Flowermate V5.0s Pro vs Arizer Air

Low range cost and high functionality with full portability. Did a vape pop into your head? The Flowermate V5.0 and the Arizer Air are top of my list when I think about these qualities.

Both highly popular vaporizers in a similar price range, if you happen to be someone who researches before they buy then you will have seen people asking about which is the better of the two! We're here today to finally answer this question definitively, though the answer might not be what you expected.

The Stem of the Comparisons

The Flowermate V5 and the Arizer Air come in a rather similar shape, with glass stems for inhaling your vapor. This tends to make your vapor cooler and less harsh on the throat, so if you tend to find vaporizers a bit rough then this style of vape might be for you! 

Where they differ in design is body shape. The Arizer Air is cylindrical, fitting comfortably in the center of your hand without any issues. The brushed metal exterior exudes class and expense, and the buttons on the front of the device are easily accessible. Despite its size, the solid shell protects the interior from any accidental bumps or drops.

The Flowermate V5.0s Pro is slightly bigger, with a rectangular shape rather than a cylindrical one. It carries a bit more weight but only enough to feel sturdy rather than heavy. The matte exterior is subtle, while some vaporizers have lights or bright colors this is nice and discreet. It also includes an LED display, so you can read different pieces of information about your device or change the temperature!

It should be noted that there are many options available for both devices if you're looking for new or different stems! Rather than being stuck with just one mouthpiece, you can try different styles, and you can swap between them if one becomes dirty.

Warming to the Idea

Time to talk about one of the most important features of a portable vaporizer; the oven. An oven can make or break a vape, if it's made of lesser quality materials then your sessions won't be as good. Both vapes similarly use ceramic ovens, which is one of the top materials used by companies for portable vaporizers. Another factor is the style of vaping, which sounds like how to look cool but is actually referring to different ways to release the benefits of your ground materials. 

The Arizer Air is convection style, which means pushing hot air through the material until it releases the beneficial oils. There are arguments towards it also being conduction due to the glass stems heating up during use, but the oven itself is convection. The Flowermate V5.0s Pro is also convection, making them both on par here. 

This style is much better than combustion, where you burn the material. Conduction is another vaping style and it involves heating the oven until the material releases its oils, but because it involves a heated space it can occasionally burn your chosen material. 

What use is an oven without heat? The Arizer Air boasts five different temperature options, going from 356°F as high as 410°F! These are shown on the device with different color lights, and they tend to go upwards in 20 degree increments. The colors are, in order, blue, white, green, orange, and red. Preset heats are ideal for people who want precision heats but without having to fiddle around with buttons.

The Flowermate V5 differs here, bringing exact heats to the board. WIth the digital display you can choose any heat to a degree within 104°F and 446°F! The main advantage here would be for more experienced users who know exactly where they want their oven.

Batteries Included

If you've decided on a portable vaporizer over a desktop one then you're likely to be out and about, not just using it at home (though that said, there's a reason we all use cellphones rather than house phones now. Who wants to lug things around the house?). Battery life is a crucial factor, and we're ready to give the lowdown on the high batteries. 

The Arizer Air heats up in around 60-90 seconds on average, depending on the heat setting chosen. If put to continuous use it can run for up to an hour, but we don't recommend that! It takes 2-3 hours to charge fully, so if needed you can pop it down to charge for a bit before heading back to use.

The Flowermate V5.0s Pro takes 3-4 hours to charge fully on the first go, and then 2 hours every time after that. Once charged it can run for around 2 hours depending on heat settings.

So what's the Deal?

With some very big similarities and some very different factors, you can see why people are conflicted on which of the two to buy! In our experience, Arizer has a great reputation for a reason. Even their lower-end products give high-value vapor and flavor, and the Air is no exception. If you want a budget-friendly portable vaporizer that does what it promises and won't let you down then it's perfect for you!

The Flowermate V5 on the other hand has many features that would appeal to experienced vapers as well as novices, the precision temperature option is a big factor that is unexpected for a vape in this price range. It's great as a beginner vape to experiment heats with, but also as a cheaper option for someone who doesn't want to bring their top-shelf vape everywhere.

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