Airvape X Vaporizer: Your 6 Minute Review

The best thing about portable vapes is that they’re portable, right? If you wanted something huge and chunky then you’d go get a Storz & Bickel Volcano! So, it stands to reason that if portability is a plus, then the more portable the vape is, the better it is! Well, there are few vapes out there that are as compact and slim as the AirVape X

The AirVape X is a solid hybrid heating vaporizer that is so thin that it takes up about as much space as a smartphone. On top of this, it is jam packed with a host of great features that make it a dream to use. Even better, it wont blow the bank. It is on the affordable side of mid range pricing. 

It’s hard to emphasize just how good the X is for a vape of its size, so we took our time and broke down everything you’ll need to know about this vape. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to read the entire thing in 6 minutes. 

Airvape X : Answering All Your Questions about Tech Specs (and What’s in the Box)

Here’s a quick, but in depth rundown of what’s going on inside the AirVape X:

1. How much does the AirVape X cost?

Over at Namaste Vapes, we have the AirVape X for $179.99 with free shipping, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

2. What can you vape with the AirVape X?

The AirVape X is what is known as a dual use vaporizer. This means that it is compatible with both ground dry herb and concentrates thanks to the included concentrate pad. 

3. How big is the AirVape X?

The AirVape X is a seriously compact vaporizer, there are few on the market that are this small. It measures in at a skinny 4.1" x 1.85" x .48". This is truly a tiny sliver of vape technology. 

4. How much does the AirVape X weigh?

The AirVape X is also a light vaporizer, it weighs a tiny 91g, that’s barely anything! 

5. How big is the AirVape X’s oven chamber?

Of course, as a small vape the AirVape does has a smaller chamber, allowing for around 0.4g of material to be loaded in at once

6. What’s the AirVape X’s heating system?

The AirVape X uses a hybrid heating system that uses the best of both conduction and convection heating. This type of heating creates some of the best vapor quality that money can buy. Convection vaporizes herb by baking the vapor out of it gradually with hot air, this yields a dense and consistent vapor. Conduction is a lot faster, directly heating the herb. When the two are used in tandem they create dense and tasty vapor fast. 

7. Which battery does the AirVape X use?

The AirVape X uses a compact, rechargeable 1300 mAh battery. 

8. How long does the AirVape X battery last?

Despite its small battery the AirVape X features a robust battery that offers around 60 minutes of continuous vaping. The X has a seriously efficient heating system to get these results. 

9. How long does the AirVape X take to charge?

The AirVape X only takes around 90 minutes to reach full charge. It also features pass-through charging, so you can continue using it while it charges!

10. What’s the temperature range of the AirVape X?

The AirVape X has a fairly average temperature range that stretches from 200–428°F. This is pretty typical for portable vaporizers. 

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11. How does the AirVape X display temperature?

One of the stand out features of the AirVape X is its display. Many compact vapes make sacrifices to save on size and weight. One of the first things to go is usually a big display. Not on this vape!

The AirVape X has a big, clear, and easy to read LED display that lets you keep tabs on everything from the battery life to the currently selected temperature.

12. Does the AirVape X have an auto shutoff feature?

The AirVape X has a standard auto shutoff feature that can be programmed to kick in at either three or five minutes. 

13. Does the AirVape X come with a smartphone app?

The AirVape X doesn’t feature any smartphone compatibility. 

14. Does the AirVape X have a warranty?

The AirVape X features a standard one year warranty. 

1x Airvape X 1x Concentrate Pad

1x Replacement Filters 1x Cleaning Tool
1x Packing Tool 1x USB Charging Cable
1x User Manual

How Does The Airvape X Work?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or long time vape veterain, it’s always important to know just what makes a vape tick. The sheer variety of different vape designs, heating systems, and other factors across the vape industry means that there’s rarely a ‘default vape type’.

It's important to look under the hood of any vape you’re interested in, and this goes doubly for vapes that break with convention as much as the AirVape X does. So, without any further ado, let's have a look at the specifics of the AirVape X

1. The Airvape X Heating System

The AirVape X, as we mentioned above, is a hybrid heating vaporizer. This is a pretty notable feature as many hybrid vapes tend to be found in premium price categories, and more often than not, are pretty chunky. The X is not only affordable, but compact as hell too!

It helps if you think about the two main types of vape heating as though they were kitchen appliances. Convection is like an oven, it fills its chamber with hot air and gradually acts on your herb’s surface area. Conduction, on the other hand, is more like a stove, it directly heats your herb. 

The AirVape X uses both of these systems to reach vaping temperature quickly and deliver decent, consistent vapor. 

2. Loading the Airvape X

Loading the AirVape X is a pretty simple affair. To start, pull off the chamber cover. This is pretty simple as it is part of the mouthpiece and is magnetically locked in place. A bit of a tug and it should come straight off. Then, carefully decant your ground herb into the heating chamber. Make sure you don’t over pack it, as that can mess with the airflow. Then, place the lid back on and you’re ready to go!

If you want to load in some concentrate then open the chamber and carefully place the concentrate pad in. Make sure that you apply the concentrate to the pad before you load it in, it's very easy to spill and make a huge mess of your heating chamber. Trust us, that’s not easy to clean up. 

3. Turning on the Airvape X

Turning on the AirVape X is about as simple as it gets. Simply click the on/off button found in the centre of the device three times. To Turn it off, just click the button another 3 times, or wait for the auto shutoff to kick in. 

4. Setting the Temperature on the Airvape X

Airvape Temperature settings

Setting the chamber temperature inside the AirVape X is even easier than turning it on. Simply use the up/down temperature control arrows to adjust the setting to your heart’s content. Presuming your heart is content with the 200-ish degree range.

5. Hitting the Airvape X

The AirVape X has a fixed mouthpiece, so you don’t need to worry about folding anything out or putting on any attachments. When you want to take a hit, simply put the mouthpiece to your lips and take a long, slow draw. Despite its compact chamber, you can get decent clouds with the right setting. 

How’s the Airvape X Vapor Quality?

Vapor quality is one of the make or break features of a vaporizer. No matter how good its battery is, no matter how great it looks; if it can't deliver good hits, then it's dead on arrival. 

In general, the vapor quality of the AirVape X is pretty solid. It delivers decent, flavorful hits at most vaping temperatures, and is certainly up there among the best in its price range. TIs ceramic chamber and mouthpiece ensure that each hit is smooth, pure, and tasty. Despite its super-short airpath, it offers decent cooling, which is a pleasant surprise. However, while it does claim to be a dual use vaporizer, the concentrate vape experience leaves a lot to be desired.

Tips for Getting the Best Vapor Quality with the Airvape X

Good vapor quality, like anything else, is somewhat subjective. What suits one person can be a let down for another. However, getting exactly what you want out of the AirVape X is incredibly easy thanks to its clear screen and intuitive temperature controls. For a lighter, more flavorful vapor, keep that temperature towards the lower end of the spectrum. For something a bit more intense, push it up high. 

Regardless of temperature setting, getting a consistent vapor quality starts when you load the X’s chamber. Make sure your herb is ground to a medium consistency. When you’re loading the chamber, don’t over-pack it, as this can stop the heat from flowing through the herb properly. You want the air to permeate the entire chamber, evenly vaporising all of your herb’s surface area. 

Is the Airvape X Easy to Clean?

To maximise its chamber size while keeping its slimline shape the AirVape X was designed with an oval oven. This can make it a little tricky to clean. To start, empty out any material that’s in the chamber. Then, using a little isopropyl alcohol and a soft bristled brush break up any stubborn grime. Twist up some paper towel and wipe down the chamber to clear any effluence away. 

To clean the mouthpiece, use a pipe cleaner to remove any blockages.
The experior of the device only needs to be wiped down with a soft, dry cloth. 

Finally, put the vape through a heating cycle to evaporate any residual alcohol. Trust us, that stuff will RUIN your next session if you don’t.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Airvape X?

Here’s a quick run down of the best, and worst points of the AirVape X

Great LED display Tricky to clean chamber
Handy Controls It doesn’t have the most powerful battery
Magnetically attached lid Underwhelming chamber size
Rapid heat up time Plastic mouthpiece 
Ceramic chamber Can be tricky to clean

So Is the Airvape X worth It?

The AirVape X is a fantastic, powerful, and reliable slimline vaporizer. There are few units out there that are quite as compact and easy to carry as this vaporizer. There are virtually no vapes that are this compact that also offer hybrid heating. On top of this, the AirVape X has a broad, clear, and easy to read LED screen, something that vapes many times its size don’t have. Best of all, is that the AIrVape is an incredibly affordable vaporizer, lying on the cheaper side of mid range pricing. 

Who Should Buy the Airvape X?

The AirVape X is designed from the ground up for users who value portability above all else. There are few vapes out there that are as compact and discreet as the AirVape X. On top of this, there are even fewer vapes out there that offer all this discretion along with a hybrid heating system. 

If you want a portable vape that can last you all day, deliver great hits, and won’t take up much more space than an iPhone, then the AirVape X is a must. 



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