Dynavap Omni: Review

DynaVap is iconic in the vaporizer industry for its unique range of analog vaporizers. This means that none of the devices they make contain any electronics at all.

The DynaVap Omni is one of the best examples of this incredible design. It is also one of the largest, dwarfing similar devices in size, but still remaining discreet and compact. 

All DynaVap devices are built around the VapCap. This component is key to their unique electronic free heart system. Rather than relying on battery power, it uses an external heat source to vaporize the herb. This often comes in the form of a butane torch. This can quickly apply heat to the exterior of the vapcap. When it is ready, it will let you know by emitting a mechanical click. 

It goes without question that this vaporizer is unique. However, is it good? There's only one way to find out!

How Does The DynaVap Omni Work?

1. Heating System

The heating system of the Dynavap is always external. The most common form it takes is that of a butane torch. This is one of the only ways you can quincy reach the temperatures required by the vapcap. To use it simply ignite the torch and apply it to the exterior of the vapcap, turning it gently. 

When you hear the cap emit a mechanical click, you'll know that it has reached vaping temperatures. Then, all you need to do is place the mouthpiece to your lips and take a long, slow draw. If you hear the cap click again, this means that the vapcap has fallen below vaping temperature. Now, you can either heat it again or put it away. 

2. Loading The DynaVap Omni 

The vapcap makes loading the Omni incredibly easy. Start by twisting it off of the top of the device. Ensure that you have some pre-ground herb, then gently press your vapcap into it and twist. Tamp it down carefully to ensure that the herb is secure, then replace it at the top of the device. 

3. Turning on The DynaVap Omni 

The Dynavap Omni doesn't need to be turned on thanks to the lack of electronics inside of it. 

4. Temperature settings

The dynavap doesn't have any temperatures settings, it instead has an ideal vaping temperature that is denoted when the device 'clicks'

Build Quality

The Omni, like all DynaVap devices, is built with incredible quality. Its design is a fantastic fusion of form and function, being stylish, functional, and resilient. Thanks to its analogue nature it can eschew a lot of the bulk and compromises are seen in electronic devices. It is a truly compact and minimalist device. 

What Makes the DynaVap Omni Stand Out?

The most obvious stand-out feature of the Dynavap Omni is its totally battery-free operation. It uses a combination of clever engineering and conduction materials to create an effective and efficient method of vaporization. 

This is all thanks to the vapcap. This is the main part of the TED (Thermal Extraction System). The Vapcap is a two-part component. The exterior is composed of a conductive metal that is directly exposed to the butane torch. The inner, on the other hand, is a faceted extraction chamber. To use it, you simply need to heat the exterior until it emits a click! Despite how complex its construction is, it is incredibly simple to use.

What's In The Box - Kits & Accessories

The Omni's box is sweet and simple. It contains the devices itself and everything else is 100% recyclable packaging!

How's The DynaVap Omni Vapor Quality?

The Dynvap Omni is a notably efficient vape, allowing for perfect vape experiences in two load sizes. The vapcap can actually be twisted to enlarge or restrict the chamber depending on the size of the vape experience you want. The vapor from the Omni is incredibly potent and dese, it allows users to enjoy some incredibly effective clouds. On top of this, thanks to the automatic click you can expect consistent results every time. 

Tips for Getting Best Vapor Quality With DynaVap Omni 

The Omni is very self-contained, and it isn't much you can do to influence its quality above ensuring that you have high-quality materials. One thing you can do, when heat is applied to the cap for a few seconds after the click to ensure that you get bigger, more impressive clouds!

Is The DynaVap Omni Easy To Clean? 

The Omni is very easy to clean thanks to its simple construction and removable vapcap. However, it is important to keep any isopropyl alcohol away from this device. The materials it is made out of, especially the O-rings, are easily damaged by this solvent. Instead, you should use vinegar, hot water, or a specialized cleaning solution to clean out the vapcap and body of the device. 

Pros and Cons of DynaVap Omni



Totally electronics-free

There is a little bit of a learning curve

You never have to worry about battery life

It requires external heating to work

It is discrete and compact

Lacks temperature flexibility

Is The DynaVap Omni Worth It? 

The DynaVap Omni is one of the finest examples of an analog vaporizer out there. It allows users to enjoy a truly fantastic vape experience without having to worry about battery life or vape settings. While it is at the higher end of the Dynavap price spectrum, the sheer quality it is built with, combined with the incredible levels of vapor quality makes it more than worth the asking prince 

Who Should Buy DynaVap Omni 

If you're a vape fan who is done with recharging their device, losing cables, battling with digital settings, and trying to figure out the sweet spot in an electric heating system, then the DynaVap Omni is a must. This is ideal for those who want the tactile gratification of combustion combined with the tasty, dense vapor of dry herb vaporizers. 

Who Should Not Buy DynaVap Omni

If you enjoy vaping because of the level of variety the various settings in a dry herb vaporizer can offer then you might find that the single setting of the Omni is a little restrictive. The lack of electronics is also the lack of control. On Top of this, if you don't like working with open flames, then any device with a vapcap won't work for you as they universally require external heat sources like butane torches.

Conclusion - Overall Rating

The DynaVap Omni is a wonderfully unique device that oozes quality and incredible engineering expertise. This is a truly fantastic way to enjoy a vape experience. It is particularly well suited to those who like to enjoy their vape experiences in the great outdoors, as there's no chance of a dead battery ruining your fun. 

If you want an analog vape, and want the best, then the Omni is the first place you should look. 

Tips and insider information

Q1. Do I Have To Use A Butane Torch With The Dynavap Omni?

Butane torches are the most common way of vaping with the Omni. However, there are other options. 

DynaVap has a range of induction heaters that use an electronic heating system to directly apply heat to the VapCap via contact heating

Q2. How Do I Store my DynaVap Omni?

The Omni is hardy enough to stand up to the various trials and tribulations of everyday carry, which means that it's safe enough in any pocket or bag. However, for an added degree of protection, you can find a range of clever storage solutions from DynaVap. 

Q3. Can the DynaVap Omni Be Used With A Bong?

Yes! Dynavap have a range of water tools that slide into the downstream of compatible bongs that allow users to enjoy their vapor with increased water cooling



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