The Genius Pipe - Review

The Genius Pipe was a labor of love. Created to be the ultimate all-in-one smoking companion, it’s so slim, so discreet, so elegant. Pretty much just so - everything! The build quality on this piece is second to none and in terms of the technology that went behind it, there’s just nothing else on the market right now.

If you’re looking to take your portable smoke game to the next level, without relying on massive water pieces or wallet busting vaporizers, the perfect model for you might just be The Genius Pipe. There are definitely cheaper pipes out there, but what you’re buying is an indestructible quality and clean, refined flavor that even some water pipes can’t even come near.

Genius Pipe Review NamasteVapes Dry Glass


The Genius Pipe is such a beautiful piece, mixing a modern design with an elegant, slender shape. Similar in look and layout to the Firefly 2, The way the Genius Pipe was thought out allows for maximum cooling and the smoothest hits. So smooth in fact that Genius likes to claim that this is a no-coughing pipe.

The Genius Pipe is split into three parts. The bottom, which houses the lower half of the piece, which contains the bowl.The top piece magnetically snaps on top of this and also has the same amount of dimples on it. These two together create the pipes main body, then, on top of this, snaps into place a metal covering which has a couple of different uses.

This metal cover can slide up and down the pipe body and, with a hole near the top but nowhere else, you can either slide it so you have direct access to your bowl or cover the bowl to either stop the smoke from your lit bowl from escaping or just to keep your herbs where they are so you can smoke them later. This sliding and magnetic action also makes the pipe incredibly easy to load.

Dimple Technology

The most ingenious thing about The Genius Pipe is the fact that it runs off of what’s called Dimple Technology, which is a form of cooling that you usually only see in Gaming PC’s and other high-end pieces of hardware. The dimple’s are exactly as it sounds. When removing all the top covers, all you’ll see are a two thousand small indents within the pipe.

As the smoke travels from the bowl to the mouthpiece, along the way they’ll begin to fill the dimples, creating a mini vortices within each dimple. This apparently gives the pipe a lot more time to swirl the smoke around, giving it a much greater time to cool and really cuts down that harshness.

Specifically how does the dimples cool the smoke? Well, they transfer the heat from the smoke into the aluminum, meaning you can take the smoothest hit you've ever had from a pipe and just really focus on enjoying each of those herbs.

Genius Pipe Review NamasteVapes Dry Glass


We wanted to throw a quick mention as to how portable the Genius pipe really is, and there’s a couple of reasons why you can just take this piece anywhere. Firstly the metal cover that clips onto the piece can slide up and down, and this either gives you direct access to the bowl or, by clicking it down, keeping it flush with the pipe’s main body, you can protect whatever herbs are in the bowl right now, making it also a convenient storage device.

Secondly, since the body is made from high-grade aluminum, it’s incredibly sturdy, meaning it can take daily abuse. Thirdly, despite being quite a long pipe, it’s also so slim that it can easily just slip into your jeans and be walked to wherever you need to go. Even the smallest of one-hitters or spoon pipes don’t fit in your trousers well.

Even if they don’t protrude, you feel like you might snap them in two just by bending down. Not with the Genius Pipe. It’s too thin and way too sturdy with that medical-grade aluminum. It’ll be basically indestructible to any accident that might happen.

The Taste

One of the reasons Genius created their revolutionary pipe is because they claim to appreciate the true taste of the herbs as god intended. With vaporizers, bongs and spoon pipes, a lot of the taste is lost in the filtration process.

With the genius pipe, since a of of the cooling happens just because of the natural grooves found within the body, you get one of the purest herb flavors available on the market. 


This is where the magnetic, sliding locks of The Genius Pipe really become an amazing feature because not only is the pipe much easier to load this way, but it also becomes much easier to clean. So one issue with waterless filtration which you’ve might have guessed is that the dimples fill up with tar and resin as you’re smoking.

Well, since there’s no complicated machinery inside, cleaning is just a matter of really rubbing in a lot of cleaning alcohol and then wiping it away. All of that nasty, burnt gunk you’re going to find inside will just be rubbed away like a dream.