Fixing Old Vaporizer Or Buying New One

A vaporizer is a special device that uses heat to heat up herbs, oil or wax to provide a water vapor that you inhale. It does not produce smoke and it is good for your health over traditional smoking. Vaporizer can be used to simulate cigarette smoking but without having to burn the tobacco leaves. 

This removes the tar and harmful substances that come about when smoking tobacco leaves. Vaporizers have become popular over the years and it has necessitated the need to create new designs and vaporizers for many purposes, there are many types of vaporizers like e-cigarettes, vapor pens and advanced personal vaporizer also known as MODS. A vaping device generally consists of a battery, a cartridge to put the liquid, wax or herbs, a heating component and a mouthpiece. The heating component is powered by the battery and it heats up the contents in the cartridge to produce a vapor.

 Vaping on the way for a long time

If you are looking to repair your old vaporizer then probably you have entered into the world of Vaping and have a good experience you want to continue. You are looking to see which is better between repairing your old vaporizer or buy a new one, here we are going to look at the pros and cons of both: 

Fixing an old vaporizer 


  • Cheaper 

It is cheaper to repair your old vaporizer since parts are cheaper than a new item altogether. You might find it only one part that need replacing in your vaporizer and it is cheap to replace the part. 

  • Ability To Modify

When you decide to replace parts in your old vaporizer, you can decide to upgrade the parts and buy parts that you can use to modify you vaporizers. You can get creative and modify you vaporizers to suit your desires. 

  • Value For Money 

If you have used your vaporizer for a long time, it means it has served and it has shown value for money, repairing it will double its life span giving you greater value for money.


  • No Replacement Parts

If you happen to buy your vaporizers a long time ago, you might find that technology has advanced and there are no parts to match your vaporizer. 

  • Ineffective 

Due to wear and tear, your vaporizer may not work as new and thus it will not work like it was new. It may fail to produce the intended vapor or produce a certain flavor. 

Buying A New Vaporizer


  • New Design 

Buying a new vaporizer will make you have your mind set on buying a new and different type of vaporizer. You can break the monotony and try a new type of vaporizer, say you had an oil vaporizer, you can decide to get an herb vaporizer in order to experience new flavors. 

  • Advanced Technology 

Technology advances daily, you can get a new vaporizer that is more efficient than your previous vaporizer. You can get a vaporizer that charges fast and retains power for a longer period of time. New innovations are introduced into the market daily and all are made to be more efficient than their predecessors. 

  • Effectiveness

A new vaporizer works effectively to produce the best vapor, you get quality vape due to the brand new parts and new vaporizing liquid. 


  • Expensive 

Buying a new vaporizer is more expensive than repairing an old one. New vaporizers alsi tend to have a big price tag. 

  • Loss Of Sentimental Value 

When you dispose off your old vaporizer, you lose something that was dear and close to you. It worked to satisfy your needs and you grow some sentimental value to your vaporizer.