Cheap Vape Pens | Are They Worth It?
There are many cheap vape pens out there in the marketplace that can offer users some excellent value. Of course, some vape pens vary in quality, but if you know the right place to look you most definitely will be able to get your hands on a top class device and all without breaking the bank! 

Just because you're looking for a cheap vape pen this doesn't automatically mean that you'll have to sacrifice when it comes to quality. Many of the more expensive vape pens come with a large reputation but ultimately many fail to live up to their billing. I've lost track of the amount of times where I've purchased some supposedly high quality, premium vape pen and the device was a complete disaster.

A huge portion of the more expensive brands promise users the sun, the moon, and the stars, but end up delivering dirt.  In this blog I'll attempt to show you why cheap vape pens are a realistic option for people on a budget and I'll also show why cheap vape pens may be the way to go even if money isn't an issue. I've also assembled a list of relatively cheap vape pens that I feel will offer you tremendous value not only in the pocket, but in terms of overall performance.

What Are Vape Pens

Vape pens are also known as vaporizer pens and vapor pens are some of the smallest vapes you can get in the world. The devices where made in the same fashion as a cigarette, but overtime they've evolved into their own particular niche. 
The devices are usually powered with a tiny battery that is screwed inside an atomizer which is connected to a heating system. 

In comparison to desktop vaporizers, which are big and bulky, with a vape pen you'll be able to receive your buzzes no matter where you are. If there is one  area where vape pens stand out it's portability and ease of use. No matter where you are you'll be able to utilize the very best of vaping technology.

Why Use Vape Pens

One of the reasons why people are switching to vape pens is because they are convenient and better.  How the pens achieve overall service is by ensuring that your herbs are heated up to a certain level where vapor is produced and combustion is avoided. The pens accomplish this via two methods- conduction technology and convection technology. Conduction is where vapor is produced when your herbs come into contact with a heating element and convection is when vapor is produced when hot air is blown towards your herbs.

Both methods have their pros and cons, but many manufacturers are beginning to use convection technology because of the increased control over your vaping session. Now, that's not to run down conduction which still has its merits, it's just that convection is becoming more popular. With some of the more elite level machines, they can incorporate both convection and conduction which will result in you getting the best of both worlds. Vaporizer pens can be packed full of wax, oils, or dry herbs- depending on what your preference is. Some devices just perform well with their oils and some with your herbs, it all depends on the particular device. Below you will find a list of a number of cheap vape pens that I feel you should be getting your hands on.

The Dr. Dabber Ghost Vaporizer


The Dr. Ghost Vaporizer is an excellent quality vaporizer that performs superbly well when vaporizing oils. Whilst the Ghost wouldn't exactly be called one of the cheap vape pens- I think it offers great value when you take into consideration the performance of the overall product. The titanium atomizer is one of the most effective atomizers in the world delivering supreme hits with the click of a button. A 5 click mechanism helps to preserve battery life for a long duration and a one-button activation makes it a very simple and easy device to operate.

One of the real benefits of purchasing the Ghost is that the vape comes with a whole host of handy accessories- such as a spare atomizer, mouthpiece, battery, aromatherapy tool, and USB charger. The benefits of having all of these extra goodies are that you'll always have a ready-made back up in case of an emergency.

Dr Dabber Light Kit Vaporizer


The Dr Dabber Light Kit Vaporizer is a machine that is designed to run at low temperatures and produce the maximum level of herbal transfer. This vape has the capacity to give users a superior vaping experience and at a superior value. The Light Kit utilizes titanium coils that purify your vapes to the perfect level to produce a fresh, clean and consistent vape. This machine comes equipped with a whole host of handy extras such as a longer lasting battery life that outstrips most of the units out there.  Unlike many other pen vaporizers, you won't have to be continually recharging and using new batteries the Dr Dabber is a vape that is set to last the course. Included with the Dr. Dabber an extra atomizer, USB charger, shatterproof container, and a very handy user manual which will guide you every step of the way. As far as cheap vape pens go you can't go far wrong with the Dr. Dabber Light Kit Vaporizer.

The G Pen Vaporizer


When it comes to high-quality cheap vape pens you can't do much better than the G Pen Vaporizer.  This vape pen even has a sexy feel and look about it and its performance more than matches its looks. The G Pen is designed by the legendary GrencoScience and on this occasion, the masters have excelled themselves. This Pen is discreet, convenient, and extremely portable. Offering an easy loading system and a simple one-click button mechanism that will have you vaping in a matter of seconds.  The G Pen stands at only 5 inches in height and will easily slip into the palm of your hand.  To load the pen just put your concentrates into the G Tank, place your cartridge into place, insert mouthpiece and your G Pen will be ready to rock.

One of the things the G Pen is renowned for is the high quality and consistent vapor that the vape produces and you most certainly will not be disappointed when it comes to vape quality.  You should always try and make sure you G Pen is cleaned regularly as this will ensure the best functionality.  In particular, you should try and clean the screw heads with alcohol solution as this will ensure the proper electric conduction is transferred into the device. The G Pen is one of the cheap vapes pens, but a cheap vape pen that comes with superior performance.

The Snoop Dogg G Pen


The Snoop Dogg G pen brought to you by GrencoScience is a discreet, portable, and highly effective vaporizer. This machine primarily functions using dried blends and performs superbly well in the process. The Snoop Dogg is easy to load and very simple to operate producing elite level vapor with the click of a button. All you have to do to get Snoop Dogg operating is press your finger firmly on the button whilst drawing and you'll be rewarded handsomely. 

The machine's weight in at a tiny 5 inches and so is one of the most pocket-friendly vaporizers in the world and comes with a whole array of extras in case of an emergency, extras like A charging kit, glass sleeves, 3 cleaning brushes, a mouthpiece and a battery. All of these extra parts ensure that your experience with the G Pen is complete. When it comes to cheap vape pens you can't go too far wrong with the Snoop Dogg G Pen.

The KandyPens Slim Kit


The KandyPens Slim is the ultimate cheap vape pen providing some unforgettable vaping experiences that will last a lifetime. The Kandy pen can fill oils into its chamber providing unmatched buzzes, and unmatched value when it comes to cheap vape pens. 

A wickless technology feature ensures that the vapor flows freely and purely with each draw that you take. I've found that pound per pound that there aren't many vape pens that can match the Kandy for overall quality and vapor production. The vapes that this little baby produces are consistent, aromatic, and utterly delicious and will certainly have you coming back for more and more. 

When you purchase a KandyPen it will come equipped with a USB Charger and 2 empty applicator bottles. The price that the KandyPen comes on offer at is quite simply astonishing and if you're stuck for cash look no further than the Kandy Pen Slim Kit.

The Grizzly Honey Dab Pen


When the Grizzly Honey Dab Pen hit the marketplace people where astonished at the vapes level of performance. The Grizzly is a pen that is pushing the boundaries in terms of vaping evolution and technology. This machine is designed for herbal enthusiasts who focus on concentrates and delivers a powerful performance that won't forget anytime soon.

The vapes come equipped with a variable voltage battery, a ceramic donut, and superb quartz atomizer. The beauty about the atomizer is that it can connect to mods and batteries if you so wish.  If you're looking around for some cheap vape pens you can't go too far wrong with the Grizzly Honey Dab Pen.


As I'm sure you're well aware of by now there are loads of devices out there, but if you want to get your hands on cheap vape pens that are of the highest quality you should be prepared to shop around. There no point in looking around the place like a headless chicken trying to aimlessly get the best pen for you- what you must do is gather as much information as possible before you make that big decision.

Things that you should always factor into the equation is what type of substance your herb pens work best with. For example, if you only intend to use dry herbs well then you should get a vape pen that performs well with this type of material. Similarly, if you only intend to use oils you should get a vape that has good reviews with oils. One of the big things that you should factor into the equation is what type of budget you have- because there are varying levels of prices when it comes to pen vaporizers.

Some pens go for around 20$ and some mid-range value pens go for around 60$ and even at the 60$ level I would still consider many of these pens tremendous value. Like I've already alluded to, just because a vape pen comes with some hefty price tag it doesn't necessarily equate into that pen being a top quality device.

Many of the best pens I've come across have a low level and mid-level price range. One particular vape pen, which shall remain unnamed, cost me an extortionate amount of money and the damn thing didn't even work and then when it did the vapes had the most disgusting aroma and taste imaginable.

Overall, I have to say that you can't go too far wrong if you buy from the list that I've provided above.  In finishing, all I have to say is, that you should get out there, get shopping, and get some cheap vape pens that will give you pleasures that will last a lifetime.