Alpha Puff All-In-One Kit - Ultimate Convenience

The Alpha Puff All-in-One was designed to be the ultimate in portable herb consumption equipment. At just 10 inches long, everything you might need for a session with a bong or joint is right inside. Completely self-contained. Not much bigger than a water bottle, any dedicated herb smoker can have most forms of smoking right their at their disposal. Instead of amassing an enormous collection of products that have to stay within your house, you can now take everything you might need on the go with you.

When the Alpha Puff says it's all in one, the really mean it too. Never worry about your favorite glass piece staying at home or rattling in your bag if you’re hoping to smoke that day ever again.

Alpha Puff All In One Bong NamasteVapes



The Alpha Puff All-In-One is very discreet, mostly because it doesn’t look anything like a bong to start with. As far as anyone's concerned it could just be a very strange water bottle because anything that might give it away is already housed on the inside. Because everything you might need is held together and it doesn’t like like anything close to a bong, it is pretty much a great grab-and-go option for people with portable needs. We’re not saying you’d take this to your office (although you might) but it may make for a fantastic addition for a hike, a camping trip or some kind of weekends festival. Taking the Alpha Puff apart, you’re going to find the mouthpiece as well as a fused bowl and down-stem. This compartment that they’re both housed in is what’ll eventually become the bongs tube. Take the mouthpiece and the bowl out, clip it back together, fill it with water, attach those pieces and you’re good to go. The whole thing could probably be set up in just a couple of seconds, but there’s so much more to this piece than meets the eye.

Under the main tube, you’re going to find a couple of extra compartments. Immediately under it is a decently sized storage compartment for your herb, while immediately under that is a plastic grinder which screws into the main body so that it can always be on hand. Also attached to the main body of the vape is a holder for your rolling papers and filtered tips so that everything you might need to roll a joint is also right there beside you. What’s more, inside the vape, built into the walls of the lower tube, is another kind of holder built for a set of three pre-rolled joints. I’m not done yet. Also built into a holder on the side of the vape is a holder for a custom lighter that comes with the Alpha Puff. All of this built into the one smoking device and with it you won’t need anything else.

Alpha Puff All In One Bong NamasteVapes

Okay, now that all of the practicalities are out of the way, we can talk about the fact that, aesthetically, The Alpha Puff All In One Kit is actually quite a beautiful model. The plastic is of medical grade and is of an incredibly high quality, so high that it doesn’t taint the smoke as it courses through the tube and it’s also dishwasher safe so very easy to clean. The only color it comes in is blue, but it’s a very nice to look at, deep blue with a very interesting flower-diamond pattern spattered along the tube. Since the bong is made of plastic, despite having so much packed into it, it’s actually very lightweight and easy to move around, even while fully packed.


Despite being the mother of all convenience, the Alpha Puff All-In-One Kit also hits like a beast. The tube of the Alpha Puff is quite wide but is also straight allowing for an even amount of smoke to collect. During the inhale, this smoke is then pressured through the much narrower mouthpiece, taking that evenly dissipated smoke and giving it one last kick. 

Alpha Puff All In One Bong NamasteVapes

The Papers and Tips

So despite being a pretty good bong, the Alpha Puff All-In-One Kit is also designed to bring convenience to the joint smokers of the world. The papers and tips they provide are actually of a pretty good quality. They can be packed well and have absolutely no burn issues when lit and the filters do a pretty good job of clearing away most of what you won't want to be inhaling. If you’re used to high end papers like RAW or Element, you won't be disappointed with these and will be constantly reaching for them throughout the day. If you run out soon (which you probably will) don’t worry as Alpha sell refills cheaply enough on their website.


The Alpha Puff knows that if you’re buying this piece, you’re buying it for convenience's sake. You want all your pieces together and you want them in the best shape possible. This is why, in the overall package deal you get when you buy this product, you will also get a handy, long, bristled pipe cleaner brush. You could definitely buy something similar to this online but the fact that they’ve included it within the kit is just one of the things that have shown they’re willing to go the extra mile.

Generally speaking, as a straight tube bong, it’s pretty easy to clean. A standard method of just isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt will probably do the trick and since there are no bubbles and widenings to worry about, you could probably clean the whole thing out very easily. On top of this, there’s the fact that all the pieces of the kit are detachable and can be cleaned separately, which is something you don’t get in a standard bong. This means you can clean two separate parts to the tube as well as the stem and mouthpiece one at a time, giving you extra maneuverability. Also, don’t worry about using the alcohol and other such solvents on this plastic because the medical grade on the build quality is so high it won’t just erode from a good cleaning.