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Having problems with your Pax Vaporizer? Here are common problems and how to fix them!

Posted on Sep 07, 2018

The Pax -one of the most formidable vaporizer brands out there. Using innovative technologies, speedy heat-up times and sleek design, they are carving a dent in the vaping universe. However, every vaporizer isn’t perfect and their owner? Well they’re not perfect either. Vaporizers require frequent maintenance, cleaning and general upkeep; on the occasion where this doesn’t happen, your Pax may run into some problems. To help you conquer the vaping world with your Pax, I have compiled a list of common problems users tend to run into with their Pax.

Pax 3 Vaporizer

Grind those herbs, fine

If you’re loading up, packing and vaping like instructed and not getting enough vapor, well, the problem may stem from the chamber. Grinding, loading and packing are vital processes in getting the best performance from your vape. If you’re not getting the performance you were promised, my suggestion is to check the chamber. Once you’ve exposed the chamber and looked inside, investigate and analyze (oh, CSI Miami vibes, am I right?) how you grinded and packed your herb. If you want maximum performance, you will need to grind your herbs fine. Grinding finer will give you the results you need and want.  

Mouthpiece stuck?

From time to time, your mouthpiece will get sticky. You’ll notice it when you pop it open, it’ll open slower than usual. Pro tip – charge your Pax standing up. A weird tip, I know. The Pax charger is simple yet flawed due to the way it sits. When charging your Pax, it spends the duration of its charge working against gravity and pulling resin toward the mouthpiece. The heat from the charge is just hot enough to heat and melt the resin.  

Authorized vendors only!

Inconsistent heating, different colored LED’s, bad tasting and poor vapor quality are all signs of a faulty or counterfeit Pax vaporizer. Did you buy your vaporizer from Ebay or Craigslist for an absolute bargain? That’s where your problem lays. If you want a Pax then, I cannot stress to you enough, you should only buy your Pax’ from authorized vaporizer vendors, like us, Powered By Lifted. Have peace of mind knowing that your investment is covered if anything is faulty! 

Happy Vaping!

Pax vaporizers are forces to be reckoned with. If the performance of the vaporizer is less than satisfactory, then the problem starts within the vaporizer; and also, where you purchased it from. Hopefully these little hacks will ensure you get the best experience from your Pax. 

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