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Dabbing VS Vaping

Posted on Aug 17, 2018

Should you Dab or Vape?

There are many ways to consume your favorite substance, you can roll it and smoke it, use a bong,a dab pen, a pipe, hell you can use an apple to ingest your favorite materials! I’m sure if you’ve been on the flower train long enough, on your travels you’ve heard the terms dabbing and vaping. Neither of which are lame millennial dances rather a fairly new and cleaner way to devour that sweet, sweet herb.

If you’re confused about what dabbing and vaping might be, and you keep seeing people talk about these methods, I’m going to walk you through the differences between dabbing and vaping and maybe help you put down that dirty bong and look at another avenue of consuming dry herbs or just keep you in the loop of what the teens are talking about!

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What is Dabbing and Vaping?

First things first, in order for me to help you become well versed in these methods I have to provide a definition. So, what is dabbing and what is vaping? Now both are similar but also majorly different and it doesn’t help that dabbing is also a form of vaporizing in itself. The biggest difference between the two is the substances that are inhaled.

Dabbing is most exclusively used for extracts and concentrates like wax, shatter and rosin etc. Whereas a vaporizer can be used for a magnitude of materials, dry herb, concentrates, waxes even e-juices!


Dabbing and Vaporizers also have different heating methods which radically change the kind of vapor that is produced; dabbing requires a dab rig (essentially a bong with a nail instead of a bowl) and some sort of heating tool (a lighter, blowtorch).

You need to heat the hell out of the nail that of which can be made from titanium, quartz or ceramic, place your substance on the hot nail this is known as dabbing and inhale the plentiful vapor through the mouthpiece on the rig. A dab rig that can provide rich, dense and flavorful dabs is the Spaceship Puck Rig by Snoop Dogg. A stunning piece of dabbing equipment at a competitive price point; this dab rig will make sure to make the most of your concentrates.



Vaping requires a Vaporizer; it employs a very different heating system also. Heating systems in are either convection or conduction heaters. In simple terms convection means that hot air passes through the chamber where your concentrates reside and transform them into dense vapor. Conduction heating however works like a frying pan on a cooker.

It heats the surface area of the material immediately activating ingredients in the material for a potent and delicious hit. Vaporizers can also vapor an array of materials. A dual vaporizer is the famous Mighty Vaporizer. The mighty can produce thick, high-quality vapor in a robust hand-held model whatever the substance.

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Another burning question on everyone’s minds with good reason is which a healthier method of is consuming your substance- is it dabbing, or it is vaping – you’ll find people swearing on their most prized possession that dabbing is better or on their Grandmothers finest jewelry that vaping is better and then you’ll find the odd egg that believes smoking is the healthiest and best way. When in reality vaping is probably the healthiest way mainly because it stops the process of combustion happening and present a lesser chance of inhaling toxins and tar. Upon vaping you are only inhaling the active ingredients within the oils.

What one should I choose?

Dabbing and Vaping are on the rise and potentially the future of consumption. Both are growing in popularity due to their health benefits, tasty vapor and dense clouds and we are (hopefully) doing our lungs a favor in the grand scheme of things. At the end of the day, it depends on the person. Both are exceptional experience creators and you should check what we have to offer below.

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