Storz & Bickel Crafty Plus: Your 6-Minute Review

So, you want a portable vaporizer, but not just any portable vape. You want to get your hands on the best portable vape that money can buy. You do a bit of research and you stumble upon German vape giants Storz & Bickel and their flagship Mighty vaporizer. Its powerful, its easy to use, and offers some great vapor quality. There’s only one problem, it’s huge. While it is technically portable, its far too chunky to fit into your pocket. 

Are you doomed to make the choice between something that you can fit in your pocket and something that can deliver the Storz & Bickel vape experience of your dreams?

No, Because the Crafty Plus exists.

The Crafty Plus takes everything that’s good about the Mighty and condenses it down into a device that’s nearly half the size and weight. Don’t worry, this is so much more than a “lite” version of the Mighty. Remember, Storz & Bickel are expert engineers. They don’t make any sacrifices that they don’t make up for elsewhere. 

Some would even argue that the Crafty Plus is actually a better vape than the Mighty. Heresy! Or is it?

We’ve put together a simple, easy to read, and succinct review that lets you know everything you need to before making your mind up about The Crafty Plus. All we need is six minutes. 

Crafty Plus Vaporizer: Answering All Your Questions About Tech Specs (And What's In Th2 Box) 

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most common questions people ask about the Crafty Plus Vaporizer:

1. How much does the Crafty Plus cost?

At Namaste Vape, you can get your hands on a Crafty Plus vaporizer for $278.90. We’ll even throw in free shipping and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

2. What can you vape with the Crafty Plus?

The Crafty Plus is mainly designed with a focus on dry herb vaping. However, it comes bundled with drip pads that turns it into a dual use vaporizer. They are designed to allow you to use oil and wax based concentrates, too! 

3. How big is the Crafty Plus?

The Crafty Plus is a smaller version of its big brother, The Mighty. It makes a few minor sacrifices to battery life, and in its control system to fit into a much smaller form, measuring in at 4.3” x 2.2” x 1.3”. While this isn’t the smallest vape on the market, it allows you to enjoy Storz & Bickel vapor quality in a much more portable package.

4. How much does the Crafty Plus weigh?

Thanks to a smaller battery pack, the Crafty Plus is nearly half the weight of the Mighty. At 5oz, it is a comfortable weight for an everyday carry vaporizer. 

5. How big is the Crafty Plus’ oven chamber?

No sacrifices have been made in the Crafty Plus’ herb chamber. Like the Mighty it has a max capacity of .25 g of dried herb. 

6. What’s the Crafty Plus’ heating system?

The Crafty Plus uses Storz & Bickel’s world famous fusion of conduction and convection heating systems. Often called hybrid heating, it offers a range of advantages over other heating systems. We’ll get into what that means in a little bit. 

7. Which battery does the Crafty Plus use?

The Crafty features a 2900mAh rechargeable battery. 

8. How long does the Crafty Plus’ battery last?

The Crafty Plus offers around 40 minutes of continuous use on a full charge. This is a robust and reliable battery life that makes it ideal for frequent, short sessions throughout the day, or longer uninterrupted sessions when you want to relax in the evening. 

9. How long does the Crafty Plus take to charge?

The Crafty Plus has a pretty speedy charging time of around 90 minutes. On top of this, it also features pass-through-charging. This means that you can keep using it as it charges, a must have feature for any vaporizer!

10. What’s the temperature range of the Crafty Plus?

Don’t think that the Crafty is simply a more limited form of The Mighty. While some sacrifices have been made for portability, it is just as powerful as its big brother where it counts. It features the same massive temperature range that stretches from 104° F - 410° F. You can select from a number of preset temperature settings, or choose your own using the handy Storz & Bickel smartphone app. 

11. How does the Crafty Plus display temperature?

One of the features of the mighty that didn’t make the cut to the Crafty Plus is its display. Instead the Crafty features a much simpler system of indicator lights. At least, on out of the box. If you connect it to the Storz & Bickel app you get access to a display on your phone that puts even the Mighty’s incredible screen to shame. 

12. Does the Crafty Plus have an auto shutoff feature?

The Crafty Plus features an auto-shut off feature that kicks in at around 2 minutes. This can be adjusted up or down on the smartphone app to suit your own preferences. 

13. Does the Crafty Plus come with a smartphone app?

Yes! In many ways it seems that the Crafty Plus was designed for use with the Storz & Bickel app. It opens up a whole world of extra functionality. Its a must-download in out opinion.

14. Does the Crafty Plus have a warranty?

Every Crafty Plus comes with a 2 year manufacturers’ warranty from Storz & Bickel (assuming you bought your device from a reputable vape shop, that is). 

Crafty Plus Vape: What's In The Box

Crafty Plus Vaporizer 1x USB Cable
1x Set of Spare Seal Rings 3x Spare Screens
Concentrate Pad 3x Small Coarse Screens
Safety Manual Dosing Capsule
Cleaning Brush Instructions

How Does the Crafty Plus Work?

It’s only natural to wonder how a new piece of technology works when you first come across it. While the name ‘Vaporizer’ may give you a window into how the Crafty Plus operates, it still leaves a lot of questions unanswered. So, let’s break down the main aspects of the Crafty+, and see exactly what makes them go! 

1. The Crafty Plus Vaporizer Heating System

If you know anything about the vape scene, then you know that Storz & Bickel are a big, if not the biggest name out there. They dominate every aspect of the vape market with incredible vaporizers that sit high on the Wishlist of nearly every vape fan. This is entirely down to their incredible hybrid heating system. Usually, vaporizers have to choose between one of two types of healing system: Conduction or convection. Conduction works like a kitchen stove, it directly heats the surface area of your herb. Convection, on the other hand, works like an oven. It heats the air in the vape chamber and gradually bakes the vapor out.

The Crafty Plus takes the advantages of both of these methods. It has a super-fast heat up time, courtesy of its conduction elements, but also creates incredibly dense and potent clouds thanks to its convection heating systems. This, combined with Storz & Bickel’s technical expertise, results in vapor that no other vape on the market, desktop or portable, can rival. 

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2. Loading the Crafty Plus

The Crafty Plus is a breeze to load up. The lid of the chamber also houses the mouthpiece, simply lifts away to expose the herb chamber. Then, all you need to do is carefully decant your dry herb in. To get the most of the Crafty Plus, treat it like any convection vape: Grind your herb to a medium consistency, don’t over pack it or tamp it down too much.

You want to make sure that hot air can flow through your chamber, heating all of your herb’s surface area. When it comes to vaping concentrate, simply apply your concentrate to the drip pad and place it into the chamber. It’s best to avoid adding the concentrate after the pad is already in the chamber, the risk of spilling it is pretty high and it can be tricky to clean up! 

3. Turning on The Crafty Plus Vape

While it doesn’t have the same comprehensive control scheme as the Mighty, the Crafty Plus is still easy to use. Out of the box, the Crafty Plus features a single button control scheme. To activate it, hold down the power button for a few seconds. The Crafty Plus features a vastly improved heat up time over its previous iteration. It’ll be ready to go in around 30 seconds! This can vary depending on the heat setting, but you can be sure that you won’t have to wait too long for your first drag. 

4. Setting The Temperature On The Storz & Bickel Crafty Plus

Using the onboard controls, you can cycle through three default heat settings by holding down the power button. These settings offer a lot, but let's be real, more choice is always better. If you connect the Crafty Plus to its smartphone app then you unlock a vast spectrum of different temperature settings. This opens up any setting between 104° F - 410° F, allowing you to control to a single degree!

5. Hitting The Crafty Plus Vape

Much like the Mighty, the Crafty features a swivelling piece that folds over for easy storage. The Crafty Plus offers a direct draw, this means that you can take hits directly from the chamber. Don’t worry, this sounds technical but what it really means is that you can take hits from it just like you would from more traditional forms of herb smoking. Don’t forget, this is a Storz & Bickel vape, the vapor it produces is going to be potent!

How's The Crafty Plus Vapor Quality?

Crafty Plus In Hand

This is a Storz & Bickel vape. Storz & Bickel are the Beatles of vape design and on top of this, they’re the Metallica of powerful clouds. The hybrid heating system inside the Crafty Plus produces vapor that is clean, tasty and smooth. Not only that, but the Crafty Plus produces some of the biggest clouds on the market. It's hard to overstate just how good the Crafty Plus’ vapor quality is. If you consider yourself an aficionado, then this vape is a must.

Tips For Getting The Best Vapor Quality With The Crafty Plus

No matter what your personal preferences are, you can get your dream vape experience out of the Crafty Plus. If you like your vapor super-sparse so you can enjoy your herb’s distinctive flavor, then keep the temperature low. The Crafty Plus goes as low as 104°F, so if you want to keep things mild, then there’s few vapes that can beat this. 

However, if you want to push your vape to the limit and enjoy clouds that make the skies of Ireland look clear, then push that temperature up high. This will result in a harsher hit, but the clouds will be super big and potent. Regardless of your temperature setting, the first step in getting great vapor quality is in how you pack your vape. A medium grind that isn’t over packed will expose more of your herbs surface area to the heating system, which will naturally result in more consistent hits. 

Is the Crafty Plus Easy to Clean?

The Mighty has a bit of a reputation for being pretty tricky to keep in ship shape. Thankfully, this is another detail that the Crafty Plus has managed to solve. To clean the Crafty you’ll need a few supplies: some isopropyl alcohol or cleaning solution, alcohol wipes, a few q tips and maybe a soft bristled brush. Cleaning the chamber is easy thanks to the fact that the lid of the Crafty entirely lifts away. Use a little alcohol and some wipes to clear away any grime. More stubborn patches can be broken up with the soft brush and a little elbow grease. The Mouthpiece can be cleared of any grim of blockages with q tips dipped in alcohol.

Every so often, you’ll need to go beyond standard maintenance and do a deep clean. In the Crafty Plus, this means opening up the cooling unit, as over time, this can be the site of some serious build up. Remove the top of the Crafty and carefully detach the mouthpiece from the unit. Then, using the stirring tool or a toothpick, lever the blue o-ring away from the rest of the component. Then, remove the cap lock by sliding it back and pulling it away.

After this, the two parts of the cooling unit should separate easily. If you’ve been through a few sessions then you might notice a lot of build up here. Remove the o-rings and screen found inside the cooling unit and set them aside. After all of this, soak the plastic components in hot water and gently scrub it with a little isopropyl alcohol. 

Allow all these components to dry before reassembling them and placing them back onto the Crafty Plus. A word of warning, make sure that you put the Crafty through a test cycle before you load it. This will ensure that any left over alcohol will evaporate away. Trust us when we say you don’t want to be inhaling alcohol fumes. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Crafty Plus Vape?

Here’s a quick breakdown of the major advantages (and drawbacks) of the Crafty Plus :

Pros Cons
Compatible with dry herb and concentrates Somewhat Expensive 
More Compact Design Still Among the Larger Portable vapes
Incredible vapor quality Reduced Battery Life
Rugged and durable Not especially discreet
Solid warranty Requires Phone App For Full Functionality 

So is the Crafty Plus Vaporizer Worth It? 

The Crafty Plus is cheaper than many other Storz & Bickel vaporizers. However this is a relative term. Don’t forget that this is still a premium vaporizer and it has a distinctly premium price tag. That said, if you have the budget, the Crafty Plus might be one of the best vaporizers you can spend your money on. You could argue that despite the sacrifices that were made to make it as compact as it is, it is in many ways a better vaporizer than even the Mighty. It features the exact same heating system, and so long as you use the smartphone app, you’ll be getting the exact same level of functionality.

Speaking of the heating system, the sheer vapor quality produced by the Crafty Plus is worth the price of admission all by itself. We are talking seriously thick clouds here. There are few vapes out there that can rival it, and most of those are Storz & Bickel vapes themselves. 

While it is smaller than the mighty, the Crafty Plus is just as robust. 

Portable, powerful, and long lasting. What more could you want?

Who Should Buy The Crafty Plus?

Thanks to its price tag and some of the expertise that is needed to get the very most out of it, the Crafty Plus isn’t a beginner vape. If you are making your first forays into the vape scene, maybe try out something a little more basic. However, if you consider yourself a vape veteran with a real penchant for great vapor quality, then look no further.

Short of springing for the desktop-based Volcano, you won’t find a vaporizer that gives you this level of control over your vape experience. Of course, there are a few downsides, the lack of an onboard screen can be a deal breaker to some, and the occasional deep cleans can put many off. However, if you’re serious about vaping, then get yourself a Crafty Plus ASAP. 

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