The DaVinci IQ - Review

The DaVinci IQ is discontinued and replaced by the DaVinci IQ2 ! We do still offer some of the Davinci IQ accessories. Other Davinci vaporizers can be found on their collections page.

The DaVinci IQ is one of the most recent editions to the vaporizer market, and a model that really shocked us all with it’s innovative features we‘ve never seen in any other vape before. DaVinci is a leading name and they made a big splash when they released this vape. We’ve never seen a more appropriate name tied to a vape because the IQ is one of the smartest vapes we’ve ever had come across our table. 

Davinci IQ Review

We’re breaking down the IQ today, giving you a Davinci IQ review which brings you through all of its major talking points from it’s features to that delicious vapor that comes out of it. All of this power comes to you for actually a very reasonable price point when you consider just how much technology is packed into this vape and what some of the other high-end vaporizers are also being priced for.

Only time will tell whether, in the long term, it’ll able to beat out the other models. The Pax 3? The Arizer Solo 2? Will it defeat them all on the market? Honestly, we think it just might. Sit back and relax and enjoy this DaVinci IQ review because if you’re thinking of picking yourself up one of these amazing vapes, we might just be able to convince you.

The Vapor Quality

Most vapes flavor is just average or a little better than average but all of the focus is placed on the vapes other functions. How stealthy it is. How efficient it is. It’s rare that a vape stands out just this much when it comes to flavor.

Not since the Mighty have people been thrilled to see such a vapor quality coming out of a portable model. The IQ now leads in all of DaVinci’s models, namely because of two innovations they’ve made, the Ceramic Zirconia mouthpiece and the Flavor Chamber.

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Ceramic Zirconia Mouthpieces

With this vape, you get a pair of ceramic zirconia mouthpieces, a build material that we’d never even heard of until this point. Classic ceramic meets the niche zirconia that had been making its way into many vapes recently.

This has the power to really deliver an interesting flavor to your vapor unlike any other vape on the market right now. It’s such a strong material and the mouthpiece is so well designed that it’s very easy to clean, meaning you probably won’t have to replace it any time soon.

Flavor Chamber

This is hands down the most innovative thing about the DaVinci IQ. The addition of a flavor chamber within the pathway allows for extra tones of flavor to be added as you’re taking your draw. The flavor chamber is basically an insert which you call fill with a specific aromatherapy herb and it’ll sit within your pathway. As the still hot vapor travels up the pathway and into the flavor chamber, the aromatherapy herbs partially vaporize, adding its flavor to the vapor overall. Don’t worry about these herbs though, because there’ll still be some life left in them and, though they’ll be partially vaporized, you can reuse them in the main chamber later if needs be.

These two innovations have really made the DaVinci IQ excel in flavor, despite the fact that it’s a conduction model. At the time, given how smart the vape is, people were wondering if convection would be incorporated in a later model, but honestly, with a flavor that’s already better than some convection models, we’re assuming they’ll keep it conduction to take better advantage of the greater heating time and efficiency.

Different Modes

This Davinci IQ review will take you through all the best modes that this vaporizer has to offer. It’s not just the build quality that’s making us call the DaVinci IQ the smartest vape on the market. It’s also because it comes with a variety of different modes that help you customize your vaping experience your way.

Smart Paths

Smart paths is the system in where you can customize your temperature settings at the push of a button, but what’s very interesting about the smart paths is that you can set how long it takes for the vape to heat up. The IQ can be very fast, heating up in under 20 seconds, but if you’d like a slow vaporization during a session, you can actually set how long it takes for the vape to reach the maximum temperature that you set.

Precision Mode

In precision mode, the DaVinci IQ will lock onto the temperature that you set and actually maintain that temperature for a full 10 minutes. The mode will allow you to alter it if you’d like, but this means, in a long session, your temperature won’t be constantly going up and down. Apart from the cooling down, the IQ has an auto-shutdown timer of 10 minutes anyway which is activated when it detects idle use. Precision mode will also help get around this safety feature in bigger sessions.

Boost Mode

Boost Mode is a held button mode that will allow your DaVinci IQ vape to begin increasing its temperature, passed what was already preset, all the way to the maximum temperature. This mode is great if you want a little extra kick in your vape, but need to keep the temperature down during normal draws because you’re sharing it with people who need a lower temperature.

Stealth Mode

A very simple mode which’ll dim the LED’s within the app. They’re, by design, very bright to draw attention to the temperature you’re using, but if you’re hoping to use it in more of a portable, on-the-go fashion, using stealth mode will help keep your vaping discreet.

Other Features

Smartphone App

All of these amazing modes we’ve just mentioned, as well as a couple of other features, can all be viewed and controlled via a smartphone app. Smartphone apps aren’t completely unheard of in today’s vaporizers and this isn’t one of the IQ’s great leaps, but compared to the other’s, their smartphone app looks very nice and functions very well with all of its modes. That said, the app is not necessary to access all of the vapes modes, just generally helps to monitor everything and is vital for the use of the Smart Paths. With the app you can turn off vibrations and other notifications and get all of the information you could ever want like temperature, battery and total usage.

The IQ comes with many other handy items, such as its cleaning brush, alcohol wipes and its adapter, but you should also be aware that DaVinci have brought out a number of other accessories, such as the DaVinci IQ Glass Spacer which’ll help you vape smaller bowls, letting you consume less material in the long run.

This Davinci IQ review is possibly the most in-depth Davinci IQ review you will find online. The DaVinci IQ is so powerful and so full of features, it would make an amazing session vaporizer, but given how small and how stealthy some of its functions are, it could also make an amazing on-the-go vape that nobody would be able to detect. Even looking at some of today’s smallest vapes, like the Pax 3 and the Crafty, it manages to fit a lot more in for such a smaller package.

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