Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer : The Arizer Standard of Desktop Vapes

The Arizer Standard of Desktop Vapes

Arizer are one of the biggest name in vaping, they are the equivalent of Apple or Nokia in the vape market. Of course, for anyone familiar with their products this will be no surprise; their products are practically peerless. They have set the gold standard for portable vaporizers with the Arizer Air and Arizer Solo, and for many companies this would be enough. Not for Arizer, they are like blood-starved wolves, but instead of craving meat they crave excellence in vaporizer design.

So, naturally they created one of the best desktop vaporizers on the market; The Arizer Extreme Q.

Remote Controlled Vaping  

The Arizer Extreme Q is unique among desktop vaporizers because it has a remote control that lets you control every stage of your vape experience. It allows you to activate your vape so it will be fully heated and ready to use when you need it. You can easily adjust the temperature of your Extreme Q without having to get up from your couch. If convenience is a high priority for you, then you're going to love your remote control.

LCD Display

The Extreme Q has a big, LCD display that shows you exactly what's going on inside your vape's chamber. It is clearly backlit, so you can easily read it from across the room, this combined with the remote control, means that you can enjoy an entire vape experience without getting up from where you're beached on the couch.

Temperature Setting

Like any quality desktop vape, the Extreme Q has a broad temperature range that allows you enjoy vaping temperatures anywhere between 50°C – 260°C (122°F – 500°F). Using the remote control, you can completely personalize the chamber's temperature to suit your own particular vaping preferences. The level of precision is incredible, you can fine tune your temperature setting in one-degree increments. To help you fine tune your temperature even further, the Extreme Q is equipped with a battery of high-quality heat sensors.

Triple Heat Sensor

The Extreme Q features a triple heat sensor that allows the vape to provide a more even dispersion of heat within its chamber, leading to thicker vapor with less waste. This sensor also feeds info to the LCD display, giving you moment-to-moment feedback on what exactly is happening in your vape, allowing you to adjust accordingly.

Fan Setting

Last, but not least, the Extreme Q vaporizer has a high-quality fan that can push the vapor into the air path, allowing you to vape it. The fan speed will directly affect the quality of your draw, the slower the fan is, the thicker the vapor will be, and the faster, the thinner. To adjust the quiet and three-speed fan, press up and down button on the control panel or remote.

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