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E3 Vaporizers as Pro Gamers Vape

Posted on Jun 18, 2016

There is no doubt that gamers love vaping. It has been a common top story. Even a couple of months ago we say how a republican congressman is taking beef after supposedly spending over $1300 of the campaign funds on Steam games for himself.

So what is the connection between Vapes and Games?

Vaporizer Gamer E3Once a year, a massive event takes place that causes gamers to come out of their musky, dark rooms and to engage in some face to face interaction. This event is E3, it is the annual video game industry trade show of America. With an attendance last year that estimates over 51,000 people flocking to the halls of the LA Convention Centre with competitive heads of who knows the most and saliva hanging from their mouths with aww as they carry this almost biological need for all things Game and Technology related.

These guys are Americas real 1%, warriors of the mouse, masters of a controller with eyes so damaged by screen light that the thicker the glassed the better the gamer. These guys really are the guys who actually give the biggest Sh** about the advancements of technology both in game and real life. Constantly pushing the boundaries between man and machine. With things like Virtual Reality, augmented reality and open worlds experiences starting to take more of a centre stage.  

So what do these guys have to do with Vaporizers?

Namaste knows that if there was ever a large group of people who would move from cigarettes to vapes, these are the guys.  Vaporizers are already starting to become a popular site in the gaming scene. It started a lot with pen vaporizers but recently we have seen the big vaporizers come into play like the arizer air and haze. Just what has started this US Vaporizer trend with the gamers though?

Pro Gamers are allowed to Vape before and after games

The modern gamers all itch to be professional gamers and live a lifestyle that they dream of… playing games all day. Getting to do what they love for a living but at the same time do it while chilling on the couch or by their pc. A good place for a vape.

With Pro Gamers being open about their dabbling into smoking before and when able during their games they have talked about them moving on to Vaporizers for health and convenience benefits. Gamers are starting to follow suit by getting Vaporizers themselves. Thing is because the pros have started to use vapes and all these guys have started using vapes too.

The ESL has had no choice and has issued a statement to say that anyone is allowed to vape or smoke any natural herbs they want before a tournament starts or after the tournament ends, just not during tournament play... this could be the… all be it very static one… the first sport to ever allow this. Could it be the start of a curve towards a more open minded world? Will we see Vapes more at gaming events?


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