DIY Solventless Concentrates using Rosin Press

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DIY Concentrates and different methods of extraction - NamasteVapes

The market for solventless concentrates is exploding. If you're not familiar with concentrates (a.k.a. extractions) these are highly potent waxes or oils that are produced in a variety of methods. Many extraction methods use a solvent like Butane or Hexane to extract the medicinal ingredients of your material, which then evaporate and leave behind a form of essential oil. These solvents are not only dangerous, but trace amounts of butane may often be found in the end product. In Denver, Colorado last year concentrate products outsold dry herbs!

Due to the amount of harmful byproducts used in the process, there has been a growing demand for solvent-less concentrates. The most common form of commercially produced solvent-less concentrate is performed by super-critical CO2 extraction in which CO2 is pressurized and heated to a specific point where it exists between a liquid and gas state, and acts as a solvent. The CO2 is then either released safely in to the atmosphere or de-pressurized and re-cycled (referred to as a closed loop system).

Unfortunately, most people outside of Colorado, Washington State or Oregon (or anyone outside of the US for that matter) may not have access to CO2 extracted waxes and oils as it is an emerging technology and the systems to produce it are extremely expensive.

So here we finally come to purest and simplest way to produce an extract called Rosin! Rosin is a highly potent and wax-like substance which is produced by applying heat and physical pressure to your dry herbs or pollen that 'squeezes' out the essential oils from the materials which can then be collected off a small piece of wax paper used during the 'press'. Rosin presses are a unique way to make your own concentrates in the comfort of your own home. The result is cleaner and purer than any other commercially manufactured concentrate. There is literally no chemical trace process and nothing but your raw biomaterial being used to produce the essential oils left behind after the press.

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