Arizer Extreme Q Guide

The Arizer Extreme Q is a vaporizer tailor made for sessions with friends and provides a truly pleasant experience for those of us out there who have always felt that desktop vaporizers are responsible for the ultimate experiences with dry herbs. As popular as portable vaporizing pens have become, there is nothing like the reliable effectiveness of a desktop vaporizer. 

The Arizer Extreme Q is fairly affordable as well; if the Volcano is the blueprint by which all other desktop vaporizers tend to orbit around, then the Arizer has passed that test with flying colors, giving an affordable, but highly efficient and reliable option to consumers out there seeking a fun diversion without breaking the bank. 

With a wide variety of temperatures, easy controls, and remote control functionality, you may be eager to get started on the Arizer in earnest. Read below for our quick guide for the Arizer after you have consulted the handbook for assembly. 

Parts Checklist and Heating Up

Ensure your Arizer has the following:

  1. Whip with glass end and adapter
  2. Two Cyclone Bowls
  3. Two bags with glass end piece and o-rings
  4. Mini whip for bags
  5. Remote control
  6. Power adapter
  7. Herb dish
  8. Stirrer
  9. Extra glass end pieces
  10. Extra screens

Once you have verified that all of the parts are present, it is time to get started, and these instructions will be for the device itself and not the remote control. 

Hit the power button to start toggling with the heat. The initial session should be around 390F, but if you want, you can go higher for maximum clouds and vapor. The red light will remain on during the preheating process and then turn off when ready. 

Grinding Your Herbs

You will want to make sure you do not overload the cyclone chamber with chunkiness or an amount too intense for it, as you will not get a very good effect or a consistent level of quality hits. Fill up the chamber about halfway, making sure to not. 

The Whip

Connect the glass end of your whip to the bowl to take hits from the whip, which gives you a nice long dragged out hit for maximum experience.

extrme q whip

As you inhale, the herbs are moved around within the bowl and remember to do a medium inhale so that your vapor does not come out too thin and unsatisfying.

Use the remote’s fan feature to assist if you are having trouble in this arena, since it will assist with moving the dried herbs around inside the bowl. 

The Bag

The bag is a great option if you want a slightly different and equally effective experience. Make sure to load the cyclone just as described above.

Attach the mini whip to the cyclone, then the bag mouthpiece to the mini whip. Turn the fan on to a normal flow, maybe a couple of levels, and let the bag fill up, making sure to not overdo the vapor since it’ll parch your throat if you inhale the vapor that’s been in the bag too long of a time.

Once you are satisfied with the amount of vapor in the bag, detach the bag making sure to cover the hole with your finger, then inhale and enjoy. 

For cleanup, turn everything off and do a clean sweep of the bowl for debris and grime. Do this while the machine is warm, but be mindful of the glass parts which will be very hot. 

Calibrate For A Personal Experience

You will have to have some trial and error moments with the Arizer Extreme Q. Play around with packing styles, temperatures, and how fast or slow you feel like going. Remember, lower temperatures and softer draws will get you the flavorful high, while high temperatures and longer draws will give you massive clouds and a nice experience. 



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