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Posted on May 25, 2017

E-cig are electronic cigarettes and by definition, they are devices designed to deliver nicotine or other chemicals to users via vapor. E cigs helps stimulate smoking of tobacco among users but fortunately it does not involve burning of tobacco and this is certainly advantageous to nicotine lovers. But nicotine as the major constituent of tobacco is addictive and can result in several health-related sicknesses which would not be good for the body. E-cig like vapes and box mod’s are battery powered and in their design they look just like the conventional or regular cigarette you purchase down the street. The good thing about E-cig is that burning of tobacco is eliminated which means that tar and harmful toxins of carbon monoxides are eliminated considerably, contrarily to regular cigarette. The major component of the E-cig are the heating element, the cartridge which houses the liquid containing nicotine, flavors and other chemicals. The heating element functions to heat this nicotine liquid content thereby converting it to vapor and subsequently inhaled by users. This constitutes the major reason why using E-cigs is known as vaping. But the fact that using E-cigs is known as vaping does not automatically qualify E-cigs as vaporizers. Let’s get to see what weed vapes are and subsequently we lodge in an in-depth comparison session between them (weed vapes and E-cigs).

Weed vaporizers by definition are devices also referred to as dry herbs vaporizers which are employed to deliver the THC and CBD contents of cannabis (weed) for both medical and recreational purposes. Weed vaporizers several years back were massive and quite conspicuous in their build up and are popularly known as desktop vapes today, but now we have dry herb vapes which have smaller and sleeker designs and are referred to as a portable vaporizers. Weed vaporizers can also exist in pen form otherwise known as weed vapes pen. The only advantage weed vape pens offers is the portability and discretion, aside this feature, bigger weed vaporizers possess more advantages ranging from LED screen with battery indication, and a far more qualitative vapor flavor. Now let’s lodge into comparisons between E-cigarettes and weed vaporizers but before I do this, let me re-iterate that both E-cig and weed vaporizers are used for vaping.

E-cig or cig-alikes as they are usually called tends to recreate the feeling and the taste of smoking regular cigarettes as they are made to look like regular cigarettes.so portable in size and possess a simple set up which makes them easy to use. Weed vaporizers on the other hand except for weed vape pens do not look or give a feel of regular cigarette and they obviously function differently from e-cigs. They are portable and discrete but this is only in comparisons with desktops though weed vape pens can merge up a bit with e-cig in terms of portability but not completely. Since e-cigs were meant to recreate conventional cigarette, nicotine is the only content of e-cig and it is filled into the cartridge and with the aid of the heating element, liquid nicotine is converted to vapor in seconds. Weed vaporizers on the other hand delivers THC and CBD to users at different levels depending on choice. Weed vapes also consist of a heating element and in the same way the element is powered up via a battery and the weed in the herb chamber vaporizes, thereby producing a smooth taste of cannabis flavors.

Weed vaporizers in their nature are more preferable to e-cigs because they allow users to customize their vaping temperatures and adjust setting such as vibration alerts.so if you desire a type of vaporizing unit that allows you to have a complete control of your device then the weed vapes would just be perfect vape for you. e-cigs are often less expensive than weed vaporizers and this is obviously due to the functionalities that weed vaporizers bags in its design and when you talk about battery life the e-cigs do not have long battery life compared to weed vaporizers.

In conclusion, e -cigs and weed vaporizers are both utilized for vaping. But e-cigs vaporizes tobacco flavor by delivering nicotine with no choice of level you desire while weed vaporizers as the name implies utilizes cannabis (weed) as the only material in its herb chamber and delivers THC and CBD at various levels since vaporizers have a good temperature control system. Overall the weed vapes takes the win in terms of specification and overall functionality but nicotine lovers would not opt for weed vapes since only THC and CBD are the active ingredients of weed. So for lovers of e-cig who loves the feel of nicotine, you can consider more advanced e-cigs which can be used with prefilled cartomizers in different nicotine strength.

Different types of weed vaporizers in recent times have flooded the market and you would need to be careful not to buy a less qualitative unit. Visit Namaste vapes for high quality vapes.