Crafty Plus Vs Firefly 2 Plus Vaporizer Comparison

Ask anyone in the vape industry and they’ll tell you that the brand to beat is Storz & Bickel. These German vape giants have dominated the industry for years. The Volcano is the definition of what a desktop vaporizer should be while their bevy of portable vapes offer a level of vapor quality that puts swathes of the competition to shame.

However, the vape industry is mature now, and some serious contenders have stepped up to challenge the throne. Firefly have established themselves as a solid vape brand that have created some of the finest portable vaporizers out there. 

The Crafty Plus is one of Storz & Bickel’s most recent entries into the portable vaporizer market. While The Mighty is renowned for its amazing battery life and hefty size, the Crafty is a more compact vaporizer, focusing more on power in a small package. However, it is also full of a bevy of technical features that make it more than the sum of its parts. 

The Firefly 2 Plus is the latest vaporizer in the fantastic Firefly series. It takes all of the lessons it learned from the Firefly and the base Firefly 2 unit, and improves upon them. It is packed to the gills with quality of life features that make it a dream to use. 

However, which of these two is the best? Let's take a look!

The Crafty vs The Firefly 2 Plus: A Quick Comparison

Let's take a glance at what’s going on inside both of these fantastic vaporizers. 

Crafty Plus Firefly 2 Plus
Price: $278.90 $249.95
Compatible With:  Dry Herb Dry Herb and Concentrates
Dimensions: 4.3” x 2.2” x 1.3” 5.1” , 1.4”, 0.95”
Weight: 5 oz 4.9oz
Chamber Capacity: .25 g 0.15 g
Heating System: Hybrid Convection
Battery: 2900mAh 770mAh lithium ion battery
Battery Life: 40 minutes  60 - 90 minutes
Charging Time: 90 minutes 45 minutes
Temperature Range: 2900mAh 200°F to 500°F
Temperature Display:


Auto Shut Off: Yes Yes
Smartphone Compatibility: Yes Yes
Notable Functions: Incredible Vapor quality Incredible flavor
What’s in the Box: 1x Crafty Vaporizer 1x USB Cable 1x Dosing Capsule 3x Small base seal rings 3x Small normal screens 3x Small coarse screens 2x Small drip pads 1x Instruction manual 1x Safety manual  1 x Firefly 2+ Vaporizer 1 x Charging Dock 1 x USB 3.0 Cable 1 x Extract Pad 1 x Rechargeable Battery 3 x Alcohol Wipes
Warranty: 2 Year Warranty 2 Year Warranty

Design: The Crafty Plus vs. The Firefly 2 Plus

Creating a truly great vaporizer is a true challenge, designers have to consider a huge range of factors. Not only this, but they have to consider how they are going to balance all these features off against each other. A vaporizer can be incredibly powerful and feature an incredible battery life, however this usually comes at the expense of portability. A vape can be stylish and sleek, but this can come at the cost of comprehensive control systems and chamber capacity. 

The Crafty is the smaller sibling of The Mighty. It sacrifices some of the battery power and large, easy to read screen of its big brother in order to fit into a much more compact package. While The Mighty won’t fit into anyone's pocket, the Crafty is a much more manageable size.

It also has the same chunky, utilitarian aesthetic that will be instantly familiar to any Storz & Bickel fan. Despite its smaller size, the Crafty still has the incredible hybrid heating system that Storz and Bickel have built their name on. 

Of course, when we say that it's smaller, this is a relative term, the Crafty is still a fairly substantial device by portable vape standards. 

The Firefly 2 Plus is a discreet and elegant vaporizer that will fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and into virtually any pocket, making it eminently portable. In contrast to the Crafty’s straightforward design, the Firefly 2 features a smooth, rounded shape and a range of stylish finishes.

It has a simple, single button control scheme and a display that is so minimalist that it amounts to little more than a blinking LED and some haptic feedback. However, other, more technical features make up for this somewhat opaque user interface. 

When it comes to style, portability, and ease of use, the Firefly 2 plus wins out. While the Crafty is one of Storz & Bickel’s more portable units, it is still a chunky device. 

Winner: The Firefly 2 Plus 

Ease of Use: The Crafty Plus vs. The Firefly 2 Plus

It doesn’t matter how powerful your vape is, how long its battery can last, or how broad its temperature range is. If it isn’t easy to use it will inevitably end up gathering dust on the shelf. 

After battery capacity, the next sacrifice that had to be made for the Crafty Plus was the comprehensive control scheme and large display of the Mighty. Of course, at first glance this seems like an excessive sacrifice. However, Storz & Bickel are a company of engineers first and foremost, and no sacrifice is made frivolously. Out of the box, the crafty features a simple single button control scheme.

crafty plus vaporizer

This allows you to switch on the device and swap between three temperature presets. However, the Crafty also comes with the ability to like via Bluetooth to a specialized app. This app allows users to enjoy an incredible amount of control over their vape experience. It offers all of the options that the larger Mighty allows, and then some.

It allows you to choose your vaping temperature across the full temperature spectrum the hybrid heating system allows, to choose how long it takes the auto shut off feature to kick in, and even an incredibly handing vape locator feature! 

The Firefly 2 Plus features a similarly minimalist interface. It has a single indicator light on the face of the device, and the controls consist of a simple two touch-sensitive button control scheme. To activate the vape’s heating system you must press on both of the buttons at once, this is a nifty little feature that prevents any accidental overheating when you place it into your pocket.

However, the downside of this control scheme is that it requires you to hold the Firefly 2 in a slightly awkward fashion. This vape also comes with a handy smartphone app. This app allows you to access a huge range of vape settings, but also allows you to change the heating activation to only require one of the two buttons to be depressed. This makes holding the device much easier!

Both of these vapes rely heavily on smartphone apps to get the very most out of them, and both have also made sacrifices when it comes to the onboard controls. Out of the two, it’s incredibly hard to choose which of the two is simpler to use. So, let’s call it a tie! 

Winner: Tie!

Temperature Options: The Crafty Plus vs. The Firefly 2 Plus

Vaporizers are more than just a combustion free way to heat your favorite dry herbs up, they also allow you to adjust the temperature of your session, which in turn changes the consistency of your vapor. With one device, you can enjoy a huge range of vape experiences. Lower temperatures create a mellow, gentle vapor. While high temperatures offer potent, thick clouds. 

crafty plus vaporizer

The Crafty Plus features a few improvements over the baseline Crafty vaporizer. One of the most prominent of these is in its temperature options and heat up time. While the original Crafty took nearly two minutes to reach vaping temperature, the Crafty Plus is ready to go in around 30 seconds.

This incredible heat up time is even more impressive when you consider the broad temperature spectrum offered by the Crafty Plus. While you can only access three presets with the onboard button controls, through the app you can choose any temperature between 104° F - 410° F. 

The Firefly 2 Plus features a slightly narrower temperature range. Its convection heating system offers a spectrum that ranges from 320°F to 420°F with its default, on board controls. It also offers a special boosted temperature of 500°F for concentrates. However, when you connect the Firefly 2 Plus to its smartphone app, you can enjoy a wider spectrum that ranges from 200°F to 420°F.

Both of these vaporizers offer an incredible range of temperatures to choose from as well as intuitive controls. However, the Crafty comes out on top this time, the incredible temperature range combined with a rapid heat up time are a seriously impressive prospect. 

Winner: The Crafty

Vapor Quality: The Crafty Plus vs. The Firefly 2 Plus

Vapes live and die on their vapor quality. This describes the density, smoothness, flavor and temperature of the vapor produced by a device. While this can be mitigated to an extent by playing around with heating options, some vaporizers have a range of features that simply make them better at producing great vape experiences. 

Storz & Bickel have built their name on their fantastic vapor quality. From their first forays into the vape industry with the Volcano, they have made it their mission to deliver the finest possible vapor quality. This is all down to the power of their signature hybrid heating system.

Firefly 2 plus vaporizer

This system fuses the best of convection vaping technology with that of conduction heating. The Crafty Plus features this system and regardless of your temperature setting, you can be sure that you’re going to enjoy consistent, smooth, and powerful vapor quality.

The Firefly 2 Plus features a fantastic convection heating system. This means that any herbs loaded into it will be gradually and gently vaporized by the flow of hot air. This, along with several other clever features, means that the Firefly 2 Plus is notable for the incredible flavor of its hits.

Each hit delivers the authentic taste of your herb in a way that combustion never could. Whether you're enjoying well ground herb or concentrates you can be sure that the Firefly 2 Plus will deliver a flavor experience that few can match. 

While the Firefly 2 Plus is a truly fantastic vaporizer with incredibly vapor quality, it doesn’t stand a chance next to the Crafty. Storz & Bickel have dedicated themselves to perfecting vapor quality, and that sheer level of expertise isn’t going to be beaten easily. While the Firefly 2 put in a brave effort, the Crafty is the clear winner in this category. 

Winner: The Crafty Plus

Cleaning and Maintenance: The Crafty Plus vs. The Firefly 2 Plus

Vaping is often touted as one of the cleanest ways to enjoy dry herb. It doesn’t emit any cloying, smelly smoke and it doesn’t result in piles of black burnt ash. However, dry herb naturally exudes a sticky resin over time, and doubly so when it is subjected to heat. Over time, this resin will build up in the form of a yellow-brown grime that can clog air paths and vape chambers. When this happens, it's time to clean your vape.

The Mighty has a reputation for being somewhat difficult to maintain and clean. The Crafty Plus, on the other hand, has solved this issue. All you ever really need to clean the Crafty Plus is some isopropyl alcohol, some wipes, and maybe a soft brush. To clean it, simply empty out the chamber and gently wipe away any grim with the alcohol and wipes. Any stubborn patches can be gently scrubbed away with a soft brush. 

The Firefly 2 Plus requires more frequent cleaning than many other vaporizers. However this isn’t so bad thanks to how easy it is to maintain. To clean it out, simply lift the lid and wipe down the chamber and glass airpath with a cotton bud soaked in a little cleaning solution or alcohol. After this all you need to do is a cursory inspection for any clogs and then you’re done. Simple as that. 

Both of these vapes are incredibly easy to maintain, Making this an incredibly close category indeed. The Firefly 2 Plus’ ease of cleaning would be the victor were it not for how frequently it needs to be maintained. With this in mind, we can only announce a draw!

Winner: Tie!

Final Verdict: Which Is Better, The Crafty Plus or The Firefly 2 Plus?

The Crafty Plus is a wonderful portable dry herb vaporizer. It addresses the main problem of the Mighty: it’s sheer size! On top of this it also adds a range of fantastic technical features that make it so much more than a mini-Mighty. Its vapor quality, ease of use, battery life, and sturdy design make this a vape that will keep its owners happy for a long, long time.

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However it is among the more expensive portable vapes, this combined with the fact that it is more of a refinement of the original Crafty rather than a whole new vape may put many potential customers off. 

The Firefly 2 Plus is a stylish, compact, and powerful vaporizer. It is perfect for everyday use thanks to its discreet size and ease of use. It also offers delicious, convection powered vapor that even the most discerning of vape connoisseurs would praise. However, its awkward on board-control scheme may be a turn off to some. 

Ultimately, while the Firefly 2 Plus is a truly impressive vaporizer, it runs into one hurdle it cannot overcome: It isn’t a Storz & Bickel vape. For the time being the German company is unbeatable and the Crafty Plus is another example of their mastery of premium vaporizer design. However, their lead is shrinking every year. This is a good thing, it means that there are more and more high-quality vapes on market for us to enjoy!

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