Desktop Vaporizers or Portable Vaporizers | Why & when?

Desktop Vaporizers or Portable Vaporizers



With so many Desktop and Portable vapes out there choosing which vaporizer to use can be like feeling your way through a minefield. Vaporizing is the zeitgeist of the modern era offering consumers an affordable alternative to the traditional methods of smoking.  The modern technology works on an entirely different level to traditional methods of using bongs or smoking what vaporizers do is to heat up the herbs instead of combusting it. The big question for consumers is which type of vape should you purchase?

Ease Of Use

The most notable difference between a desktop and a portable is the size difference. A desktop unit is an excellent product to have around the house if you just want to lie back and start vaping at your own convenience, but if you're moving around or travelling and want a discreet vape well then the portable is the product for you. Some excellent portables we would recommend are the Pax 2 and the Firefly which are small convenient and very easy on the eye.

What Type Of Smoke

The Volcano by Storz and Bickle is a tremendous product which will give you excellent overall vaping experience.  The only slight drawback would be that The Volcano has a tendency to produce huge amounts of smoke that might cause someone to wrongly believe that your house is burning down or that some magician is playing a magic trick that causes you to vanish into thin air(slight exaggeration) , but the thing about a Volcano is that  the hit  you'll receive will be truly sublime, a thing of beauty, rarely surpassed in the long history of human self indulgence and gratification. The hit you'll receive from a Volcano will have far more potency than from what you would get from a smaller vaporizer. A Volcano vaporizer will have you lay back in ecstasy thanking the lord for the day you where born.

desktop vaporizers

Your smaller vaporizer won't produce half as much smoke. Like we've already alluded to the  Portable is built for ease of use and convenience, but in terms of add-ons and other features, the portable just doesn't offer the same overall package as the desktop. .The beauty about the desktop is that you can play around with the settings and modify them to whatever suits you.

What Type 

Obviously, there are highs of varying degrees that you can get from different products, but one of the most impressive that we have sampled is the Mighty by Storz and Bickle which allows you to give yourself the perfect dose to suit your needs. This Mighty allows you to give yourself an almost clinical level high that is so precise that it would make a brain surgeon proud.

How Much Do They Cost

It goes without saying that vaporizers are more expensive than most of the other smoking paraphernalia out there, but don't let the price tag stop you from purchasing one, because by paying the extra few dollars for a handheld vaporizer or a desktop vaporizer you'll usually be getting a serious quality product that is both durable and effective. It should be noted before you splash out your hard earned cash that some of the greatest scientists in the world have spent long hours attempting to design and perfect these vaporizers and all for your pleasurable needs.


If you're looking for something that is reasonably well designed and gives you a good hit well then you too can be accommodated. If you would prefer a better value vaporizer then the portable vaporizer is the way to go with prices ranging from $70-$200. However desktop vaporizers are more expensive, but the fact is they are more expensive for a reason and that is because they provide a better overall experience with some of the desktop starting at around $150 and going the whole way up to $800.

One of the most beautiful vaporizers we've ever had the pleasure of trying out is the Crafty Vaporizer from Storz & Bickel, the same makers of the Volcano, the Crafty is cutting edge handheld vaporizer that more than matches the quality of a desktop for overall impact. The Crafty seems to vape oils and solids equally efficiently resulting in a magnificent high.


Like we've already alluded to above one of the best-designed vaporizers is the Crafty a product which delivers quality vapor in a slim handheld design that is more than a match for any other vaporizers on the market. The Crafty is suitable for both dried aromatherapy blends, solid, and thick oil concentrates. Within it's compact, ergonomic design is a simple, quiet one-button operation method. It can be controlled remotely via a Bluetooth app for your phone and notifies you when ready through a Haptic Vibration Alarm. Like all Storz & Bickel vapes, it features scientifically precise temperature control. No stranger to setting the bar, Storz & Bickel provides innovative combined Full Hot Air Convection + Conduction Combined heating with a state of the art high-efficiency heat exchanger.


Overall, the device you choose should be entirely based on your smoking lifestyle. Portable vapes allow for stealth use on the go, while desktop units provide a far superior herbal experience. You would be well advised to sample a few different products until you find the one that suits your own personal needs. There are the whole host of outstanding vaporizers out there and if you shop around you'll be guaranteed to find the one for you.

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