Black Mamba Vape: What you need to know about the best budget Vape

The Black Mamba Vaporizer is an excellent choice if you are someone who wants a high value, low cost, immense vaporizer. A number of cheap dry herb vaporizers are completely annihilate the delicate herbs, either giving too little vape or clouds of acrid smoke. Just because The Black Mamba Vaporizer is a cheaper option than a lot of its competitors this does not mean it is any less capable of beating these competitors. This review is here to tell you why.

Black Mamba

In the box

Black Mamba Vaporizer x1

Glass Mouthpiece x2

Metal Filters x2

Packing Tool x1

Cleaner Brush x1

Tweezers x1

Charger (USB) x1


Enough goodies to allow your machine to work efficiently in a variety of situations.

Out of the Box

This is a cool looking vaporizer, with its black teardrop shape and sleek lines, it isn’t immediately obvious that it is a vaporizer, so there are bonus marks for discretion in this case. It is the perfect size to which it can fit comfortably in your pocket. Designed only for dry herb vaporizing, the chamber can hold up to 0.65g of product, an enormous chamber for the size of the device. This is clearly a device for social occasions with a bowl that size, providing enough vape for an extended session but also for lengthy solo sessions. Pack the chamber with delicious herbs and head out for the day, it will keep you entertained for those couple of hours.



5 preconfigured temperatures, ranging from 180°C to 220°C. This is a reasonable range that gives the user the choice of taste over affect or effect over taste. Having this range is helpful for getting the maximum out of the dry herbs in the chamber.

Heat Up Time

One of the best things about the Black Mamba Vape is that it heats up in less than 30 seconds. Not only is it discreet but it can have you vaping in no time. This quick speed is very competitive, especially at the price the Black Mamba is being offered at.


The chamber is made of ceramic and heats via conduction. This requires a stir between every hit or two, which is standard for a small conduction vape. The chamber is easily accessible and can contain a mighty 0.65g of finely ground herbs. If you can manage to polish all that off in one session, you are doing well. The chamber seems to work best if it is completely full, the quality can be variable if the chamber is not full to the brim, presumably because it cannot reach an even heat.

Battery Life

From a full charge, you can expect about 60/90 minutes of pure vaping time from this device. That is after 3 hours or so of charging via USB. 60 minutes is generally enough for a few days’ regular use and is reassuring to those who like to take their vapes on epic journeys. This device has lasting power.

Weight and Size

This machine weighs in at 190 grams, so it is not insubstantial. It is certainly light enough for pocket use. It measures in at 14.5cm by 4.6cm by 2.7cm.


As mentioned above, it does not look like a standard vaporizer, the design is tidier and sleeker.  However, it is heavier than some rivals but not by much. This is a fantastic cheap device with a discreet overall appearance.


By using just one button, the user can select the temperature setting and turn on and off. This is very simple and intuitive. Packing the chamber is easy and the parts all fit together well. The on board LED lights indicate the temperature settings and whether the device is up to temperature. The teardrop shape makes it a very comfortable gadget.


The outer case is made from tough plastic. The mouthpiece is also made of plastic, though it connects to the all-glass vapor pathway that gives excellent cooling qualities. Nothing cools like glass, it has a very low heat conductivity. It gives a pure flavor and heat insulation for short cooling pathways.

Construction Quality

For such an affordable device, it is well made. It is lightweight and has tightly milled joins. Many other vaporizers in this price range have lower quality standards for construction, making them unreliable. There are a lot of reviews on the internet attesting to the solid build and long-term reliability.

Vapor Quality

The vape is consistent, as long as the bowl is packed full and stirred after a hit or two, and it is remarkably thick for a portable vape. It is safe to say that nothing in this price range offers a vape that is as tasty, thick or consistent. The range of temperatures are all well placed for getting rich terpenes and flavors at lower temps also thick and full vape at higher temperatures. The combination of the ceramic conduction chamber and the all-glass cooling pathway is hard to beat. It all works extremely well together, a user might be forgiven for thinking this was a vape that cost substantially more.


This is a super simple device, so it cleans easily as well. Remove the mouthpiece, clean with warm, soapy water and dry well. The chamber just needs a brush occasionally.


The Black Mamba Vape comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty.


An unbeatable choice for the vapers looking for a quality vape at a low price The Black Mamba Vape is the one for you. The Black Mamba Vape could be twice the price and still be a decent vape for the price. The vapor quality is exceptionally high. It gives pure, clean and flavorsome hits again and again. This device’s design and overall look is exceptional, it is in competition with devices that are at a much higher price rate. The fast heat up time and long battery life only add to the amazing deal the Black Mamba vape presents.



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