Are Shine 24K gold rolling papers the real deal?

Luxury papers

If you’re after some real deluxe rolling papers, or you just simply like being a little bit extra, then let us introduce you to Shine’s 24-Karat Gold rolling papers. They’re the first of there kind on the market and are high quality both in terms of aesthetics and quality. Apart from their classy look, the luxury papers are designed for a smooth, slow, and even burn, meaning you’ll get the very most out of this high quality product. Not to mention, you’ll be the envy of your social circle. After all, your blunt is literally covered in gold, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Go gold for special occasions

As you can expect Shine’s gold king size papers are a little on the expensive side. With this being said, one king size gold sheet works out at only $12.50. We’re not by any means saying these are for everyday use, but if you want to purchase a few for special occasions, the price is certainly do-able. The king size papers measure around 100mm (long) X 53mm (wide), so they’re perfect for sharing and filling your joint with a little more than usual. Unlike other paper brands Shine does not create any annoying runs when burning. They are designed for a lengthier smoking experience, giving all your friends a chance to try, because you already know they will want to.

Is it safe?

As for the 24K gold leaf that covers Shine’s papers, you may be wondering whether or not this is safe to inhale. The good news is that the papers are 100% edible and the gold specks tend to burn in the ashes (yes, even your ashes will be gold). It’s also important to note that there are currently no known health risks associated with smoking edible gold. Which would explain why they’re such a big hit with the celebs...

Shine 24K Rolling Papers

For and by celebrities...

If you’re wondering where you have seen or heard of Shine’s luxury papers before, they’re a standard accessory in the celebrity world. For example you may have seen 2 Chainz using them in his cannabis smoking session featured in GQ’s web series, “Most Expensive Shit”. Another huge celebrity endorsement also came from singer Miley Cyrus who showed off the gold covered papers in her merchandise for her Bangerz Tour. It’s also worth mentioning that in 2014 rapper Tyga took on the position of Creative Director within the company.

About the company

To match the luxury branding, it comes with no surprise that Shine Papers have offices in Las Vegas, and its headquarters are based in Charles, South Carolina. The brand is recognized globally and it’s origins go back to 2013 and founder Dave D’s love of all things golden. Sitting in a London cigar club, smoking a $200 24-Karat cigar and envisioning all things gold around him, the founder soon realized that it was a luxury not everyone could afford. After a quick brainstorming session, he decided on gold rolling papers, a chance to give everyone a little taste of the good life.

Worth the dollar?

As we mentioned before Shine’s gold papers (unless you’re a pretty rich and famous celebrity) are not for everyday use, and they weren’t designed for this either. However, if you’re big into smoking or consider yourself anything of a connoisseur, they’re an absolute must on your bucket list. Even if it’s just once to tick it off! Since the brand are long lasting you will get your money’s worth. But, as the saying goes, you can’t really put a price on luxury, can you?