Arizer Air 2 - The Anticipation of Quality

The Arizer Air 2 is out, and while we wait for our models to come in, giving us a chance to bring some of the savings to you, we decided to have a serious think about what it could mean for this new vaporizer to hit the market. When the first Arizer Air came out, we recognized it for what it was; A real competitor for other portable vapes on the market.

The flavor coming out of this thing was just some of the best for its time and gave models like the Firefly and the Crafty a run for their money. We’re hoping this new Air does the same thing again, and we’re excited to see the other manufacturers reactions.

Arizer Air 2 Portable Vaporizer Namastevapes

What Can We Expect

Delicious flavor, and nothing short of it. The original Air was all about that vapor, even going so far as to sacrifice discretion for raw power, and it worked. The Arizer Air was an instant hit, with being switching to it as their go to, home session vape. We can only assume, because they’ve bothered to make a new one, that they’re ready to step up their vapor game, and we’re ready to see what they’ve got.

More efficiency and more temperatures would be ideal. They couldn’t exactly go back on technology and since they had 5 temperature settings with their first version of the air, we can only assume they’d have at least that many. If they could incorporate full temperature control while still capturing the magic of the previous model, that would be a major step forward.

The First Arizer Air

The only way to predict what kind of output this new Arizer Air 2 will be putting out is to take a look at the first Air and see what trends they started to set.

With the First Arizer Air, the heating element was ceramic which, in leading to its glass mouthpiece, led to a classic flavor combination that many vapes that came before and after it also used. Ceramics are still delicious, and there’s still a consumer base for them, but will Arizer try to switch it up and opt for something a little more niche?

Quartz have been becoming more and more popular, but we’ll have to see. The Arizer Air, which wasn’t the most discreet model on the market, was well loved for its flavor, so whatever they pick, we’ll have to assume that flavor will be their priority for now.

The build quality on the Air was fantastic, with well machined parts that slotted together nicely and remained sturdy through constant use. The plastic components were also strong and clean enough to not taint the vapor while the vape was in use. Despite being a little too obvious looking, the Arizer Air was at least very portable which was a huge bonus when it came to on-the-go vaping.

It was, at least, not too difficult to take it somewhere quiet and have yourself a vape. It looks like the latest Arizer is following the same plan because not only does it look very similar, but they’re claiming it’s at the same size as well, which is impressive.


In terms of design, the Arizer Air 2 is very similar to the Arizer Air 1, with its circular body shape made of textured, heat resistant plastic with the controls within a contoured panel on the bottom, a grated top leading the mouthpiece with the mouthpiece itself being of good quality glass.

It’s a large, sturdy model that looks like it may have a good weight to it and will no doubt pack a punch. One of the few things we have been able to confirm about the vape is that it definitely has an LCD screen just above the controls, albeit a small one.

Arizer Air 2 Portable Vaporizer Namastevapes

The controls themselves work off of a 3 button system, labelled as +, -, and m. The website also lists a whole series of commands that the Arizer Air 2 should be able to pull off, such as the monitoring of battery life, brightness settings as well as audio alerts.

It seems clear that the m button, which no doubt stands for Menu, will help you cycle through all of these functions, while the + and - buttons will be there for scrolling through different options. Everything from temperature to an auto-shut off timer seems to be controlled here.

Despite temperature having a menu setting, we’re unsure whether it has full temperature control or if it’ll just have set temp settings, but if the latter turns out to be the case, we can at least be sure that it’ll come with enough temp settings to give people a good, varied, vape. After all, the original Air did come with 5 heat settings, so they should have at least that many.

Arizer Air 2 Portable Vaporizer Namastevapes

We’re predicting great flavor from the Arizer Air 2, and it looks like that’s just what we’re going to get. Arizer Air 2 are marketing the new vape with what their calling an “Isolated Air Path” which could suggest elements of convection heat, as well as an all borosilicate glass pathway to keep that vapor pure.

Again, we’re hoping at the very least they keep the ceramics as the chamber and heating element, but if they’d like to switch it up for a new flavor, we’re more than happy to give it a try, as long as it’s up to the same standards.

What Might Be Different

We haven’t gotten our hands on the Arizer Air just yet, but looking at Arizer’s website and detailed descriptions of the vape, it’s clear Arizer are going all out to take this vape to the next level. The Arizer Air 2 also lists having several extra’s that sound like they’re designed to improve the flavor.

Firstly, they list their mouthpieces as “Aroma Tubes”, but whether or not that’s just a name has yet to be seen. We don’t know at this time if there’s something about them that’ll increase the taste. What may very well bring a new layer of flavor to the vape is the inclusion of a glass botanical dish in the set. Flavor dishes are a new piece of vaping technology that only has been in some of the smarter, more recent models.

Essentially, they lie within the vape and become partially vaporized, adding its flavor to the vapor, giving it an extra twist. Of course, calling it a botanical dish could also just be a fancy way of saying concentrates jar, which is not as rare or as unique as the flavor dish, but just as welcome. Ideally the Air 2 will be able to vape concentrates as well, but we’ll have to see.

Arizer Air 2 Portable Vaporizer Namastevapes

What We’re Hoping For

I guess, when it comes down to it we’re only looking for a few things. The first is that we’re looking for a faithful sequel. Something that takes everything the first Arizer Air did and takes it to a new modern level. Secondly, we’re looking for the vape market to be shaken up a little.

The DaVinci IQ did a fantastic job of raising the bar, and if this Arizer Air 2 is half as good as it’s looking, than the other companies will need to catch up. It’s been 3 years since the Mighty was released. 2 years for the Firefly 2, and the Pax 3 was released just under a year ago. Hopefully the Arizer Air 2 is good enough to kick off another cycle of great vaporizer releases, because if the others don’t catch up, Arizer might just take them over.


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