DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer Review: Your 6 Minute Review

Do you consider yourself an aficionado of vaporizers? Do you like the finer things in life? Then the DaVinci IQ 2 is for you. There aren’t many vaporizers out there with the level of luxury that the IQ 2 offers.

The name IQ casts a long shadow of the vape scene. The Original DaVinci portable vape dominated the portable market, setting the gold standard for delicious and flavorful vapor quality. Now, DaVinci have released the IQ2. This vape is so much more than a simple update, it's a total overhaul from the ground up.

What’s new? What carried over? Does this vape live up to the IQ name? Give us a few short minutes and we’ll tell you everything that you need to know.

Davinci Iq 2 Vaporizer: Answering All Your Questions About Tech Specs (And What’s In The Box)

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most common questions people ask about the DaVinci IQ vaporizer:

1. How much does the IQ 2 cost?

At Namaste Vape, you can get your hands on a DaVinci IQ 2 vape for $274.99. We’ll also throw in free shipping and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

2. What can you vape with the IQ 2?

The DaVinci IQ 2 is designed with getting the very most out of dry herb’s natural flavor. However, on top of this, it also allows you to enjoy concentrates thanks to the addition of a handy concentrate pad. 

3. How big is the IQ 2?

The DaVinci IQ 2 is a small and discreet vaporizer that measures in at a comfortable 1.75” x 3.61” x 0.97”. This vape will slip handily into any pocket or bag, perfect for everyday carry or if you want a discreet device that won't take up much space. 

4. How much does the IQ 2 weigh?

The IQ 2 is a wonderful weight at a comfortable 5.8oz. This makes it easy to carry about but also has just the right enough amount of heft to feel good in the palm of your hand. 

5. How big is the IQ 2’s oven chamber?

The DaVinci IQ 2 has a respectable oven size of around 0.5g. However, the chamber has the added feature of being adjustable. You  can reduce the capacity of the chamber for smaller sessions without sacrificing any of your vapor quality thanks to the handy extendable zirconia pearl feature. 

6. What’s the IQ 2 heating system?

The DaVinci has a conduction based heating system that is carefully calibrated to ensure that you get the most authentic and delicious hits out of your dry herb. 

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7. Which battery does the IQ 2 use?

The DaVinci IQ 2 has a removable and rechargeable 18650 battery. The fact that it is removable is a huge bonus because it means that you can carry fully-charged spares to swap in when the first runs out! This is a great feature and it’s a shame that it isn’t more common.

8. How long does the IQ 2’s battery last?

You can expect around an hour of continuous use out of the DaVinci IQ on a full battery. As we said above, this can be extended if you carry a spare battery or two! 

9. How long does the Mighty take to charge?

Unfortunately, the DaVinci IQ 2 has a rather imposing charging time of around 6 hours. While it does offer pass through charging, it can still be a bit of a pain. It makes having a spare battery less of a fun bonus and more of an obligation. 

10. What’s the temperature range of the IQ 2?

The original DaVinci IQ was broadly considered one of the finest portable vapes on the market with a broad temperature spectrum and consistent heating The IQ 2 is no different and features an impressive array of heat settings that range from 250°F all the way up to 430°F.

11. How does the IQ 2 display temperature?

The DaVinci IQ 2 has a similar display to its predecessor, an innovative LED dot matrix display. This display lets you know everything that’s going on inside your device by lighting up these dots in different configurations.

One of the most notable functions of this display is how it can indicate the dry herb dosage loaded into its chamber, this is perfect for medicinal users. While it’s not as legible as more traditional screens, it certainly has style and it won’t take you long to get used to. 

12. Does the IQ 2 have an auto shutoff feature?

The DaVinci IQ 2 has an auto shut off that kicks in after around 2 minutes. This is fairly standard and is a good way to preserve battery and herb. 

13. Does the IQ 2 come with a smartphone app?

Despite being such a hi-tech vape, the DaVinci IQ 2 doesn’t feature a smartphone app. 

14. Does the IQ 2 have a warranty?

The DaVinci IQ 2 features an incredibly generous 10 year warranty. Clearly they built this thing to last!

IQ 2 Vape: What's in the box

1x DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer 2x Mouthpieces (Flat and Extended)
1x USB Charging Cable 1x Dosage Pad
1x Ceramic Extract Disc 1x Alcohol Wipes & Cotton Pads
1x Multitool

How Does The Davinci IQ2 Works?

Ok, admittedly the DaVinci IQ 2 does look pretty sci-fi. However, this isn’t some quantum leap in vape technology. Rather, it’s a perfection of tried and true engineering that can be found right across the industry. So don’t worry, there isn’t anything new to learn about here, if you’ve spent any time with a vape then it’ll all be familiar. Regardless, let’s take a look at what’s going on in the IQ 2 by exploring a few specific headings. 

davinci iq2 vaporizer

The Davinci Iq 2 Vaporizer Heating System

The DaVinci features a conduction-based heating system. Don’t panic! Conduction gets a bad rep because its often the system deployed in cheap and nasty vapes. That couldn’t be further from the case here. The IQ 2 has a powerful and consistent heating system that works in tandem with a range of interesting features to deliver fantastic hits.

The first of these systems is the famous ‘Smart Path’ temperature control. The Davinci comes with precision temperature controls, but the real star of the show is the pre-programed Smart Paths. These gradually increase the temperature throughout a vape session to ensure that you get the very most from your vape session.

Best of all, you can actually program your own Smart Path, and if that doesn’t do it for you, precision mode allows you to input your own, ultra-precise temperature setting.

Loading The Davinci Iq 2

Saying that the DaVinci IQ 2 is easy to load is an understatement. There seems to be some kind of gravitational pull that attracts ground herb as you decant it into the chamber. When you open the oven lid by swinging away the bottom plate of the device you’ll see a glistening chrome chamber.

The chamber’s opening has a mild funnel shape that is very forgiving as you fill it. The aforementioned zirconia pearl system allows you to tailor your load. If you want a smaller, briefer session, simply twist the pearl a few times to take up the excess space. This is a godsend for a conduction vape like the IQ 2, sparing you the hassle of having to fill a full chamber every time you want a quick hit.

The concentrate pad is similarly user-friendly. Simply apply your concentrates to it (before you put it into the device, trust us) and place it in. Screw down the pearl until you get a snug fit and you should be good to go!. 

Turning On The Davinci Iq 2 Vape

The DaVinci IQ 2 is a super intuitive vaporizer to use. Turning it on is as simple as pressing the round ‘control’ button three times in rapid succession. You’ll be treated to a swanky lightshow on the dot matrix display that lets you know that the device is active.

Powering off the device is done by simply pressing the control button five times. The lightshow won’t be as impressive this time (which is understandable), but the display will flash three times. 

Setting The Temperature On The Davinci Iq 2

Activating your DaVinci IQ should send it straight into smart path mode where it will automatically heat up and then cycle through a range of temperatures. There are four of these paths to cycle through. To do this,simply use the up and down control buttons to select your preferred setting.

If you want to use precision temperature control, press the control button once, and then use the up and down arrow to cycle through the broad temperature spectrum that the IQ 2 can provide. 

Hitting The Iq 2 Vape

The DaVinci IQ 2 has a flat mouthpiece which may be a bit of a turn off for some, but ensures that there’s nothing that can snag or break off during travel or storage. When it comes to taking a hit from it, simply put it to your mouth and inhale.

One of the more interesting features of the IQ 2 is that the resistance of your draws can actually be customized thanks to the adjustable air flow. The dial on the bottom of the device allows you to choose between five different options, ranging from delicate sips, to savage rips! It isn’t talked about much, but draw resistance is important, being able to adjust it is a wonderful feature.

How's The Davinci Iq 2's Vapor Quality?

The original DaVinci made its name on the back of the awesome flavour of the vapor it produced. We are happy and relieved to announce that the DaVinci IQ 2 is no different, and may even be better!

The heating chamber is at the bottom of the device, and has to travel up its length, through the flavor chamber (more about that in a second) before it reaches the mouthpiece. This means by the time you take a hit, it will be comfortably cool.

Now, the flavor chamber. This is a signature of DaVinci design. It is essentially a removable air path that you can use to hold a herbal blend of your choice. This blend will be heated as the hot air from the chamber flows over it, releasing its flavor and totally changing the nature of your vape experience. 

We know what you’re thinking, but no, shouldn’t just cram extra dry herb in here. Instead try something like mint, or lavender to give your hits a unique and delicious twist. 

Tips For Getting The Best Vapor Quality With The Davinci Iq 2

Best is subjective. It’s a matter of opinion that can cover a huge range of different factors. It’s a good thing that the DaVinci IQ 2 offers a staggering array of ways to alter your vapor quality. The most basic way to adjust your vapor quality is with your device’s temperature settings. For a milder, more flavorful and mellow vapor, keep the temperature setting down low. However if you want dense and potent vapor, turn it up!

Of course, the DaVinci gives you ever more options. The adjustable airpath allows you to change the consistency of each hit. Open it up and push the heat settings for huge rips, or maybe constrict it a little at a more moderate temperature for smaller, more manageable hits. 

How you pack your chamber with dry herb is a major factor in your vapor quality too. The DaVinci IQ is a convection vaporizer, so it works best with a fine grind and a dense pack. The zirconia pearl allows you to enjoy a dense pack at lower doses. Seriously, every conduction vape should come with something like this. 

Is The Iq 2 Easy To Clean?

The DaVinci IQ 2 may be up there among the easiest vaporizers to clean and maintain, great news for the lazy among us! The chamber is found at the bottom of the device and once opened up is incredibly easy to clean. The large can easily be cleaned out with a little isopropyl alcohol and a q tip.

If there are any stubborn patches of grime (which means you went a little bit too long between cleanings, for shame), then they can be easily broken up with a soft bristled brush and wiped away. Make sure you give the zirconia pear a good clean too, it’s part of the heating chamber and comes into contact with the herb.

cleaning davinci iq2

Next, open up the top of the device and take out the flavor chamber. This is essentially a removable airpath and should be cleaned like one. Use a soft brush, some q tips, and a few drops of isopropyl alcohol to gently clean it out. 

The next, and final step is the most vital. Dry off all the components and reassemble the vape. Then put it through a cycle, maybe two. This is to ensure that you boil off any of the remaining cleaning alcohol. If you don’t, then your next session will be totally ruined by alcohol fumes. You don’t want that. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Davinci Iq 2?

Here’s a quick breakdown of the major advantages (and drawbacks) of the DaVinci IQ2 :

Premium Vaporizer Premium Price
Stylish and Elegant Design  Not Super Discreet
Amazing vapor quality Long Charge Time
Easy To Clean Spare Batteries May Be a Must Rather Than an Option
Great warranty Only Four Preset Smart Paths

So Is The Davinci Iq 2 Vaporizer Worth It? 

There’s no way around it. The DaVinci IQ 2 is a premium vaporizer and that tends to come with a premium price tag. This isn’t a budget vape. If you have the money to spare, or if you’re willing to save, then the IQ is one of the best vaporizers you can spend your money on.

The design of the IQ 2 oozes luxury, this is as much a stylish piece of tech design as it is a vaporizer. The dot matrix display in particular is something you’ll never get sick of showing off. 

Of course, this is so much more than just another pretty face. The IQ 2 is packed with innovative features that augment and improve your vape experience. From small innovations like the adjustable chamber size that allows you to choose how big your session will be, to the adjustable airpath that ensures that you get the exact level of draw resistance you want. 

The DaVinci IQ 2 has raised the bar for the entire portable vape scene. It will be a while before we see something that can top this.

Who Should Buy The Davinci Iq 2?

The DaVinci IQ 2 is a luxury vaporizer and thus is for those of us who like a lot of luxury in our lives. It doesn’t offer the raw power of a Storz & Bickel vape, but instead offers a delicious and decadent vape experience that you can tailor and tinker with to your heart’s content.

Once you discover what you can do with the flavor chamber there’s no going back, you’ll find that a session isn’t quite complete until you add a twist of lavender, lemon grass, or some refreshing mint. If you have the budget, and enjoy the finer things in life, then the DaVinci IQ is for you.

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