Can You Use a Bong Without Water?

Today, we’re here to answer the question, can you use a bong without water? Bongs, by definition, are filtration or purification devices used to smoke cannabis or other herbal substances. Clearly, bongs are meant to have a substance, a liquid even, which aids or helps in this filtration process. What’s a conveniently available liquid for many people? That’s right, water.

In fact, bongs are sometimes referred to as water pipes, which implies that the conventional material meant for the filtration process is water. But today we have several types of bong water alternatives employed by bong users to enjoy cannabis.

What does a Bong do?

The major purpose of water pipes has not changed since its adoption as a means of smoking herbal substances and this purpose basically remained to provide a smooth, cooled and, of course, filtered smoke which is easy on the lungs.

This invariably implies that there might be implications when water is not present or utilized in a bong. Now this brings us to our topic title which is “can you use a bong without water”?


Do not expect a direct answer to this question simply because of a saying “different strokes for different folks”.

It is quite a crazy idea to attempt a question with another question. This is a contemporary norm in our society today and obviously I would be found guilty of this norm because that is the approach I intend to use in the cause of answering the question on our timeline now.

Does the water in the bongs really help?

This question has a direct and straightforward answer which we will tell you without dragging things out. That answer is - Yes.

This is because bong water aids in filtration and purification of smoke and also helps in cooling down the resulting smoke in order to make them easy on the lung. Some studies have shown that using a water bong reduces the presence of acrolein and acetaldehyde from the smoke, both of these are extremely toxic to the user.

Can using a water-bong lower the THC?

This is a question for the canny cannabis user, because, in fact, using a water bong has considerable implications for consumers. Some research has suggested that because THC is not water-soluble, when cannabis passes through water there is a high likelihood that the THC presence will be lowered overall.

Now this study found that overall the majority of cannabinoids did, in fact, pass through the water unimpeded, and some of the ones that didn’t make it through were actually quite harmful. Sp that’s some very good news right there.

Are bongs for everyone?

Like anything, using a bong or water pipe isn’t for everyone. Some consumers won’t want to manage the upkeep of a bong or might be worried about using bad tasting water. Some people enjoy a bit of harshness to their inhalations in the same way you know a good mouthwash when it stings your gums. Different strokes for different folks.

On a final note, bongs can be used without water but it is in no way different from having to burn a joint because you are being hit directly with the harshness that comes with it, which can be very intense if you’re not used to it. Plus there are the abundance of carcinogens which won’t be taken out in the filtration process.

If you don’t mind doing a little bit of maintenance work and would enjoy clear highs from smooth and cool smoke that’s arguably free from harmful toxins and carcinogens, then a bong might be for you.