Grenco Science Announces The New G Pen Elite II

Introducing the G Pen Elite II

Grenco Labs is back with a vengeance with the follow up to their extremely successful and universally adored G Pen Elite vaporizer. The aptly named GPen Elite II builds on the success of the original GPen by reinventing several components and focusing on maintaining the same level of portability that made the Elite vape so beloved.

The Elite II: What’s New

The original Elite vapes used state of the art technology to keep users satisfied and immersed in the experience. They did so by introducing fast heat up times, maximizing the convection system, and keep the device as portable and easy to use as possible. 

The Elite 2 takes these elements and maximizes their potential to the fullest.

Upgraded Heating - Introducing Hybrid Heating by G Pen

The original Elite boasted convection heating, which did the trick well enough, to be fair. That being said, the GPen Elite II is focused on the experience of perfectly heated and “cooked” dry herbs, and that means a system that gives you a hybrid: convection and conduction. 

Convection heating introduces a blast of hot air that passes through your dried herbs, avoiding scorching and burning, while conduction heating directly heats your dried herb in an encircled, periphery style of heating. 

Zirconia Mouthpiece and Spiral Air Path

The Zirconia mouthpiece is not just an ornament or a way for G Pen II to seem fancier than it is. Rather, the zirconia mouthpiece keeps vapor cool as a cucumber, avoiding any snafus where your lips get burnt. 

The integrated spiral air path also pays dividends in terms of keeping your hit cooled down to a comfortable level. 

Isolated Airpath

The isolated air path is efficient and works a charm, but it is isolated for a reason - away from any electronic hardware so that your Elite 2 vaporizer is in this for the long haul. 

Firmware Updates

Yes, the Grenco G-Pen Elite II is Wi-Fi compatible. That means any firmware updates can be downloaded directly to your Elite 2 device, where your usage is tracked and updates are automatic. 

USB-C Charging

Gone are the days of that annoying, incompatible jack that would leave you lacking in the worst moments. With USB-C charging, any USB port can quickly charge up your Elite 2, and you are in far better hands as a result.

Integrated Stirring Tool

Included with the Elite II is the stir tool which makes packing your herbs and keeping hits fresh is a lot easier than before. 


The Elite II is an important upgrade to the G Pen line. It is a great source of the freshest hits, has a durable and protected hardware system, and it keeps your hits of the highest quality thanks to hybrid heating and improved hardware and firmware. 

Grenco labs also ensured that the device stayed as portable as possible, even with the inclusion of a more powerful 2100 mAh battery. An auto shut off feature also keeps your new Elite II functional and juiced up for each session.