How To Use The Volcano Hybrid: A Step By Step Guide

Today we’re blessed with the Volcano Hybrid. The Hybrid has reinvented the Volcano Classic that we all know and love. In typical Storz and Bickel fashion, the Volcano Hybrid oozes style and class regarding both design and performance. It boasts a user-friendly operation, with buttons to increase and decrease temperature and a LED display screen. 

We take it upon ourselves to make your life as simple as possible. We’ll tell you all there is to know about the Volcano Hybrid, as well as how to use it to its full potential. It’s a simple setup, so we’ll cover everything from unboxing to optimizing, to cleaning and maintenance. 

So, without further ado, let’s get straight into it. We’ve created this step-by-step for you to get going with the Volcano vaporizer in no time. 

Unboxing The Volcano Vaporizer

Here’s everything you need to know about setup. In the box of the Volcano vaporizer you’ll find the following: 

  1. Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer
  2. Power Adapter
  3. 3 Easy Valve Balloons (With Mouthpieces)
  4. Easy Valve Balloon With Adapter
  5. Tube System
  6. Filling Chamber
  7. Cleaning Brush
  8. Air Filter Set
  9. Storz and Bickel Herb Mill
  10. Instruction Manual

    Turning It On

    The Volcano Hybrid is a desktop vaporizer. This means there’s no need to charge it as you would with a portable vaporizer, you just plug it in and go. It’s super easy to turn on, which can be done by pressing the button labeled ‘Heat’ on the front of the unit once it’s plugged in. 

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    Temperature Settings 

    The temperature of the Volcano Vaporizer is completely adjustable by using the +/- buttons on either side of the LED screen. The temperature ranges between 104°F - 446°F, allowing for a whole range of different experiences balancing between flavor profile and vapor production.

    The temperature is shown on the LED screen display. The orange temperature at the top of the screen indicates the actual current temperature of the device, while the white temperature underneath states the set temperature.

    Getting The Volcano Vaporizer Ready To Vape

    So now the Volcano vaporizer is plugged in, the power is on, and the temperature set, it’s time to shift focus to your material while the device heats up. 

    1. Preparing Your Material 

    When preparing your dry herbs it’s important to grind evenly, and not too finely. For the best results, a medium grind is recommended. In the box with the Volcano vaporizer, you’ll find a Storz and Bickel grinder, perfect for achieving the perfect grind to use with the Volcano.

    The Hybrid is also compatible with concentrates as well as dry herbs, however, for this, you’ll need to equip the drip pad. This can be used by removing the filling screen from within the chamber and placing the drip pad inside. 

    2. Packing The Oven

    The oven itself can hold approximately 0.5g of medium ground dried herbs. To expose the chamber, twist it anti-clockwise and fill the orange half with your flowers. Once it’s full, place the other half of the chamber on top and twist clockwise until secure. 

    For use with concentrates, flip the chamber upside down and place concentrates in the center of the drip pad. 

    3. Bag or whip?

    Volcano Hybrid users have the luxury of choosing between two methods of inhaling the vapor produced by the device.

    The whip is excellent for supporting smaller, more personal sessions when located directly by the unit. It’s perfect for leisurely taking hits from the Volcano vaporizer as and when you please. 

    The bag, on the other hand, has much more appeal for those sharing sessions with multiple people. The bag, once filled with vapor, is fully detachable from the unit and therefore has more portable appeal. 

    4. Turning It Off 

    At this point, you will have enjoyed a session with the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer. The unit boasts an auto-shut-off feature that turns of the device after 30 minutes of no use. You’ll also be able to turn the device off by removing the chamber once all the material has been vaped, and unplugging the unit from the power source. 

    5. Cleaning 

    Fortunately, the Volcano vaporizer is super easy to clean and maintain. The tube and the bags are actually intended to be replaced, so there very little for you to do. 

    It’s recommended that heavy users should aim to replace the bags or tubes once per month. It’ll be evident when to replace them as they’ll begin to discolor. This not only begins to damage the unit itself but also affects the flavor of your vapor. 

    To clean the body of the unit you can either use isopropyl alcohol wipes or a damp towel to remove any stains and fingerprints. 

    The Volcano Vaporizer App

    Handsfree vaping just got a whole lot cooler with the app designed to control the Volcano Hybrid. It’s not compulsory to use the app, if it’s not for you, then don’t worry. What it does deliver is an unrivaled level of convenience to proceedings. 

    The app allows users to create ‘workflows’ that allow saving your preferred settings for you to choose speedily each time you wish to start a new session. 

    The app also makes it simple to switch between temperatures, even mid-session, so it’s more convenient than ever to control your device. 

    Volcano Classic Vs Volcano Hybrid

    The Volcano Hybrid is the latest edition of the Volcano vaporizer by Storz and Bickel. Its release comes 19 years after the release of the Volcano Classic, and 12 years after the now-discontinued Volcano Digit. 

    So what’s the difference between the Hybrid and the Classic. In design, the two are most definitely comparable and quite clearly related. In function, the Hybrid boasts several technological enhancements that have elevated the experience even further. 

    To start with, the Hybrid is compatible with both dry herbs and concentrates, allowing users to enjoy both materials easily and to the fullest potential. This brings some versatility to the experience, so you’ll be able to enjoy concentrates with this powerhouse now too. 

    The Hybrid is also ready for use with the app, similar to other Storz and Bickel models such as the Crafty Plus. The app, combined with the digital control of the temperature provides a much more precise reading than the Classic. 

    What’s more, the Hybrid boasts a heat-up time that is ⅓ of the time of the Volcano Classic. The Hybrid will reach your desired temperature within 2 minutes compared to the Classic’s 6 minute heat-up time. 



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