The Ghost MV1 Review

It’s not controversial to say that here are a lot of vapes on the market, like A LOT. For the most part they conform to the same basic design; usually some variation on the tried and true black rectangle. It’s not flashy, but it works.

Every so often, however, a vape will appear that looks a little different, what’s rarer is a vape that not only looks different, but works different. 

The Ghost MV1 is one such vape. It not only features a shiny and distinct design (it looks like something from a sci fi film), it also features several unique innovations. 

The most unusual of these is its unique crucible chamber system that physically swings away from the rest of the device. This feature alone tends to polarize vape fans. Where do you fall? Is it a must have or do you prefer the tried and true built in system? Let's take a lot at the other features the Ghost has to offer. 

Ghost Mv1 Vaporizer: Answering All Your Questions about Tech Specs (and What’s in the Box)

Here’s a quick run down on of the most frequent questions vape fans ask about the Ghost MV1:

1. How much does the Ghost MV1 cost?

At Namaste Vapes, you can get your hands on a Ghost MV1 Vaporizer vape for $295.00. We’ll also throw in free shipping and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

2. What can you vape with the Ghost MV1?

The Ghost MV1 is compatible with both dry herb and dabbing concentrates. Herbs can be put directly into the crucible chamber while concentrates need to be used with the included dab pad. 

3. How big is the Ghost MV1?

The Ghost MV1 is a reasonably sized vape that will fit comfortably in most jacket pockets and bags. It measure in at 5” x 2.25” x 1.6”

4. How much does the Ghost MV1 weight?

For its size, the Ghost MV1 is a surprisingly hefty vape, weighing in at around 12oz. This is on the heavier end of the portable vape spectrum, but it's still comfortable to use. Some users prefer a bit of heft to their devices, finding that it gives them a feeling of quality. 

5. How big is the Ghost MV1’s oven chamber?

The Ghost MV1’s unique swing out, crucible style chamber has a capacity of .12g. A decent size that offers some solid sessions, however it may be a bit small if you like to share with other people. 

6. What’s the Ghost MV1’s heating system?

The Ghost MV1 uses a convection heating system to gradually bake the vapor out of dry herb by allowing hot air to flow across its surface area. 

7. Which battery does the Ghost MV1 use?

The Ghosts MV1 features a 2600mAh battery. Considering that its chunky battery pack makes up a good portion of the device’s weight and bulk, it’s somewhat underwhelming. While spare batteries packs are available, they are pretty bulky and similarly limited. 

8. How long does the Ghost MV1’s battery last?

While the battery is a bit of a let down, the Ghost MV1 does a lot with what it has. You can expect up to 12 full sessions on a full charge. This is some serious efficiency!

9. How long does the Ghost MV1 take to charge?

Despite its battery’s low power, the Ghost MV1’s battery takes a pretty significant 2 hours to fully charge. This can be expedited with an external cradle charger, but that’s adding extra peripherals to the equation and increasing the overall cost of the Ghost.

10. What’s the temperature range of the Ghost MV1?

The Ghost MV1 has a respectable temperature range that stretches from 284° F - 428° F. This means that you can get a respectable range of vape experiences.

11. How does the Ghost MV1 display temperature?

The Ghost MV1 has a pretty basic display that consists of a LED indicator light. It works, but beginners will need a manual to decipher it.

12. Does the Ghost MV1 have an auto shutoff feature?

The Ghost MV1 has a standard auto-shut off features that shuts down the heating system after a few minutes to preserve your herb and battery. 

13. Does the Ghost MV1 come with a smartphone app?

The Ghost MV1 is compatible with the Ghost smartphone app. This allows you to register your vape, and to precisely control the vapes temperature setting. 

14. Does the Ghost MV1 have a warranty?

Sadly, the Ghost MV1 no longer has a warranty as they have since gone out of business. 

Ghost MV1 Vape: What's in the box

  • Ghost MV1 Vaporizer w/Battery
  • micro-USB Charge Cord
  • Quick Start Guide1 Spare Crucible w/Lid
  • 1 Concentrate Pad
  • 3 Picks
  • 3 Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes
  • 3 cotton swabs
ghost mv1

How Does the Ghost Mv1 Work?

The Ghost MV1 is a fair unconventional vaporizer. It deviates pretty significantly from the industry standard of a ‘vague rectangle shape’. On top of this it has a totally unique chamber that physically swings out from the rest of the device (if you can load it without imagining yourself as a cowboy loading a six shooter, you’re a more mature person than us). However, at the end of the day the Ghost is still a vaporizer, and it can be explained and examined like any other vape. 

1. The Ghost Mv1 Vaporizer Heating System

The Ghost MV1 features a decent convection heating system. Think of this like an oven, it bakes the vapor out of the herb by heating the air around it. This flows through the herbs, vaporizing all of its surface area at once, leading to a dense, and tasty vapor. This heating system works in tandem with the crucible (more on that below) to deliver pretty impressive results. 

2. Loading the Ghost Mv1

One of the major departures the Ghost MV1 takes from vape design orthodox is in its chamber. Instead of the typical built-in chamber system it has a unique crucible system. The Ghost’s chamber cover physically swings away from the rest of the device. This exposes the chamber which can be lifted away from the rest of the device. This makes filling it a breeze, all you have to do is gently decant your herb into it.

Getting the chamber back into the device is a little tricky, as it sits in, rather than clicks. If you’re a little clumsy, this could easily lead to slime spilled herb. 

The biggest advantage of the crucible system is that you can carry around several preloaded chambers at once. This makes extending your session on the go a breeze! Unfortunately, out of the box, the Ghost only has one bowl. To really get the most out of it, you’ll need to spend that little bit more for spare chambers. 

3. Turning on the Ghost Mv1 Vape

The Ghost MV1 has a barebones control scheme that consists of little more than two buttons and a few colored lights. It's not the most intuitive system out there, and to get to grips with it you’ll need to crack out the manual. To turn the device on, you need to hold in the mode button on the front of the device. It’ll only take around 10 seconds to reach vaping temperature, which is seriously fast for a convection-based vaporizer. It’ll let you know when it’s ready with a buzz from its haptic feedback. 

4. Setting the Temperature on the Ghost Mv1

Once you have activated your Ghost MV1, selecting the temperature is fairly simple. Simply hold down the mode button again to switch over to temperature select mode. From here, you can select from five different settings by simple pressing the button.

Two more, customizable settings, and a more precise control scheme can be accessed by linking the Ghost up to its compatible smartphone app. This is a must if you are a stickler when it comes to your vapes temperature settings. 

Finally, when you’ve selected a temperature setting that works for you, press the mode button one more time to enable vape mode. 

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5. Hitting the Ghost Mv1 Vape

The Ghost has a unique retractable mouthpiece that allows you to control its airflow. If it is pulled all the way out, it will have a super light resistance, perfect for taking short, mild hits. If it is pushed in, the airflow will be more restricted, which works great at higher temperatures for long, intense hits. 

On top of this, the Ghost MV1 is a bit unusual in that it can't just put it to your mouth and take a hit. Instead, every time you want to draw from it, you have to hold down the vape button on the back of the device. 

How’s the Ghost Mv1’s Vapor Quality?

The Ghost MV1 has fantastic vapor. Unfortunately this comes with an asterisk, to get the best vapor, you have to figure out the sweet spot. It may take a little experimentation, but when you nail it, you’ll get to enjoy some incredible vapor. We’re talking dense, powerful, lung-busting clouds. If you want to take hits that can rival bongs, then the Ghost MV1 is a serious contender. Thanks to the Ghost’s cooling path, each hit will be smooth and go down exceedingly well.

The power of the Ghost MV1 can be used to deliver decent concentrate hits too! Admittedly, it isn’t a patch on a dedicated concentrate vape, but for a dual use vaporizer it does very well. Over all, this is one of the better vapes on the market when it comes to serious vapor quality.

Tips for Getting the Best Vapor Quality with the Ghost Mv1

The Ghost MV1 relies on prep and packing more than many vaporizers out there. The consistency and the density of your herb can have a major impact on your vape experience. Thankfully, the removable crucibles make getting that pack just right a breeze. The Ghost is a convection vaporizer, so its best practice to make sure you fill it with herb that is ground to a medium consistency. Don’t pack it in too densely, you want to make sure that the air can permeate all of it. 

Is the Ghost Mv1 Easy to Clean?

Cleaning the Ghost MV1 is, thankfully, straightforward and easy. There are only a few components that require regular cleaning, and they are all designed for intuitive handling. Cleaning the exterior of the ghost is simply a matter of gently wiping it down with a soft cloth. Try to avoid using alcohol or any solvents, as this could ruin your finish and leave you with a nasty looking device!

ghost mv1 cleaning

When it comes to cleaning the internals, you should start by popping open the crucible and removing the chamber. The chamber itself can easily be cleaned by wiping it down with a cloth wetted with a little isopropyl alcohol. If you’ve let it get particularly grimy, don’t sweat it. Simply soak in alcohol for an hour or two and any stubborn dirt should simply wipe away. 

When you want to clean the heatsink and air path, simply pop it out by applying a little pressure to the green silicone seal just inside the crucible door, the whole assembly should then pop out the top of the device. Then, remove the glass stem, for easier cleaning. You can then, gently disassemble all of the heat sync for individual cleaning. The black rubber seal and assembly lid never come into contact with vapor, so you should be careful to avoid getting any alcohol or cleaning solution on these. 

As for the rest of the components, simply soak them in isopropyl alcohol until any build up washes away. 

Finally, allow everything to dry off, and then reassemble your Ghost MV1. Put it through a heating cycle to ensure that any left over alcohol boils away, that stuff is not good for you. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of the Ghost Mv1 Vape?

Here’s a quick breakdown of the major advantages (and drawbacks) of the Ghost MV1:

Easy to fill crucible system Crucible can take some getting used to 
Powerful, dense clouds Decent knowledge of the heating system needed for best results.
Super-rapid heat up time Disappointing battery life
Unique aesthetic  Pretty bulky for a portable vape

So Is the Ghost Mv1 Vaporizer worth It?

ghost mv1 in hand

The Ghost is by no means a budget vaporizer, and its unorthodox design could prove to be off putting off a lot of vape fans. However, if you’re willing to get used to it, the MV1 is a truly excellent and unique vaporizer that goes above and beyond when it comes to sheer vaping power.

On top of this, some of its more unique design choices are simply superior to the standard vape conventions. The crucible system in particular makes carrying pre-loaded chambers not only feasible, but convenient too. We wouldn’t be surprised to see this type of system catch on with other vape brands. 

However, the weak battery and large, bulky shape of the Ghost MV1 are inarguably issues. This isn’t a discreet vaporizer, and you’re not getting any extra power or battery life in the trade off. On top of this, the slightly fussy heating system can be a major stumbling block for newer vape users who don’t understand the ins and outs of different temperature settings. 

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Who Should Buy the Ghost Mv1?

The Ghost MV1 has a fairly broad appeal, however there’s one group who this will stand out to more than any other: The cloud fans. If you want massive, intense, flavorful, and lung-busting hits, then look no further. The unique design of the MV1 is more than worth getting used to. Beginners on the other hand, may want to give this vape a skip. It requires a certain level of familiarity with the ins and outs of how heating can affect your vape experience. 



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