How Vaporizers Work




Using vaporizers has become a very popular alternative method to traditional ways of smoking your herbs. The big question is what exactly are vaporizers and how do they operate? Vapes come in a huge variety of different shapes and sizes- some vapes are large plug-in devices that you'd need to operate from home and other vaporizers are small pocket-size devices that you can take anywhere with you. Vaporizers operate by heating your herbs at a lower temperature than what would need for combustion. 

The temperature which vaporization occurs between 200c  and 391f and at these temperatures herbs are converted into a gas. Some machines have plastic balloons which act to hold your vapor, but other machines allow you to inhale directly from your device.  There is a wide range of vaporizers on the market that can suit people with a whole host of specific needs.


There are two different types of vaporizers, conduction and convection, and both have their own unique way in which they vaporizer. One of the benefits of using the conduction based technology is that your herbs are heated rapidly and this facilitates immediate vapor at the click of a button.  Conduction technology also is simpler to use and much more affordable in comparison to many alternatives on my market.   One issue to be aware of when using conduction vaporizers is that if the temperature isn't right that this will result in an increased chance of combustion.  Also, temperature control is not as precise when employing conduction technology.


Conduction heat relies on the direct transfer of heat energy through contact with an element.  Conduction works in a similar way to how a frying pan works with essential oils that dissipate as soon as they are heated up.  In general, this type of vaporizing works by using battery powered heating chambers that act to vaporize your herbs.  Whilst conduction vaporizers are generally considered to less effective and less efficient due to the heating element unevenly heating your herbs this method still has many benefits.  Conduction can last longer and these devices also facilitate more efficient use of your battery. The problem with the uneven heating can be fixed if you stir your herbs on a regular basis to ensure that every part gets the same level of heat.  Conduction vaporizers where the first vaporizers on the market and in many respects are the most simple. 

In my opinion, I have found conduction effective in many ways and I have been facilitated with many outstanding experiences. Conduction is the original method of vaporizing and if you are on a budget well then conduction will get the job done. You certainly won't be disappointed coming away from using this type of technology, it will give you what you desire. The main thing with conduction technology is you have to be prepared and know what you're at. Preparation, preparation, preparation, is the key word when using this system.  You have to be prepared to stir your herbs to ensure that they are all evenly vaped and that one area of your herbs doesn't combust because of too much heat.  At the end of the day, I don't think its too much to ask someone to do a little bit of stirring to ensure that they get the vape that you deserve.    



In Convection vaporizers, your herbs are heated through hot air.  A screen is in place which keeps your herbs separate from the heating element and this will, in turn, prevents burning.  The heating element warms the air to an exact temperature which causes your herbs to vaporize. One of the positive aspects of convection technology is that it allows you precision guided temperature control.  Additionally, the precision temperature control reduces the risk of combustion occurring and this results in long-term efficiency. Overall convection technology offers users friendly, accessible, and easy access to some outstanding vapes.

Convection vaporizers are more expensive than some of the other alternatives out there, but if you want the best sometimes you have to pay that little bit extra. Another point to note is that because your herbs don't come into direct contact with a heating element your herbs can take that bit longer to the vaporizer, but overall this is a very small price to pay when you take into account the quality of your vapes.



In finishing I'd have to say that both conduction and convection vaporizers have real merit and both have the capacity to produce real quality highs. For most people, convection technology is the preferred option, and this is due to its overall functionality and overall level of control that you'll have at your fingertips. That's not to be too critical of conduction technology which certainly does have its merits, but overall, if you want the best all-around package well then you should side with the convection method.