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Volcano Vaporizer is Dominating the Desktop Vape Market

Posted on Aug 20, 2019

If you're looking for a stunning looking desktop vape, then the Volcano vaporizer is a great choice. This vape is one of the top-rated in the market, and it is extremely well made, produces good quality, great-tasting vape at the perfect temperature, and is super-easy to use as well. Volcano Vaporizer Reviews Speak for Themselves The volcano vaporizer is made by Storz and Bickel, and a lot of enthusiasts swear by it as being the best vape they have ever tried. Volcano vapes come in two variations, which have different valve systems; the solid vale and the easy valve. There are also two different models; the classic, and the digit.  Most people seem to lean towards the easy system, but... Read more »

The Best Dab Pens of 2019

Posted on Aug 16, 2019

It's hard to find a great dry herb vape pen at an affordable price. There are lots of good dab pens on the market, but they each come with different benefits and downsides. Depending on whether you want ease of use, big draws, strong flavors or long battery life, the best dab pen for you could be vastly different from the best dab pen for your friends. Here is a quick look at some of our favorites on the market today.  Grizzly Originals Honey Dab Pen The Grizzly Originals Honey Dab Pen is a powerful, compact and sleek-looking vaporizer that is intended to be used with concentrates. This vape is a complete package which comes with a ceramic donut atomizer... Read more »

Why the Pax 3 Vaporizer is so Popular

Posted on Aug 14, 2019

Are you thinking about buying a vaporizer, but not sure what kind you should get? If so, then you should consider getting the popular PAX 3. If you want to find out why the PAX 3 vaporizer is so popular and why it's worth the money, then continue to read on.  Vape Quality The main reason why the PAX 3 vaporizer is a popular buy is because of the quality of vape it produces. A lot of vaporizers produces vapor that doesn't taste good or even has a burnt taste or it just leaves a nasty aftertaste. This is because the vape quality isn't that good and the mechanisms in the vaporizers aren't that good. Thankfully, this isn't the case... Read more »

Puffco Peak Review

Posted on Aug 10, 2019

The Puffco Peak is a new type of vaporizer called handheld dab rigs. They are closely related to e-nails but they are easier to use and convenient, they can be held with one hand. They combine the intensity of e-nails while still nailing the practicality and easy use of vape pens. The Puffco Peak is small enough to be handheld but it's not portable in your pocket, it is better carried in your backpack. You can easily pass it around if you're doing a chain and comes in handy. The puffco peak can be used with wax and oil concentrates.  The vaporizer is very powerful and can provide you with concentrated vapors from a small amount of concentrate. It is... Read more »

Fixing Old Vaporizer Or Buying New One

Posted on Aug 08, 2019

A vaporizer is a special device that uses heat to heat up herbs, oil or wax to provide a water vapor that you inhale. It does not produce smoke and it is good for your health over traditional smoking. Vaporizer can be used to simulate cigarette smoking but without having to burn the tobacco leaves.  This removes the tar and harmful substances that come about when smoking tobacco leaves. Vaporizers have become popular over the years and it has necessitated the need to create new designs and vaporizers for many purposes, there are many types of vaporizers like e-cigarettes, vapor pens and advanced personal vaporizer also known as MODS. A vaping device generally consists of a battery, a cartridge to... Read more »

Mighty 2 Vaporizer Coming This Year?

Posted on Aug 03, 2019

Storz & Bickel, one of the heavyweights in the vaping industry and world renowned for their pioneering Volcano vaporizer, have recently introduced a new product in their desktop vaporizer range. The Volcano Hybrid. But, will we see another portable any time soon from the guys at S&B? The Mighty vaporizer is easily considered as one of the best vaporizers around. Expertly crafted by the team at Storz & Bickel, the Mighty is known exclusively for being the vaporizer that has the nicest draw with an impeccable flavor. In early 2018, Storz & Bickel announced plans for a new portable for 2019 and 8 months into the year we have yet to hear a stir from the S&B team. However, rumors... Read more »

Introducing ViaBill to NamasteVapes

Posted on Aug 02, 2019

How does it work? ViaBill is an alternative pay solution that allows you to Buy Now and Pay Later, for purchases up to $300. You pay 25% of the price now and repay the rest over the course of four months. This gives customers greater purchasing power without any credit checks and zero-interest repayments. ViaBill pride themselves on transparency and that’s why there are no mandatory fees involved. There is no catch as the merchants using ViaBill pay fees so you can use it. For those who fear racking up debt on their credit card bills and getting a poor credit rating, it’s a real lifesaver. ViaBill conducts no credit checks in order to approve its customers. There are over... Read more »

Pax 4 - Right around the corner

Posted on Jul 31, 2019

Pax 4 - Right around the corner The world of portable vaporizers changed in November 2016 when the eagerly anticipated Pax 3 was finally released by the developers at Pax Labs. In what many have described as the iPhone of the vape world, the Pax 3 combined efficiency and functionality with style and finesse.  The improvements compared to the previous model, the Pax 2 were staggering. The clever people at PAX halved the time it took to heat up, added smart phone control functionality to allow full temperature control and also added the possibility of an extra compartment for use with concentrates. The team at Pax Labs clearly worked tirelessly to bring an innovative masterpiece of engineering. The anticipation started... Read more »

The Mighty Vaporizer VS The Ghost MV1 - Who comes out on top?

Posted on Jul 29, 2019

The Ghost MV1 and The Mighty vaporizer have a lot of things in common, to begin with they’re both on the larger size of portable vaporizers, so if you’re looking for discretion they’re probably not the way to go. On the other hand they mean business and what they lack in modesty they make up for with sheer power, excellent battery life and fantastic vapor quality. Both vaporizers provide on demand custom vaping and innovative engineering, but when it comes down to it, which one of these unreserved giants comes out on top? The Mighty Vs. The Ghost MV1 - Battle of the Beasts Design and Manufacturing Although these two products have many similarities, there’s no area that they contrast more than... Read more »

PAX 3 V Ghost MV1

Posted on Jul 25, 2019

The PAX 3 and the Ghost MV1 are two luxurious, dual-use portable vaporizers that have taken the vaporizer market by storm loved by both beginners and vape veterans alike.Both devices are built to the highest possible standard using only quality materials which allow them to deliver some of the smoothest, the coolest and refreshing draws imaginable from both dry herb and concentrates. Here we look at the similarities between the two as well as the attributes that make each device both unique and incredibly popular in the community. What is in the box? PAX 3  PAX 3 Vaporizer  1 Battery  Micro USB Cable  2 Mouthpieces  1 Extract Pad  1 Oven Lid  1 Maintenance Kit  1 Half Pack Oven  1 Multi... Read more »

What expensive vaporizers offer that cheaper ones can’t

Posted on Jul 24, 2019

Similar to cars, vaporizers will get you where you need to go. Some though, will get you there quicker and more comfortably and efficiently than others. A vaporizer is no different and you want one that can vape your flower and/or concentrates evenly and consistently through a myriad of unique temperatures so you can get the most flavorsome and potent vapor possible.Simply put, the general rule is the more you spend, the greater the vaping experience you can expect to have with regards to flavor, freshness and performance.Vaping is a long-term investment that will save you time and money compared to smoking where literally half your herb is wasted and goes up in smoke. Desktop Vaporizers The most expensive vaporizer... Read more »

DynaVap VapCap ‘M’: The Complete Review

Posted on Jul 15, 2019

About the DynaVap VapCap ‘M’ The new DynaVap VapCap ‘M’ is here, with the intent of providing high quality vapor, durability, and an all round excellent experience for the best value possible. Manufactured by the popular DynaVap - the US brand are best known for producing super small, ‘flame-fuelled’, extremely efficient vaporizers, and the new and improved ‘M’ device is no exception. Constructed from high-quality medical grade stainless steel, this product is truly durable as well as robust, not to mention it’s quirky signature industrial design. The VapCap ‘M’ brings back ritual to the act of vaping, it personifies simplicity with all the flavor and no fuss. What’s in the box? 1 x DynaVap M 2019 edition 1 x DynaVap... Read more »

Zeus Arc, Zeus Arc GT, Zeus Smite

Posted on Jul 12, 2019

What is in the box? Vaporizer USB cable Packing tool Instruction manual Cleaning materials Glass insert (ARC & ARC GT only) 2 screens (Smite only) Glass mouthpiece (Smite only) About Zeus Arsenal has created three fantastic portable, dry herb vaporizers with one to suit every budget. Each device was expertly engineered to the highest standard in Germany, the spiritual home of superior vaporizers. All three are compact, discreet, conduction based vaporizers, each with their own unique features. Both the ARC and the ARC GT will fit discreetly in your hand but the SMITE is slightly taller due to the glass mouthpiece.The ARC and ARC GT are identical in every way with the only difference being a stainless steel chamber and... Read more »

710 - Dawn of the Dabs  

Posted on Jul 09, 2019

Happy 7/10! If you have any knowledge of the cannabis world, you’re probably already aware of the term 420, and the significance of April 20th. But did know that there’s another special date in the cannabis calendar? No? Well, let us introduce you to July 10th or 710.   Don’t be too hard on yourself if you haven’t heard of this one before. July 10th has only recently become popular with cannabis-enthusiasts for reasons that we’ll get to in a moment. Specifically, this is the holiday for the connoisseur of dabs. Why is that? Well, dabs use concentrates or cannabis oils and the number 710 looks a lot like OIL, if you turn it upside down and read it backwards.  Admittedly,... Read more »

Ghost MV1 Vaporizer - The complete review

Posted on Jul 04, 2019

About the Ghost MV1 The Ghost MV1 vape is one of the hottest on the market right now and, one of the latest devices to come to NamasteVapes. It’s a portable vaporizer designed for the use of dry herb and concentrates, it has pure convection on-demand heating and what has been described as an  ‘incredible vapor’. With the creation of the MV1, Ghost have went above and beyond solving more than just performance issues. And, with the introduction of new technology and ‘ground-breaking engineering’, they have created an iconic new product. A vape so good, it’s scary... What’s in the box? Ghost MV1 Vaporizer w/Battery micro-USB Charge Cord Quick Start Guide 1 Spare Crucible w/Lid 1 Concentrate Pad 3 Picks... Read more »

FireFly 2+ Vaporizer -The Complete Review

Posted on Jul 04, 2019

What is in the box? Vaporizer 1 Battery Charging Dock USB 3.0 Cable 1 Extract Pad 3 Alcohol Wipes Instruction Manual Free App Download About The Firefly 2+ The Firefly 2, arguably the greatest portable vaporizer on the market, has just received an upgrade. Move over greatness. Hello Perfection. Hello FireFly 2+.Featuring all the qualities that made the Firefly2 renowned across the world such as unbelievable taste, incredibly fast heat up time and quality potent vapor, the makers of the Firefly2 have gone one step further by perfecting the airflow which in turn has perfected performance. Enhancements Refinements to laser drilled holes in the bowl and the mouthpiece together with new generation 3 firmware have improved the airflow by a... Read more »

Are Shine 24K gold rolling papers the real deal?

Posted on Jul 01, 2019

Luxury papers If you’re after some real deluxe rolling papers, or you just simply like being a little bit extra, then let us introduce you to Shine’s 24-Karat Gold rolling papers. They’re the first of there kind on the market and are high quality both in terms of aesthetics and quality. Apart from their classy look, the luxury papers are designed for a smooth, slow, and even burn, meaning you’ll get the very most out of this high quality product. Not to mention, you’ll be the envy of your social circle. After all, your blunt is literally covered in gold, it doesn’t get much better than this. Go gold for special occasions As you can expect Shine’s gold king size... Read more »

Review Of The Flowermate V5.0S

Posted on Jun 26, 2019

One of our most popular vaporizers is the Flowermate V5.0S and for good reason. It features a durable construction, excellent battery life, solid flavor, and cuts the cost by simplifying the control scheme. As you will discover in this review, it is an excellent choice if you are just getting started with vaporizers and at about £60, it is quite easy on the wallet. Surprisingly Good Vapor Quality You will have a hard time finding better vapor quality at this price point. The ceramic oven cools the herbs evenly while highlighting their flavor. The glass mouthpiece does a great job when it comes to cooling, if you consider the size, and ensures clean, present flavors on every draw. 3 Useful... Read more »

Here’s how and why you should be using the O. Pen Vape

Posted on Jun 24, 2019

If you have ever needed proof that sometimes the best things come in small packages, then look no further than the ‘fill it yourself’ O. Pen Vape. Ideally when it comes to portable vapes you want something small, compact, and that can be taken on the go. This device takes simplicity and ease of use to the next level. Featuring an innovative and unique concept the O. Pen allows users to create tailored oil solutions. It’s one for the vape connoisseurs who like to get creative and dabble in some mixing. It’s been designed for convenience and focus on flavor and sweet hits. How to Use the FYI As we mentioned the O. Pen is a pretty unique in its... Read more »

Can You Use a Bong Without Water?

Posted on Jun 14, 2019

Today, we’re here to answer the question, can you use a bong without water? Bongs, by definition, are filtration or purification devices used to smoke cannabis or other herbal substances. Clearly, bongs are meant to have a substance, a liquid even, which aids or helps in this filtration process. What’s a conveniently available liquid for many people? That’s right, water. In fact, bongs are sometimes referred to as water pipes, which implies that the conventional material meant for the filtration process is water. But today we have several types of bong water alternatives employed by bong users to enjoy cannabis. What does a Bong do? The major purpose of water pipes has not changed since its adoption as a means... Read more »