Bringing The Best To You latests from Pax Labs and Latest Price Cuts

Pax Labs isn’t done with us yet! 10 months ago, Pax released their latest smart vaporizer, the Pax 3, which was immediately welcomed in with open arms by the vaping community for it’s delicious and efficient vapor production as well as its small, discreet shape. Pax are dedicated to bringing the ultimate vaporization experience to the consumer with innovative and premium models.

Now, Pax have brought out a couple of deals that’ll really bring down the price of their vapes, the Pax 3 and the Pax 2 while also offering a few more bonuses along with it. With the release of these new price cuts, you can expect to see our prices go way down in the near future as well, so make sure you keep coming back to see if getting your hands on one of the worlds best portable vaporizers is worth your time.

History of PAX Labs and the Best US Portable Vaporizer

Pax was originally founded in 2007 by two Stanford design program graduates and are right now based in San-Francisco. That kind of know-how has lead to to some effective, beautiful and superior vaporizers that have been dominating the portable market since the Pax 1 was created.

The success story of PAX 2 lead to new King of the vapes PAX 3

The Pax 3 vaporizer, also sometimes called the “Apple of Vaporizers”, is the vape that has kept Pax Labs in the game for the past year, being one of the most sought after portable models on the market. The Pax 3 is an innovative and high quality portable dry herb vaporizer and has several new and upgraded features and hardware upgrades.

Outstanding features of new vaporizer from Pax Labs

This handheld vaporizer may look quite similar to its successor; however, it has been completely redesigned from the bottom right up to the top. Some of these impressive new features include a massive increase in the heat up time, The Pax 3 Vape can now reach its full temperature in a remarkable 15 seconds. Also, the new Pax Vaporizer is compatible with a smartphone App which will allow you complete control over the Vape including temperature control and LED lights.

The Pax 3 Vaporizer has over twice the power of its predecessor which showcases just how innovative this portable vape really is. Also, another massive improvement with The Pax 3 Vaporizer is that it is now compatible with Concentrates thanks to the inclusion of the Pax concentrate oven insert. Never be stuck again with the Pax 3 Dual capability Vaporizer!

Pax Labs 2 3 Portable Vaporizer NamasteVapes

The Pax 3 Complete Kit and Regular Kit

Now that The Pax 3 vape has been out on the market for a while, Pax are splitting the old regular box the vape came with into two so that they can be sold at two different price points. This will make it a lot easier for the average stoner to now afford one of the markets most revered top of the line vapes. Both of these new kits are being referred to as the Complete Kit and the Device-Only Kit.

The Device-Only kit is as exactly as it says. All you’re pretty much getting is the vape itself with a 10 year warranty, a charger, a maintenance kit and 2 mouthpieces. This kit comes at a drastically reduced price than before, making it even easier than ever before to own yourself a Pax 3 vape.

The Pax 3 Complete Kit is their new collection, which not only features the amazing Pax 3 and everything that comes with it in the Device-Only kit, but also includes a multi-tool, a half-pak oven lid, a protective pouch and 3 replacement screens.

The new complete kit comes with all of these extra’s, but at the same price that the old Pax 3 offer was at, making this the perfect, affordable, luxury item. If these new extras and accessible prices weren’t enough for you, they’ve expanded the amount of colors The Pax 3 can come in to 4, with each being available with no change in cost.

NamasteVapes - The Pax 2

Even though the Pax 3 has been out for sometime, people are still buying up Pax 2’s because of the quality of the vape when it first came out. It was so much more than the Pax 1 and, even though ti’s not as advanced as the Pax 3, people are now treating them as a great portable budget vape to buy up. So sleek and sexy, you can take it anywhere and never have to worry!

Pax 2 features still attract many vaporizer lovers in US

Perfect for a portable session! And with that brushed aluminum body, it’s not just a vape but a piece that really sets the tone for your smoke. Very low maintenance. It’s also much smaller, lighter and thinner making it one of the most discreet vapes currently on the market.

So, what are the guts of the machine like? The Pax 2 uses a deep, stainless steel chamber that is in a slightly different shape than the previous model which stimulates air flow.

The Pax 2 also performs very well, bringing out consistent flavor every time and its functionality is making it one of the higher end portable vapes today. The mouthpiece is no longer a curved and obvious, but has been replaced with an elegant little vent that mechanically retracts so even as you get ready to draw, there’s nothing really on the vape that informs of what it really is. Not everything needed to be fixed however.

What’s great about the Pax brand is that they were onto something from the beginning, but just improved. It still has an internal accelerometer to determine battery. A battery which, by the way, now goes on much longer and charges through a magnetic USB port! It also kept the LED lighting to inform you of heat and settings.

Pax Labs 2 3 Portable Vaporizer NamasteVapes

The Pax 2 Simple Solution Kit

The Pax 2 also received a massive price cut with the release of the new Pax 2 Simple Solution Kit. Pretty much everything is the same from the old Pax 2 kit, although the warranty has been dropped from 10 years to 2 years, but you also get a charger, a maintenance kit and 2 mouthpieces at a greatly reduced price.


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