Dynavap M Review

The Dynavap M 2020 and Dynavap M 2021 are a revolutionary vaporizer pen that uses zero electronics or batteries to deliver users a simplistic, old-school smoking experience. 

The M vaporizer is one of the signatures Dynavap VapCap designs that they have been consistently improving every year since its release 4 years ago. This vape is about the size of your average pen, yet is jam-packed with functionality and sophistication. With absolutely zero electronics, this vape is operated using an external heat source like a torch or conduction heater. 

This innovative vaporizer is entirely crafted from stainless steel that is ultra-durable, with tactile navigation along its body, and a stunning hourglass shape that is more comfortable in the hand than ever before.

The Dynavap M vapcap also allows you to customize the bowl size which makes it the perfect vape for micro dosing. The stunning simplistic design of the Dynavap M delivers a distinct vaping experience you are not going to find anywhere else. 

How Does The Dynavap M Work?

1. Heating System

The Dynavap M vape relies on an external heat source to cook herbs. This heat source can be a torch or conduction heater, you can use a lighter too, but it will take a bit longer to reach the appropriate heat.

Simply apply this heat source to the vapcap as you rotate the pen within your hand for a nice and even vaporization. The Dynavap M heats material at a lower temperature, which provides consistent and incredibly potent vapor that will have your stash lasting a lot longer than before. 

2. Loading The Dynavap M

When you grind your herb, make sure that it does not have too fine of a grind, or the pieces will travel through the filter into the pen and lower your vapor quality.

The easiest way to load the M is by removing the vapcap from the pen, pushing the tip into a container or pile of medium-ground herb then giving it a little twist. Make sure that the cap is not overfilled, then place the cap back onto the M vape. 

3. Turing on The Dynavap M

Since this vape has no electronics, it does not get turned on or off, it is manually operated. To get this unique vape going, take your heat source and light the coiled part of the tip as you slowly rotate it in your hands until you hear the click that it is ready to go. 

4. Temperature settings

There are no temperature settings or really any settings at all on the Dynavap vape since it is manually operated. There are however a few different heat sources you can choose from that may change the experience up a bit. There are multiple types of torches that all have different numbers of jets, and then there are induction heaters that you just plug the Dynavap into to heat. 

Build Quality

The Dynavap M vaporizer was crafted entirely in the USA from medical-grade stainless steel and is about the size of your average pen. This manual vape is packed with intricate yet functional details that give it a sophisticated look with an efficient performance. Dynavap strives to craft high-quality vapes that are comfortable and won't feel cheap in your hand.

What makes the Dynavap M Stand Out?

The Dynavap M is unlike any other vaporizer on the market, the real question is what doesn’t make this vape stand out? The Dynavap M vaporizer contains no electronics or batteries, so you will never have to worry about charge time, running out of power while out and about, or something as annoying as water damage.

This Dynavap vape has an incredibly sophisticated and durable design made 100% from stainless steel with tactile navigation for use in the dark or for those who are visually impaired, that is something you really don’t see often from most vapes on the market today.

What are the Most Important Updates On the Dynavap M? 

Ever since its release in 2018, Dynavap has consistently worked to improve the design of their M vaporizer, providing new features every single year. 

Dynavap has improved on their latest 2020 Dynavap M design and added quite a few updates to this new and improved 2021 version. The next-generation airport is now shaped to look like the letter M, just like the title of this vape.

This Dynavap vaporizer now has an incremental fin profile that allows for better heat dissipation, a new “septa crown” that refers to the very end of the bowl that has 7 airflow cuts, and a fully faceted extraction chamber. 

Dynavap has also worked to make the experience just as great in the dark and for those who are visually impaired. The 2021 Dynavap M vape now has enchanted tactile navigation along its entire body and an angled rocker opposite the airport that makes it easier to find without looking.

Lastly, the M vaporizer 10mm tapered mouthpiece makes it compatible with water pipes, and a 2 position adjust-a-bowl which makes it great for enjoying large sessions and/or micro dosing. 

What's In The Box - Kits & Accessories

The Dynavap M vape pen arrives by itself in simple recyclable packaging.

Dynavap does however offer a basic starter kit on their website called “The M Starter Pack” that includes everything you need to get started.

This starter kit includes the M vape pen itself, a wooden stash jar, cyclone triple torch to heat up the unit vapcap with, cotton pipe cleaners for easier cleaning, Dynawax for lubricating the O-rings and polishing wood, 3 high-temperature o-rings, and 2 condenser o-rings for when they need to be replaced, and a stainless steel CCD for the filtration of small particles. 

How's The Dynavap M Vapor Quality?

The Dynavap M has some of the best vapor quality we’ve ever seen from a vape with such a small herb chamber. The first few draws that you take from this Dynavap vape may not be that great, but as you become comfortable with this vape and learn how to properly operate it, you will be blown away by the potency it delivers.

A few ways to always ensure this quality vapor is to keep the vape clean and well maintained, make sure you never continue heating the vapcap after it clicks, and do not grind your herb too fine to where pieces get stuck inside.

Is The Dynavap M Easy To Clean? 

Start by separating the vape into 4 separate parts, the body, condenser, tip, and the cap. All of these pieces can either be soaked in warm water mixed with any cleaning solution or put into a closed container with the water and cleaning solution to be shaken around. Before reassembling make sure you rinse all pieces off with warm water and allow them to dry. Never soak the M vape in any type of alcohol.

Pros and Cons of Dynavap M:



  • Near indestructible 
  • Needs an external heat source
  • More affordable than most vapes on the market
  • Not as convenient on the go as electronic vapes
  • No battery to keep charged
  • Small bowl size
  • Compatible with water pipes equipped with 10mm bowl
  • Has a bit of a learning curve
  • High-quality vapor
  • Herb can combust if not us
  • On-demand 

Is The Dynavap M Worth It? 

The M vaporizer by Dynavap is one of the most affordable vapes on the market today. It is an incredibly efficient unit that is ultra-portable and near indestructible. This vape is packed with both sophistication and functionality that you immediately notice upon first use. The M delivers vapor that is not only dense and flavorful but also incredibly potent, resulting in a stash that lasts a lot longer. If you are someone who is fed up with electronic vaporizers and you don’t mind carrying around a torch, this vape is worth every penny. 

Who Should Buy the Dynavap M?

Those who are sick and tired of electronic vaporizers and the wait time that comes with charging, then you are going to love the Dynavap M vape. This unit is ideal for users who prefer a more old-school method of enjoying herb that doesn't involve electronics and batteries. 

People who are always on the go and don’t want to worry about a battery dying on them will enjoy the manual operation of the M that will never leave them unable to vape unless of course, their stash runs dry. If making your stash last as long as possible is one of your top concerns, then you are going to love the insane vapor you get from such a small chamber on the M. 

Conclusion - Overall Rating

The Dynavap is an innovative vaporizer that is unlike any other. Once you have gotten used to how this vaporizer works, it delivers great quality vapor that is dense, tasty, and potent. This high-quality unit is nearly indestructible and is ultra-compact so it can be thrown into any pocket or bag without worry. While the M is not quite as convenient as electronic vapes, you’ll never have to worry about the vape battery dying on you, waiting for it to charge, or damaging it with water. 

Frequent Asked Questions

Q1: Does the Dynavap M work with concentrates too?

    The Dynavap M vaporizer is compatible with both dry herbs and concentrates. 

    Q2: What is the M vaporizer made from?

      The M vaporizer is crafted from 100% stainless steel.

      Q3: How many herbs can fit into the M vapcap?

        You can fit anywhere from 0.25-0.4 grams of dry herb. 

        Q4: What type of water pipes are compatible with the Dynavap M?

          Any water pipe or bubbler with a 10mm sized bowl.

          Q5: Does the M vaporizer combust the dry herbs?

            The Dynavap M is not designed to combust herbs, but if the unit is used incorrectly combustion can certainly happen. Make sure you are listening for the click and not applying heat to the vapcap for too long after that.


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