DynaVap VapCap ‘M’: The Complete Review

About the DynaVap VapCap ‘M’

The new DynaVap VapCap ‘M’ is here, with the intent of providing high quality vapor, durability, and an all round excellent experience for the best value possible. Manufactured by the popular DynaVap - the US brand are best known for producing super small, ‘flame-fuelled’, extremely efficient vaporizers, and the new and improved ‘M’ device is no exception. Constructed from high-quality medical grade stainless steel, this product is truly durable as well as robust, not to mention it’s quirky signature industrial design. The VapCap ‘M’ brings back ritual to the act of vaping, it personifies simplicity with all the flavor and no fuss.

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x DynaVap M 2019 edition
  • 1 x DynaVap airtight storage tube
  • 1 x Full manufacturer’s warranty and VapeWellness technical support

Technical Specifications

  • Height: 3.5 in / 9.2 cm
  • Diameter: 3.1 in / 1 cm
  • Weight: 2 oz / 20 g
  • 300° F - 450° F (150° C - 230° C) Manually
  • Lifetime warranty*

Dynavap M 2019 

Design and Features

The DynaVap VapCap ‘M’ is pretty different from many of the other vaporizers on the market at the minute. It’s powered by a butane torch so there’s no need for batteries and you won’t have to plug it in. Where a lot of manual vaporizers require the user to carefully manage heat and timing (so your herbs don’t combust), the ‘M’ vape has a handy trick up its sleeve. Once the optimal temperature is reached with heating, a ‘bimetal thermostat’ inside will make an audible click noise letting you know that it is ready to go. It will also click to let you know that the device has dropped below the ideal temperature.

In terms of design, DynaVap have gone above and beyond with the build quality of this product. This vaporizer is practically indestructible and is definitely very attractive with its rustic design. New machining also makes the new 2019 version more ergonomic than ever.

2019 Updates

  • A new fine rosette pattern ensures easy grip whilst holding and spinning the new device whilst heating.
  • The carb hole is now even more pronounced and can be found easier from all sides.
  • The tip has a new and improved M-shaped groove for superior heat transfer.
  • Overall improvement of airflow.


Performance and Vapor Quality

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned vape connoisseur, you should be able to pick up the VapCap ‘M’ and achieve perfect hits with little to no practice. To use it, you simply pack the tip with dry herb, put the cap back on and aim your torch roughly an inch or two from the cap. Make sure to rotate as you heat and you’ll hear the vaporizer click when it’s ready. Whilst this is slightly harder than vaping with an automatic device, some users do prefer it as it means that you are in complete control of your vapor.

If you do embark on the slight learning curve you’ll soon find that the VapCap ‘M’ is truly worth it, and this is because its vapor packs a mean punch. In terms of quality, this device is probably the most powerful and best dry herb vaporizer within its price range.

Portable and Discreet

As you can see by the VapCap ’M’s measurements (at the beginning of the review), it is very small and should fit into any pocket with ease. Users do however need to remember to factor in space for their torch as well. Many regular sized torch lighters do exist, so this shouldn’t bring you too much difficulty. When it comes to discreteness, heating your vape in public might raise an eyebrow or two, but on the plus side this device does heat up very quickly (5-30 seconds), and it’s compact size makes the vaporizer itself easy to conceal within your hand.


Technically the VapCap ‘M’ does not have an official warranty, and this would be a great cause for concern if these parts weren’t more or less indestructible. And, another plus is that DynaVap have an excellent track record of handling any customer issues that arise.

What’s the Verdict?

As complicated and futuristic vaporizers flood the market, there is a lot to be said for the simplicity that the DynaVap VapCap ‘M’ stands for, and at the end of the day this tiny gadget gets the job done without any real fuss. The ‘M’ device is one of the better boutique herb vaporizers you can get and as we mentioned earlier, - in its price range- it can’t really be beaten on vapor quality. Of course, not everyone will be intrigued by the idea of using a manual torch, but if you don’t mind the slight learning curve, this product pays off with it’s top flavor.

If your curious about manual vapes this device is an excellent place to start, and anyone who appreciates great design and manufacturing quality will enjoy both the VapCap M’s simplicity and efficiency.