Crafty Tips and Tricks

Crafty Vaporizer Tips and Tricks 

You are one lucky vaporizer fan if you own the Crafty, one of the more powerful portable vaporizers on the market.

A Crafty vape will give you a great experience, suited to advanced vape fans, but also an achievable leap to those of you out there who are new to vaping but do not feel like going through the motions of “graduating” to a high end vaporizer like this one.

Today, we will give you some useful Crafty tips and tricks to help you out in your initial foray into serious vaping. We will cover the following:

  • How To Know if the Crafty is Right For You
  • Things To Remember About the Crafty 
  • Features to Know About the Crafty
  • What You Get With Your Crafty
  • What To Know About the Hardware
  • Cleaning and Maintenance Tips
  • The Storz and Bickel Smartphone App

How to Know if The Crafty Is Right For You

The Crafty is for the vape fan that values quality vapor and flavor above all. With a heating system that is the envy of all portable vapes, you are equipped with technology that gives you quality hits with very little fuss or work.

You will pay a premium for it, but in the end, the quality of the vape is what gets you mileage, and these vapes are built to last. 


If you are not a fan of regular maintenance and cleaning, or having a small but bulky piece of equipment to use, then we would recommend a smaller and more discreet vape, because with big power comes a big vape! We will get into some of these details below.

Things To Remember About The Crafty

For one, remember that the Crafty is typically used by serious vape fans that are already well accustomed to daily use of aromatherapy and concentrates. For newbies, a first taste of aromatherapy or waxes will bring with it an imposing level of potency and smoke, and it could be a little “much” for your first time.

For this reason we recommend perhaps doing a bit of a taste test with other more affordable vapes, even the simple battery powered “pen” ones to see how you do. 

The Crafty Plus is a vape for vapers, to put it succinctly. It has advanced hardware that needs regular cleaning, it has a wide range of temperatures to play with once you download the app, and it does not make any efforts to appear discreet.

Features to Know About The Crafty

The Crafty+ has a hybrid heating system! This means it is both a convection and conduction vaporizer, giving your dry herbs the kind of efficient heating that renders your vapor flavorful, thick, and smooth. 

The Crafty Plus can also be controlled remotely. Storz and Bickel developed a very useful app for Android based smartphones. This app can enhance your experience with shut off times, help more clearly monitor the battery efficiency, cleaning reminders, and a far wider range of temperatures that users would get instead of the very simple presets they get with just the standalone device. 

What is in the Box

Crafty Plus Vaporizer

1 x USB Cable

1 x Set of Spare Seal Rings

3 x Spare Screens

Concentrate Pad

3 x Small Coarse Screens

Safety Manual

Dosing Capsule

Cleaning Brush


What To Know About the Hardware

We have said it before: the Crafty looks like it is tough enough to withstand a nuclear winter, and when you hold it in your hand, it sure feels that way. There is a swivel mouthpiece for clean, pleasant hits. There is an LED screen that monitors temperature and will signal battery life. A handy dosing capsule will take care of your measurements for waxes. 

A conduction and convection heating system will help heat your dried herbs or your waxes in a manner far more efficient and effective than your regular bargain vapes. And lastly, but definitely not least, you get a cleaning brush, extra screens and a safety manual.

Your temperature presets will be in the mid 300° range, but with the app, range changes to 104° F - 410° F.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

You will definitely want to engage in regular maintenance with the Crafty Plus. Trust us, it will be worth it! Buildup of particles, debris, and grime will damage your device and shorten its lifespan. Use your cleaning brush regularly to brush out debris and dust off the screens.

Make sure you are disassembling the top part of the vape, soaking the parts in isopropyl alcohol, and letting all parts dry for an ample amount of time before reassembling and using your vape again. 

The Storz and Bickel Smartphone App

You will enjoy the Storz and Bickel Smartphone app thanks to its ability to enhance your sessions with the Crafty Plus.

The temperature presets, once simple and restrictive, become expansive thanks to the app controls: 104° F - 410° F, to be exact. You can control the LED brightness from here, monitor battery levels, energy saving tools like auto shut off, and a welcome feature: Find my Crafty. Much like “Find My” apps on computers and smartphones, this uses GPS technology to locate your vape when you have absent minded moments of not being able to locate your vape.

All in all, a very useful tool to have at your disposal once you own a Crafty plus vape, and it’s free! 



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