Arizer Solo 2 Vs Davinci IQ

The DaVinci IQ is discontinued and replaced by the DaVinci IQ2 ! We do still offer some of the Davinci IQ accessories. Other Davinci vaporizers can be found on their collection page.

The vaping industry is getting more and more competitive by the day, with several innovations and advancement in technology. Vaporizers are becoming more like robots rather than just the conventional devices for heating herbs or concentrates. 2017 has recorded a tremendous success in the vape industry and personally I see 2017 as a break even point for vaporizers, as manufacturers of vapes are proofing to be on top of their games on any product they offer to the market.

The Arizer is one of such companies that have proven to be reliable, innovative and consistent in the production and delivery of quality vapes that always top the list of ‘the most wanted vaporizers’ in the industry.

The Arizer shocked the vaping industry and the world at large when its second solo series that is the Arizer Solo II dropped into the market, it was as if a bombshell dropped in the industry and believe me ever since its arrival to the market, things really changed for other vaporizers in terms of patronage and fame.

The Davinci IQ can be said to be a big brother to the solo 2 but I would emphasize that this notion should be strictly based on the fact that the DaVinci IQ saw the light of the day before the solo 2. DaVinci IQ is a contender vape and believe me it has been a nightmare to vaporizers like the Pax 3, Mighty, Crafty, Firefly 2, Haze 3 and many other top ranking vaporizers.

This article or write up intends to place the Solo 2 which is a new and trending vape side by side with the IQ a quite new and outstanding vape, while hoping to reach a final verdict of who slayed it. Let the showdown begin.

Just a brief overview of these two lovely vaporizers before we lodge into an in-depth comparison session. The Arizer solo 2 was manufactured by Arizer a Canadian vaporizer company in 2016 and it is a portable dry herb vaporizer which succeeded the solo 1, the solo 2 incorporated several thrilling and innovative features in its design which made it outstanding not only in the Arizer family but in the vaping industry at large.

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The DaVinci IQ as the name implies is an intelligent vaporizer manufactured by DaVinci and it succeeded the DaVinci ascent, a vaporizer that ruled its world for quite a while before giants stepped into the arena. The DaVinci IQ today is one of the top ranking vapes in terms of purity of flavors while staying true to advancement in technology.

This comparison session is really going to be an interesting one indeed, so brace up so that you don’t get stuck with awe.

Vaporizer Design

The Arizer Solo II is a very compact and sleek vaporizer and in its nature, is comfortable to hold and amazing to behold. It is more discrete and sleek than the solo 1 and it is also light weighted, meaning it can be used everywhere you go. The solo 2 featured an all- in- glass vapor path way which is the most recommended air way technology today because it helps to maintain an optimal level of vapor quality.

The Arizer build quality depicts /portrays reliability and durability. The Davinci iq on the other hand is also a quite compact vape weighing about 5 oz. while having a height of 3.54”. the IQ is sleek in design, fashionable in appearance and can easily be slid into the pocket. The IQ features a zirconium vapor path, a ceramic material that is known for strength and a high degree of finishing.

Therefore, the vapor produced from the IQ heating chamber is pure, clean and tasty. Overall, the design of the solo appeals more to the majority and the all- in- glass vapor pathway is no exception.

Vaporizer Technology

The Arizer solo 2 is a dual heating system vape, that is it operates on both conduction and convection heating methods and features a full digital temperature control system with temperature levels ranging 122 F to 428 F. most amazingly is that the solo 2 can attain maximum temperature in 28 seconds. Quite commendable I must say. Also, added to the tech of the Arizer solo 2 is an improved battery life so you can go on 3 hours continuous vaping.

The DaVinci IQ on the other hand vaporizes herbs uses conduction heating methods and possess same battery life of 3 hours like the solo 2 while having a temperature range of 250 to 430F which can be optimized with the IQ smartApp which gives users full control of the device. Also, featuring 51 LED display on the exterior wall of the unit, the IQ slayed the solo in terms of overall vaporizer tech.

Vapour Quality

The davinci iq offers a commendable and to be realistic a more perfect vapor quality than the Arizer solo 2 and this is because of the 360 degrees’ conduction heating and the zirconia inspired oven which is incorporated into its design. The solo 2 on the other hand features an all-in-glass vapor path which is not restricted thereby enhancing quality vapor delivery. The precise temperature control of the solo 2 contributes to its improved and consistent vapor quality.


The Arizer solo 2 certainly proved its worthiness in quality vapor, style and technology but it never would want to show any disrespect to his big brother in the industry that is the davinci iq, especially when it comes to temperature control and of course vapor quality. Overall, the Arizer solo and the DaVinci IQ are good quality vaporizers, it all depends on what you want in a vaporizer.

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