Arizer Solo II vs Arizer Air II - The Battle of the Portable Arizers

Arizer Air 2 Vs Solo 2 - Which is the Best

When people think Solo 2 and Air 2 they automatically think Arizer, which is correct, but this comparison isn’t like comparing you and Snoop Dogg at rapping, this comparison is more like comparing you and your best friend. You’re basically the same person but you might lack some skills where he shines and vice versa, it happens. This is what is happening with the Solo 2 and Air 2, but I’m going to break down the comparison with these headings. 

  1. Battery life / Charge life
  2. Easy to use
  3. Portability
  4. Vapor Quality
  5. Build Quality
  6. Temperature

Battery life / Charge life

When I’m looking to buy a new Vaporizer the main feature I want in a Vaporizer is a good battery and a quick charge time. The Solo 2 has 3 hours battery life which is great because it will last around 20 sessions, the down side of the Solo 2 is the charge time which is 3 hours. However, the Air 2 only has a 90-minute battery life which isn’t great but then again it has a removable battery, so you could be charging one battery while using the Air 2 that’s if you buy a spare battery and its well worth the purchase.

Winner – Air 2. The only reason why I’m saying Air 2 is because of the removeable battery, its so convenient to have and use.

Easy to use

This is a tough one as the Air 2 and Solo 2 are very similar in terms of how easy they are to use. Both vaporizers use the same method on how you pack the vaporizer.

Winner – I’m going to say its draw considering how similar the vaporizers are in terms of touch and feel!


When I think of a portable vaporizer I think of something that’s a nice compact size that I can throw in my pocket, throw in a backpack or even when I’m going to the beach I can throw it into my beach bag. Both vaporizers are that! You can carry them in your pocket, backpack and even on your belt! Both Vaporizers come with a belt holder which is super handy even if you don’t carry a backpack and want more run in your pockets.

Winner – 100% a draw, because both devices are so similar.

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Vapor Quality

If you’re like me and you like to see loads of vapor during your vaping session, the Solo 2 does not only provide big clouds, it also provides a fantastic flavor. With the Air 2 the clouds are as filling as the Solo 2, but after a few drags I felt the vapor getting stronger.

Winner – The title for this one goes to the Solo 2. 

Build Quality

For me a perfect build quality is, how comfortable is it in your hand? Is there a bit of weight to it? Both vaporizers felt the same in my hands, although the Air II is 90 grams heavier than the Solo 2. The Air 2 weights in at 300 grams while the Solo 2 weights in at 210 grams.

Winner – The only reason why the Solo 2 wins this is because I prefer a lighter vaporizer when I’m carrying it around from place to place in bag.


Both vaporizers have roughly the same temperatures, they both start at 122°F and the Air 2’s max temperature is 392° while the Solo 2’s max temperature is at 410°F. I'd recommend the Solo 2 for people looking for a medicinal vape session due to the higher options and enjoyed testing it

Winner – This is definitely a draw for me. It was nice having the option of higher heats with the Solo 2 but I enjoy a lower vape temperature. To each their own though, this is personal preference!

Overall Winner

The overall winner in my opinion is the Solo II and it didn’t win by much. Although the Air II has fantastic features, the Solo II has similar features but preforms better while doing them. I have no complaints about any of the two vaporizers! Is it worth upgrade from the Solo and Solo 2? Personally, it would definitely be worth the upgrade, the Solo 2 out performs the Solo is every way, shape, and form. If you’re new to the Arizer family I would highly recommend both vaporizers.

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