710 - Dawn of the Dabs  

Happy 7/10!

If you have any knowledge of the cannabis world, you’re probably already aware of the term 420, and the significance of April 20th. But did know that there’s another special date in the cannabis calendar? No? Well, let us introduce you to July 10th or 710.  

Oil Day

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you haven’t heard of this one before. July 10th has only recently become popular with cannabis-enthusiasts for reasons that we’ll get to in a moment. Specifically, this is the holiday for the connoisseur of dabs. Why is that? Well, dabs use concentrates or cannabis oils and the number 710 looks a lot like OIL, if you turn it upside down and read it backwards. 

Admittedly, it’s not the greatest origin story for a day of celebration but it could be worse. Now no one is sure who figured out this Illuminati-esque number-word correlation, some scholars say 2012 and others say different. You can check your favorited subreddits for more information. 

In any case, as cannabis extracts become legalized and normalized throughout the world the availability will only increase and this special date will similarly increase in popularity. 

Day of the Dabs

710 is a relatively unknown term that specifically relates to dabbing, which is itself a relatively recent phenomenon. If this is your first introduction to 710 then it’s likely that you’re not too familiar with concentrates in general. So today, in honor of this most sacred of concentrate days we’re going to dive into concentrates a little bit.

Let’s break this down from the start, shall we?

What is dabbing?

Okay, if you’re completely unfamiliar with dabs we’re going to have to make this as simple as possible. Stop us if we’re going too fast. To understand dabbing, you need to first understand what a dab is. Dabs are various forms of highly concentrated cannabis. Usually they are made in a process that involves butane and lots of heat and pressure. 


To ‘dab’, you have to vaporize a very small amount of cannabis on an ultra-hot surface which maximizes the amount of cannabis used and provides a far stronger, quicker high. 

For that reason dabbing can be a little dangerous which has made it something of a fringe activity for a long time. But now cannabis is coming more into vogue and being legalized in many places, including nationally in Canada last year and in more and more states throughout the United States. 

Patients who use medical marijuana are coming to rely more and more on this innovative technology as it becomes safer and easier to use. The hope is that with time more people can better understand how to use cannabis concentrates so that 710 really takes off. 

We, at Namaste think that dabbing is probably not going to be going anywhere anytime soon. Each year there seems to be a new product rising up to meet the demands of an insatiable market. It makes perfect sense, when you use dabs you only need a small bit of cannabis in order to get a phenomenal high. This efficiency is perfect for all those on a budget out there. 

Dr. Dabber Light Kit Vaporizer

Dr Dabber Light

Well if you’re looking for a solid dab pen then you could do much worse than consulting with a doctor. The doctor of dabs, no less. Dr. Dabber’s Light Kit Vaporizer is affordable, easy to use, and creates a potent aroma every time. The Light Kit is designed specifically so that it can run at lower temperatures which makes thicker and more potent vapor. Also, the titanium coils inside give off a clear and fresh tasting vapor each and every time. Added to that it’s covered by a one year warranty, so you’ve even less reason to be scared of taking the plunge into concentrates. 

Celebrate 710 in Style!

If we’ve got your interest piqued and you want to learn more about concentrates and 710 then check out our full range on the Namaste website. We stock a wide variety of concentrate vaporizers and dab rigs that will change the entire way you go about dabbing. Happy 710!



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