Arizer Extreme Q Review - A powerhouse desktop device

Desktop vaporizers have long been considered the true aficionado's way to enjoy vape experiences. A larger vaporizer means more sophisticated heating systems and longer, uninterrupted sessions. However, a major barrier to entry is the sheer cost of many desktop devices. 

This locks a lot of people out of an incredible way to enjoy their dry herb

The Arizer Extreme Q is the ideal introduction to the desktop scene, allowing beginners and those on a budget to enjoy all the perks of desktop vaping without breaking the bank. Its larger build and external power supply allow the Extreme Q to generate more potent and powerful vape sessions that put many portable devices to shame. On top of this, it features a handy remote control that means users can adjust their vape experience from the comfort of their couch. 

The Extreme Q is among the older vapes on the market today, does it hold up to modern standards? Let's take a look!

What's Included - Kits & Accessories

The Extreme Q's kit is jam-packed with components and features. The core of the box is dedicated to the Extreme Q itself along with its glass cyclone bowl, remote control, and power adapter. The kit also includes an aromatherapy dish, this isn't compatible with dabs, it is intended for use with scented oils. 

Following this, you can find the Extreme Q's whips and mouthpiece, these include a three food-safe silicone whip and an all-glass mini whip. Also included is a balloon with a frosted glass mouthpiece. Finally, the less glamorous stuff includes spare screens, a stirring tool, and the owner's manual. 

It's rare to see a modern kit packed with this many features!

What makes the Arizer Extreme Q Stand Out?

Just because the Q is considered a desktop vape doesn't mean that it's an unwieldy device. Arizer gave priority to the Q's heating system, which is powerful, consistent, and perfectly designed for extended sessions or sharing with friends. 

A stand-out feature of the Q is the remote control. While these days bluetooth connectivity is a fairly common feature, when the Q was released it was practically unheard of. The remote allows users to activate the device and adjust its temperatures from the comfort of their couch. 

It also allows users to control the internal fan, which can be used in conjunction with the balloon system for vape sessions away from the device. 

FAQ’s - Answering all your questions about tech specs (And What's In The Box)

Q1: Can You Do Dabs With Arizer Extreme Q?

The Extreme Q can only be used with ground dry herb 

Q2: Does the Arizer Extreme Q Come With Bags?

The Extreme Q comes with 2 balloons with frosted mouthpieces that fit perfectly on the vaporizer.

Q3: Does The Arizer Extreme Q Smell?

Everything that works with dry herbs has a certain level of aroma. However, unlike combustion-based methods which generate cloying smoke, the Q generates vapor. This quickly dissipates and doesn't sink into fabrics.

Q4: What Temperature Should I Set My Extreme Q Vaporizer?

This is often down to preference. Users who like a smooth and flavorful session will prefer lower temperature settings. Those who like dense and powerful clouds will prefer to turn the device up to the higher end of its spectrum. 

Q5: How Much Herb Can The Q Vape Hold In Its Chamber?

The cyclone bowl of the Q can hold up to .50g of dry herb.

How Does The Arizer Extreme Q Work?

1. Heating System

The Extreme Q has a convection-based heating system that works concurrently with the vape's glass cyclone bowl to generate dense, consistent, and smooth vapor. 

2. Loading The Arizer Extreme Q

The glass cyclone bowl can easily be removed from the rest of the device. This makes it easy to carefully decant your ground herb of choice into it. When it is packed, place it back onto the Q and you're ready to go!

3. Turing on The Arizer Extreme Q

To activate the Extreme Q, simply press the power button on the face of the device, or use the included remote control to activate it. The red light on the face of the vape will begin to glow, indicating that it has begun a heat cycle. 

4. Temperature settings

The Arizer Q's temperature settings can be adjusted either with the controls mounted on the face of the device or with the remote. The LCD display lets you know exactly what's going on inside the device, allowing you to make ultra-precise adjustments. 

5. Hitting the Arizer Extreme Q

There are two main ways to take hits from the Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer. The first is by using the silicone whip to draw directly from the cyclone chamber. This is a comfortable and intuitive way to draw from the device and is perfect for solo use. The second method is to engage the fan, and fill a plastic balloon with vapor/ This can then be detached from the device, and carried around. This allows users to enjoy a vape experience without having to stay by the rest of the Extreme Q. 

How's The Arizer Extreme Q Vapor Quality?

The Arizer Extreme Q uses a convection heating system. This means that the best way to improve your vape experience is by putting a little thought into the grind consistency of your herb. A medium-fine grind that is loosely packed is perfect, this is because it allows hot air to easily permeate the entirety of the cyclone bowl. This leads to a denser, more potent vapor. 

Is The Arizer Extreme Q Easy To Clean? 

Despite desktop vaporizer's reputation as being for more advanced users, the Arizer Extreme Q is a simple device to maintain. This is mainly down to the removable cyclone bowl. When you want to clean it out, simply remove it from the rest of the device and carefully clean away any grime with isopropyl alcohol and a soft-bristled brush. 

Pros and Cons of Arizer Extreme Q



Affordable Desktop Vaping

Difficult to store

High-Quality Convection Heating

No Dual-Use Functionality 

Remote Control

Lacks Some Modern Features

Is The Arizer Extreme Q Worth It? 

Aside from being a cheap introduction to the world of desktop vaporizers, the Extreme Q is all-around incredible value for money. It is a versatile and consistent vape that offers a truly amazing level of vapor quality. Its cyclone bowl and whip system are an intuitive and leisurely way to enjoy dry herb, allowing users to enjoy extended, relaxing sessions from the comfort of their couch. 

If you prefer to share, then the balloon system offers you an easy way to enjoy a potent vape session with several friends. Regardless, the remote is a handy way to have full control over your session, without having to rush over to the device every time you want to make a small adjustment. Though it is a few years old at this point, the Extreme Q is a wonderful device that is more than worth its asking price. 

Who Should Buy Arizer Extreme Q

The Arizer Extreme Q is a must have device for anyone who is considering dipping their toe into the world of desktop vaping. It offers an incredible experience at a price that will fit into nearly any budget. 

It also has a lot of the features you can expect from more premium quality desktop vapes, allowing you to get a preview of what you might eventually move onto. If you have the space and like your sessions long and uninterrupted, then the Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer is for you. 

Who Should Not Buy Arizer Extreme Q

The Extreme Q is a device that demands space. As the name might suggest, this device requires a desktop to work on, and an AC outlet to supply power to it. If you prefer something smaller and more discreet, then the Q isn't for you. 

Furthermore, if you like to carry your device around as you move from one place to the next, then you'd be better served by a compact portable vape with an internal battery. 

Conclusion - Overall Rating

Desktop vaping offers a huge range of advantages that a portable unit can’t, and if you’re curious, the Arizer Extreme Q is one of the best possible places to stop. However, it is so much more than training wheels for your journey into the world of desktop vapes. It is a high quality and incredibly versatile vaporizer that offers a mind boggling array of different vape experiences. On top of this, the remote control is perfect if you feel yourself getting a little lazy mid session. You can control the device from the comfort of your couch.

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