Does Your Dad Have Pipe Dreams
Father's Day Pipe Gift Guide - Namastevapes US

These days, all of the news from the smoking community you hear about are from the vaporizers or dabbing rigs. Really, all the market is doing is leaning towards the latest and greatest innovations, which is great, but I still have that mental image of my dear old dad smoking a pipe, I don’t know about you. 

There may come a day when people stop using the traditional pipe altogether. Water pipes might stick around longer than the dry pipes, but will they one day get swallowed up by the vaping craze too? Luckily, none of that is going to happen anytime soon and the reason why is because of fantastic models that are still coming out, and in honor of father’s day, and for everyone’s dear old smoking dad really, here’s a list of some great, modern pipes.

Jane West Steamroller - NamasteVapes USAJane West Steamroller - NamasteVapes US

Jane West Steamroller

When Jane West and Grav Labs got together, they created one hell of a brilliant pipe. It’s the smallest item on this list but still performs very well and looks very beautiful. There’s nothing special in the construction of the pipe. It’s just quality. No bibbling or percolation, just quality design using quality build materials. This pipe feels great in your hand and is well balanced because the bowl, mouthpiece and airway were all carefully thought out to the exact millimeter.

$59.99 to $49.99 - You save 16%!

Prometheus Pocket Pipe - NamasteVapes USAPrometheus Pocket Pipe - NamasteVapes US

Prometheus Pocket Pipe

This pipe probably has the most traditional shape to it, but with a beautiful modern twist to the design. The Prometheus uses strong, borosilicate glass, one of the best materials to smoke through, and wrapped it around durable aluminum for safety. It’s very elegant and easy to clean so if you want to bring that image of the pipe smoking dad into the 21st century, this might be the way to go.

Only $49.99!

Genius Pipe Chong’s Choice - NamasteVapes USAGenius Pipe Chong’s Choice - NamasteVapes US

Genius Pipe Chong’s Choice

A recent, top-selling rise. It’s one of the more expensive pipes you’ll find out there, but the quality is second to none and the people who’ve bought it can tell the difference. This pipe is known as “Chong’s Choice” because Chong himself has endorsed it and there’s a limited edition version of the vape with his face on it. The pipe uses what’s called dimple technology, which you only see inside gaming computers, to create a water-less filtration system but still removes 95% of the tar and remains fresh to the taste.

From Only $99.95!

Twisty Plus Bubbler Kit Gold - NamasteVapes USATwisty Plus Bubbler Kit Gold - NamasteVapes US

Twisty Plus Bubbler Kit Gold

The Twisty is one of the most recent bongs to use a twisted glass blunt in their pipe construction. This design is taken further by a percolated bubbler attachment that comes as part of the kit and really adds to the whole experience. Very dense and flavourful smoke. The corkscrew is really what makes this, and you almost never see one on a pipe of this size. Simply back your herbs around the corkscrew and, as your smoking, twist the corkscrew to push more herbs towards the heat source. The perfect, session system.

Only $46.95!

Jane West Pipe