaporizer that you feel is right for you, you can then focus all your energies into the kicking the habit for good.  The first thing you’ll need to do with your vaporizer is to adjust the strength of the nicotine to what you’ll consider bearable for you. The reason why this is so important is because if you haven’t picked the proper level of nicotine you may become agitated and this is something that you’ll most certainly want to avoid when you’re trying to quit smoking. Once you have picked the proper nicotine strength you can then begin vaping away. It may take you a little while to get the hang of using your vaporizer, but like everything, with practice comes perfection.  





Many vaporizer companies will have different strength vaporizer cartridges available and picking the right one for you is of vital importance. On a personal level I found that the medium strength cartridge was the one that  worked best for me. The reason why I found the medium strength so good was because it gave me just enough to nicotine to satisfy my  cravings and just enough nicotine to allow me to quit smoking.  Of course, you can try some of the higher strength versions, and for some people these higher strength versions do work best but in my case I found them far too strong. What happened to me was I became addicted to the higher strength nicotine and it was almost like I was swapping one addiction for another. Another thing you could consider doing is starting at the high strength nicotine, and then after a few months going to medium strength, and then right down to the lowest level, and then ultimately quitting. This tactic can take up to three months to ween yourself off the cigarettes, but for many people they have found it to be a very successful method.     




As soon as you start consistently using the lower strength nicotine you’ll discover that you’re not that far off the prize, the holy grail, of quitting cigarettes for good. You’ll soon discover that you’ll start leaving your vaporizer at home more and more often. Time will begin to pass and the thoughts of using your vaporizer wont even cross your mind, and when this happens, you wont be too far off quitting for good. I discovered on a few occasions that when I looked at my watch that I hadn't taken a draw from my vaporizer for over 3 hours, and this was something that completely astonished me, as only a few months before I struggled to go a few minutes without taking a draw. The fact is that once you start forgetting about your vaporizer you brain is getting rewired and is no longer having to satisfy the cravings that it previously had.

What worked best for me was to try and consciously leave the vaporizer at home, and I found that when I formed this habit it became much easier to do without it in the long run.  Another tactic I employed was to  leave the vaporizer in a location that it was hard to retrieve. For example, when going to work I would leave my vaporizer in the boot of the car, and when I got a craving the thoughts of having to go outside in the cold and retrieve  the device really put me off. With this tactic, I found that gradually over a period of time, that I wanted to use the vape less and less. Another strategy that I used was to leave my vaporizer out in the garage, and similarly, the thoughts of going out into a cold dark night in my slippers, opening the garage door, and retrieving the vaporizer became too much to bear. More often than not, in these situations I would decide to ride out the storm, let the cravings pass, and do without my nicotine hit. From my experience, when you add up all of these little different tactics, they will make a big difference to getting you to quit the habit.  




It can be a terrifying thought of having to go without nicotine for good, but when this day comes you’ll almost certainly find yourself feeling liberated and free. When you have reached this stage you should buy yourself some zero strength nicotine and the start using it inside of the low strength one- the reason for this is because you still may have a habit of wanting to hold and put something to your mouth and this will result in this problem being rectified.  Once you have reached this stage you are basically at the finish line, all you have to do is make sure that you don’t have any slip ups that send you back to square one. The zero level nicotine is like a security blanket to try and prevent any mishaps from occurring and from my experience it worked a treat.




I have to say that from my experience the trick to quitting smoking is to take things gradually. When I tried to quit I found that the faster I tried to get the harder it became to kick the habit. If you take things nice and slowly your body has a chance to adjust to the changes that will happening inside and out, and this will result in a far greater success rate.  Traditionally, there has been quite a high attrition rate when it comes to people quitting smoking and this rate of failure is usually down to people trying to attempt to do too much too soon.  The best strategy for anyone to adopt is use your vaporizer as a tool to help you get off the cigs, but to use your vaporizer wisely. There is no point in trying to quit all gungho and using the low strength nicotine straight away as this will result in your body experiencing withdrawals causing you to go straight back onto the cigarettes. Overall, the trick is to take the various stages of quitting nice and slowly. Use the high strength nicotine, and then after a few months downgrade to mid strength, then low, and then down to zero strength nicotine. By adopting this tactic you will give your body the time and space that it needs to adjust to a new way of life.  And whilst vaporizers might seem expensive, but when you consider the overall cost of saving 10$ on a pack of cigarettes a day this puts the true cost of owning a vaporizer into perspective. Remember  If all else fails you could decide to put a nicotine patch over each eye thereby preventing you finding your cigarettes.






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Vaporizers 2017 what to watch out for

Posted on Jan 04, 2017



New portable vaporizers seem to be hitting the market on an almost daily basis and to try and pick your way through this field of choice can sometimes be a tough task, but this is where we here at Namaste Vapes come in.  Personally,  I have tested over 100 different versions of vaporizers, since I started vaping way back in 2012, and one thing I have learned is that there are many different versions of vaporizers. Some of these devices may suit your needs and some may not, it all depends on your own personal preferences. One of the areas where I look for real quality in a vaporizer is overall vapour production and the reliability of the product, and in this article I will try and point out the benefits and pitfalls of certain vaporizers. When intending to purchase a vaporizer one of the biggest mistakes that people make is that they go charging in without finding out about the machine they intend to buy. Many people like the look of a product and then without thinking whether the product will suit them or not they buy it. This blog is here to help you avoid these pitfalls and to guide you in the right direction.  




One of the first major decisions you’ll have to make when purchasing a vaporizer is deciding whether you want to go with a desktop or portable device. The first thing you’ll need to take into the equation is whether you plan to be vaping at home or on the move, because, for example, if you are planning on vaping at home well then the best option for you will be to go with the portable device. The other side of the coin is that if you are planning on vaping at home you should try out a desktop vaporizer which will provide you with better overall service and all from the comfort of your own home. One thing that you should keep in mind is that desktop vaporizers can be expensive, but with price comes extra quality and the near guarantee of an extraordinary vape.  But like I’ve previously alluded to, if you’re on the move the portable vaporizer is the way to go, and rest assured, there are many high quality portable vaporizers out there that can match anything that a desktop can produce. Just because a desktop vaporizer may be more expensive doesn't always mean that its a better vaporizer.




The majority of the vaporizers out there accommodate either dry herbs or concentrates. There are some specialized vaporizers that can accommodate both herbs and concentrates, but the vast majority of vapes function best with just one particular type of substance. What type of vaporizer to purchase depends on your own particular circumstances, and your own particular needs. If you are a herb aficionado you can buy a vaporizer that will exclusively vaporize your herbs, but likewise if you are a fan of concentrates you can buy a device that will be dedicated to your concentrates.


One of the big differences I’ve discovered from using concentrates is that they do have a tendency to give a far more potent vaping experience. The fact is that with flowers you will have a lower potency of THC, which results a milder vaping experience. But having a milder experience might be what some people need, and conversely, having a more powerful experience may be what some other people are trying to achieve when they use concentrates.    




Like everything in life the answer to this question depends on your own personal circumstances. How can one answer this question when there are so many variables involved?  Hong long is a piece of string? But in spite of the difficulties involved in answering the question posed there are still is a number of things I would suggest you do before purchasing a vaporizer. First of all, you should settle on a budget before you begin the hunt for your vape. Some of the superior desktop models do cost a substantial sum of money and paying over the odds can be intimidating for some people. But one thing is sure, if you plan on purchasing a vaporizer you certainly wont have to break the bank. There are tonnes of high quality vapes out there that perform just as well when compared to some of their more illustrious counterparts. What I’m trying to say is that you wont have to break the bank when buying a vaporizer. So, if you are on a budget I would suggest that you take a good look at buying concentrate pens as these devices are affordable and offer tremendous overall functionality and vaping power. Of course if money isn't an issue you could pay top dollar for some high end device, but that doesn't always have to be the case with many great vaporizers available at great value.      




There are two main type of heating methods used to vaporize your herbs- conduction and convection.  The conduction method involves the  direct transfer of heat through contact with the herbs, and the convection method involves heat transferred via particles in the air. In general, convection is considered the superior method because your herbs don’t have to be touched by a heating element. Conduction heating does have it merits too, but the overall consensus amongst the vaping community is that convection is the way to go. Usually conduction heating is far more common when used in portable vaporizers. One of the main drawbacks of conduction is that sometimes when using this method there is a massive risk of your herbs combusting.  What happens is that instead of vaporizing your herbs the machine overheats resulting in a whole host of problems, such as uneven heating, and combustion.   




Vaporizing your herbs usually starts happening at temperatures ranging from 355-393F. Depending on the machine that you have operating some allow you to adjust the temperature, other machines require you to control the temperature on your own. A digital control system definetly is the handiest method which which allows you have to more precision guided control over your device. The other method is to dial in the temperature yourself using an adjustable dial where you can set the machine to whatever level you feel suits you best. Vaporizers that self adjust tend to do this based on your inhalation speed. Over time users learn how to inhale at a certain speed which ensures a consistent temperature will be provided. Overall, having control of the temperature is a vital component that all vaping enthusiasts should seek to acquire.



Vaporizers usually can receive power from two different sources. The first method of powering your vaporizer is via a built in butane mechanism. The one major concern about using this method is that harmful gases may be released that can be very detrimental to your health.

The second method is using electricity, which of course, can be supplied by an external power unit or a battery. Some of these vaporizers have battery's that need to be recharged on a regular basis so when purchasing a device you just need to be aware of this fact.  One thing is for sure at Namaste Vapes we have a wide selection of vaporizers that are sure to fit your needs. The vaporizers that we stock are the best in the world, and one guarantee we give is that



In finishing I would have to say that there are so many pitfalls out there when purchasing a vaporizer. You really are entering a proverbial minefield when you decide to buy a vape, but the one thing you will need to be is to be prepared. The one bit of advice I would give is to make sure you read up about the device you are intending to buy- get all of the information you can lay your hands on and then make the decision as to whether you want to purchase that particular vape or not. Some of the things you’ll need to take into consideration is what’s your budget, do you want a portable or a desktop, do you intend to use herbs or concentrates? All of these different elements need to be factored into the equation when considering what to buy. Overall, the decision is going to be up to you and of course you’ll to take into the equation what you can afford. But don’t be afraid to shop around as they are some tremendous vaporizers available out there at tremendous value. Just because a certain vaporizer costs more money doesn't necessarily mean that its a better product. Some of the best vaporizers that I’ve ever had the pleasure of laying my hands on have costed less than 150$.  In conclusion, I would urge any would be vaping enthusiast to get out there, buy a vaporizer, and see for themselves what all of the fuss is about.  



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How Vaporizers Work

Posted on Jan 03, 2017




Using vaporizers has become a very popular alternative method to traditional ways of smoking your herbs. The big question is what exactly are vaporizers and how do they operate? Vapes come in a huge variety of different shapes and sizes- some vapes are large plug in devices that you'd need to operate from home and other vaporizers are small pocket size devices that you can take anywhere with you. Vaporizers operate by heating your herbs at a lower temperature than what would need for combustion.  The temperature which vaporization occurs between 200c  and 391f and at these temperatures herbs are converted into a gas which you can then breath into your lungs.  The beauty about vaporizers is that whilst they will contain all of the active ingredients of your herbs, you wont have to breath in many of the toxins that would traditionally be associated with smoking.  Some machines have plastic balloons which act to hold your vapor, but other machines allow you to inhale directly from your device.  There are a wide range of vaporizers on the market that can suit people with a whole host of  specific needs.


One of the major reasons why you should vape rather than smoke your herbs is because vaping is the far healthier option. When you burn herbs harmful by products are released which can cause a whole host of issues with your health.   Major health problems that can arise include respiratory conditions such as bronchitis and lung cancer. There have been a whole host of studies which seem to suggest using vaporizers helps people to avoid many of these problems. Another benefit of vaporizing is that your vape will contain a higher concentration of herbs and so this makes vaporising more cost effective and efficient. Vaporizers are also incredibly versatile and so you can use them in just about any place. Overall, in comparison to smoking, vaporizing is purer, cleaner, and more user friendly than smoking.

There are two different types of vaporizers, conduction and convection, and both have their own unique way in which they vaporizer. One of the benefits of using the conduction based technology is that your herbs are heated rapidly and this facilitates immediate vapour at the click of a button.  Conduction technology also is simpler to use and much more affordable in comparison to many alternatives on my market.   One issue to be aware of when using conduction vaporizers is that if the temperature isn't right that this will result in an increased chance of combustion.  Also temperature control is not as precise when employing conduction technology.


Conduction heat relies on the direct transfer of heat energy through contact with an element.  Conduction works in a similar way to how a frying pan works with essential oils that  dissipate as soon as they are heated up.  In general, this type of vaporizing works by using battery powered heating chambers that act to vaporizer your herbs.  Whilst conduction vaporizers are generally considered to less effective and less efficient due to the heating element unevenly heating your herbs this method still has many benefits.  Conduction can last longer and these devices also facilitate a more efficient use of your battery. The problem with the uneven heating can be fixed if you stir your herbs on a regular basis to ensure that every part gets the same level of heat.  Conduction vaporizers where the first vaporizers on the market and in many respects are the most simple. 

In my opinion I have found conduction effective in many ways and I have been facilitated with many outstanding experiences. Conduction  is the original method of vaporizing and if you are on a budget well then conduction will get the job done. You certainly wont  be disappointed coming away from using this type of technology, it will give you what you desire. The main thing with conduction technology is  you have to be prepared and know what you're at. Preparation, preparation, preparation, is the key word when using this system.  You have to be prepared to stir your herbs to ensure that they are all evenly vaped and that one area of your herbs don't combust because of too much heat.  At the end of the day, I don't think its too much to ask someone to do a little bit of stirring to ensure that they get the vape that you deserve.    



In Convection vaporizers  your herbs are heated through hot air.  A screen is in place which keeps your herbs separate from the heating element and this will in turn prevent burning.  The heating element warms the air to an exact temperature which causes your herbs to vaporize. One of positive aspects of convection technology is that it allows you precision guided temperature control.  Additionally, the precision temperature control reduces the risk of combustion occurring and this results in longer term efficiency. Overall convection technology offers users friendly, accessible, and easy access to some outstanding vapes.

Convection vaporizers are more expensive than some of the other alternatives out there, but if you want the best sometimes you have to pay that little bit extra. Another point to note is that because your herbs don't come into direct contact with a heating element your herbs can take that bit long to vaporizer, but overall this is a very small price to pay when you take into account the quality of your vapes.



In finishing I'd have to say that both conduction and convection vaporizers have real merit and both have the capacity to produce real quality highs. For most people convection technology is the preferred option, and this is due to its overall functionality and overall level of control that you'll have at your fingertips. That's not to be too critical of conduction technology which certainly does have its merits, but overall, if you want the best all around package well then you should side with  the convection method.  







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Best Dry Herb Vapes you can get | NamasteVapes US

Posted on Dec 23, 2016

Hi guys, thanks for checking out today's blog post where we're going to be talking about the best vapes to buy in the US for dry herbs. As we know some vapes work for dry herbs, some for waxes/oils and others for liquids. So today we're just going to focus on the most popular category of vaporizers and that is for use with dry herbs! From famous brands like Storz & Bickel (Crafy, Mighty, Volcano), Pax and Firefly through to less known gems like the Boundless CFX vaporizer and the Grizzly Guru, we're going to tackle all the best portable and desktop dry herb vaporizers on the market today. 

Desktop Vaporizers - Volcano Vape Rules the Roost

Volcano Digit Vaporizer UKSo lets start old school and talk a little about desktop vaporizers, which were around way before any portables. Desktop vaporizers versus portable vaporizers require power through an electrical outlet instead of battery charging. The most famous desktop vaporizer, and you probably already know this, is the Volcano by Storz & Bickel. The Volcano, in my opinion builds the foundation for vaporizers and vaporizing technology. The Volcano comes in several flavors, the Classic Volcano and the Volcano Digit. Both of these utilize the same heating mechanisms and technology, but the Volcano Digit will let you get more precise temperature controls. The Volcano is a forced air vaporizer, which means that it extracts the cannabinoids from your herbs by forcing hot air through the material, which then fills a balloon with thick, tasty vapor. Actually, all desktop vaporizers for the most part, are forced air vaporizers. This can also be referred to as convection heating by which hot air extracts vapor versus herbs being cooked in an oven (conduction heating) more common in Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer. So some desktop vaporizer use bags or balloons to dispense your vapor. There are also whip-style vaporizers, like the Silver Surfer by 7th Floor by which you inhale through a silicone tube (whip) with mouthpiece instead of through a balloon or bag. Both methods are equally as effective, but which one is right for you is really a matter of preference. There are also Desktop vaporizers which offer both bag/balloon fill modes and also whip modes, the most popular being the Arizer Extreme Q, or the Vaprise Ultimate 2.0 vaporizer. Desktop vaporizers tend to be very effective and reliable in terms of producing good quality, thick and potent vapor. To date, the most popular desktops on our sites are the Volcano (top of the line, most expensive) and the Extreme Q (versatile with the best value). Oh, one really important thing I almost missed! When buying a desktop vaporizer in the US it is critical that you get the right voltage! Unlike most portable dry herb vaporizers, which are generally USB charged, desktop vaporizers plug in to the wall and need to have the right EU voltage. Thankfully, when purchasing from our site, we take care of that for you! Some desktop vapes like the Volcano or the Silver Surfer come in one voltage or the other, either 110V or 220V. Others like the Extreme Q are actually dual voltage units so they can handle either 110V or 220V but are simply provided with the appropriate plug. That's it for my rant on desktop vaporizers, I hope you get the idea! Let's talk a little about the more popular of trends in the US towards Portable Dry Herb vaporizers. 


Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers

Pax 3 Vaporizer UKSo this is a huge topic to discuss! Similar to desktops, I would break down portable dry herb vaporizers in to two categories, conduction and convection portable vapes. Again some will be a mixture of the two. We touched on what convection heating is and to reiterate this, convection vaporizer work by hot air being drawn (or forced) through your material, which extracts vapor. Conduction vaporizers work with herbs being heated directly in an 'oven' where they are in direct contact with the heating element. In general, convection vaporizers will be substantially more efficient than conduction. The most popular, pure-convection portable vaporizer in the US is the Firefly 2 vaporizer, which is full convection and features a smart-phone application for fine tuning. The most popular conduction vaporizer, and also the most popular vaporizer in the history of portable vaporizers would be the Pax 2. Pax 2 sales massively outpace that of other portable vaporizers. The Pax 2 is beautiful, portable, discreet and very simple to use. We've been really excited to see the launch of the Pax 3 as well, which is now compatible with waxes and oils and features longer battery life and faster heat-up times. Although there's been a lot of talk about convection vaporizers being the most efficient and most flavourful, conduction vaporizers like the Pax 3 or the Da Vinci IQ are still a dominant force in the industry in terms of technology and performance. Good opportunity here to expand a little on the wildly anticipated DaVinci IQ which is the latest vaporizer from Organicix, makers of the Da Vinci Vaporizer and the Da Vinci Ascent. The IQ is a ground breaking conduction vaporizer that features a ceramic heating chamber with a zirconium vapor pathway and also has a smart phone app with endless possibilities to customize your vaporization experience. The Pax 3 and the IQ are pure conduction vaporizers that feature stainless steel (Pax 3) and Ceramic (IQ) heating chambers.

Conduction Vs Convection - Whats the best for Portable Vapes?

Boundless CFX Vaporizer UKPerhaps the best portable dry herb vaporizers are those with feature both conduction and convection heating! This is not meant in an ambiguous way like some people say the Da Vinci or other conduction vaporizers are 'hybrid' but what I'm talking about are vaporizers that actually have a heating chamber and also a heating element which draws in fresh air and pre-heats before entering the dry herb chamber. The most notable example here would be the Mighty vaporizer, also made by Storz & Bickel, AKA baby volcano! The Mighty, in my opinion remains as the best quality and best performing dry herb vaporizer on the market today, even though its several years old and the fact that there have been many others released since. The Mighty vaporizer is both efficient like a convection vaporizer, but also offer the robustness, flavour and vapor density of a conduction vaporizer. I've probably tried every dry herb vaporizer that exists on the market, but nothing really compares quite to the Mighty. There is however a vaporizer which performs nearly at the same level, but is literally half the prices. The Boundless CFX vaporizer, from Boundless technologies even looks similar to the Mighty vaporizer but features a beautiful high res OLED display with USB and DC charging for half the prices of a Mighty and performs very well! 

The best Desktop Vaporizer?

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer When it comes to Desktop vaporizers personally I would put the Volcano and the Arizer Extreme Q at the top of my list, but for different reasons. The Volcano is unbeatable in performance and quality and actually made in Germany. The Arizer Extreme Q offers the most versitility possible from a desktop vaporizer featuring balloon fill, whip mode as well a digital controls, remote controls and a huge array of accessories compatible, all at a very good price. In the world of Portable vapes, the Firefly 2, Pax 3 and the Davinci IQ are the dominant names in the industry but have some stiff competition with more affordable, high performance vaporizers like the Boundless CFX or the Grizzly Guru. When buying a portable dry herb vape in the US consider whether you want conduction or convection heating, and then how much you care about discreetness. The Mighty vaporizer is probably 3 times the size of a Pax 3 so not quite as stealthy on the go or in public but will out-perform any other dry herb vape with no issue. Hope you guys found this informative and if you have any questions please reach out!
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Top 5 Portable Vaporizers

Posted on Dec 22, 2016

The beauty about portable vaporizers is that whilst they are less discreet than vape pens their overall performance and functionality eclipses much of what is on offer out there in the marketplace. Portables are bigger than vape pens but  are still small enough to be fitted into your pocket without having many issues. Whilst portables are more expensive than many other vaporizers they make up for this by their overall performance, quality, and outstanding vapour production.

Traditionally, these vaporizers are designed for use with your dry herbs but some recent designs do accommodate concentrates and waxes just as well. One of the reasons for the portables surge in popularity is because  of the larger overall capacity which allows the device to hold more of your herbs and materials. Below, we have assembled a list of 5 portable vaporizers that we feel are amongst the main driving force in the vaporizing revolution that has been sweeping globe.




The Pax 3 has far more power than its predecessor, and is certainly a vaporizer that would rank highly on anybody's list of all time greats.  The Pax works superbly well with both herbs and extracts and supplies users with sublime hits that will keep you coming back for more and more.  One of the things that the Pax3 excels at is its consistency of performance which is delivered to you in a sleek and professional design. A powerhouse of a 3500mah battery ensures that your vaporizer heats up in as little as 15 seconds. A Pax Vapor app allows you to control and change the settings on the device to suit your own particular needs.  Another feature that makes this machine stand out is that it has the capacity to warm up as soon as you touch it and then cool back down again as soon as you put it away.  Efficiency and productivity are the two keys words that are associated with this device and you will certainly be impressed with the overall package that will be at your fingertips.  Overall, the Pax 3 is a sleek, professional, and outstanding vaporizer that  has the ability to produce the goods time and time again.




The G Pen Elite by Grenco Science is a vaporizer that is world renowned for its high level of functionality and high level of vaping quality. The vape is designed using convection technology which ensures that the vapes that enter your body are at peak condition. An eye catching and futuristic design makes sure that this vape stands out from the crowd. An LED display system keeps you informed of various temperatures which go as high as 428f.  The device has the capacity to heat up in a matter of seconds and almost instantly delivers you your vaping rewards. An unusual aspect of the G pen is the ceramic chamber, which is one of the biggest in the world, and this ceramic chamber ensures that the herbs you receive will  be at the perfect consistency.

Another impressive feature of the G Pen is the grinder that is included which comes in very handy when preparing your herbs for the machine. Overall, I have to say that the G Pen is quite an outstanding vaporizer with an amazing system that delivers your herbs at just the right level.




The Firefly 2 is one of the them vaporizers that leaves you gobsmacked at its dazzling brilliance.  This little beauty has the power to accommodate, with an equal level of efficiency,   dry herbs, oils, and concentrates.  One of the things that makes the Firefly stand out is its stamina and staying power,  and if you're looking to go on an all day vaping session then this is the device for you.  The vapes that you'll receive from this unit will be clean, crisp, and fresh, and this is due to glass heating and delivery system.  Whilst the Firefly 2 is a portable vaporizer it still has the strength and resilience of  a much larger vape. Make no mistake about it, the Firefly 2 exudes strength and staying power and these results are clear to be seen as soon as you start vaping.  Some people might consider the extra weight as being a burden, but  for me, this is a very small gripe to hold as the machine performs admirably well. As soon as you turn on this unit it heats up almost immediately  and is very easy to refill at your own convenience.  Many people have spoken out about how they adore the Firefly's uncomplicated refill technology which makes the vaporizer accessible for everyone and this is a point I certainly would agree with.    Whilst the Firefly 2 is on the pricey side, it more than makes up for having to pay them extra few dollars by delivering a vape of extraordinary  quality.  




If you want to purchase a vaporizer  based on pure performance alone then the Haze Vaporzer is the machine for you. Whilst the Haze might not be the prettiest vaporizer in the world to look at its overall performance makes up for any inadequacies on the looks front. The Haze comes equipped with one of the worlds first dual chambers, which ensures that there is loads of room for your herbs.  The beauty about the double chamber technology is that you can put different materials into each chamber, and then vape them separately at your own convenience.

One of the features which impressed me immensely was the extended battery life which lasts nearly 40% longer than many of the Haze's competitors.  To illustrate the confidence the makers have in the vaporizer they have decided to give a ten year warranty in covering the machine . The device usually takes about  60 seconds to heat up and delivers some extremely flavourful vapours that you wont forget any time soon. After a few sessions  I soon discovered that the vapes seemed extra flavourful at the lower temperatures. One thing for you to take note of is that the device doesn't come with a USB port for the battery so you'll need to make use of the external dock when charging the piece. Overall, the Haze Dual V3 is an excellent vaporizer, that perhaps isn't the most stylish, but at the end of the day this vaporizer is a case of substance over style.





The Crafty is another superb creation by Storz and Bickel who are consistently one of the leading producers of top class vaporizers anywhere in the world. The Crafty is very simple and easy to use with only button that you use to begin operating the device and it comes with an app which allows you an additional level of control. The app allows you to adjust the temperature right up to 410f.  In spite of being fairly bulky, the Crafty is concealable and on numerous occasions I've just slipped the device into my pocket before a night out and I've encountered no issues. Whilst the Crafty is bigger than many other portables it still  has that sense of compactness that many people desire.  The Crafty uses both conduction and convection technology and the machine utilizes both to deliver  you a smooth and enjoyable draw that your lungs will thank you for.  Overall, the Crafty is an outstanding vaporizer that will be sure to give you many moments of pure enjoyment.








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The Pax 3 for Concentrates | Namaste

Posted on Dec 21, 2016

Pax 3


The Pax 3 Vaporizer by Pax Labs is one of the most outstanding vaporizers ever to hit the market and is a device which is leading the way in  cutting edge revolutionary vaporizing technology.  With the market moving forward, changing, and adapting at such a hectic pace Pax Labs seem intent on keeping ahead of the field by producing a vaporizer that can not only vape dry herbs, but also concentrates.  Pax labs not only want your concentrates to be vaped, they want to be reach a certain level excellence that has become synonymous with  Pax Labs, and that is exactly what they have achieved with the Pax 3.

 When I opened the box and first laid eyes on the Pax3 the first thing that stood out for me was how shiny the Pax 3 was. This machine really does exude a sense of class and style that cant but help catch the eye. The device does look very similar to the Pax2 but it does come equipped with a whole host of extras. One of the strong points of the Pax 3 is the ability that the machine has when it comes to vaping concentrates.  The Pax vapour app gives you the option to tailor the device to suit your own specific needs. The app facilitates you with an option to change the temperature right down to the last degree.   The machine also comes supplied with games that you can play via the app, but if we're being honest, people don't buy the Pax3 to play games they buy the Pax 3 because of the outstanding vapes that are on offer.

The gadget uses conductive heating technology, which is a heating mechanism that warms up the walls of the oven and gets the vaporizer ready for action.  One of the main improvements of the PAX3 is the heating time, which only takes a matter of seconds before its heated up and ready to go.  On average, the Pax3  is heated up in under 20 seconds, and at this rate its far superior to most other products . Another handy feature is the CO2 cartridges which ensures that you'll have on demand vaping at the touch of your fingers. 

One of the strong points of the machine is the tremendous quality of the vapour production. In order to get the best use from the Pax, you need to breath deep and a good strong stream of vapours will enter your lungs. If you draw too fast the vapour production can be of poor quality and if you draw too slow the vapours have  tendency to be   too hot. Its all about finding the right balance to suit your own specific needs and desires. You shouldn't expect large clouds of vapours when you exhale, but instead you should expect smaller more efficient puffs.

And so, the big question is how does the Pax 3 operate when it comes to concentrates?  What I can tell you is that you'll be very surprised at the machines overall efficiency and potency when it comes concentrates. Unlike many machines which fail to live up to expectations the Pax isn't one of them, as this little beauty will far surpass your expectations.   

The concentrate insert on the Pax will hold a smaller amount of concentrate. From my experience, I found it preferable to load a dab up roughly about the same size of a grain of rice.  If you load too much it just doesn't work quite as well, and in my opinion, smaller amounts worked better when vaporized than larger amounts.  One thing you'll be guaranteed of is a good session out of a small amount of concentrates.   Typically, in my case, I usually got about 5 real good hits from a small dab, which in my opinion is a very good return on investment. Overall, The Pax 3 does perform very well with concentrates and  the device  will surely impress you with its overall performance.  One thing for you to take note of is that the machine does suit people who only intend to dabble in concentrates every so often.  The Pax 3 provides the option to vaporize a small amount of concentrates without overdoing it, and that is the beauty about owning this device.

The simple fact is that the Pax3 is one of the best vaporizers available anywhere in the world. A sleek and professional looking design is more than matched by the quality of the vape that you'll receive. The pax has a tendency to deliver vapours that are strong, clean, and crisp. You'll come away from using the Pax like a new man revitalised and refreshed.

 Another thing I did notice about the Pax 3 is that the machine works just as well if you only pack the chamber half full, and so, this results in better overall efficiency and it reduces wastefulness of your herbs. The flavour from the Pax3 is quite extraordinary delivering you a small does of nirvana direct into your lungs.  For me, I'd never go back to burning my herbs after using the Pax3, the quality is that good that you'll never look back. 

When you operate the machine with your dry herbs you'll soon discover that the performance of the machine is very similar to that of the original Pax. The benefits of the new device is that you'll have extra control over the temperature, and so, you'll be able to adjust the settings as you see fit.

At the end of the day the big question is whether the Pax 3 is worth an upgrade from the Pax2? And the answer to this question is yes, yes, and yes. The Pax 3 is a device which improves upon the Pax 2 in nearly every way providing you with new improved features, smaller size, reliability,  and a machine which excels in itself and excels in its overall productivity.










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Top 12 budget vaporizers

Posted on Dec 21, 2016



Vaporizing has exploded onto the publics consciousness this past number of years with vapes becoming ever more prevalent in all areas of society.   With massive growth in vaporizers this can only mean one thing, that there is a proverbial minefield of products in which you have to try and pick your way through in order to find the best deals .  Many of the machines on offer can be very costly, resulting in your bank account shrinking at a dramatic rate, but amongst all of these pricey devices  there are still lots of bargains to be got.   By providing this list we aim to show you can get your hands on some of the best vaporizers at the best rates.


Guru Vaporizer


The Guru is a very exciting new vaporizer which is setting the standard for vaporizing excellence.  The Guru is one of the first machines that has the power to combine dry herbs capabilities along with liquids and waxes.  The machine features a ceramic heating system which provides excellent quality vapours.  This device offers users precision temperature control that you can adjust to suit your own particular needs. Two 2600mah batteries ensure that you'll have immense vaporizing power at your finger tips. Overall the Guru is a tremendous product that serves to keep you supplied with some excellent vaping experiences that will live long in the memory. A real gold nugget of a device that you'd be wise to get your hands on.


The G Pen Elite is a portable convection vaporizer that offers excellent overall functionality and outstanding vaping quality. The device features  LED display, battery life indicator, and a superb ceramic heating chamber.  This machine offers the largest ceramic heating chamber on any vaporizer in the world.  The G Pen allows you the capacity to change the temperature to suit your own specific needs. One of the things that G Pens are famous for is the flavourful and nutritious vape that more than matches anything you'd receive from a more premium level device. A superb overall vape, that offers tremendous value, and tremendous  vaping quality.




The PUFFit 2 is a portable vaporizer that is concealable, discreet, and provides an excellent vaping experience. The machine is made by Discreet Vape, and on this occasion the makers have truly surpassed themselves in terms of the quality of the vaporizer. You shouldn't expect huge clouds of vapours when using this product, but that's one of the good things about it because if you want a discreet vape this is the product for you.  The PUFFit is an on demand vaporizer that heats up in a matter of seconds to provide you with a superb draw that you cant but help be impressed with. The way the machine is designed is more for short sharp bursts of vaporizing rather than for longer sessions.   A real dark horse of a vaporizer that  will keep you coming back for more and more.

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer


The Extreme Q is one of them vaporizers that provides you with a striking vape.  The device focuses on higher quality performance and higher quality overall vaping flavours. This is a vaporizer which features a three fan system, precision temperature control, and better overall vaping efficiency.  The machine truly is one of the first all in one vaporizers which facilitates your use of blends by utilizing vapour balloons.  Arizer uses a ceramic heater which ensures that when you receive your blends that they'll be as aromatic as they can possibly be. A 3 year warranty shows how confident the manufactures are in their product and at this better value price you cant beat the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer.

Arizer Solo


The Arizer Solo is one of them vaporizers that will surprise you with it overall efficiency and vaping quality. You'll soon discover that the vapour you'll receive will be clean, crisp, and thoroughly nutritious.  The draw resistance from the extreme Q is a little bit more strenuous the from other devices, but overall nothing that would present too much of an issue.   It does take up to 10 seconds for you to get a good amount of vapour, but what you'll receive will be an excellent quality vape.  The Arizer is a little bit big and bulky, but for me, the extra weight   signifies quality and good craftsmanship. Overall the Arizer Solo is a very underrated vaporizer that will keep you coming back for more and more.

The Alfa Vaporizer



The Alfa Vaporizer is made by a brand new company called, Goboff. and with this vaporizer they have really set a marker down in terms of vaping excellence.  The Alfa is a mid priced vaporizer that has many new features inherent in it to make it stand out from the crowd. A removable silicone mouthpiece, a heat setting dial, and a removable door where you place your herbs all set this vaporizer out as being something special. The vape that you'll have the pleasure of receiving will have the perfect consistency and a beautiful flavourful aroma that will live long in the memory. Overall, the Alfa Vaporizer is a little gem to be picked out from an ocean of rocks.    



The Black Mamba is a conduction vaporizer which works superbly with dry herbs. The device utilizes a heating technology that ensures that you herbs are heated evenly and precisely and this ensures that the vape that you'll receive will be second to none. The machine is shaped in a unique fashion that makes it stand out from the crowd, and the all glass vapour pathway ensures an easy transition of your vapes into your lungs. A two second heating up time ensures that your vaporizer is always ready for action and ready to supply you with the buzz that you so richly deserve. Definitely a vaporizer that   is worth a look as it is sure to surprise you with its overall performance.




The Da Vinci vaporizer is an excellent machine that works very well with both dry herbs and essential oils. The precision temperature control system ensures that vaporizing your herbs will never be as easy. You can tailor the temperature to suit your own specific needs and this in turn leads to a more controlled vaping experience.  The vapour quality really sets the Da Vinci apart from the competition as it delivers a tremendous nutritious vape. The unit itself looks sleek and professional looking and you cant but fail to be impressed by the devices overall functionality. A real underdog of a vape that will give you a lifetime of reward. 




The Boundless CF Vaporizer is a very powerful device that has the tendency to hit home with each draw into your lungs. A 80w heating element makes the Boundless one of the most powerful vaporizers on the market.  The machine heats up in  a matter of seconds and almost instantly provides you with flavourful and nutritious vapours.  The boundless is designed in a sturdy and compact design that exudes strength and capability. Overall  this vaporizer is one you should definitely  have in your collection.




The  Nimbinvap Vaporizer has everything a vaping connoisseur could dream about in a vaping device.  The thing that makes this machine stand out is its overall multi tool capabilities which seem to have every vaping angle covered.  The beauty about this vaporizer is that it doesn't rely on electricity and so you can use the vaporizer in nearly every setting imaginable.  This vaporizer has 8 different settings that you can program into the machine to suit your own specific needs. Definitely a vaporizer that more than holds its own when compared to some of the more illustrious names out there on the market.

Magic Flight Vaporizer


The Magic Flight Vaporizer is one of the smallest vaporizers available anywhere  on the world. This vape is powered by AA batteries which drives the machine into action in less than 5 seconds. One of the reasons the Magic Flight is so easy to use is because of this rapid fire heat up time which ensures that your herbs are ready to be vaporize at the drop of a hat. The machine is made in the USA from specially crafted wood which adds a sleek look to the vaporizers overall package.  This really is a vaporizer that not only offers tremendous value, it offers tremendously rewarding vapes that will keep you coming back again and again.

The Life Saber Vaporizer


The Life Saber Vaporizer, by 7th Floor, is an outstanding  vaporizer that utilizes the most cutting edge technology in the world to deliver you a vape of sublime quality. This is a handheld device that could also be classified as a desktop vaporizer as you are required to hold it in your hand whilst operating it.  The Life Saber is designed mostly in glass and this results in the  vapors you'll receive being clean, refreshing, and thoroughly wholesome.  This is definitely a vaporizer that you should keep your eye on as it offers affordability and superb overall functionality to deliver you an excellent vaping experience.



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Da Vinci IQ v Pax 3 v Firefly

Posted on Dec 14, 2016




To pick the best vaporizer between a Da Vinci IQ, a Pax 3, and a Firefly is almost an impossible task. How can you pick a product  out from such a line up of exalted excellence? Its a bit like saying  Caravaggio is better than Picasso, or Monet was superior to Vincent Van Gogh, or James Joyce was superior to Oscar Wilde.  How can a man decide which peacock in all their beautiful blue, gold, and red plum is the superior bird? How can you choose whether ones mans  experience standing on top of Everest, the top of the world, is better than another mans? It truly is an impossible task, because sometimes in life we humans reach the pinnacle of such excellence that distinguishing between the greats becomes a task of such monumental difficulty that ultimately the task becomes an exercise in sheer futility.  But in this blog, in spite of the difficulty of the task at hand, we will try and distinguish between the vaping greats, and come up with an answer as to who reigns supreme amongst the vaping leviathans  of the world.





Pax 3


Lets start off with The Pax 3 which is a colossal vaporizer setting the standard for vaping excellence throughout the world.   What you get when you purchase a Pax 3 is  real quality vaporizer with a superb nutritious hit. The Pax is one of them products that not only will meet your expectations, but will blow away your expectations.  After a few puffs from one of these little beauty's you'll come away from the experience like a new man, revitalized and refreshed and ready to take on the world.  Nothing will phase you anymore, as you, and your Pax, look towards your vaping future with confidence.


The device is more or less the same size as the Pax 2 and has many of the same features only better. The Pax 3 has a higher glossed metal finish in comparison to the Pax 2, and overall the vaporizer looks sleeker and more refined. The Vaporizer will heat up in a matter of seconds and this is due to the enhanced 3000mah battery which packs far more power when it comes to getting your device up and running.


The most significant advancement is the products ability to work superbly with concentrates. This vaporizer when using concentrates will provide you with a high of such magnitude and impact that you’ll be pinching yourself afterwards wondering did it really happen. As most vaping connoisseurs are aware the Pax and the Pax 2 struggled badly when it came to working with dry herbs, but thankfully with the fantastic new upgrade in the Pax 3 these struggles are  coming to an end.  This new machine from Pax Labs has truly set the benchmark when it comes to vaping excellence.


Additionally, there are also a number of other accessories which come along with the Pax 3 such as the second oven lid which is designed for use with your half baked bowls. Another major black mark against the Pax 2 was that you had to pack the chamber to the brim in order to achieve peak performance, but Pax Labs have solved this problem by including the second oven lid. The product does stick to using conduction technology for heating but we don’t see this as being a major issue when you take into consideration the vapes overall performance. Your Pax 3 will also come equipped with a stainless steel chamber which helps to make your vape more flavourful and enjoyable.  


Overall, the Pax 3 is marvellous device that you cant but help being impressed with. This is a product of the finest perfection that  gives you an extraordinary  unforgettable vape. A machine of such quality that you’ll nearly be blinded by its sublime astonishing  beauty. Every last component of the Pax 3 seems to have been made with user satisfaction in mind and user enjoyment being at the forefront of PaxLabs goals. In finishing, all I can say is that as soon as you purchase a Pax 3 the product will become like a beloved member of the family supporting and reassuring you in your time of needs.





Da Vinci IQ Vaporizer



When it comes to the Da Vinci IQ  you'll get your hands on a vaporizer of extravagant self indulgence.  You'll receive a high of ravishing quality that will leave you drooling at the mouth with the mere thought of your next hit. This product is designed to take your vaping expectations to the next level. By using only select premium quality materials, that all serve to enhance your vaping to the next level, Da Vinci has set the benchmark for vaping excellence.


The first thing you'll notice you when you purchase a Da Vinci is the size of the device. I saw some pics of the vaporizer before I bought it so I knew it wasn't exactly big, but I was surprised at how small it actually was  when it finally did arrive in the door. In spite of its small size the vaporizer does weigh more than what you would expect, with it feeling solid and durable when you hold it in your hands. 


In comparison to the PAX 3, which weighs around 95grams, the IQ weighs in at 145 grams, which is heavier, but its not exactly like carrying a tonne of bricks so the weight shouldn't be much of an issue. The overall size of the device makes the extra weight a small price to pay when you take into account the entire package that is on offer.

The buttons on the Da Vinci all work like they should and you wont encounter any issues here.


I have to say that I love the zirconia ceramic style which adds flavour and panache to the overall package. Every bit of space in the device is utilized to the highest degree with every thought seemingly going into how to provide you with a superior vaping experience. Another factor in the IQ's favour is that it doesn't seem to emit the same level of smell that some devices emit. An overpowering smell can be off putting to some people but this is something you wont have to worry about with the IQ.


The Da Vinci IQ has gotten rid of the traditional LED screen and now the vaporizer features a grid of 51 small LED screens which conveniently provides you with feedback on your device. A very convenient feature is the  interchangeable 18650 battery which allows you to change batteries at any moment. The Da Vinci also features a ceramic heating chamber which does seem superior to other devices. One of the most impressive features of the Da Vinci is the Zirconium material which is used in the vapor pathway which  provides a vape that is more wholesome and nutritious compared to your standard vape.


 The device uses an aluminium  casing which protects your precious herbal contents from the elements.  The only ceramic pathway in the vaping world adds an extra touch of class to the product and not to mention it also adds an extra level of flavourful vapours into your lungs.


The newly designed "flavour chamber" sits directly on the vapor path and does seem to enhance the overall potency of your vape. The Da Vinci IQ also features a fantastic smart phone app which gives you access to precision guided temperature control, or, you can also use the 'Smart Path' mechanism to adjust the settings as you see fit. Overall the performance of the Da Vinci is superb with excellent temperature controls, and the magnificent zirconium vapour pathway.


The DaVinci also has four pre-set profiles which facilitates your use in customizing the app.  When using the machine for the first time  you'll soon discover that as soon as you have it turned on the device gets going in about ten minutes and that after that you'll discover that there'll be three different heating steps to fully program. All you'll have to do is drag the steps to your desired temperature and off vaping you'll go. Some of the profiles that your app has the capacity to setup is the "flavour chaser" profile and also the "heavy hitter" profile and both of these profiles are excellent options to have within your vaping artillery.


The device also allows for temperature tuning on board, so basically you'll never have to use the app if its not to your liking.  The great thing about the Da Vinci is that the option is there, if you want to use the app you can, and if you don't you still can use the Da Vinci with the same level of proficiency.


Overall, the Da Vinci is quite a marvellous vaporizer that is sure to take your vaping experience to the next level. The name itself, Da Vinci, exudes class and the machine performs with the same level of superlative skill.   When you experience this superb apparatus you'll be left wondering why you ever tried any other vape.  Everything that you've previously become acquainted with  before will be like a wasteland of nothingness.  The Da Vinci IQ  is redefining the parameters of the vaping world and taking us into territories unknown. 





Firefly 2


The Firefly 2 employs the latest vaporizing  technology to give a high of truly spectacular quality.  An ultra heating system is adroit and works a treat as it heats up your herbs in a matter of seconds.  The swappable batteries are also a very convenient extra that acts to make you vaping experience smooth and easy. The product itself is sleek and professional looking with a unique and flavourful vapour.  Another marvellous part of the Firefly 2 is the heating chamber which is totally unique in its design and overall functionality. You can see the heat chamber directly through the glass, which is a superb feature as it tells you when your vape needs refilling.


Unlike many other devices the batteries of the Firefly 2 are removable which allows the user to easily swap the battery to another fully loaded one. Another positive feature is that the battery can be fully charged and ready for action in under 45 minutes. The magnetic lid is another element that excels as the lid provides an extra blanket of reliability and reassurance to the user.


One of the extra benefits of a Firefly 2 is how easy you can clean the device.  With this product you can clean it in less than 12 seconds.  The only thing that may take some extra time is the mouthpiece, which does take that extra few seconds to get cleaned, but overall nothing major.  One thing that does seem to  attract dirt is the window, but this area is only cosmetic and more importantly it wont effect  performance.


Another factor that weighs in favour of the Firefly 2 is that you seem to encounter a lot less resistance when vaping, which for me is a tremendous advantage.  As long as you're willing to experiment you're sure to find the vapour quality that suits your needs. Just be prepared to take chances with your Firefly and the Firefly will reward you handsomely. From my experience if you try and follow the manual you'll be left sorely disappointed. 


Beware of trying a steady draw as this method just doesn't suit the machine. The key to using the Firefly is to sip it like you're sipping a cup of coffee and the product will give you a very pleasurable vape. Remember, the secret is to let the Firefly heat up, wait until its ready, and then take short sips and you'll be guaranteed that the Firefly will repay your faith.


Overall, the Firefly is a vaporizer that just seems to have it all- it looks classy, it vapes classy, it operates classy, and most of all it has reliability.  When the chips are down, when times are bad, the Firefly is like a trusty companion that you'll have at your side.   




All three of these vaporizers are tremendous, and if there is one thing in life that I've come to understand its that everyone has different needs, wants, and desires and the same thing is true when it comes to reviewing vaporizers. I genuinely don't believe that I can single out one vaporizer as being superior to the other because that would be like me telling you what you should eat for breakfast or dinner.  But in saying that, I cant get cold feet and refuse to jump into the cold icy water, sooner or later in life a man needs to make a decision and take the plunge. What's the best vaporizer? Well, ultimately,  the answer to this lies with you, the vaper, only you can decide what your vaping needs are in this life.


But on a personal level, I must say that I loved the Firefly 2. I loved the devices quick-fire sessions, and I loved the fact that the vapor  was real quality. Another factor that weighed me in favour of the Firefly was the replaceable batteries which came in very handy when I was in places where I needed a quick session. I  found the battery very convenient, in particular , when I was hiking and needed some back up after my original battery ran out and needed replacing. Ultimately, the Firefly is a product that seems like its always there for you in your moment of need. Also, the Firefly is a device which is easier to take a whole host of sips out in comparison to other devices.  Overall, there is no right or wrong decision in regards to the best vaporizer only you can make that momentous call.







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The Rise and Continuous Rise of Vaporizers | Namaste

Posted on Dec 13, 2016



Vaporizers are leading the charge towards the dawn of a healthy new age in the smoking and herbal industry where people will no longer have to draw thousands of chemicals  into their lungs with each draw of a cigarette or a joint.  Nowadays there is a healthier alternative available in the form of electronic vaporizers and this technology was first made available way back in 1963. 

At the time a man named ,Herbert A Gilbert from Pennsylvania,  filed a patent for a "smokeless non tobacco cigarette."    The product worked by heating up a nicotine solution  which was made into a steam and then smoked through another device that he had invented. When he'd invented the vaporizer Gilbert began trying to market it as a cheaper healthier version to cigarettes.  But nobody was interested in the vaporizer and so Gilbert was left to enjoy the benefits of his new device all by himself.


But half a century on  an entrepreneurial Chinese pharmacist by the name of Hon Lik began exporting his own electronic device   And when Cigarettes where banned in public places in the UK and throughout the world e-cigarettes and vaporizers began to explode in popularity.In 2013, for example, e-cigarette's and vaporizers surged in popularity, resulting in a three-fold increase over the previous year.  Financial analysts have projected that sales of vaporizers are projected to rise to nearly 15 billion globally

Investment bank Goldman Sachs  have projected that vaporizers  are going to be one of the biggest selling products within the next few generations with sales and profits expected to sky rocket. It isn't too hard to see the  reason for this incredible growth with vaporizers offering a healthier and more efficient alternative to what we may currently be familiar with. Vaporizers allow you to receive all of the antioxidant properties of your herbs whilst at the same time avoiding some of the poisons that you might find in a traditional joint.

No longer will people have to contend with Cigarettes being smuggled in from some obscure country- at least with these vaporizers you'll know the type of products that you're going to be smoking.  In many ways vapes are at the forefront of an evolution in the smoking and herbal industry's. Over the generations, as time and machine has moved on with modern advances, one of the mainstays has been the traditional method of smoking which has seemed stuck in a time machine.  With the advent of vaporizers the savage primitive origins of smoking are  becoming more contemporary, slick, and advanced.



Vaporizers in the present day

It seems that finally smoking has gotten in sync with present day advances. Like the evolution of mankind from savage Neanderthal  to modern man, smoking apparatuses seem to be on a similar course of evolution, to something more sleek and accomplished, providing you with a healthy and nutritious shot of vapes along the way. Nowadays, having a vaporizer has become almost like a must have fashion accessory which allows you to avoid the smelly and pervasive smell of traditional methods of enjoying your herbs.

Of course, many so called health organizations have tried to state that vaporizers are bad for you, that there is chemicals in them etc, but you must take into consideration that there are vested interests at play here, these organizations are more concerned with their own revenue then they are with your health. Anyone who would be naïve enough to believe that large tobacco firms are telling the truth about vaporizers would have to be gullible in the extreme. These are the same organizations that tried to state that tobacco was good for you when thousands of people where contracting cancer.  


The truth is vaping is the cleaner and healthier way to enjoy your smoke and this fact is backed up by scientific evidence. A report published by the English Health agency  concluded that e-cigarettes and vaporizers are 95% less harmful than traditional smokes. Other experts have gone on to state that vaporizers could lead to a massive reduction in a whole host of illnesses. Once the carcinogenics of tobacco are removed from the equation then this will lead to massive overall health improvements.  

And with a huge body of evidence that seems to be building by the day which states that natures herbs are good for you- acting as an antidote to a whole host of illnesses the future of vaping seems to be very bright indeed. Lately there seems to be a rush amongst governments of the world to recognize the efficacy of herbal products in treating illnesses and this has led to legalization of the herb in many nations. Whilst there still is draconian  unfair laws in place in the UK, the fact that these herbs are proving to be indisputably beneficial, this could lead to a liberalization of the laws.   

Overall, it seems that the day of the joint will soon be drawing to a close.  Whilst there have been many memorable experiences with the traditional method it does seem that a new era is upon us where the joint will become a thing of the past. The joint will become the equivalent of a horse and cart and the vaporizer will be something akin to Lamborghini looking elegant and sleek as it speeds past all of the opposition.  The simple fact is that vaporizers are cleaner, more efficient, healthier, and overall they offer you a better value experience than from what you might receive from the traditional methods.


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