Here’s how and why you should be using the O. Pen Vape

If you have ever needed proof that sometimes the best things come in small packages, then look no further than the ‘fill it yourself’ O. Pen Vape. Ideally when it comes to portable vapes you want something small, compact, and that can be taken on the go. This device takes simplicity and ease of use to the next level.

Featuring an innovative and unique concept the O. Pen allows users to create tailored oil solutions. It’s one for the vape connoisseurs who like to get creative and dabble in some mixing. It’s been designed for convenience and focus on flavor and sweet hits.

How to Use the FYI

As we mentioned the O. Pen is a pretty unique in its use and concept, you start off by preparing your own oil solution, fill it in, and vape it. And, here’s how to get your pen ready.

First unscrew your device and begin creating your unique oil blend. You can do this by choosing your favorite concentrate.

Next, open and empty your honey pot and mix your concentrate with the supplied O. juice.

Attach the refill tool (included) to the syringe and fill in the cartridge before screwing back into the battery.

Now you can start inhaling to activate heating, (it’s a button-less device) and your vape is ready to go.

The features

So now you know exactly how to use the O. Pen FYI, but here’s why you should opt for this device.

Design and ease of use

The design of the O. Pen is pretty much everything you could want from a mid ranged portable vaporizer. It’s thin, lightweight, and easy to hold. Its aesthetic is modern and it definitely stands out from the cheap disposable type. The vape is 6 inches in length and whilst this may be a bit long for some people, it should still fit into the pocket of your coat or trousers with ease.

You can start vaping the O. Pen by simply drawing air, so things don’t get a whole lot easier than this. It also features a handy LED light at the tip of the pen which will light up when in use and conveniently switch off after 8 seconds to preserve battery life.

O.Pen VAPE Fill-It-Yourself Kit

Flavor and temperature

You can create your very own oils with this vape so in terms of choice there is a lot of freedom with taste and blends. Users also have the option to purchase pre-filled syringes, if you’re after a quick session. The product heats up extremely fast but similar to some other vape pens the temperature cannot be altered. Regardless, the O. Pen does have a nice flavor and the freedom of choice is a positive.


A built-in battery means that this device can simply be recharged via USB when needed. It has an included LED light to let you know when your vape is fully charged, turning from green to red. And, this should take around 3-4 hours. The automatic shut-off feature in the vape will however ensure you get the most out of your battery usage time, as well as keeping it from overheating.

Simplified Vape Experience

All in all, the O.Pen FYI Vape offers a simple, wholesome, and neat experience. It is perfect for the vape user on-the-go and those who love being in control of flavor. A great choice for beginners and a product that is sure to get the job done.