The Crafty - Review

The Crafty by Storz and Bickel is one of the finest, easily portable vaporizers on the market, sporting a sturdiness and vapor quality that most portable models can’t even touch. Storz and Bickel have been crafting near perfect vaporizers for years so why wouldn’t this, their smallest and most convenient model, be any different.

So why isn’t The Crafty Vaporizer dominating the market more? Why aren’t we having regular conversations about this little beast? The simple fact is because the Crafty is a trimmed down version of The Mighty, also manufactured by Storz and Bickel, which usually gets most of the attention.

The Mighty, since it was created, has been the standard for the quality a portable vaporizer could achieve. With it’s hybrid heating system and lithium ion batteries that really pack a punch, the vapor the Mighty creates is both one of the most delicious and dense on the market.

The Crafty was created soon after and, at half the size, it still incorporates all of the important elements The Mighty contained, only much smaller. For this reason, The Crafty is always referred to as The Mighty’s little brother, and it is in a way, but it also deserves it’s own praise, as they’ve managed to get everything great about the Mighty, but in a vape that could easily fit in your pocket.

The Design

The Crafty is Storz and Bickel’s most portable model to date. The Mighty is one of those vaporizers that is portable only in the sense that it doesn’t need to be plugged into the wall. Really, it’s a lot bigger than almost every other portable model. One of the benefits of a portable vaporizer is the ability to take it anywhere, but with The Mighty, your best bet is to just carry it around in a bag.

There’s no way you could just slip away and use it while you’re going about your day because it’s so big that it’s bound to draw attention to itself. The Crafty, however, is easily small enough to slip into your pocket and be taken anywhere, then used with ease with a lot more discretion than The Mighty could ever achieve. Dark plastics have always been good for not drawing attention but the fact that it can fit easily in the palm of your hand is also a big bonus.

Crafty Portable Vaporizer Storz and Bickel

The Crafty, like many of Storz and Bickel’s products, has a very interesting design to it. Where most vaporizers attempt to be slim and elegant, the Crafty has gone the other way and actually looks like a piece of machinery, like something from a car engine. The second you pick it up and feel its quality, you can tell that this is going to be a powerful vape and what’s more it’s got a taste to match.

The Crafty is just as well built as any other Storz and Bickel products. Don’t be scared off by its plastic body and mouthpiece because it’s some of the finest plastics on the market. Normally the plastic doesn’t react well to the heat and ends up tainting the vapor but not with Storz and Bickel’s patented plastics. The quality is so high that the body stands up to the heat with ease and there’s absolutely no poor heat on the vape whatsoever.

The Power

Working off of that amazing Storz and Bickel hybrid heat system has allowed The Crafty to capture the jaw-dropping flavors of the Mighty perfectly and you really won’t be able to believe that such a small vape is capable of such a vapor taste. Taking a draw and you’ll be exhaling pure, dense clouds in no time. We couldn’t recommend this vaporizer enough on flavor alone, but it’s actually got other systems that make it even more efficient and convenient.

Crafty Portable Vaporizer Storz and Bickel

The Crafty isn’t just small or powerful. It’s also smart as it sports a full temperature flexibility. Through a smartphone app that helps control its functions. Outside of this app, it also keep up the intuitive controls with a simple one-button system on the main body. The Crafty also comes with an auto-shutdown feature that will shut the heat off.

These features are usually just for safety, but during longer sessions the timer will be kept at bay so you shouldn’t have to worry about it, but if you leave it too long you will have to heat it up again. Luckily, the Crafty is also incredibly fast, meaning you won’t have to wait long even if you did allow it to shut off.

The Crafty isn’t just the Mighty’s younger brother. It’s the same technology in a slimmer package, but the way this thing performs while being only this size takes it to a level where even the bulky Mighty might finds itself being looked over in some situations. With The Crafty, take a piece of Storz and Bickel with you everywhere and vape it whenever you feel like.


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