Bound To Boundless

Boundless Vaporizers are a company that are constantly impressing people with their amazing vaporizers. They manufacture powerful convection or hybrid heated models but at an incredible low price for the customer. People really have no idea how they do it. Their delicious and produce clouds that are at the quality of a high market device. For you’re looking for something as powerful or as tasty as say the Mighty or Crafty by Storz and Bickel but you don’t have that much money to drop on a single device, then don’t worry because a Boundless is arguably just as good but at a fraction of the cost.

What we’ve got here is a breakdown of the main Boundless line of CF vaporizers, which are their most well known and some of their most affordable models. Check them out to see if one of these amazing models are for you. Also at the end we have a breakdown of the new Boundless Tera which is set to be released in our stores any day now.

Boundless CFX

The Boundless CFX is a delicious convection vaporizer that is as powerful as it is affordable. Hailed as the poor man’s Mighty vaporizer, this amazing device is nothing to really turn your nose at. It has everything you could want in your new, personal, go-to vaporizer.

Boundless CFX Vaporizer USA

Let’s breakdown exactly what make this vaporizer so good. Straight away you have a convection heat that’s backed by a small conduction element for that little boost of efficiency. This element is built into the side walls of the vapes chamber so you’re still getting a pretty even heat. The chamber is also made of ceramic, which is the most popular build material for adding flavor to your vape. The outer shell of the vape is made of a good quality plastic and the design is reminiscent of the Mighty. It has a swivelled mouthpiece at the top, a square, tablet shape as well as an LCD screen at the bottom in which to read all of the vapes information. The screen, which is usually just a throw away accessory designed to show the temperature, is surprisingly clear and encourages you to tweak with the different levels the vape is capable of. This, of course, leads us to the fact that The Boundless CFX is capable of full temperature control which is a well loved luxury for serious vapers who like to tweak and test their perfect vape down to the degree. This vaporizer has a pretty could heat up time, only taking at most 1 minute which isn’t too bad for a vape of this size.

The only area really where this vape is lacking is in its portability and stealth. For a portable vaporizer it’s quite large. It won’t fit into your pocket so your only option really is a bag. What’s more, it’s super obvious, so if you’re hoping to use it, it better be somewhere quiet. Overall it’s an amazing vaporizer that handles your herbs well. You might find better flavors and power from other, higher brand names, but at this price you’re definitely getting more for less.

Boundless CF

If the Boundless CFX is the affordable Mighty, The Boundless CF is the affordable Crafty. Wielding the same Hybrid heat as the CFX, The Boundless CF aims to be even cheaper and a lot more portable than it’s bigger brother. Consistent and easy to use, the Boundless CF costs a lot less than most other highly reviewed vapes on the market, but is a hell of a lot cheaper.

Boundless CF Vaporizer USA

In terms of flavor, it’s a lot like the CFX. It’s true that this vape is quite a bit smaller, but they mostly saved room by cutting out the full temperature control and OLED screen functions. Instead, what you’re left with is 5 preset temperatures that start at 355F and ends at 415F, with a difference of 15F degrees making up each of the other settings. The bowl is quite large and can easily fit half a gram to enjoy for a full sessions, and trust me, with the kind of amazing vapor you’ll be working with, you’re going to be enjoying those long sessions. In terms of flavor and density, The Boundless CF is similar to the CFX and is almost as good as the Storz and Bickel models. There’s a little more conduction involved with the hybrid heat than you’d like, but considering how fast and energy conservative the vape is, it’s a good trade off.

Boundless CFC

The Boundless CFC is the teardrop shaped, super-portable vaporizer from Boundless Vapes. Using the same technology as the rest of the greater CF line, The Boundless CFC was forced to sacrifice quite a lot of power in exchange for it’s amazingly convenient shape. The Boundless CFC Conduction Vaporizer puts out some amazing and flavorful clouds.  It's efficiency and taste is of enough quality that you should really consider this model as your next go-to vape. It's so fast, vapes your herbs up incredibly well and doesn't skimp on the flavor thanks to its ceramic chamber.

Boundless CFC Vaporizer USA

The Boundless CFC is incredibly small with dimensions 110 x 40 x 55. The vape has a teardrop shape that allows it to slip into your pocket much easier, and with the matte black body with ridges running along it acting as grips, it’s also very comfortable to hold. The power and efficiency behind the vape is pleasantly surprising for its size and price. You can easily get 60 minutes of continuous vaping off of a single charge, which of course leads to a lot of mini sessions throughout the day. Perfect for a personal vape. The Boundless CFC is the kind of quality you hope your portable vaporizer would be. It’s small, light, ergonomic and at this price you really can’t turn your nose up at it.

The Boundless Tera

The most recent Boundless portable model release and a vast improvement on their old, full convection model, the CFV. The Boundless Tera takes what Boundless knows about convection heat to the next level. NamasteVapes also recently just got this vaporizer into our warehouse and we’re preparing to bring it out on all of our worldwide stores.

Boundless Tera Vaporizer USA

Let’s check out what kind of power the Tera is packing. So, the temperature range on this device is going to peak at a reasonable 446°F (230°C), but the fact that this vaporizer can reach these temperatures in just under 45 seconds is what’s really exciting us. You have full control over this temperature range with an OLED screen placed just above the mouthpiece. The vape also comes with a USB charger as well as removable batteries so, as long as you give everything a good charge, the vape won’t be letting you down anytime soon.

The build quality is exceptional and Boundless have continued their tradition of using only the best materials. You’re looking at a body made of food and science grade plastic as well as anodized aluminum. The chamber has increased in size, now being able to hold roughly 0.7 grams of well ground material. The vape retains the swivel mouthpiece as the other vapes held, but has a larger base to it that dramatically assists in airflow. All in all it’s an incredibly well made vaporizer that should be heavily considered as one of your next purchases when it is available.


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