How To Use The Firefly 2

The Firefly 2 is discontinued and replaced by the Firefly 2 plus We do still offer some of the Firefly Vaporizer accessories. Other Firefly vaporizers can be found here.

When we talk about portable vaporizers in the USA which are not just great in overall performance and efficiency, but also in style and fashion, then the Firefly 2 comes to mind, but in recent times owners of this device and also other vapers are beginning to air their views on the non-user friendly nature of the Firefly 2 in comparison to other portables like the Mighty, Crafty , Pax 3 etc. in recent times vapers particularly the active ones believes all vapes are same and as such they operate them based on previously used devices which will results to an inability to get the best out of the Firefly 2. But once you get hold of the techniques, the Firefly 2 is indeed a great device to vape from.

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I have been using my Firefly 2 unit for over a year now and believe me this is a great device. Opening your new Firefly 2 vaporizer is an aesthetic delight, but how do you get the most out of this gorgeous device is still a mystery to many. In this article I will be sharing some tips and tricks on how you can get the most out of this excellent unit and especially how to get a good amount of pure vapor.

Before you hurry into filling your unit with herbs, I would recommend that you install the Firefly app on your smartphone which can be sourced from the iTunes app store or Google Play. This is not necessary but it is advisable since it would give you more control over the vaping temperature and the entire device in a nutshell.

Let’s begin. Vaping from the Firefly 2 requires you to firstly get a fine grind of your intended vaping herb. How you grind your herbs has a great impact on how your vaporizer operates which means for a vaporizing unit that adopts convention a fine grind of herb is desired since there is a direct contact with the heating chamber. But since the Firefly 2 operates on convection technology, a coarse grind would work best because a good airflow is need for effective herb cooking. And for the records, the coarse ground herbs should be consistently even for a good airflow. This means you would need to source for a good grinder to give you the desired ground.

Now that you have your herbs in the required form, you can now confidently lift off the magnetized top cover and sprinkle your consistently ground herbs into the circular heating chamber and then you gently tamp down with your hands and do ensure that the chamber is only packed medium to allow for a smooth air flow during the cooking process. If you pack your herbs as explained, you are sure to having a decent production of vapor during your vaping sessions. You can also do well to stir up the herbs after 2 to 3 draws to promote a more even cooking of the herbs.

At this stage you are definitely ready to hit your Firefly 2. Vapor clouds are ready when you turn up the unit and adjust the temperature setting to a desired level in about 1- 2 minutes. One amazing feature of the Firefly 2 is that it only cooks your herbs when you press the heating buttons and begin drawing from the unit and as soon as you let go of the buttons and stop drawing, your herbs no longer cook and this serves to preserve the herbs for the next round of draw. You are sure to notice the change in flavor after few draws as you hit and as earlier spelled, stir or shake the chambers after about 2- 3 draws.

The Firefly 2 comes with two batteries and as such you should ensure that the extra battery is charged so that you will never have to end your vaping sessions prematurely. Users should also ensure that they clean the unit thoroughly in accordance to the instructions from the box. Clean the Firefly 2 is a very easy venture and doing it rightly and duly would enable you get the very best out of your herbs.

On a final note, I think the Firefly 2 is very easy vaporizer to use once you get the techniques rightly. It may be quite tasking getting the unit work as desired but one thing you are sure of is the amazing experience you would derive from your draws. You can feel free to share some additional techniques to using the Firefly 2 as no man is a highland of knowledge. If you desire to own a Firefly 2, you can check it out on Namaste Vapes.

The Firefly 2 and the Mighty are two of the most astonishing vaporizers ever to hit the marketplace. Both of these vaporizers have pushed the boundaries of vaporizer technology to previously unreachable heights.

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