Everything You Wanted To Know About Carb Caps


A Carb Cap can be an essential piece of equipment for people who use concentrates. You can't just plunge into using concentrates without have some prior knowledge on what you'll need for a successful smoke and one of the vital pieces of equipment is having a good carb cap. The reason why carb caps are so vital is because they enhance your herbal experience to a whole new level. 

Another reason why these devices are so pivotal is because of all you an extra level of control you'll have when dabbing. In this blog I've assembled, what I feel to be a incredibly useful information about carb caps.  I've found it necessary to explain the various temperature and other features associated with dabbing just to ensure that you have a clear picture of what we are talking about. So settle up, get the popcorn out, and prepare to be educated on what using carb caps truly means.



People who are starting of on their dabbing careers have a tendency to begin dabbing at very high temperatures. The issue that newbies fail to take into account is that it can be very hard to heat your nail sufficiently without encountering any mishaps. Basically what I'm trying to say is that you should be very cautious when starting off on your vaping career! Take your time and do things properly, gather up all of the requisite information and know what you're at.  

One issue you may encounter is that if you don't heat your nail properly your glass will break and this will result in you having to open the wallet to purchase a new piece of glass and this most certainly is something you want to try to avoid.  Another thing to be aware of is that some users swear by using an adapter between the joint and the nail and this results in an even heating of their piece. The reason for the benefits of a consistent heating are varied and plenty. For example, you don't want  to be like a loose cannon heating your nails all over the place- what you want to achieve is a consistency and balance of heating.


If you're planning on using a torch you'll need to get to know your flame, you cant just plow in and begin torching all over the place.You'll need a knowledge on the various flame strengths and what power of flame can do what. From my experience I've discovered that there are usually two different type of flames that you'll need to become acquainted with "bright blue" and "light blue.  The bright blue flame is when the initial combustion occurs, but this certainly doesn't mean that this is the hottest part of the flame!  The hottest part of the flame is at the very tip of the inner flame and if you use this part of the flame you'll reduce the chances of inhaling any nasty by-products. Another common misapprehension is that your nail needs to be red hot in order for your to use it properly, but this is simply not true. The fact is the ideal temp for vaporization to occur is around the 300-400 degree mark.  It doesn't matter if your nail is quartz, titanium, or any other substance they'll all be operating under same the heating guidelines.  


Carb Cap


Basically what a carb cap does is it creates a chamber where your concentrates are vaporized within.  Carb caps have a single hole which results in a suction within a chamber and this results in your vapor being trapped inside. A carb cap has a tendency to trap your herbs in the chamber by utilizing a vortex mechanism that can both cool and heat the air. Similarly to nails, carbs can be made using ceramic, glass, quarts or other substances. Which one is the best?  It all depends on your own personal preferences, and I've found from my experiences that all of these substances seem to work reasonably well.


Carb caps are all pretty similar in design and they nearly all feature a hollow head at the tip. A rounded end functions as the cap. The devices all come supplied with a pointed handle which, depending on the case, you may bese it as a dabber tool. Of course, many Carb caps are different, and some vary in the level of excellence that they provide. They thing you should always make sure to do is to shop around and find the carb cap that suit  your onw personal needs. Another thing you should always strive to do is to acquire as much information as possible on each piece and see what kind of reviews there are out there in the marketplace.


Carb caps are used to help people in dabbing at low temperatures. Many people have been speaking out carb caps massive benefits when it comes to getting the maximum use from their herbs.  What you'll need to ensure is that your piece operates an open air system. What I mean by this is that your product will have to rely exclusively using heat from a nail or a dish for vaporization to occur.  


If you use concentrates I would highly recommend you use Carb caps. The reason for this recommendation is varied and multiple, but overall I would recommend using them because of the enhanced flavors that you'll experience. I promise you that once you try Carb caps you'll never look back. Simply put your plant experience will have new dimensions of sublime excellence once you're utilizing carb caps. If you are reluctant to try it, I would advise you to set aside any preconceived ideas and just give the products a try. At the end of the day for a minimum of investment, you may see the maximum amount of pleasure.