Herbalizer Vs Volcano: Clash Of The Titans

The Volcano Digital is discontinued and replaced by the Volcano Hybrid! Other Storz and Bickel vaporizers can be found here.

For a long, long time the name Volcano has been synonymous with Desktop vaporizers, great vapor quality and even Vaporizers in general. This is one of the machines that we would consider an OG Vaporizer. The Volcano was one of the first huge success stories to come from the Vaporizer industry and it has showed no signs of slowing down, with a huge amount of admirers to be found across the globe. Everybody loves the volcano and everybody knows the Volcano, it has dominated the desktop vaporizer range for so long. 

However things might just be about to change, for coming across the horizon we can see a new competitor coming. A sleek, shiny, compact and stylish competitor - something we haven't seen the likes of before. The Herbalizer Vaporizer has burst onto the Vaping scene in dramatic fashion.

One of the most powerful and efficient machines we have ever seen, the Herbalizer is one piece of solid work and aims to completely revolutionize the desktop vaporizer market. So the age old question needs to be asked, what happens when an unmovable object meets an unstoppable force? let's find out. 

Vaporizer Design 

The design for the Volcano Vaporizer is pretty standard. It looks and acts like a home application device and this is exactly what it's used for. The digit version of the Volcano comes with a handy digital temperature interface which allows you maximum control over vaping temperatures. The Volcano would definitely be the bigger and more bulky of the two vaporizers however that isn't really a problem as these devices are in no way meant to be portable. 

The Herbalizer has the edge on the Volcano Vape when it comes to design. The Herbalizer is an ultra-slick looking desktop vaporizer and was designed by ex-NASA scientists. It has a curved look and is a much more compact desktop vape than the Volcano.

Vaporizer Technology 

Both of these Desktop Vaporizers offer balloon-style vaping which is a lot of users preferred method of vaping with desktop vapes. However one major difference here is that the Herbalizer also comes with the ability to vape whip-style as well which gives it a significant advantage as it is seen as a combo Vaporizer.

This will mostly come down to individual preferences when it comes to Vaping and if whip-style vaping is a preference of yours, then maybe the Herbalizer vaporizer will be the desktop vaporizer for you. 

Volcano Digit Vape Buy Online Desktop Vaporizers

Another difference between these two powerhouse players is the herb chamber found in both. The Volcano Vape comes with a much larger chamber that is capable of holding upwards of half a gram of dry herb materials which is fantastic if you are vaping with 2 or more people.

In contrast, the Herbalizer heating chamber is a bit smaller and would hold maybe half of the material that the Volcano Vape can hold. As long as you don't mind re-packing the herb, then this isn't really a problem however some people enjoy filling their Vape up and sitting back and relaxing, the Volcano is definitely the Vape to do this with. 

Heat up time is always a contentious discussion when we talk about desktop vaporizers and in this case there is a massive difference. The Volcano Vaporizer takes a few minutes in order to reach it's desired vaping temperature where if we compare this to the Herbalizer it's a matter of mere seconds.

The Herbalizer vaporizer has one of the fastest heat up times out of any Vape whether it's a portable or desktop. We're talking seriously impressive here, the Herbalizer can reach it's desired heating temperature in nearly 15 seconds. This will be a massive factor for those vapor enthusiasts who do not enjoy waiting to get a hit. This also means that the Herbalizer Vape can fill a balloon much, much faster than the Volcano can - bringing quicker, quality vapor to those who want it without waiting. 

Herbalizer Desktop Vaporizer Buy Online

Finally, one of the biggest differences between these Vapes is the difference between the temperature control systems. The original version of the Volcano Vaporizer (Not the digital version) leaves a lot to be desired with its temperature control system and you're not going to be able to control your temperature to the exact degree that you would want.

This is the complete opposite with the Herbalizer Vape as it allows for near complete control over your desired vaping temperature, which is a massive bonus for the Vapor enthusiasts out there. (The Volcano Digit does have a much better temperature control system than the original, however, it is still not on the same level as the Herbalizer). 

Vapor Quality 

This is where things get interesting. Both of these Vapes are renowned for their extremely high-quality Vapor production and consistently producing this high-quality vapor. The Vapor quality from both machines are incredibly high and it is difficult to separate them as they both consistently produce quality vapor - these 2 are easily the top quality vapor produces within the vaporizer market right now. You would really struggle to get any burnt vape taste or harshness of any kind from either of these desktop vaporizers. The Vapor clouds produced from both units are substantial and both are much, much more significant than any portable dry herb vaporizer out right now. 

Volcano Vaporizer V Herbalizer Vaporizer - Conclusion

So, this was a difficult one. There are many similarities with these two vaporizers, and probably the most important factor (Vapor Quality) they are pretty much equal on. Again, this one is likely to come down to users own personal preference.

The Volcano Vape definitely has the edge on reputation, sturdiness, it also comes with a bigger herb chamber. Also, we have to remember that the Volcano has been out for quite some time now and it is still one of the most consistent and popular vaporizers in the world which is a serious compliment when you consider how fast the technology within the Vaping industry is moving. 

The Herbalizer is most definitely the new kid on the block looking to pick a fight with the biggest kid in the yard and boy has it come prepared. The Herbalizer has a much-improved heat up time, it comes with the dual ability for both whip-style and bag vaping and much more controlled and efficient heating control system. The Herbalizer Vape is at a higher price than the Volcano, however, we can see why - with all it's increased features. 

So, really and truly, like every other Vaporizer comparison, you must ask yourself what you require from a vaporizer before committing to purchase. Either of these two desktop vaporizers would make excellent additions to any Vape enthusiasts collection and to be honest, we are huge, huge fans of both. 

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