Haze Square V Pax 3

The Haze Square is discontinued, you may consider buying other portable vaporizer here.

The Haze Square and the Pax 3 are two of the most sublime Vaporizers ever to hit the marketplace. Both of these vapes are pushing the boundaries in terms of vaporizer excellence. The Pax 3 delivers some of the most surreal, delicious, and extraordinary vapes known to man or beast. 

This really is a vaporizer that not only will surprise you with its overall level of performance, but it will actually leave you flabbergasted at its quality. Trust me, with this little baby you'll be on your back in ecstasy. Once you've tried the Pax 3 you'll come away pinching yourself wondering whether the experience really happened. 

And just when you thought vapes couldn't get any better along comes the Haze Square Vaporizer that supply's users with the ultimate package in vaporizing bliss. What really sets the Haze Square apart is its superior overall functionality.

This is a vaporizer that can vape oils, concentrates, and nearly any other herbal substance known to man with an equal level of efficiency. Many of the units out there are only good with one herbal substance, but this most certainly isn't the case with the Haze Square which provides some delicious buzzes with all sorts of materials.

So this gets to the crux of the matter, which vaporizer is better? I must say that the task at hand is a very difficult task, because how can you determine which is better between two creations of such genius? This contest is a bit like two elite runners coming up against each other in the Olympic Games.

On one hand, we have the Pax 3 vaporizer which is at the forefront of a vaporizing revolution, and the other hand, we have the Haze Square Vaporizer which packs a punch of phenomenal power. But in this blog I will analyze each vape in minute detail, and hopefully, I'll be able to come up with the answer. Ok folks, so settle up, get the popcorn out and prepare to witness an historic clash between two vaporizing greats.

The Haze Square

If you've ever had the pleasure of trying the Haze Dual Vaporizer you'll be well aware of the quality vaporizers that Haze produce. The Haze Dual was revolutionary because of the dual chamber which allows users to vape both oils and waxes with an equal level of proficiency. The Haze Square has all of the qualities of its predecessor only better. What really sets the Haze Square apart from the competition is the devices 4 chamber ceramic heating system which allows you to vape oils, herbs, or waxes. With the Haze Square you wont be receiving any ordinary vape, but you'll be receiving an extraordinary vape that will remain etched into your memory for eternity.

haze Vaporizer

How it works

Like I've already mentioned the 4 chamber rotating system is what separates the Haze Square from the competition. The plate rotates so you can change from one canister to the next in a matter of seconds. So with this feature you'll be able to change from dry herbs, to concentrates, to waxes with the simple click of a button.


With the Haze Square you can have device packed up with four separate materials and you can be sampling them all in one session. Another handy benefit about this feature is that not one second will be wasted attempting to reload your chamber. The Haze Square really is a rapid-fire vaporizer.

The Design

The Haze Square is designed in a very fashionable way. The machine exudes a sense of style, charisma, and class. For all of the technological advances inherent in the vape the device is small, convenient, and slick. Unlike some of the other vapes out there which are bulky the Haze certainly isn't one of these devices. The aluminum alloy design ensures that once you have the Haze Square in your hand it will feel like pure quality and will

You can store your mouthpiece inside the Haze when not in use and this will help you avoid any nasty breakages when you're storing it in your pocket. The machine has a power button at the front, and also has temperature settings at the top of the device which will allow you to adjust the temp to whatever level you desire. The temperature system is designed with high grade technological advances which ensures that your herbs are never combusted.

A very handy feature is the micro USB charger which fits in perfectly with the powerful battery system. The system itself comes equipped with 2600mAH battery which is very very powerful. What this battery facilitates is up to 3 hours of non stop vaping. You can have the spare battery loaded up and ready to insert once the original runs out and off vaping you'll go again. So for any of you beasts out there who like to 24/7 vaping the Haze Square can facilitate this.


When I first got my hands on the Haze Square I not only was impressed with its overall performance I was simply astounded. The 4 barrel chamber system reminds me of an automatic weapon delivering high velocity buzzes with the click of a button. 

This rapid fire system truly is a sight to behold, and ultimately, it will leave you salivating with the thoughts of your next hit. And not only does the chamber system deliver these buzzes it hits the target every time. No matter what ammunition you put inside the Haze Square this little baby seems to hit the bulls eye again and again.

The Pax 3 Vaporizer

The Holy Grail of vaping is to get your hands on a vaporizer that is small, discreet, and efficient and with the Pax 3, Pax Labs have accomplished the impossible. The original Pax took the herbal industry by storm many moods ago with a vaporizer that took vaping to the next level, but with the Pax3 we have reached a whole new level altogether.

The very first thing you'll notice about the Pax 3 is the beautiful finish to the device. The unit comes in colors ranging from gold, blue, black, and sliver, and each color exudes a sense of style and charisma. Compared to the original Pax, this vaporizer comes equipped with a whole host of handy extra features. The ability to vape concentrates is one of these extra features. The vapes that you'll receive truly will be a sight to behold- delicious, cleaner, and utterly memorable.

How it works

The Pax 3 has a very rapid start-up time and will be ready for action in under 15 seconds. If you're an impatient herbal enthusiast, this rapid heat up system will be like a godsend. You'll know that the Pax is ready for vaping when the lights flash at the front of the device. 

how pax 3 works

The battery is pretty powerful and has long duration capacity. The Pax operates using conduction technology which acts to heat up your materials when they come into contact with the heating element. The majority of people seem to believe that convection is the better method, but the Pax 3 has me reconsidering this. The Pax 3 just seems to hit the mark time and time again.

The Design

What can we say about the design of the Pax 3?- this really is a vaporizer that puts the Q in the word Quality. Many vapes out there in the marketplace are bulky and heavy, but this isn't the case with the Pax3 which is the ultimate portable vape! The Pax3 fits very easily into your hand and no matter where you are you'll find that you'll be able to slip the device into your pocket.

There really is nothing worse than you getting your hands on a so called portable vaporizer that is like carrying around a builders block in your pocket. Some of the other portables out there in the marketplace would remind me of the mobile phones from the 60's and 70's, huge ridiculous looking models, but with the advent of the Pax3 these issues are a thing of the past.

Whilst the vaporizer does come in many different colors the gold color was the one that caught my eye. The gold color signifying wealth, opulence, and dominance. Don't get me wrong, whilst the rest of the colors are real classy, for me, the gold color was the one that done it. As far as design goes the Pax 3 has to be the most stylish vape in the world.


There are sometimes in life when you coming away scratching your head and wondering whether something really happened and this is the case with the Pax3. This is an extraordinary vaporizer with tremendous capacity to hit home time and time again.

Not only does the Pax get the job done- the device looks like something you'd see strutting down the Catwalk in Milan. One could nearly imagine the Pax 3 becoming an essential item for any model taking a photoshoot or embarking on a modelling career. Simply put, its a smoking hot vaporizer!!

Every last crevice and hole in the device exudes charisma and class. But this isn't a case of style over substance this is a case of style matching substance to create a vaporizer straight from the heavens.

The first few pulls that I took from the Pax where as memorable as my first baby being born- truly life changing. A moment that will forever be etched into my mind for eternity and beyond. Pax Labs we salute you, we salute your ingenuity, and we salute your genius in bringing us the Pax 3 Vaporizer.


So who's going to emerge victorious in the battle between these two vaping heavyweights? Even after spending much time in analyzing each device I'm finding it very hard to pick a winner. Each device has something to offer that the other doesn't, and each device has the ability to give users some of the greatest moments of their lives.


The four chamber heating system in the Haze truly is a revolutionary piece of equipment. Wherever you are and whatever materials you're vaping the Haze Square will be there to accommodate you. Its remarkable that this little beauty of a vaporizer has the ability to vaporize all of your materials with the same level of remarkable efficiency. The Haze Square not only has raised the benchmark, but has blown away all previous benchmarks.

Similarly, when you start to analyze the Pax3 you begin to run out of compliments and high praise. Everything about the Pax3 Vaporizer will have you coming away with a huge smile on your face. The style of the vaporizer, the extra quality vapes, and the overall performance will leave you gobsmacked. Not only does the vaporizer perform with admirable quality- it looks superb!

Everything about the Pax3 smells of class, professionalism, and accomplishment. This the type of the machine that you'd be showing off to your friends with a smug look on your face. This most certainly is a vaporizer for the high end intelligent individual. Of course, some people like to settle for second best, and all power to them, but if you're looking for an elite level vape the Pax 3 is the machine you'll need in your hands.

So who have I chosen as the winner in this titanic struggle between the two vaping giants? After much soul-searching, much deliberation, much internal struggle I had to come an agonizing

Now, call me a coward all you want, but I just couldn't knock down either vaporizer. It simply would have been unfair to single out one vape above the other. Both vaporizers come jammed packed full of quality and extra goodies. Both vapes produces the goods, and in this race, both vapes will cross the line together as champions of the vaping world.

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