G Pen Elite vs New G Pen Pro

Grenco Science are one of the most beloved names in pen vaporizers this industry has ever seen, keeping up with other titans like Dr. Dabber and KandyPens. With their flagship line of G Pen models, two of which we’re taking a look at today, they’ve managed to dominate the portable, discreet vape market.

Each model just gets smarter and more convenient, so when they announced their new G Pen Pro, we just had to compare it to the G Pen Elite, their older, more advanced model that was hailed as the most advanced system they’d ever created.

G Pen Elite

The G Pen Elite is hailed as the first original models to come out of Grenco Science. Up until this point they relied on collaborations, handling most of the manufacturing process with a reduced say in design. They still collaborate often, but now that they’ve got their masterpiece under their belt, they’ve cemented their name as a serious competitor in the vaporizer scene.

On paper, the G Pen Elite is a massive improvement on all of the previous models. It’s smaller, a lot more efficient and its herb chamber is a lot bigger than the others as well. It also comes with an LED display as well as full temperature control. It really is one of the smartest vapes of its size we’ve seen and the fact that Grenco Science had this in their back pocket all along shows that they’ve had the knowledge all along.

The Elite uses a 360 degree heating system within its large chamber, which can hold up to 0.75 grams of grounded up material. This allows for an amazing amount of heat distribution hitting all of those herbs at once. An almost pure convection system inside of a 100% pure ceramic chamber makes, the flavor coming off of this thing during the vaping session amazing.

When it first came out, there were some harshness issues, but Grenco heard the complaints and the later models have fixed those problems. All in all it’s an incredibly impressive piece that combines the best that Grenco ever had with a pent up creative desire to bring out a revolutionary discreet and portable vape.

G Pen Pro

The G Pen Pro is the latest model to come out of Grenco Science. Though most of the work has been done by Grenco Science, this is technically another collaboration, as Snoop Dogg has left his name to a custom model in order to bring even more attention to this amazing piece.

The G Pen Pro is not what you would call a stark move away from their other models. In terms of shape and color, the G Pen Pro is pretty standard for a Grenco Science’ model, as, arguably, was the Elite. We’re still talking about an all plastic body with a glossy black finish which increases the vapes stealth tremendously. Combine that with the fact that it’s pretty small and the plastic keeping it light makes it a very handy on-the-go vape.

That said, the guts of the machine are different as the G Pen Pro is a herbal vaporizer. Up until now, most of G Pen’s models have specialized in concentrates and waxes, but people have raised an eyebrow at the decision to make this a pure herbal, but many have assumed the decision was to get ahead of the medical marijuana market now that more and more states are legalizing it.

The G Pen Pro is also incredibly easy to use. A single button, with 5 clicks turning it on and off, operates all of the other functions as well. Holding down this button will also allow you to start cycling through the preset temperature settings, which is a pretty common feature you see in vapes that are convenience focused.

The G-Pen Pro is coming to US market’s very soon and it’s being highly anticipated so if I were you I’d check out what deals we have coming out on the G Pen Pro today!

Even More About Grenco Science

Grenco Science is massive in the music scene, probably because they know a large portion of the portable vaporizer market are quite young, taking advantage of new technologies, especially when those new technologies are right at home at the festival scene.

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Obviously Grenco Science’ biggest collaboration was with Snoop Dogg, who he’s been working with to bring out his own custom version of the G Pen, complete with a printed map of Long Beach, his hometown, on the body. It’s not only Snoop Dogg either. Even though he’s not an official partner, Wiz Khalifa has been a big spokesperson for the G Pen’s purely because he likes the products.

Grenco Science also used their G Pen in 2013 to sponsor the Golden God awards, a rock music award show held in Los Angeles that year. As their sponsor, the G-Pen featured heavily in their adverts and during the show. Grenco’ doing a fantastic job of bringing their vape to the young people, marketing their powerful portables to match the lifestyle of a busy young vaper.

Grenco Science, and the first G Pen, was started by then rock concert promoter, Chris Folkerts. Chris first used a herb vaporizer sometime around 2010 and described it as digitized and set work creating his own model, bringing out the G Pen 2 years later. In the early days, he was just selling the early vape prototype out of the trunk of his car.

Chris Folkerts is just one of a few pioneers who drove the vaping industry into one of the most prosperous fields today. A decade ago, these products didn’t even existed, but the market has since had a massive boom and there’s now a model to fit everyones lifestyle, and the G Pen and other such models from Grenco Science are deserving of their piece of the action for the little leaps they’ve made to bring one of the best vaping experiences to you.

Just recently, because their products were so good, it was discovered that over 65 other online retailers had been stealing the designs of the Grenco Science vaporizers and reselling them.

Grenco took them to court and sued them for over 47 million dollars in damages. This event proved that, not only are Grenco the vaporizers people want, but that Grenco themselves are not to be messed with.

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