Arizer is one of the biggest names in the vaporizer industry, they have pioneered some of the best features in the portable vape scene. So vaporizers under their name have some pretty serious expectations attached to them. Everyone is familiar with the Air and Solo vaporizer, however, not as many know about the Arizer Go or ArGo. This is a terrible shame because this is one of the best devices Arizer has ever designed. 

Arizer is a giant of advanced, portable vaporizers, and the ArGo is a testament to their expertise and knowledge. It is a super compact and powerful vaporizer that packs a shocking number of high-quality features into such a small frame. A combination of hybrid heating and glass components allows it to produce the sort of vapor quality that the Arizer name is famous for. 

How Does The Arizer ArGo Work?

1. Heating System

The ArGo is a true stand out vaporizer, as it was one of the very first vaporizers of its size to incorporate both conduction and convection methods into its heating system. This means that any herb in its chamber is subjected to both direct and indirect heating, leading to a denser, more potent, and more powerful result. 

When the ArGo came out, this was practically unheard of, with hybrid vaporizers being much chunkier and less portable than it was. Even today, finding a hybrid heating system that offers the incredible results of the ArGo is a rare sight. 

2. Loading The Arizer ArGo

Loading the Arizer ArGo is a little different from many other vapes of its type. Instead of opening a herb chamber and decanting your botanicals in, you instead remove the glass mouthpiece/airpath. This is called an aroma tube, and you load it by simply pressing it into some pre-ground herb and twisting it. Then, you slot it back into the device, and you're ready to go!

3. Turing on The Arizer ArGo

To turn on the ArGo, hold down the menu and plus button for six seconds. This will activate the device and begin a heating session. 

4. Temperature settings

The Arizer Go has an incredibly precise temperature control system that allows you to get the precise vape experience that you want. The temperature range goes between 112℉ and 428℉, allowing you to get the very most out of your vape session. Adjusting this couldn't be simpler, all you need to do is press the plus button on the face of the device to increase the temperature, or the minus to decrease the temperature. The LED display allows you to easily see exactly what's going on inside your device.

Build Quality

Arizer is well known for the incredible quality of its devices. The ArGo is no different, it is a portable and compact vaporizer that sacrifices none of the Arizer quality of resilience to save on space. It is so small, measuring in at a minute four inches long, it can easily fit into the palm of your hand and be stored in any pocket or bag. 

Within this compact body, there is an incredible amount of power. The hybrid heating system offers vapor quality that puts divides several times its size to shame. When it comes to resilience, the ArGo has that in spades, making it a perfect everyday carry device. It's hard plastic and metal body that can more than stand up to the day-to-day rigors of the life of a portable vaporizer. The metal and plastic finish allows the Arizer Go to effectively dissipate heat, so overheating won’t be an issue.

What Makes the Arizer ArGo Stand Out?

Arizer is renowned for its groundbreaking devices that all have incredible, stand-out features. So when it comes to the ArGo you won't be surprised to find out that it has a lot that sets it apart from the competition. The first thing you'll notice is its incredible, compact size. Its four-inch long body is compact enough to make it the ideal everyday carry device. 

The hybrid heating system inside the ArGo allows users to enjoy the power of both conduction and convection heating working together. Conduction heating applies heat directly to the surface area of your dry herb while convection gradually heats the air surrounding it. Both have their advantages, however together they produce some of the best, density, and most potent hits that electronic heating is capable of.

Despite this small size, the ArGo also features a comprehensive control scheme and a dry full LED display. There are portable vapes double the size of the Go that don’t offer this level of intuitive control. 

The mouthpiece, airpath, and chamber of the ArGo are composed of a special glass tube called the flavor chamber. This makes lading your device a breeze, as all you need to do is push it into your herb and twist. The glass construction also ensures that your vapor is smooth, pure, and untainted by any reactive materials. 

What's In The Box - Kits & Accessories

The ArGo is a comprehensive kit that offers everything you need for a great session along with a plethora of accessories and maintenance. The first thing you'll notice in the kit is the device itself, measuring at only four inches long this is a seriously compact device. Next, you'll find the 18650 battery, a powerful and long lived battery for its size. To keep this battery charged, the kit contains a USB charger. Next, you'll find the glass aroma tubes, the kit contains two of these. Next, you'll find the silicone stem caps. This helps protect the glass mouthpiece when the vaporizer is in storage or when you're transporting it. Following this, there's a handy belt clip carry case if you want this device as an everyday carry. Finally, the last component is a stainless steel stirring tool that helps you clear out the herb chamber and tamp down the herb in your aroma tube. 

How's The Arizer ArGo Vapor Quality?

Thanks to some clever design and its incredible hybrid heating system, the Arizer ArGo has a truly striking level of vapor quality. The first major contributing factor to this is the glass aroma tube that serves as a mouthpiece, airpath, and as part of the herb chamber. This cools your hits and thanks to its non-reactive nature, your vapor is untainted and true to its authentic flavor. 

This works in tandem with the hybrid heating system which heats the entire surface area of your herb, leading to efficient, dense, and tasty vapor. The level of flavor of the ArGo is striking and very satisfying. Depending on your herbal blend of choice, you may have a hard time getting big, potent clouds, but the quality is there and it is very consistent for anyone who takes the time to find the ideal temperature settings. 

  • Tips for Getting Best Vapor Quality With Arizer ArGo

As the Arizer ArGo uses convection heating, it is best to grind your herb to a medium-fine consistency. When you pack the aroma tube, ensure that you don't tamp it down too much, you have to ensure that air and heat can still fully permeate all of the individual herb particles. 

Is The Arizer ArGo Easy To Clean? 

Thanks to the glass aroma tube system, the Arizer ArGo is incredibly easy to clean. As the tube is the main component that comes into contact with your herb, it is also the part that requires the largest amount of maintenance. To clean it, simply remove it from the device, and steep it in isopropyl alcohol. Then, remove it and gradually wipe away any buildup or grime. Then, set it aside to dry. Using a q-tip wetted with a small amount of alcohol, carefully reach into the device and wipe out the rest of the herb chamber. 

Reassemble the device and put it through a test heating cycle to ensure that all of the alcohol has fully evaporated before use. 

Pros and Cons of Arizer ArGo



Compact Size

No Smart Phone App

Hybrid Heating

Short Airpath

Aroma Tube

No Dual-Use Functionality 

Is The Arizer ArGo Worth It? 

The Arizer ArGo is one of the finest hybrid portable vapes below the premium price bracket, on top of this, it is also one of the finest hybrid vaporizers for its size. Devices as compact as the ArGo are rarely capable of offering this level of vaporizer quality. Overall, while it is a few years old, the ArGo is an incredibly portable device that is ideal for portable vape fans on a low to medium range budget. 

Who Should Buy Arizer ArGo

The Arizer ArGo is the perfect vaporizer for anyone who wants a super-portable, super compact device that doesn't sacrifice any quality, performance, or controls. This is the perfect device for beginners and intermediate users alike, offering a staggering range of temperature options, amazing vapor quality, and the type of efficacy that will serve you well for years to come. There is a reason that so long after its release the ArGo is still one of the finest hybrid drives on the market. 

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Who Should Not Buy Arizer ArGo

If you're a concentrate fan or if you want a device that has a level of dual-use functionality, then you'll be disappointed by the Arizer ArGo. It is from a time when the industry focused nearly entirely on the dry herb to the exclusion of all else. Also, if you like devices that are jam packed with modern features like bluetooth and smartphone functionality then the age of the ArGo will disappoint you. 

Conclusion - Overall Rating

The Arizer Go is a truly compact and portable vaporizer that offers users a discreet device that doesn’t sacrifice any vaping power. It’s incredibly precise and easy to use control system works in perfect harmony with its hybrid heating system, creating some incredible power. There are so many interesting and handy features on the Argo, as the adjustable brightness on the LED display, that we couldn't fit it all into one review. Though it is a few years old, there are very few devices in its weight class that offer the same incredible features and level of quality. 

FAQ - Answering all your questions about tech specs (And What's In The Box)

Q1: What Is The Best Temperature Setting For The Arizer Go?

The Arizer Go has a broad range of temperature options, however, if you're still learning how to use it, it helps to have a set temperature to become accustomed to. 

Generally, you want it to hover around the 380F setting. This creates a reliable amount of vapor for most types of botanicals. 

Q2: What Is The Arizer Go Cooling Stem?

The ArGo Cooling Stem is a special type of aroma tube that is specially designed to increase the amount of cooling your hits are subjected to before they reach your mouthpiece. It does this by having special glass divots that increase the amount of glass surface the hits have to cross, increasing the overall amount of cooling. This step can be slipped into your dry herb as easily as any other aroma tube. 

Q3: Can I Replace The Arizer Go's Battery?

The ArGo's battery is removable and can be replaced. However, be sure to only use approved Arizer batteries to avoid voiding your warranty.



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